Poolside Ch. 04, Pt. 2

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Note: This story is a continuation of “Poolside: Ch. 04, Pt. 1.”

Originally appearing on Literotica on 09/08/03, but recently edited to correct several typos and other careless errors.


Later in the week Katrina did a blistering-fast ten miles, and she was really wiped out. As we walked into her apartment, she got cramps in both legs and I had to carry her. She drank most of a gallon of sports drink and I rubbed the cramps out of her legs. As soon as she stood up to go to the bathroom, the cramps hit again.

I carried her in and plopped her on the toilet. “I think maybe you overdid it, T-Kat! You’re so ruined that you can’t even get to a pot to piss in, let along screw!”

“I can still out-fuck you, you muscle-bound oaf! I just can’t walk without cramping!”

When she was finished on the toilet, I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. I tossed her onto the bed. “Okay, T-Kat! You need some rest, so I’m going to screw you until you pass out! I figure you’ll be so tired that I’ll have to do your shift – and mine – at the pool tomorrow!”

Katrina just grinned at me. “Wishful thinking, Elevator Don! You’ll be asleep before I am tonight!”

Katrina got leg cramps about thirty minutes later when we had our first climaxes. I got hard again while rubbing the cramps out of her legs and simultaneously staring at her bald and cum-dripping pussy. She had several more orgasms before I shot another load into her about an hour later. Katrina was no longer cramping, and she seemed to be getting stronger as I began to tire. She was really squeezing my penis hard with her vagina!

She rolled around and sucked me erect, then climbed on top of me and rode me until I finally ejaculated again, but only after she had climaxed four or five more times, loudly and intensely. I couldn’t get it up again, so she licked and sucked for almost three-quarters of an hour, and when I was finally hard, she pulled me into her in the missionary position.

That was a mistake. She had several intense orgasms, and then I had one piddly little ejaculation that drained me completely. I lay down on top of her to rest and recover for a few seconds, and the next thing I knew I was alone in the bed with bright sunshine almost blinding me.

I looked at the clock, and it was already after 3:30 P.M.. I found a note from Katrina, written in pussy juice and cum on my blue T-shirt. “Gone to clean pool.@ 8.”

Crap! The early shift on pool-cleaning days ran from 8:00 to 3:00, and the late shift from 2:00 to 8:00. I was already really late! I did the shit, shave, and shower bit, grabbed some food, and drove to the pool. Katrina waved happily to me as I walked in.

She looked completely rested. “Hey, Don, not feeling well? You don’t look like you slept at all last night. Maybe I should just do this shift, too, huh? Whadyathink?”

I leaned up and whispered so that the few people around the pool couldn’t hear. “Why don’t you just screw yourself!”

Katrina gave me a big grin. “Why Don, why would I do that? That’s what I have you for!” And she began to giggle. Then we both began to laugh, drawing puzzled stares from the people in the pool.

I left a little later and brought us a pizza at 6:00. Nobody was around, and we talked and joked about sex while we ate it. A couple of late swimmers arrived at 7:00, but we closed the pool at 8:00 and did our exercises right on schedule.

Katrina did another ten miles, this time faster than the night before. She was tired, but this time she didn’t cramp up. She was in incredible shape! But she was also a world-class athlete, so what did I expect? After she recovered, we made vigorous and loud love on the cushions beside the pool. Even though she climaxed four times to my once, she recovered first. Katrina rolled over on top of me and kissed me. “Don, you can’t fuck every girl until she passes out! I know you try, and it’s really sweet of you to make the effort with me, but some things are truly impossible!”

“And what makes you think I was trying to do that?”

Katrina laughed. “Well, first there’s your little challenge from last night. Then there are the stories about your prowess in that department.”

I looked puzzled and Katrina laughed again. “If you’re going to fuck a pool chick into senselessness and want to keep it quiet, you shouldn’t do it with four other pool chicks watching! The day after Alice’s party, everyone wanted to know why Nancy had been grounded. Sherrie described how Nancy looked lying unconscious after you wore her out by fucking her. Nobody believed Sherrie, and she got mad and shut up.”

“So, how come people just didn’t . . .”

“Shush! Then when it turned out that Barb had also gotten grounded, the pool chicks talked to Sherrie again. This time she named the others who were there, and first Carrie, then finally Alice, said that Sherrie had told the truth. They also said that Barb had stayed behind after you waved your penis and offered to make it eryaman bayan escort with another girl!” Katrina had a big grin on her face now.

“Then a couple of weeks later Barb’s dad ungrounded her, and when she came to the pool, the pool chicks got two admissions from her. First, she confirmed the earlier story about Nancy, and second, she said that you had done the same thing to her that same night! Did you really sleep with both of them on you until morning? Right here next to the pool? What a stud! There was another story circulating that you later fucked Alice and Carrie, but neither of them would confirm it. I guess you didn’t do them in front of other people! Besides, what was Juicy News changed when Sherrie got deflowered by her boyfriend, and her telling everyone the sloppy details put your exploits on the back page of the Daily Gossip, pool-chicks edition.”

“Whatever happened to kissing-and-telling being something people just didn’t do?” I muttered.

Katrina put her head back and howled. “You poor stud! While your fuck-them-till-they-drop story was circulating, you had dozens of pool chicks vying for your amorous attention! Poor baby!” She laughed some more.

“Is there a point to this?” I asked.

I had slipped out of Katrina, and she toyed with my penis and balls until I was hard again, then slid me into her. She was still straddling me. “MMMMH! That’s Nice!” She said.

As she began to rock and twist on my penis, she said, “You’re in shape, but those girls weren’t. Once you got them climaxing hard – and you’re really good at that! – they just fell asleep from exhaustion. But I’m in truly top shape, even better than you are! And a woman in good condition can out-fuck a man in good condition every day of the week! But thanks for trying, anyway!” She laughed, then suddenly began to climax. It was a loud and active one, but it was too soon for me and I just couldn’t ejaculate.

Katrina knew. “No tally for that one, Don, but it was great for me anyway! No squirt, no tally! The pool chicks know you’re a squirter, too, by the way.” She said, and giggled.

“That’s one I don’t know! What’s a squirter?” I asked.

Katrina giggled some more. “Nancy and Barb said that they had felt their other lovers shoot one blast of cum into them, and then they sort of dribbled the rest. They said they felt you squirt like a water pistol several times, not just once! I have to admit, you really are a squirter! When you go off, I feel it! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt!”

The look on my face must have amused Katrina. She continued giggling for a long time, beginning again each time she looked at me.

When she was finally completely calmed down, we rinsed off in the pool then went back to her apartment. Instead of going to sleep, Katrina sat on the bed and looked into my eyes for a minute or so. Again I felt that funny heat as our eyes locked. I was certain she was deciding something about me, and I gazed at her deep, dark eyes and waited. Something about gazing into her eyes really affected me, and I could feel myself getting hard. And I could tell from her eyes that Katrina knew! Finally she said, “If you would really like to fuck me until I pass out, I can show you how to do it. But we’ll have to make some preparations. And you’ll have to promise to do several things for me afterward. Ruth too.”

“I’m game, T-Kat! In spite of what you say, I don’t have to fuck you unconscious to be satisfied, but I’d love to do something new and different with you.”

Katrina looked into my eyes for a couple more minutes, then nodded her head and smiled. “Let me get the guarding schedule from my purse.” She said.

Katrina checked the schedule, then smiled again. “Okay. Tuesday you and I are the only guards scheduled, and it’s always the day with the lowest attendance. We can do what I call my ‘Volcano orgasm’ on Monday night as long as you take both shifts on Tuesday. Think you can?”

“Sure, unless you’re going to screw me into unconsciousness with your Volcano orgasm – along with you!” I responded.

“You’ll be tired, too, but I’ll really have to sleep it off. Do you want to?”

“Hell yes! Volcano orgasm! Sounds incredible! Why do you call it that? What kind of eruption do you have?”

Katrina explained what would happen and what I would have to do, and I told her I thought I was up for it. “How did you ever come up with this?” I asked, completely amazed.

“One of the assistant coaches at the camp where I train told a group of us girls about it one night. She said that mostly two women did it, one helping the other and using a dildo, since it could be pretty rough on a guy. I watched the coach do one before I tried it. Even then I didn’t believe it until I actually did one.” Katrina stared into space and got a wistful look on her face. I gave Katrina a gentle kiss, and she responded with a tongue-sucker. “You’re sure you can do your part? It gets really gross when I completely lose control!” She said.

“I’ll escort sincan take care of you, and I’m sure Ruth will help! I’ve never even heard of a Volcano orgasm! Can all women do them?”

“I guess, as long as they’re really healthy. I’ve only done them when I was in top shape, like now, when all of my muscles are really strong. That includes my uterine and vaginal muscles.” She said with a smile.

“Do you do them fairly often?”

She grinned at me. “Now don’t start acting worried about your performance! No, I can’t do them very often because they wipe me out for a day or two. And, to help calm your feelings of masculine inadequacy, I’ve only done it twice before, both times using ejaculating dildos. You’ll be my first Volcano orgasm on a real penis!”

All this talk about orgasms got me completely hard again. I pushed her onto her back and we got another tally before we both went to sleep. We got yet another tally during our morning shower.

I purchased the supplies we needed, and on Monday evening after Katrina’s workout, we headed directly to her apartment rather than making love in the pool. It was time!

First I helped Katrina with two disposable enemas. A half hour later, with her colon empty, we scrubbed each other in the shower. Katrina washed my penis several times with antibacterial soap, and we really cleaned ourselves everywhere. When we were done, Katrina drank a quart of sports drink. Then we made love until Katrina had a good, long orgasm. Following her instructions, I held back and didn’t ejaculate. That left me really hard!

Katrina took a long piss, then cleaned herself up carefully. She came back to bed and slowly impaled herself, sitting upright on my erection as I lay on my back. I was still wet from her juices, and her vagina was hot and ready. When I was firmly seated inside her, Katrina reminded me of what was going to happen next. I nodded my head in understanding and repeated my promise that I would take care of her.

“Now comes the difficult part.” She said.

Katrina lifted up so that I came a couple of inches out of her, then she flexed her abdomen and twisted her hips. She slowly lowered herself until I felt pressure on the tip of my penis. “You’ve got to stay hard, so tell me if I hurt you!” She said. Her eyes were closed in intense concentration and exertion.

I felt something hard rubbing back and forth across the head of my penis. “That’s my cervix. I’m pushing against your penis with my uterus.” She said. The pressure gradually changed until it felt like a hard circle sliding back and forth on the crown. The circle slowly widened until it nearly encircled the head of my penis.

“This is where it gets really tough.” Katrina grunted. She was already covered with sweat from her exertions. “I pushed . . . the dildo into me . . . at this point, but you’re . . . a little thicker. Let me . . . keep trying.”

Katrina rocked and twisted for several minutes, and I felt the ring of her cervix moving on my penis, almost but not quite getting past its head. Katrina was grunting. She was grimacing with the effort. Drops of her sweat were falling from her nipples onto my stomach. Finally she stopped.

“I’ve got to rest for a moment. Then I’ll try again.” She gasped. Katrina took deep breaths for several minutes, then started to press on me again. The pressure started getting painful.

“T-Kat! You’re starting to hurt me! If you keep this up much longer, I’ll lose my erection!”

“Fuck! You’re just so darned thick! Fuck!” And she pressed down really hard against my penis as I pushed upward.

The ring of pressure suddenly slipped past the head of my penis, and Katrina groaned loudly, then took several more deep breaths. “Okay” She took a breath. “Now it’s . . .” She took a long, shuddering breath. “Easier!” She took another deep breath.

I watched Katrina’s abdominal muscles flex and twist and I felt the ring of her cervix slowly move down the shaft of my penis. Abruptly I felt pressure all over its tip. Katrina was obviously suffering, and she gasped, “Now we hold on for a few minutes while I wait for the pressure to change into pleasure. Right now it’s mostly really bad pain, but it’ll change. Are you okay? Can you stay hard for a couple of minutes?”

I nodded. It felt like there was something squeezing the entire top third or half of my penis. “I feel a lot of pressure, too, but it’s already starting to feel wonderful!” I said.

Katrina caught her breath. “Okay. Good. Your penis is now completely filling my uterus. I probably won’t make much sense after a few more minutes. Do you remember what you have to do? I won’t be able to give you instructions! Try to keep from ejaculating as long as you can!”

“Sure, T-Kat! I’ll do my best!”

Katrina began to relax her abdomen, and she twisted tightly against my penis. The sensation was incredible. Her breath began to catch as if she were crying. “I’m starting to lose it! Don’t forget! elvankent escort bayan Try to . . . AAAAAAAAH!”

Katrina suddenly dropped her complete weight onto my penis and her entire body began to shake. In response I pushed myself up against her, lifting her a couple of inches off the bed. I could feel her uterus contracting and squeezing on my penis about once every couple of seconds. I could see her abdominal muscles tightening and relaxing in time with her uterus. I quickly grabbed the first of several towels I had placed on the bed.

Just as I pressed the towel between Katrina and me, she let out a long, shuddering scream, and I could smell her urine soaking the towel. She farted loudly from her empty colon. There was a short pause while Katrina gasped for breath.

Katrina let out a long breath, then took a deep breath, and her uterus contracted again, this time a little faster. She screamed, pissed, and farted again. She was obviously in nearly continuous orgasm, and I could see muscles rippling from her abdomen to her shoulders. Her nipples were sticking straight out, and her breasts were shaking. Her screams were now complete nonsense sounds, grunts, moans, curses, words, names, everything imaginable.

Her uncontrollable urination demonstrated her complete loss of control over her body. The first towel was soaked and I pulled it out and tossed it toward the bathroom. It hit the floor with a splat. As I replaced it, I could see her clitoris, fully erect, twitching in time with the contractions that I could feel as her uterus squeezed my penis. I reached over the towel and pressed my thumb against her rigid clitoris. Katrina stopped breathing for a second.

Urine sprayed from her bladder, then she inhaled and screamed so loudly that her voice cracked and she started getting hoarse. I could hear her farts coming one after the other in little pops. The smell of her arousal effectively covered up the gas, but the acrid smell of her urine, just a couple of feet in front of me, was impossible to ignore. Women, including Katrina, had farted and pissed on me a little during really good orgasms, but never anything like this!

Her orgasm didn’t stop. Her uterus was still pulsing, and I could feel my ejaculation coming. When Katrina began to uncontrollably flail her arms and when her legs suddenly began to jerk and shake, I lost control, too. I must have ejaculated in a dozen separate blasts. I could feel my semen between the head of my penis and the lining of her uterus. It felt incredible! Katrina was no longer screaming. She was trying to, but her voice was completely gone. She made strange croaking sounds in time with the squirts from my penis.

I felt my penis softening, and I was afraid I was done. But the intense pressure from her uterus on the tip of my penis, and the squeezing contractions from her vagina that I only now became aware of, kept me from getting completely soft. Katrina continued to climax. Her orgasm didn’t seem to be slowing down.

Katrina’s nipples were so dark they looked black. Her areolae had swollen and jutted out from her trembling breasts. I reached up and gently rubbed her nipples, and I felt her uterus almost double the pace of its contractions. The new sensations on my penis quickly brought me back to full erection.

I replaced another urine-soaked towel with my last dry one. Katrina’s orgasm became even more intense at the increased pace. She began to slam her legs into the bed, and I was afraid her motions would pull me out of her. I grabbed her hips, pulled her hard onto my penis, and picked her up off the bed. One of her feet kicked me in the face, drawing blood from my lip.

I laid her back on her bed and pressed down on her. We were in the missionary position, but like no missionary position I had ever experienced before! Katrina was bouncing us both all over her bed!

We had pulled her bed away from the wall, and that’s the only reason Katrina’s arms and legs didn’t slam into the walls. We had also removed the headboard, so there was nothing hard for Katrina to strike. That had been a wise decision.

Katrina’s entire body was trembling in time with her uterus. The pressure on my penis was approaching pain with each contraction. The muscles in her arms and legs were clenching then relaxing, over and over. Several times she slammed the boney parts of her arm against my chest as she flailed and shook. Sweat was pouring off her body, and the bed was drenched with it.

Her uterus finally reached a point where it simply contracted over and over very fast. Its pace did not increase. The pressure on my penis, both from her uterus and from her vagina, was right on the borderline between pleasure and pain, but I maintained my erection. She seemed to continue this for a very long time.

Finally I felt her uterus miss first one pulse, then another, as it began to fatigue. After a few seconds her uterus began to contract several times, then pause, then contract again. The number of contractions became fewer and fewer. When they reached about five in a “set,” the painful pressure on my penis abruptly changed into overwhelming pleasure, and I felt my penis enlarging. Once again I ejaculated into her uterus, over and over again.

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