Private Bachelor Party

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Chapter 1 – My Dad Gets Horny and Needs Me


Bachelor parties can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re the only girl there. How can I possible describe the naughty feeling I get as I look around and see a dozen or so guys with their hard dicks in their hands, each of them wishing more than anything else in the world that they will be the next in line to fuck me?

If you think THAT’S hard to explain, it’s even more difficult to express the thrill I get when a man, literally hours away from taking a vow to devote his life to one woman, has so much lust for me that he forgets about his fiance for the moment and fucks me. Really, to think that people actually wonder why I enjoy doing these things!

Until now I’d only done two such parties. Both parties were while I was away at college and none of them involved anyone from anywhere even close to my home in the Pittsburgh area. Now that I’d graduated and lived at home, I figured the odds of getting involved in anything like that again were slim to none. They were fond memories, though, something to look back upon as a part of growing up

As was typically the case, it was my dad that presented me with a new opportunity. For whatever reason, it seemed to turn my dad on to have people think his daughter was some sort of prostitute or whore, especially if he got to fuck me in front of them. Of course, they knew that that he was my father but the important thing was that HE knew. Once he had asked me and my younger cousin Kristi to help out with some business clients who had no idea who we really were and how we were related. We all had a great time so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when he came to me one night with a new, but somewhat related proposal.

“Hey baby, you busy?” he asked, sticking his head in my bedroom through the open door.

One look should have told him all I was doing was chatting on my computer but as always, he was trying to be polite, something I appreciated about my dad.

It was fairly late and so I was dressed in one of my typical night-time outfits. In this case that meant one of his white t-shirts although more often I would steal a dress shirt from his closet to wear around the house. The T-shirt was pretty baggy on me but with me sitting on the chair with my legs folded up under me, I suppose it didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, at least in the downstairs areas of my body. Actually, I caught him taking in a good look at my ass and I just smile as I knew he loved to look at it – and usually a lot more as well.

“No daddy, it’s OK,” I replied, a grin on my face., “C’mon in, I was just chatting with some horny guys.”

I was smiling because I assumed that he was horny and looking for a blowjob or maybe even to fuck me. My dad is more of a morning sex type of man so it was unusual, although certainly not unheard of, for him to be seeking me out later in the evening for sex. Still, there were those nights when I knew he got himself worked up watching porn or something on TV and needed some “relief” before he went to bed. My mom was working the evening shift so it was just the two of us. Had she been home I had no doubt he would have sought out her talents first but for now it was a choice between me or his hand. Some choice!

My dad came in my room and stood behind me, his large hands working my shoulders gently as he looked to see what I was doing on the computer.

“Damn girl, you’re one hell of a tease, you know that, don’t you?”

He was right. I had four separate chat windows up and trying to keep up conversations with each of them. Needless to say, all four were expressing in their own way how much they wanted to fuck me and I was replying by telling them how much I desired them as well. It was all a game but still, I enjoyed it. I’d never meet any of them so what difference did it make what I said to them? We both got to fantasize and feel good so no harm, no foul. As he watched me chat for a while, an invitation to watch a guy’s web cam popped up.

“What’s that?” my dad asked. I explained how the web cam thing worked to him and then he asked, “Why do they want you to watch them?”

“Probably because they want to show me how they masturbate,” I replied, trying to sound nonchalant about it.

My dad chuckled at that and I felt his hands tighten on my shoulders as he said, “You’re kidding me, they’re going to jerk off so you can watch? Why? What do they expect from you? You don’t even have a cam.”

He was right about the lack of a cam. For years I had asked for one and for years he had adamantly refused to buy me one. It was all the fault of some girl down the street that exposed her boobs briefly to tease her boyfriend (soon to be EX boyfriend) who captured a few frames and then posed them all over school. It was a lesson for me as well since at the time I hadn’t known such a thing could even be done! Our school didn’t allow cams either, citing the battle against temptation as the primary reason for the ban. Well, I have to admit they were right as I’m sure pendik escort I would have caved in sooner or later and exposed myself.

“Sometimes I send them pics of me to cum on,” I explained

“Nothing nude I hope.”

“Oh daddy, I know better than THAT!”

“Well, just wanted to be sure.”

By then the guy’s cam had turned on and sure enough, there he was, seated in front of his computer, stark naked with a dick that was already hard and pointed upwards to the ceiling. For the next five to ten minutes we chatted while my dad looked on, totally amazed at what was happening on the screen. As it turned out, the guy already had a photo of me that I’d sent him earlier and it didn’t take long for him to hold his dick over it and squirt cum all over a photo of me standing in a green dress, exposing my leg and trying to look suggestive.

“Damn, he did it!” my dad exclaimed, “I still can’t believe someone would do this live on a cam! Is he nuts or what?”

As he spoke his hands moved down inside my t-shirt on front until each was holding onto one of my boobs. My nipples reacted to his touch almost instantly and I squirmed as he massaged me.

“Does watching him turn you on?” he wondered.

“Yeah, I think it’s cool when guys do that just for me,” I confessed.

“Doesn’t it make you want the real thing sometimes?”

I reached up and felt his hands through the cotton material of my t-shirt as they continued to play with my boobs.

“Oh daddy, you already know the answer to THAT!” I giggled.

I felt something on my shoulder and then on the side of my neck. Reaching up, I grabbed onto his dick that he had laid over my shoulder and then twisted around in the chair, He lifted his hands out of my t-shirt as I did so I could face him over the backside of my desk chair.

“Mmmmmmm, looks like something needs some special love and attention,” I murmured softly, stroking his dick slowly with my hand.

“It needs YOU,” he said in a low voice back to me, running his fingers through my hair as I reached out with my tongue and just licked his dick once, as if taking a first taste of a new popsicle.

“That’s it Kelly… put your mouth on it,” he said hoarsely, as if I needed to be told to do that.

Being he WAS my dad, he liked to be in control, even if he knew I was already headed in that direction. It made me feel good to know that my father knew that he could ask me to do anything and I would do it for him. In fact, I can’t think of a single time I have ever refused to do something he wanted me to do, at least sexually.

Of course, one of the major contributors to that behavior was that I trusted him explicitly to never ask me to do anything that he knew I would not enjoy or like. For instance, I know my dad likes anal sex yet he has never demanded that I do it with him, even though he knows if he did that I would let him fuck my ass, despite any feeling I might have against it. It was only because I trusted him so much and knew that he loved and respected me so, that I could submit myself to him totally and without reservation. He is the ONLY man with whom I can say I have ever done that with, at least until I get married someday and have a husband of my own..

I opened my mouth and he immediately leaned forward to push his dick inside without waiting for me to do anything more. I felt the warmth of his semi-hard cock as it filled my mouth and then the feel of his thick bushy pubic hair as it pressed against my face. His crotch odor was a strong mixture of sweat from the day mixed with the male musk of his growing sexual desires.

“Damn, that feels so good,” he whispered hoarsely as I went to work on his cock.

It’s been years since the first time I sucked my dad’s dick and I could never even begin to guess how many times I’ve had my head between his legs since. I knew his cock like the back of my hand; where it was sensitive, how he liked my tongue to touch him, when he wanted my hand to hold it and when he wanted just my mouth on him. If we were in a rush, I could make him cum in a couple of minutes or I could drag it out for over an hour, bringing him to the brink of an orgasm and then pulling back from the edge just enough to let his precum flow freely but not quite to where he would orgasm.

At this point I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted so I played it by ear and waited for him to give me some idea or signal as to what he desired.

“Do you want me to fuck you baby?” he asked gently. Actually, I knew it wasn’t really a question but my dad always loved it when I “initiated” things, even if he was the true instigator. He wasn’t really asking me if I wanted to fuck him, he was telling me to tell him that I wanted to fuck him.

“Oh yes daddy, I want you to fuck me,” I said, stroking his now rigid cock in my hand as I looked up and met his eyes with mine, “Please fuck me daddy… Put your cock in me… PLEASE!”

“Stand up and turn around,” he directed me, like I was some whore in a porn movie but I knew that wasn’t his intention. My dad may jokingly call maltepe escort me a “little slut” now and then but I knew he respected me as a woman and a person more than anyone else.

“Bend over more,” he said, putting his hand on the small of my back and pressing on me, “Now spread your legs apart more.”

Once I’d “assumed the position”, he put one hand on each of my butt cheeks and pushed them outward to better expose my pussy to him.

“God you have such a beautiful butt,” he sighed, talking more to himself then me.

I loved it when he touched my butt and squeezed it the way he was now. I’ve always been proud of my ass. Even as a little girl I use to flaunt my ass when my mom would dress me in silly little dresses or a two-piece swim suit. Even though back then I didn’t understand the true nature of the looks men would give me, I did realize that I was getting their attention and that was what was most important to me back then.

“Ohhhhhh,” I instinctively moaned as I felt his dick pressing up against my pussy hole, working its way into me slowly but surely.

I loved it when my dad entered me this way to start – nice and slow, allowing me to feel my pussy expand to take him in and then feel each inch of his shaft as he slowly but firmly pushed it into me. As he pushed he rotated his hips to make his cock circle in me, almost like a drill bit was being forced inside of me (hence the phrase “screwing”?). It was one continuous, deliberate slow move as he disappeared inside of me a little bit more with each passing second. Finally his crotch pressed against my butt and he jerked forward, pushing himself that last little bit into me.

“Mmmmmmm, I love the feel of your dick in me daddy,” I purred like a content kitten.

My dad didn’t respond but then he started to slowly stroke his dick in and out of me, as if he was trying to savor each moment of his dick’s motion as my pussy gripped it and held onto it as it tried to move. The best part was when his shaft pulled out to the point that just the head of his dick was in me, the extra thickness of it stretching out the opening to my pussy that little extra but that felt so good! Then he would push it back in and I would close down on his shaft as the head penetrated me like a mole burrowing its way up inside of me.

As my dad continued to fuck me, we kept moving slightly on the floor as his thrusts would push me forward and I had to struggle to maintain my balance. Without his hands on my bare hips I would have surely tumbled forward onto my face as hard as he would hit my firm ass with his horny crotch. Eventually I was close enough to my bed that I fell forward and caught myself using my hands on the edge while he continued to drill me from behind.

“Get up on your bed,” he told me as he unexpectedly pulled his dick from my pussy.

What could I say? I got on all fours on my bed, assuming he would continue doggy-style but instead he got up on the bed with me laying on my side in front of him as he positioned himself behind me in a spooning position. I could feel his stiff dick poking me in my back as he wiggled up closer to me. His strong arm reached around me and clutched one of my boobs, squeezing it and kneading it like bread. I raised my upper leg and rested my foot on his leg while stretching my lower leg straight out. Reaching down, I grabbed his magical dick and positioned it back again to the entrance of my wet pussy hole.

My reward was the feeling of him thrusting forward, easily driving his dick into what was now a soaking wet pussy. His hot breath was on my neck as he nuzzled his mouth against me, kissing and licking my neck and ears. It was an incredible feeling to be in my father’s arms with his cock buried inside of me, to be actually physically coupled together as he kissed me and licked me.

“Mmmmmmm, you’re such a hot fuck,” he whispered in my ear as his dick bored into me.

“And you have a wonderful dick daddy,” I replied, “It feels SO good when you fuck me this way. I love it.”

“God, I’m so close… almost there,” he groaned as his thrusts became more extreme and he started to stroked faster and faster in me.

“Cum in me daddy,” I pleaded softly, “I want you to cum inside of me.”

It wasn’t like I really had to ask him but I knew he liked to hear me say it. When he was fucking me like this there was no turning back, no pulling out, no stopping him. He loved to cum inside of me more than anything and I knew it. There were times he would cum in my mouth but usually that was when all I was giving him was a blowjob. No, my father’s preference was clearly to cum in my pussy. Just as I had wondered earlier how many times I had sucked his cock so far, I also was curious how much cum he had pumped into me over that time. It had to be in the gallons by now!

“Oh god Kelly, I’m cumming baby!” he groaned as his body stiffened and I felt him push himself into me as deep as he could, depositing his sperm inside of me as far as he reach.

“Mmmmmmm, I love you daddy,” I whispered to him as his orgasm kartal escort finished and laid behind me with himself still in me. I dropped my leg and let his cock nestle between my thighs as it barely stayed in me when it shriveled back down in size.

“You know you’ll always be my baby girl,” he whispered in my ear as he kissed the side of my neck, “You’ll always be mine.”

“Oh yes daddy, I’ll always be yours,” I answered him back softly.

Indeed, I would always be his little girl, his only daughter, the only girl in the world he could fuck like this. No other woman in the world could claim to be his daughter, to feel his incestuous cum spill into her the way I get to when he fucks me.

Chapter 2 – My Dad Asks a Favor


As we laid there backing the afterglow of our sex, I remembered that all this has started with my dad wanting to say something to me.

“Daddy, was there something you were going to ask me?” I finally said, breaking the silence in the room.

“Oh yeah, there WAS something I had meant to do when I came in your room,: he said, and then added, “Besides fuck the most perfect daughter in the world that is.”

“Oh daddy, stop that!” I said playfully back to him.

He then explained to me a situation at work that he needed some help with. As soon as I heard it involved his office my ears perked up since anytime in the past the subject was raised it ended up in some really wild situation. This time one of the partners had a son who was getting married. His dad was looking to upstage the regular bachelor party by bringing in a hooker to spend the night with his son – sort of a private bachelor party.

Since my dad had arranged prostitutes for clients in the past (of course, the guy didn’t know he was using me instead of some street walker), he thought maybe my dad might have some advice on finding one suitable for his son. The biggest concern he seemed to have was that he didn’t want to be directly involved. He just wanted someone to help take care of his son. “Plausible deniability” is the term I believe guys like to use in such circumstances.

Immediately I had a ton of questions. Who was it? How old was his son? What if his fiance ever found out? How was I supposed to meet him if it wasn’t a party? Was I just stripping for him or was sex expected as well – and to what extent?

In the end I knew I would said yes regardless of the answers. Really, what’s a girl to say when her dad’s dick was still in her after a good fucking and he asks her to do a simple favor for him? Besides, it sounded like fun! As we got out of bed and cleaned up, he explained the plan he had worked out and how we would pull it off. It all sounded perfect to me and I couldn’t wait until the day arrived.

As it turned out, the only night that worked out close to the wedding day was Sunday. Apparently the night before he was being taken out by his best man for a more traditional bachelor party. The wedding was the following weekend and this wasn’t the sort of thing you typically did during the week with work and all that day. I didn’t think there was any blasphemous with doing it on a Sunday so that aspect didn’t bother me at all.

My dad already had it all worked out for me – the schedule, the timing, even what to wear. He had even gone out and bought me a new black lace bra with a matching thong and hose. Of course he made me model it for him to make sure it was OK for the evening’s events! It didn’t hurt to practice stripping it off in front of someone either. Rather than change when I got there, my dad set out a long winter fur coat that came below my knees. I immediately recognized it as one of my mom’s but he swore that she had given permission for me to wear it. Oh well, it’s not like I would be wearing it all that much anyway.

In preparation for the evening, I took a long hot shower and shaved my legs and pussy until they were as silky smooth as a baby’s behind. I touched my clit with my fingers and instantly felt that sensation I so much enjoyed. I quickly removed my hand as a few more seconds and it would’ve been impossible to pry it from my pussy until I had finished masturbating. Well, there was going to be plenty of opportunity to get myself off later without doing it now!

When I was finally ready I presented myself for “inspection” to my parents. My mom, who knew everything that was being plotted by me and my dad, just smiled when she saw me in my outfit. She knew my dad had bought it for me and how much it must have excited him to see it on me that first time. She was still grilling my dad on his plans, though. One thing about my mom, she always was on the look-out for my well-being. It’s not that my dad didn’t mean to but she knew that sometimes his lust clouded his judgment and he tried to do things that he would have later regretted had she not stepped in.

It was about a half hour drive to get to the house and on the way my dad didn’t say a whole lot. I wondered if now that we were getting close to actually doing it that he wasn’t having second thoughts. It wasn’t the fact that I was expecting to be fucked by some guy I didn’t know, THAT certainly wasn’t anything new for him to digest. I had a feeling that he was more concerned about leaving me alone in the house with some strange guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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