Promised Adventure

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The summer season always brought a sense of anticipation.

There was something about the warm months that released inhibitions and heightened the brain’s sense of pleasure. Everything seemed possible, relevant, interesting. The fact that summer breathed a new sense of life into everyone who felt the heated rays of the sun’s gleam was completely undeniable.

Andrea was certain that she was born for summer time but the convincing was easy when she sat facing the darkened ocean. Her thinking almost came in a hypnotic trance as she watched the waves come closer upon the shore, lapping almost at her feet now. The tide was coming in, as it did this close to midnight.

In the distance, she saw the lights of her hotel and heard a distant ringing of music travel across the sands. The Ocean Sands Resort was a particularly popular party place; fortunately for her, it was the cheapest. Being from the mountains of lonely West Virginia, the summer escape to the beaches of Ocean City was a needed reprieve; however, as a college student, funds were low.

Leaning back, she placed her hands firmly in the shadowed sand for support, feeling the soft texture. Nothing in her mountainous hometown had this gentle of an edge to it. Her shoulder length, highlighted hair fell out of position as she lifted her face toward the night sky. Pinpoints of starlight in the far distance demanded her attention as ocean breeze skipped refreshingly upon the contours of her face. Month after month of stressful course work was worth this summer escapade.

The music in the distance suddenly blared a little louder and she heard a cheer from an obviously intoxicated crowd. Andrea did not party; merely used a hotel with such a reputation for the price difference. All of her trips to the beach since she had started college three years ago were merely for relaxation purposes and nothing else. Trying to tune out the music and concentrate on the sanctity of her situation was becoming quite difficult; another cheer deemed it impossible.

Sighing, Andrea stood, her black bikini top reflecting rays of moonlight. Dusting sand from her form, she began walking towards the party lanterns set up about half a mile down. She admitted begrudgingly to herself that tonight she felt a little curious about what kind of crowd was enjoying themselves at the Sand’s beach party. Walking ankle deep in ocean water sent shivers down her spine and brought a soft smile to her lips. That shiver in conjunction with her smile and the glimpse of lights just beyond her reach gave her the courage to conjure thoughts totally uncharacteristic of her personality: she felt compelled to be at that party.

She was unsure as to why she felt this compulsion. Maybe it was the atmosphere. Maybe she felt tempted by the bright lights and adamant cheering. Or maybe she felt it was time to experience something new; do something on a complete impulse; something that may even turn out to be a little dangerous.


The lights seemed to be drawing more and more people by the moment. Apparently, Ocean City was living up to the expectations of those who came for a week of straight, uninhibited partying. At least, the reputation served true at this resort.

Kyle looked around from his barstool. He had always been a people watcher, and too curious for his own good. He saw lots of dancing, or humping, as he would prefer to call the gyrating on the dance floor. There were a few couples, but most people were in groups and not outwardly taken. Some people laughed at the small tables set up in the back, while others were silent and carried the glazed gaze of one who had tossed back one too many.

He took a small sip of his own Tequila Sunrise and felt the alcohol trail warmly down his throat. A couple of girls walked by and smiled coyly. He returned the smile, but one was far too skinny and the other much too hyper. He was very particular about the women who received his attention. He often received small smirks and kızılay escort bayan silent flirtations from women and he was never short on nightly invitations. A killer deep green gaze and a toned stomach always made him a target. Of course, he didn’t complain about it. He was simply picky.

Setting the empty glass back on the bar counter, he stood, not feeling the least bit tipsy. It was time to go, the party being much less interesting than he had originally intended. He was hoping for a least small talk with an attractive woman, but the women here seemed…he couldn’t think of a decent word to describe them other than not his type. As he was leaving he took a final glance around but then gave up and started up to the hotel. As he passed the dance area, a distant figure caught his interest.

She was standing on the outskirts of the party area, wearing a short jean skirt and black bikini top that contrasted against deep, bronzed skin. Without thinking, he moved closer, for a better look. She had large, amber colored eyes that reminded him of the ocean’s horizon just after a summer storm. And her hair was beautiful, wind blown and the color of warm sand. Looking eager, she brought up her arms and crossed them under full breasts of average size, pushing them up to show just a slight amount of cleavage. Kyle felt his body respond even from the distance that separated them. He took a deep breath and walked, nervously over to where she stood. A goofy smile adorned his face as he choked, “You look…lost.”

She smiled, and gave him a quick look over before answering, “This isn’t really my scene. I come for the beach, not the party.”


Without any explanation at all, he grabbed her hand, feeling the smooth contours of her fingers press through his own and led her down the steps and back on to the sand where he was sure they would both feel more comfortable. When they were a little farther off from the noise, he let go of her hand and turned to her, “Is this better?”

She was obviously smiling now revealing white teeth and a small glimmer in her eyes, “Yes. Thank you. I’m Andrea.”

He let the name slide around in his mind, memorizing it to thought. It was a beautiful name, and she was a beautiful girl, his type of girl, which was almost impossible to find. “Kyle.” He responded a little late in return.

Andrea grabbed his hand this time, and started walking beside him down the beach. They talked for a while, about simple things. They conversed about their motives for getting away and he told her that he was attending school at the University of Maryland not but a couple hours away. He was captivated by their similarities and gave credit to fate for allowing them to meet among so many people.


After a mere hour of conversing, they both fell silent. Kyle was trying to read her eyes to no avail. Without any warning he leaned in and kissed Andrea once, very lightly, on the lips. Her expression didn’t change, at least as far as he was able to tell in the darkness. For a moment, he thought he had made a terrible mistake but then she pulled her body closer, and kissed him back with much more fervor than he had shown to her. Once she pulled away she gave a lovely smile and sighed before saying, “I wanted to do that since the moment you pulled me out of that party.”

He was in awe, watching her beautiful face change expression. The smile faded and a frown appeared on her full lips.

“Did I make a mistake?” He urged in question, not wanting to make her uncomfortable.

“No.”, was her only response before she moved in front of him and pushed him down on by the shoulders into the soft sand below. He looked stunned, but not displeased, so when there was no disagreeing, she kissed him again, this time easing her body down on top of his. The silken, print shirt he wore took nothing away from the feel of her breasts pressed against his body. He felt his cock grow slightly harder only because she had initiated etlik evi olan escortlar this position.

As her mouth covered his, he decided to take control by passing his tongue through her lips and teasing hers. His hands moved to her back and the bare skin he touched drove him crazy. Now their tongues intimately touched every few seconds and his erect member was obvious to her in this position.

Andrea broke the kiss and stared down at him. He looked pleased, content, but hungry for more if it were to be offered. “I promised myself that I would try something new during this vacation. The party was going to be that new adventure, but now, I’ve changed my mind.”

She appeared confident as she drew her face closer to his, her lips touching his as she whispered, “I want to have sex with you, right here, right now.”

That was all Kyle needed. His hands went to her back and to the tied bikini strap. A simple tug and it was undone, leaving her back totally bare. He ran his hands up and down the smooth skin, reveling in the feel of her. She tilted her body up and pulled the bikini out from under her, tossing it away from them without care to where it landed or if she ever got it back. Adrian was totally in the moment.

After she had settled back down on top of him, Kyle used his hands to move her body away from him. He rolled her over so he was over top her and she under him. He took the moment to look her over. Her breasts, now uncovered, were shapely and completely proportional to her thin frame. Her nipples were hard and he wondered momentarily if it was from the ocean breeze or how hot he made her. He didn’t take the time to care. He brought up a hand and caressed the side of her breast, slowly, feeling his cock grow harder with each stroke. She was shuddering under his touch and as he brought his palm down lightly over the erect nipple, she let a soft moan. He began to massage with his palm, lightly, before moving his fingertips over the sensitive bud to caress.

Her eyes were closed now, her mouth slightly open as her breathing picked up. It was obvious that this unplanned situation was definitely a turn on for her as it was for him. He took things to the next level as he lowered his face over a breast and flicked his tongue once over her nipple. He did this slowly several more times, watching her breathing change with every movement. He picked up his pace and soon brought his whole mouth over his target, sucking lightly and nibbling at times as she writhed under him in pleasure. Her moaning let him know to continue.

Moving to the other breast, he continued in the same way. God, he wanted her right now. Soon, he broke his hold and sat up to the side of her, watching her for a moment before moving a hand along her thigh towards the edge of her skirt. He did this very slowly; waiting to make sure she would not make a disagreement to his actions before sliding underneath the clothing. He felt the warmth radiating from her pussy even before he touched the bikini bottoms underneath. When he did finally touch, he was met with a wetness that both took his breath away and made him issue a moan so loud it was almost embarrassing.

As he was caressing the insides of her thighs, she sat up, smirked flirtatiously and pushed him down again. When he was lying completely in the sand below, she stood, legs straddling his thighs and unbuttoned the jean skirt. She moved it down her shapely legs, slowly, as to keep his full attention. When the skirt was discarded to the sand, she brought her hands up to her bikini bottom and pulled them down, discarding it as well.

Kyle stared at her in the moonlight, her naked body turning him over to completely arousal. He moaned and started begging her, “I need it. Oh God, please. Let me fuck you right now.”

Andrea lowered herself enough to unzip his pants. She tugged them down his legs, leaving him only in boxers. Her attention was fixed on his engorged cock and before he could demetevler escort bayan say anything, she had his boxers off, revealing his member, fully erect and so ready for her pussy. She let her body down and sat across his thighs. She took his cock in her hand and began stroking very slowly, applying pressure at times. She watched his face, watched him get so close to orgasm, and then, she stopped. His almost naked body trembled as her face lowered and she traced her lips against his head. He groaned, and she pushed his cock into her mouth, sliding her tongue in different directions across him. His noises were continuous now and echoed into the night air. He moaned her name, begged for her to let him come, and before long, he whispered that he was close. She eased off him and stared directly into his eyes, telling him she was ready silently.

Andrea eased her body down until his head felt the outer contours of her lips; wet, swollen, and ready for his cock. She eased herself down, sliding the length of him, slowly, letting him feel inside her. His hands tightened at her waist and she began to ride him, feeling the movement push the most sensitive parts of her pussy. It was apparent in his face that he was trying to hold out, wanting her to come, needing to see it to reach the full scale of his pleasure.

As her riding continued, her breathing became heavier and soon he felt her warm juices flowing down his cock, the muscles in her pussy contracting against him, giving a tight sensation that sent him over the edge. He thrust himself a final time inside her and released his seed into her. His whole body tensed and he fell back against the sand in exhaustion.

She let him stay inside of her until he was totally soft and then she moved and fell into the sand beside him.

“Oh God, Oh God…” she repeated, “Thank you.”

Kyle was confident that she did not see his smirk. He was exhausted, of course, after his most powerful orgasm ever, but before she knew what was happening, he in front of her, lifting her legs and placing them across his shoulders. She seemed surprised, and even in the darkness he knew she was blushing.

“Kyle…what are you…?”, before she got her answer, his face was buried between her legs, where he tasted an erotic mixture of their juices, and even with the combination he could tell he loved her taste. He licked the length of her pussy before focusing on her sensitive clit, still hard and long from her arousal. He felt himself getting hard again, despite his earlier efforts. Her legs bucked away from his shoulders unintentionally as her pleasure heightened. She was no longer moaning, but screaming as his tongue pressed down for fast, hard pressure against her clit. She started arching her back away from the sand, grabbing at the soft grains, trying to find something to clench. He knew she was close when she started to ride his face. To finish her off, he brought his lips tightly around her clit and gave it a couple of tough sucks.

Her back arched and stayed that way as she screamed in pleasure and warm liquid issued once more from her pussy. He relaxed his movements, and merely licked at her come, moaning into her cunt.

Kyle noticed with some amusement that his cock was completely hard, as though he had yet to orgasm. He climbed his way over top of her. She was still breathing heavily as she nodded her consent. This time, in missionary position, he entered her already wet pussy, thrusting in and out of her. It took no time at all for him to come, his already sensitive cock unable to withstand the tight contours inside of her. He nearly collapsed on top of her, but managed to move his body off to the side.

Both of them were breathing heavily, unable to move, talk, or even issue a mumble. Eventually, Kyle found enough breath to offer, “That was the best I have ever had.”

He thought he saw a small nod from Andrea, and she confirmed by answering, “Get used to it. I’m here for four more days.”

Kyle couldn’t contain his smile and he reached a hand over and cupped her breast, “Of course.”

Andrea felt her eyes give way to exhaustion and she fell asleep beside Kyle on the sand of Ocean City shore. Her promise to engage in adventure had been the best thing she had ever done for herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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