Quarterly Review

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He was completely warn out. He slumped over his desk and glared at the pile of paperwork still to be dealt with. It was very late but at least he no longer had to worry about when he got out. The bitch had left him, claiming he was having an affair with his co-worker. He never did, but he’d since discovered that it was just an excuse to cover her own extramarital affair. Fortunately he’d found out prior to the divorce hearing. His forehead hit the desk hard as he pushed another memo into the out box.

He looked up at a knock on his office door. He hid the laugh. It was the very woman the bitch had accused him of cheating with. “What are you doing here so late?”

She laughed and moved to collapse in the comfortable ‘interviewee’ chair across his desk. “I could very well ask you the same question. The answer is probably the same for both of us. ‘Trying to catch up.'”

He laughed with her. “There is some of that. But honestly I think I’m just hiding here. But you, you’d be a welcome sight at the clubs. I know you used to go to ’em.”

“‘Used to’ being the operative words.” She shrugged. “They’re getting too pretentious these days. It’s more about showing everyone else up then enjoying the company and the music.” She laughed bitterly. “Or maybe I’m just getting too old to compete and it seems like it now that I’m no longer on top.”

“You haven’t lost a thing in the ten years I’ve known you. You’re still as sexy today as back then.” Her eyes widened a little at his admission. Suddenly he remembered that she was more co-worker then friend. He’d known her so long that he occasionally forgot that he’d only seen her twice outside of a work setting. “I mean, uh. . .”

She waved it away. “Don’t worry, I’m a big girl and know the difference between sincere compliments, humor and suggestive innuendo. You don’t need to worry about harassment or anything if you’re just joking or being nice.” He began to breath again. “So what do you mean ‘hiding’?”

He shrugged. “The house is nothing but empty memories. Nothing to rush home to. And I don’t have any hobbies so, nowhere else to go.” He cocked his head. “To be honest I think that’s why we stayed together so long. Neither of us had anything better to go to.” He looked up and saw the sympathy in her eyes. “So, was there something you needed or were you just investigating another midnight oil?”

She started. Had she been staring at him? She reached under her arm and pulled out a file folder. “A little of both really. I was coming to drop the quarterly reports under your door when I realized it was open and your lights were still on.” She moved over to the desk and dropped the folder unceremoniously on top of the clutter of papers.

He quickly shuffled the papers into their respective boxes, clearing his desk of all but the folder. “Are you heading out or could we go over them now? It’d be useful to study the figures and get your impression before tomorrow’s meeting.” She was simply a co-worker, about the same level as he was, so neither had any authority over the other.

She shrugged. “Sure. I have nowhere else to be. Besides, a little extra work now and I can leave earlier at the end of the week.” He felt an unusual spark when she winked at him, sending a delightful shiver through his body. She proceeded to pull the notes out of the folder and spread them carefully over the desk. The figures were stacking up as well as he expected and he listened with interest to her insightful commentary. He’d always found the quarterly to be dry but she managed to find the highlights, making it interesting.

She leaned across to grab an arrant paper and he caught a whiff of perfume. The base of his skull tingled slightly in response. He failed to shake off the sensation but focused on her review. Slowly he felt his eyes drifting. Suddenly it was another figure that kept drawing his attention. She had removed her dress coat to reveal a silver, sleeveless, mock-turtleneck. It hugged her figure, perfectly showing off the perky breasts normally concealed by a coat or jacket. He felt the thrill of the forbidden as he noticed, with just the right angle, he could first see her bra and then a little of the side of her breast. “What do you think of them?”

“I’m sorry?” He had been staring sideways at her breasts in profile for a few minutes. He thought, with his head down she wouldn’t have noticed, thinking him pouring over the papers.

“The figures. What do you think of them?” She turned to face him, one hand leaning on one of the papers on the desk. What had been a splendid profile of her breasts as she leaned forward now became a full figure image with his eye level even with the very thing the bitch had accused him of indulging in.

He laughed to himself. I think it’s a very fine figure. His eyes quickly darted up to meet hers. “I’m sorry. I must be more tired then I thought. My mind wandered a little. But they’re working out well.”

She turned to sit on the desk. Her legs, athletic yet demure, crossed at her ankles while she escort ankara glared at him. “You were staring.” His eyes, which had remained carefully focused on the desk for safety, snapped to hers as he tried to stammer a denial. The laughter in her eyes died in surprise. Her declaration had been a joke but his response surprised her with the truth. “You were staring at me.” She looked down seeming to notice the sleeveless shirt for the first time. She blushed deeply when she realized a small portion of her underwear could be seen. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think when I took off my coat. I usually don’t wear anything this showy, but with the air conditioning recently I never take my coat off so I thought it was safe when I left this morning. I completely forgot.”

She was rambling nervously. “I should be apologizing! I was staring.” There was an uncomfortable silence. She hopped off the desk and nervously began gathering up the report. As she turned he discovered a wonderful view of her ass in the knee-length, tight, skirt. As she leaned forward to reach for a page the fabric pressed even tighter against her and he found himself wondering if she wore a thong or nothing at all underneath, given a lack of seam lines. He felt the fabric in his own pants begin to press more tightly against him. He spun his focus away as she turned to hand him the folio. He avoided looking at her. “You really are quite beautiful.”

Her fingertips brushed his cheek. She turned his head to look at her. “Did you know I always admired you? I’ve always liked you. But I had to much respect for you to tell you while you were married. If you’d said yes I would’ve lost respect for you. If you had said no I would have been devastated.” She leaned forward and kissed him.

Passion he hadn’t felt in years blossomed from his chest, overwhelming his brain. His nose was filled with the glorious perfume. It had a mixed salty and sweet scent to it but mostly its effect could be felt as the sensation raced to the primal center of his brain. His heart raced.

She broke the kiss. She stood with both hands extended to him. Confused, he took them, clasping all four together with crossed thumbs. She smiled, his heart beating faster at the innocent joy of it, and pulled him from the chair. She placed both of his hands around one of hers and turned to lead him over to the leather couch. They stood off to it’s side as she reached down with her free hand to press a button. Slowly the expensive piece unfolded to reveal an inviting looking bed. He had forgotten about it, about ordering this very couch in case he ever needed to sleep at the office. He had never ended up needing it. As she sat sideways on the edge, pulling him to sit beside her, he was glad for the personal expense.

Placing his hands in his lap she reached up and began to loosen his tie. Untied, but still draped under his collar, she leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. As she leaned back his tie slid free. He was lost. He’d been divorced for months and it had been at least double that since they had done anything together, after all his ex had ‘never been in the mood’.

Her arms crossed her shapely stomach to untuck her shirt. Slowly she began to invert the fabric as she drew it upward. Hands shaking he reached for the buttons of his own shirt. She stopped, her hands finding his, returning them firmly in his lap. A single hand turned his head back towards her. Her silent instructions were clear. “You will do nothing but sit there and enjoy the performance.”

Her hands rose and the shirt inverted until it reached the base of her ample chest. He already knew what he would see but he felt a jolt of pure excitement as the fabric at last began to clear the bra underneath. He was also greatly surprised by it. The white bra had very solid sides that cradled her breasts in curving triangles of support however the center of the cups were a lace so sheer her could clearly identify her nipple and areola by the discoloration in the fabric. The analytic part of his brain noted the design as a perfect method of avoiding seams across the nipple but that was quickly overwhelmed by the primal lust that flowed through him.

The shirt cleared her head. Hands still entangled in the material she draped them behind him pulling their bodies together in another passionate kiss. His head swam in her musky scent. Even through the soft fabric of his shirt he could feel the warmth radiating from her. All too soon she broke the kiss. Staying close to him she moved his hands and adjusted his position. Now his knees pressed against the side of the bed and his arms braced him to the sides as he leaned back slightly.

She shifted to lying on her side. He couldn’t help but gasp as her head rested comfortably across his thighs. She made no further action but simple instinct cried out when her head, or more specifically mouth, lay so close to the bulge straining in his pants. She smiled, playfully, watching the bulge pulse before her eyes. His eyes drifted down her body and once again escort etlik he found himself staring at her barely concealed breasts. He went rigid within his painful confines.

She reached up to unbutton the bottom of his shirt. With her head on his lap she had a perfect vantage to watch his manhood, her active fingers and his expression without so much as twitching her eyes. Her legs scissored slightly in enjoyment as button by button she disrobed him. The shirt hung loose from his shoulders. Her hands returned to his stomach and manicured nails trailed upward through the fine hair of his torso. When she reached his shoulders she flicked the shirt free, to pool around his hands. He began to lift one free when she reached out to slap it back down. The shirt would remain where she left it.

Her hands reached out to his belt. His pulse grew faster. Everything else could have been considered heavy flirting between friends but where she was reaching now would alter their relationship. He sat down on the bed knowing the possibilities. He accepted her instructions up to this point. Momentum was on her side as she worked the buckle free, and then the button and finally the zipper. He wasn’t sure about this. The reality was dawning on him. She pulled back the flaps. His erection sprang free of the heavier fabric, now only concealed by the thin cotton boxer-briefs. Decision made his weight began to shift forward, his hands lifting to free themselves from the confinement of the sleeves.

His weight slammed heavily on the bed. He had missed his balance and landed on his back. The shirt caught under him now trapped his hands completely. His decision came too late as she leaned forward ever so slightly and took his tip, fabric and all, and bit lightly. Against bare flesh it would have hurt, protected by the fabric it simply drove the strength from his body. He was now hers and they both knew it.

She shifted to hands and knees and crawled next to him. Hiking the skirt almost all the way up she lifted a leg to straddle him, placing her knees on his pinned shirt to keep his hands from roaming. As her leg crossed over him he caught a flash of the same pure white of the bra but received no other impressions. The forbidden glimpse drove him mad, causing him to flex further. In her current position he felt himself bump against her skirt. Had she lifted it slightly higher he likely would have brushed her glorious treasure rather then be denied.

She grinned at the fresh contact. She leaned over him, resting on an arm planted to either side of his head. He tried to breath. Her breasts filled his vision as her heady scent filled his nose and made his mouth water. He wanted to lean forward and take one of those perfect breasts into his mouth but knew the rules well by now.

“What would you have?” “All of you.” He responded without a moment’s thought. She laughed softly. Clearly gauging the time since he’d last been intimate she rephrased. “What do you miss the most?” “Passion!”

She leaned back, eyes wide. She’d been expecting a different answer, and was likely prepared for the request. The immediacy of the answer, if not the response itself, had surprised even him, especially so quickly after she had silenced his final protest with her mouth. She leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead. His face sank between her precious breasts and her scent gained in the salty flavor of sweat and lost some of the sweetness. Even still the potency shrouded his mind.

He left his eyes closed and his breathing languid as she began to crawl backwards. They both laughed freely when his erection caught on the front of her skirt. He wasn’t thinking, simply enjoying the long lost intimacy, or else it would have dawned on him to sneak a fuller glimpse of the hidden white as she needed to pull her skirt clear of his obstruction. He felt her skirt ride up again, intentionally caught on he knees, as she slid down his lower legs. There was indeed lace involved in her thong, he felt it as she pressed herself against the length of his legs.

He opened his eyes to look at her. Visible beyond his ‘tent’ was only her head. He could feel her sitting on his feet her legs folded under her. She was rubbing her lust back and forth against his socks. Her hands rested on his thighs as she gazed at him. She’d cared from afar for a good long time, he suddenly realized, agonizing over the deteriorating affair that was his life. Beyond a doubt this was as much a long needed release for her, not just a casual fling. Slowly she reached to lift the elastic over his erection. He felt a little pride as he watched her eyes widen and heard her gasp when he was revealed. She had felt him through the cotton but nothing prepared her for the full sight of it. She quickly slid the underwear down his legs.

She shifted, pulling the clothing free. Remaining at the edge of the bed she held his hips and began to pull. He slid towards her as instructed. She remained unmoved forcing his legs to spread wide around her. Finally escort demetevler he lay, butt at the edge of the bed, his feet planted, spread eagle, on the floor. He shuddered as her breath brushed across the sensitive skin beneath his hard member. He moaned when she leaned forward to kiss his testicles and then suck each carefully. She rose higher until he was framed by her pristine breasts. She leaned forward, placing him in their cleft and slowly began to sink. The sensation was delightful, until the pillowy weight fell on the soft skin that divides his legs and his hips when it became unbelievable. He had never felt such an erotic sensation as when she let her precious breasts trace the powerful erogenous zone.

Blood strained against the confines of his skin causing him to bob before her eyes. She smiled and he shuddered as her chest pulled away and her head moved forward. Her tongue touched the base of his shaft and left a languid trail of saliva to the tip. His hands clenched the sheets. Carefully moving her head to avoid contact she let her tongue trace his entire base, lingering and stray onto the loose skin beneath. He groaned his delight.

Her smile, unseen through closed eyes, grew playful. Her elbows rested on his stretched legs, one hand drifting to his rod while the other moved to cup his balls. As she began to message both, his moans grew more constant and his body writhed under this new control. Her mouth closed around the ridge that defined his head. His back arched and body froze awaiting her next torment. Her tongue touched the sensitive underside and his held breath released with a moan. She sucked in, using her tongue to squeeze him against the roof of her mouth as she pulled away. All the while her hands worked his flesh.

He felt the pressure building but the shroud covering his brain from her glorious scent masked its meaning. An instant before it was to late he realized, feeling molten lust welling deep within him and racing outward. “Stop!” She knew before he did what was about to occur, sensing signals lost to his pleasure fogged brain. Her mouth descended. Before she was halfway down his length she felt the warm juice splash against her pallet rapidly. He burst within her safely.

Greedy for more her hands worked faster. Up and down the top of his length her head bobbed. His body exploded into motion in every direction only his position and her elbows on his legs keeping him from breaking free. He couldn’t believe the extreme delirium as she worked faster and harder milking his seed. He couldn’t breath. His teeth grew numb from the exhilaration. Motes danced before his eyes. Finally, when nothing more came forth, she pulled free. He gasped in relief, but she continued to taunt him. His body burned as electricity tore through him every time her hand clenched and pulled up his shaft. The reactions dulled slightly each time.

She let go, his body remained limp on the bed but he quested skyward to the surprise of them both. Hazy eyes saw her grin. “You weren’t kidding. You really do want all of me.” She climbed onto the bed astride him once more. Her hand reach under her skirt from behind to slide the unseen garment out of the way. She began to lower herself to ride him when he stopped her.

“I was honest when I said that.” She looked at him suspiciously. His secured arms tried to lift her hips towards him but failed. Curious she allowed him to lead her actions. As she shuffled near to his face she let out an exclamation of anticipatory pleasure. She stopped and began to tug down her skirt but his hands stopped her again. As her legs moved forward the skirt curtained his head narrowing his world to the white fabric before him and the silky skin beneath. She rested sitting on his chin and chest.

No wonder he had seen no seams, the entire undergarment consisted entirely of a sheer lace mesh. He inhaled and his brain froze in wonder. The sweet mixture within her scent had been her creamy lust all along. Its strength, acting on his primal brain, had awoken the need long buried. Now the lace was soaked with the precious milk and he could no longer think but to drink. Harshly his mouth closed on the fabric to drain this essence of desire. He could barely hear the response of instant moans but he recognized the shaking legs and could feel the nectar flowing more quickly from her.

Carefully he used his teeth to tug at the thin fabric. To his surprise it didn’t tear, neither did it budge. The sticky fluid clung to her curves, needlessly protecting her treasure freely given. He started to protest the hand that pulled at her skirt but she ignored him. She reached, pulling the lace from her mound and crevice to let it rest in the fold of her leg. He nodded in satisfaction.

Forward came his head once more. Slowly he began to lick her smooth skin free of the nectar. Once more the scent goaded his lust and took control of his body. Precise licks quickly became desperate lapping and then sucking as his need to drink her pure essence became too strong to contain. Her hips rocked against him and too soon tore free. As the veil of the skirt lifted clear she looked into his eyes to discover no reason. His chin was covered in her sticky milk and his tongue probed to discover every drop it could reach.

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