Quicky Ch. 01

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House party. Music blasting. Beer flowing. The residence a cloud of weed-smoke. The evening a blur. Vague memory of strange sexy girl sucking my cock in the pantry. A girl next to me on the couch licking my mouth. Her legs parting. Us dry-humping. A white leather miniskirt. A silk white thong. Big firm tits; fake? I remember my cock actually sliding up her cunt right there on the couch amidst the crowd of people. And we fucked. We drank and smoked as we fucked. I put a finger or two up your ass as we fucked. What was your name, hot fucking babe?

There was a fight. I knocked a couple guys down out on the front lawn. I think I broke their faces. Two sexy girls pulled me back inside and tried to calm me down. They sat me down on a couch (was it the same couch?) straddled my waist and sucked and fucked my dick.

Later I met another sexy babe. She seemed to really want to fuck me, and she led me drunkenly upstairs to where it was quieter.

It’s dark in the bedroom güvenilir bahis that we’ve stumbled into. We kiss passionately, wiping out drunkenly on the bed. I don’t even know your name, but I know you’ve got big tits and an hourglass-figure, and I want to fuck you badly. And by the way you’re pulling down your pants and stroking my dick through my jeans, I think you want me to fuck you, too. You lay on your back and I spread your legs in the darkness. Your pull your thong aside and spread your pussy-lips wide open for me. I dive in, licking out your cunt like it was my last meal. The pungent perfume of your dripping wet hole fills my hungry nostrils. You press my face deeper into your cunt and moan with pleasure.

Downstairs, the party rages on, oblivious to us.

I tell you to flip over and get on your knees, which you do. I grip your ass-cheeks and go to town licking out your cunt and asshole from behind. You arch your back and moan as I wriggle my tongue up your asshole as türkçe bahis deep as it can reach. I lick out the valley of your wet pussy, my tongue sliding between its soft lips from clit to hole. I literally drink your sweet juices, drowning in the delicious odor of your willing holes. Freshly waxed, your asshole and pussy are as smooth as porcelain. I squeeze your ass hard as I tongue fuck your pussy, my hard-on raging to be inside you.

Finally I mount you in the dark, thrusting my fuck-stick recklessly up your dripping wet cunt-hole. I lean forward grabbing your big, soft titties as I fuck you madly. Your moans, the sloppy wet sounds of me fucking you and my wet balls slapping up against your mons veneris fill the dark bedroom. I slap your ass hard as I tap you, calling you bitch. You repeat that you’re my bitch, my slut, and tell me to slap you more and keep fucking you.

I suddenly get the urge to have my shaved balls sucked. I pull out, stand up and tell you to suck my bag. güvenilir bahis siteleri You suck my balls fervently as I jerk my cock pointing up to the ceiling. I tell you to suck my cock. You take my dick in your mouth and suck it hard as I reach down, slapping and grabbing your big sweaty boobs.

You get back on all fours and I tap your honey-pot again. I fuck you madly, smacking your sweaty ass in the dark as I ride you. Finally, you beg for it up your asshole. I pull out, and slide my cock slowly up your tight brown-hole. I smack and ride your big, shapely soft arse, pumping you wildly, my wet sack slapping up against your drooling pussy. You cum hard with my cock deep up your asshole. You lay on your stomach as I drill your asshole from on top. I squeeze your butt-cheeks as I fuck your tight shit-hole.

“Cum on my face!” you say.

I pull out and you kneel before me in the darkness with your mouth wide open. I jerk my rod, cumming a huge load all over your face and in your mouth. You suck my dick and balls until I’m completely satisfied.

We smile at each other in unspoken, lustful understanding. I go back to the party leaving you there to clean yourself up with some tissue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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