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My recovery from the attack at the cafe, almost losing Mitch, and my killing a man even if he was an asshole, occurred with far less trauma than what I suffered through after the abuse that Mitch had rescued me from. It still came to me with a rush at times, typically when it was quiet but fully awake. Sometimes in dreams I would see pieces of that day, the sounds, the flying glass, and the most scary of images for me – Mitch standing in front of that psycho with a gun pointed at his head. Mitch made me promise to tell him about every occurrence, to talk each one through. The talking about it seemed to have the effect of making it something that could be dealt with, then left behind. To not fear the images, but to look headlong into them.

I wondered if that was what Langley did for their warriors. Did they bring them in after difficult missions? Did they have them decompress, talk through the nightmares, the images of those they killed, and the civilians that were caught in the middle when it went badly? Was that why he knew so much about it?

Over the couple weeks since the attack, the images have faded and left me … for the most part, anyway. The flying glass and shattered surfaces in the café began easing when we again met with the owner and gave her a check for a down payment for an architect to make any changes she ever dreamed of. Seeing Mitch being held at gun point faded with his constant reminder that he was still beside me, holding me, teasing me, and loving me. He made the observation that seemed to allow me to release it all. In all our talks of dreams and images, my killing Banks was not one of them.

Shortly after that, Hansen showed up. Not on our doorstep or at the door knocking like most households. He couldn’t get past the gate at the edge of the property and he had no intention of climbing he fence or gate that he assumed would only send off alarms or signals in the house, anyway. So he called on the cell phone and asked for permission to enter. Mitch was in the barn tending to the horses when I heard the cell phone chime as I was busy in the kitchen. I was only wearing one of his sweatshirts, again. I was hoping for some attention from either Mitch or Blackie. Blackie had gone off with Mitch to the barn, though. I was supposed to be cooking up a mess of chicken breasts that could be used quickly in a number of dishes, including sandwiches. Hmmm, maybe taking Blackie with him wasn’t just coincidence …

I dried my hands on the sweatshirt and picked up the phone. The phone almost never went active, hence the reason neither of us kept it close by. I looked at the screen and I u*********sly shrieked. There on the screen was the name ‘Hansen’ and his picture. I was willing to bet that it was the only contact with a picture associated to it. Okay, maybe his mom.

“Hansen!” I shrieked it.

“Damn, Cat! I used to have two good ears …”

“Sorry, but … where are you? When are you going to come visit us?”

“Actually, just as soon as you open this damn gate. I am standing at the road by your gate.”

I opened the cabinet door and looked at the monitor. “Hansen!”

“Yes, Cat. I already said it was me. Could you open the gate?”

“Sorry … this is just so exciting! I had been hoping you would come visit! Here, the gate should be opening.” I press the button. “I’ll go tell Mitch. Oh, Hansen!” I saw on the monitor that he was already climbing into the pickup. I dropped the phone on the table and ran for the door and sprinted to the barn. It wasn’t until I was half way to the barn that I remembered that I was barefoot and only wearing one of Mitch’s sweatshirts. Yes, it was very large on me, but my legs were bare and the cold air blew right up my otherwise naked body.

After telling Mitch about Hansen being here, he pulled up the bottom of the sweatshirt, swatted my bare butt and sent me into the house to get dressed so I didn’t intimidate the poor guy. As I ran back to the house, now very much aware of the cold and my state of dress, I wondered to myself just why he, Hansen, means so much to me. I have only met him once and that was when we went after Banks’ house. As I flew into the house and down the hall to the bedroom, I could only imagine that part of it was that he was there for us, no questions asked. He travelled a distance because we needed him. But, probably, more to the real point was that he meant so much to Mitch. Mitch didn’t easily let on how much he might feel about someone. I became an exception. His mother, brother and sister were obvious ones, too. But the surprising one was Hansen. The way Mitch talked about him was beyond friend or even brother. Their time together, doing whatever it was they did, had created a bond that transcended normal male uneasiness for commitment. And, as I hurried back out to the large room and the main door, now with jeans on but still barefoot, I knew my affection for this man was an extension of my love for Mitch. And, it felt entirely appropriate.

I looked to the left where any vehicle would be coming from but couldn’t see very far down the track. I looked to the right and found Mitch walking back from the barn, bundled up in his winter work gear. I then saw him stop and wave to someone to my left and I knew it had to be Hansen. When his pickup came to a stop in front of the house, Mitch was standing by the driver’s door. They shook hands but quickly went into a manly shoulder hug, the way men do because it probably wouldn’t be manly to fully embrace so they kind of bump opposite shoulders. I was standing in the door way watching, itching for them to hurry up, and I realized I wasn’t just anxious, I was bouncing in anticipation, little hops on my toes staring out the door as Hansen followed Mitch up to the porch.

I took several steps back, but when they were both inside the house, I ignored Mitch and leapt at Hansen, forcing him to drop the duffle and catch me. I mean I literally leapt at him. Hansen was aghast, his eyes wide, but Mitch was laughing. “I warned you. I told you how much she has been looking forward to a visit from you!”

I looked into his eyes, then at his lips, only inches from mine. He looked nervous, but I was comfortable. Mitch and I had talked about my feelings for Hansen and he was fully supportive. It wasn’t that we generally considered having a sharing relationship, but this was Hansen and he was different. He was already like part of the family, a strange family maybe, but still a family. So, I kissed him. It wasn’t just a kiss … it was a kiss … on the lips, full contact, and full emotional feeling behind it.

It took him by surprise, not just surprise, it made him nervous. He looked at me with wide eyes and stammered at Mitch. I backed up and went to the kitchen telling them to talk while I got dinner ready. It might have been a little early, but I reasoned that they needed time to talk, to catch up, and discuss whatever it was that brought Hansen here in the first place. As I moved around the kitchen preparing something easy and quick for dinner, I tried to eavesdrop just a little.

“She really likes you, Hansen.”

“I gather that. But, that doesn’t bother you? I mean, you’re okay with that kiss?”

I heard him laugh. “I’m the one that encouraged her to take charge of herself, to take control of some situations. She’s responded very well, I would say to taking that to heart. To answer your question directly, yes, I am okay.” I heard a chuckle. “There’s more you’ll learn if you can stay for a few days, or longer. It would really please both of us.”

“Well, I suppose I could for a few days, but I was planning on a hotel in that town, to be out of your way.”

“Don’t bother. You have your stuff? We have a spare room.”

“You know me, I hate to leave anything behind for someone to look through.”

I poked my head through the kitchen entrance, “Then it’s settled. Mitch, show him the other room. We’ll work on him to stay longer once he’s in there.” I blew them both a kiss and disappeared back in the kitchen.

All I heard was, “I told you. You’re going to have to answer to her. Don’t fight it, man, she wants you here.”

Dinner was fine and casual. During dinner, Hansen told us the real reason for his being here. He said his handler let him know about the shootout at the café. He was told that it seemed to handled and we were okay, but the FBI report did mention something about a breach in security. That was when he made the decision to use some downtime to investigate himself. He met with Baxter just today and found that everything was nailed down. He did find the leak that put Mitch’s cell number into the hands of Banks. It turned out to be a data processor, basically an FBI clerk. He had run into some financial trouble and succumbed to the temptation of a buy-off. Although the FBI and other agencies attempt to monitor these types of security risks with employees, some always get past them. I understood the explanation and even accepted it. Of course, we survived. I also knew that if one of us had been hurt, I might not have been quite so understanding.

We adjourned to the other room with beers. Hansen said he had something for me. He said it might make a part of life a little easier, but it was up to me if I wanted it. I had given him ‘my’ chair by Mitch’s and I sat on the couch, Blackie at my feet. He kept looking up at me and I kept shaking my head, no. I noticed that each time it drew a smile from Mitch and soon a quizzical look from Hansen, but he had something on his mind.

He went into the spare bedroom and returned with a large manila envelope. The outside of which was marked, “SECRET”. Not top secret, so I guessed it wasn’t State secrets. He handed it to me and I just looked at it before looking back at him as he sat down, then bounced back up to get three more beers and distributed them. I still hadn’t opened the envelope.

He smiled as he returned to the chair, “Open it Cat. This isn’t one of those things that gets better the longer it remains unused. It only has value if your decide to use it.”

Before I could, though, “Why … how?” Mitch was surprised, too, apparently. But, it seemed that he had an idea of what was inside.

“Open it Cat!” Then he turned and answered his most trusted friend. “I was on assignment, one of those hell-holes where you can’t really trust either side, but you hope at least that our side is a little better. I kept thinking about Cat, what happened to her, all those years lost, never to be gotten back. Then, I got an idea.”

“Imagine!” They were back into their comfortable ribbing and needling of each other. Sometimes it seemed a bit harsh, but just dare that someone else would say the same thing when the other was around.

“I know, right? And you weren’t within thousands of miles …” I was starting to rip open the top flap, looked up at them and saw the smiles on their faces. “Anyway, when I got back, I just went upstairs and asked. They were only too happy to help.”

I had the envelope open and dumped the contents onto the couch next to me. My eye was drawn to a small plastic card. As I reached for it, my other hand went to my beer. I took a gulp while looking at Mitch and he nodded.

I read it, “Catrina Michaels. Cody, Wyoming. A driver’s license. The picture on the front is me. The birth date, weight, and height all are correct.” I am talking to myself as I looked at it. How can this be, I wonder, but not really wondering too specifically or the answer would have been obvious. I see another document, a copy of an old document really. “My birth certificate? No, Catrina Michaels’ birth certificate.” I read it closely, studying the details. “This is so weird. West Park Hospital. Birth size: 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 20.5 inches.” I looked up at Mitch, he was smiling. I looked at Hansen who was just gulping more beer and he was smiling but with a bit of reservation.

“I suppose I should have asked you first, Cat, but I thought it would help.”

“Do you mean that this is me, now? I am Catrina Michaels and all this is what people would find?”

“Give me your reaction … yes, if someone searched for you with your description and name, social security, driver’s license, anything, they would only find Catrina Michaels with that bursa escort history. There is a little binder of history in there.”

I dug through the papers spread out next to me: besides the driver’s license and birth certificate, I glanced at school records, Holy Communion from St. Anthony, school records from the University of Wyoming (apparently I only lasted two years in Communication and Journalism), and discharge paperwork from the Air Force.

“I was in the Air Force? I spent a lot of time in Guam as a Communications Specialist.” I looked up at Hansen. “Why that?”

He looked at Mitch and he indicated that he should answer that. Mitch was smiling at that nice bit of history was added for me. “I spent a lot of R & R on Guam. A lot of people went to some exotic places, but Guam suited me. It had some beaches, but it was mostly quiet and the people were/are very patriotic and supportive of the military.” He looked at Hansen, “I assume the dates match up generally that Cat and I met for the first times there?” Hansen just smiled.

I dropped everything that had accumulated on my lap back onto the couch as I got up and walked across the room. I went to Mitch and kissed him on the lips. “I love you, Mitch.”

I then stepped to Hansen, moved his hands, and sat down on his lap. I threw my arms around him, looked to Mitch for his reaction, and he nodded with a smile. I responded with a smile, then gave Hansen a big kiss on the mouth … hard, with passion, and feeling. Needless to say, he was stunned and, again, a little nervous. When I separated myself from him, “You are staying here.”

He, of course, tried arguing with me, but Mitch interrupted him, “Give it up, guy. Take it from experience, you are going to lose.”

But I did jump up off his lap and resettled into my spot on the couch. This time I was going into the details of each and every document. Periodically, I noticed that my drink was refilled next me and I would look to the guys and give them a grateful smile before turning my attention back to the documents

Mitch came to me, taking the transcript of my made-up history out of my hands. I had dozed off from a potent combination of excitement, long hours of reading and memorizing, and more alcohol than I had had in a long time. I noticed Hansen was missing and the light was on under the door of the guest room. I accepted Mitch’s hands to pull up and leading me to our bedroom. Passing the guest room, though, I stopped, knocked on the door and cracked it open.

“Thank you, Hansen. I’ll see you in the morning.”

That night, despite my tiredness and fatigue earlier, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Mitch, bless his heart, fought off sleep to gently touch me and cuddle, sensing that conversation was about to come, it was just a matter of when. I didn’t make him wait long.

I turned to face him. The room was dark but we rarely closed the curtains on the windows and the light of the moon shone in, casting a muted glow into the room. “Mitch …” No more came out. I thought I was ready, I had repeated it several times in my head, but now … nothing. It wouldn’t come out.

I could see his smile at me, but I felt his hand stroking my hip and up to my breast even more. “Say it, Cat. You can say anything to me, you know that. Whatever it is, we’ll talk it over.”

I leaned in to kiss him on the lips. It felt good, it felt reassuring as his hand slipped off my hip, onto my butt, and pulled me tightly into him. He was hard. He was very hard. He was anticipating something. Maybe … maybe, he already guessed from my earlier actions.

“Mitch, you need to tell me if this is way out of line, but … well, I really like Hansen, and … well, and … you two are closer than brothers, you know?”

He chuckled, “Cat, spit it out. I know very well my relationship with Hansen. We’ve saved each other’s lives so many times we couldn’t even count, anymore. You’re right, that builds a relationship that can’t be duplicated in the normal world.” He raised my chin (yes, that finger under my chin), searched my eyes and planted a soft kiss to my lips. God, I love this man! A touch like that, his hardness pressing into me … I’d do anything he’d ask. I’d be his submissive, his slut. Damn, I’d be his slave! But, no, he would have none of that, he wanted me strong, independent, inside my own control. I put my arm around his neck and pulled him close … and I sighed deeply. “Cat, I know how you feel about him, too. I knew it before. I saw it again, tonight.”

“Mitch, I want to love him. While he is here with us, I want to bring him into our fun, our sex. I want this, Mitch. But, only if it won’t be a problem for you.”

He smiled. We were on our sides, facing each other, and pressed tightly against each other by both of our arms pulling at the other. His hand slid down my leg to my knee and raised it and pulled it over his hip. With my leg d****d over him, I was fully open to him and he slid the same hand between my legs. He gently (god, how can he be so gentle and so strong at the same time?) grazed my lips. It almost wasn’t a touch, it just floated on the surface of my lips, exactly between them, but never entering me. It wouldn’t have been an effort for him, I knew I was wide open for him.

“My woman is ready for something to happen now.”

I pulled my head back just enough to see into his eyes. “Am I your woman?”

He pulled me in so tight I thought I was going to have trouble breathing, if it lasted. “My dear lady, I think you’ve been my woman since the time I was nursing you in your recovery. I just had to realize it. Yes! You are my woman. I hope you’ll have me.”

I gave him a peck and a hug, my leg still d****d over his hip. “Went out on the limb without a safety net that time, didn’t you stud? And, I love that you did that for me. Yes … yes! Yes, I’ll have you and I want you, too.” He slid his cock into my wide open pussy. God, I knew I was wet and had to be open, but for him to slide that wonder thing into me so easily? “Ooooooooooo … Mitch! Yes, I … OOHHHHHHHH … I love you inside me!” I hugged him tightly as I had a minor orgasm. “But … oooooooo … but tell me before my mind turns to jelly … hmmmmmmmmm … about Hansen … about him involved.”

He was sliding in and out of me. It was awkward in this position, but with him in me … wonderful.

“Yes. I think it is time for you to enjoy a human DP.” I shuddered. “And Blackie … I wonder …” he pulled almost all the way out before driving back into me, “… a triple penetration?”

I had an orgasm right then and there, blowing circuits in my mind. But he never stopped moving inside me. He never stopped loving me through the orgasm. Even before I was through it, he rolled me on top of him and my legs instinctively moved to kneel over him and my ass took over the motion, rising and lowering on his wonderful cock.

I felt him twitch inside me, felt him press up into me with even more urgency … and, as I felt the first of his spurts coat me inside … I wondered what Hansen would be like with us. I came, again.

The next morning was like most any other in the winter, meaning I was getting the coffee ready first before worrying about breakfast. And, I was wrapped in a thick robe. Blackie was at my side, or right behind me, the entire time. I was sure he could smell me. Thinking about it, that he could smell me, caused a shudder of nasty, wonderful, excitement. I had climaxed several time, Mitch had cum inside me, and I knew, just knew, that Blackie was smelling that. I couldn’t resist it, I had to feel him, if just his tongue. The house was quiet but I knew Mitch would be coming out soon. I had no idea about Hansen. But, I needed to chance it, if just for a moment. I crouched down, spreading my knees wide. I held Blackie’s head between my knees, I saw his nostril flare at the scent he was picking up, but he didn’t advance on me despite my open invitation. My robe! He could see, he could smell me, but I had clothes on. I undid the tie around my waist and flung the robe open, exposing my front to him. It was enough, it looked enough like ‘naked’ for him, and he advanced. He snout between my thighs, his tongue shooting out and a first lap at my pussy. Yessssss, yes, yes … ohhhhh, what a wonderful feeling.

Just as I was about to lean back onto one arm to open myself more for him, I heard a door open and then close. Was it Mitch? Could I chance it to enjoy just a bit more? No! Snap out of it, Cat! If it is Hansen, you’ll cause a problem for sure. My mind can be so wild, but I jump up, causing Blackie to jump back, too. I turned my back to the entrance to the kitchen, fumbling for the tie of the robe.

“Good morning, Cat. I smelled the coffee.” I just got the tie secured and turned around. I wanted to be tentative with him this time. I had other plans but I didn’t want to scare him off before those plans could be comfortably put into motion. I stepped up to him, put my hands on his shoulders, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

I turned to the cabinet for a mug, poured some for him and turned back to him. “Did you sleep well, I hope?”

“It is eerily quiet up here. It is so quiet I think every sound is something to worry about. Once I got used to it, that it was just the way it was, I slept like a baby.”

Mitch walked in, I gave him a much bigger kiss. We talked, I made breakfast, and we talked more. Later, Mitch took Hansen on a tour of the place. I stayed in the house to give them their time. But, all I could think about was how I was going to get Hansen involved with us. That Mitch was not just okay with it, but wanting it to happen. And, Blackie … he mentioned Blackie, too. Oh, god, what was I going to do?

After dinner that night the guys stayed at the kitchen table while I cleaned up. No, they both tried to assist me, but I insisted they could just keep me company. That by itself would make me happy. It worked and they relaxed, soon sharing stories, partly for my benefit and partly for their own reminiscing. Regardless, the banter was strong and effective, just like the Jack Daniels I was feeding them. Actually, more to Hansen than to Mitch.

Then, Mitch came up to me as I was about done with the dishes. He hugged me around the waist and whispered in my ear between kisses, “He can’t keep his eyes off your ass. He’s trying to be discreet but is failing miserably. If you want to go ahead with this, it is now or never.” He then kissed my neck and the hand that would be unseen by Hansen slid up to my breast. “I love you. I love you, not for this, if you do it, but because … because of the woman you are for me.”

I leaned back into him and turned my head for a kiss, “You two go sit down in the other room. I’ll bring more drinks out. I know what I want to do.” He just smiled, but he also gave my ass a loving pat as he turned. That, though, he made sure Hansen saw.

When I finished with the kitchen cleanup, which wasn’t that long later, I peeked into the other room to see them settled into the easy chairs. I took down three new glasses from the cupboard and poured a double into each. I looked to the doorway, again, just checking out of nervousness, but was not able to see either of them. I took a deep breath. I was nervous, no question about it. Why, I wondered? Did I think he might not want me? Did I think he might be offended by the offer? Mitch didn’t seem to think that was even a consideration. It never came up as a thought, warning, or option to approach in a certain way. He seemed to be completely confident in his best friend’s reaction. I thought I was, too. Now, at the moment of initiating it, I had my doubts, my concerns, and … what? … worried for Mitch? I decided what I needed was a hit of bourbon. A little extra courage.

Then, after taking another deep breath, and the realization that this really mattered to me, I unbuttoned the flannel, very unsexy, shirt I was wearing and pulled it off my shoulders. Before dropping it onto the table, still holding it to my front, I peeked at the doorway, again. If they stayed in the chairs and I hadn’t moved, they still weren’t going to see me. Besides, girl, having Hansen SEE me was the whole idea. After admonishing myself, I dropped the shirt, unsnapped my jeans and ran the zipper down. I shimmied out of my jeans, then my socks. görükle escort bayan I dropped all of them onto the table, turned to the doorway (if they came in now, they may as well see what I was doing!), reached behind my back, unclasped my bra, slip it off my shoulders, and finally added my panties to the pile on the table.

Another deep breath. I wanted this; even better, Mitch wanted this, and I was now confident that Hansen would love it. Naked, I took up the three glasses after re-filling mine, and walked into the room, holding the drinks more to the side than directly in front. I figured that would present a better, more unobstructed view of my body. And, the effect was priceless. Hansen’s mouth fell open when he saw Mitch refocus to the kitchen entry and finally turned. Mitch had a huge grin on his face as Hansen looked from me to Mitch, back to me and staying on me. That quick look back to Mitch apparently was enough to convince himself that this was all good.

“I have new drinks for you guys and something more for you, Hansen.”

I gave out the drinks, then stood in front of Hansen. His legs were crossed. “I wish there was something else I could call you besides ‘Hansen’. ‘Hansen’ just doesn’t quite seem personal enough, right now.”

I noticed that since the initial quick look back to Mitch, his eyes hadn’t wavered back to him. His attention was fully on me, especially specific parts of me.

“Right now, you can call me ‘Dopey’ for all I care.”

I smiled at that, but I didn’t think he noticed.

“Okay … Dopey, will you uncross your legs, please?”

Now, he looked up at me, but he wasn’t reacting to the name I used. He uncrossed his legs and I sat in his lap. It was like he didn’t know what to do with his hands. I indicated his drink, “Drink, please.” He did, a healthy one, too. I took it from his right hand and leaning forward, put it on the side table between the two chairs. His left hand was awkwardly across my shoulders, like it had to be there, but … I took his right hand, now empty and sticking out in the air, and placed it on my left thigh, my left naked thigh. When his hand slipped a little toward my knee, I recaptured it and pulled it further up my thigh toward my hip. I pressed it into place and patted it. It was now much closer to my hip, and my pussy, than before. I snuggle into his lap and body much closer, much tighter, and his left arm couldn’t help but relax and slide down from my shoulder, down my arm, and to hip.

As we talk and share experiences and some private knowledge, Mitch is careful to keep the conversation away from me, helping to keep me comfortable. I periodically reach up and kiss Hansen on the neck or cheek and he relaxes more. His hands are not stationary, any longer. He is gently moving them over me. As his left hand moves up my side, underneath my arm, he grazes the side of my breast and I close my arm over his hand to keep it there. He looks down at me and I smile at him.

“That’s nice Dopey. I like that gentle touch.”

He pulls me into him tighter and kisses my forehead. “Maybe ‘Hansen’ would be better. Especially, now.”

“Now? Does that mean you want something more to happen?” I purposely move his left hand to cover my left breast. I then take his right hand, separate my thighs a bit more and place it between my legs. I feel him tense. “It’s okay.” I kiss his neck, again. “I want it, Hansen. I can feel you under my butt, I know you want it, too. Mitch … Mitch is more than okay with it. We talked about it last night. I’ve been waiting for this all day, Hansen. You’ve been on my mind all day.” I separate my thighs more, his finger tips are at my pussy lips. “I can feel your readiness. Can you feel mine?”

His fingertips become alive, they move to my lips, along my lips and just between them. I know I am wet, I was willing to bet that I was sopping wet.

“Oh, god, Cat … you … I …”


I stand up, holding Hansen’s hand in mine, pull him off the chair, and into my arms. He is shorter than Mitch and we are nearly at eye level with each other. It’s weird, I am so used to now having to look up to look at the man I am about to fuck. I put my arms around his neck and kiss him hard on the lips. We are standing directly in front of Mitch, and that adds to the excitement for me. I am kissing his best friend, I am about to make love to his best friend, and before the night is out I will probably be fucking his best friend. I turn him toward the hallway to the bedrooms, but stop next to Mitch. Still holding Hansen’s hand, I bend over and kiss him.

I announce to Mitch, but also to Hansen, “We’re going to bed now.” Hansen’s mouth hanging open, again. He still hasn’t assumed anything about this. Is that the mark of a true friend? Even with all that I have done to indicate what is going to happen, he still is waiting for it to be crystallized for him, not allowing any assumption that could cause a problem?

Mitch smiles at me, nods to Hansen, and returns with another kiss, “Will I see you later?”

I smile at him before turning to look at Hansen over my shoulder, “Probably not.” Hansen gives a resigned and accepting smile.

Mitch puts his hand behind my neck, pulling me a little closer, and kisses me deeply. Then, just loud enough for Hansen to also hear, “I’ll see you in the morning, then.”

With his hand in mine, I led him into the guest bedroom. Inside, I closed the door behind us, turned around and stopped. I just looked around the room.

“Cat? Is something wrong? Is this wrong?”

I moved to him to kissed him on the lips, letting my hand slide from his chest to the front of his jeans. He was very hard. I smiled at him and pointed at the bed, “When I finally came to a couple days after Mitch rescued me, this was where I was.” I went to the window and looked out at the blackness. “Out there is the dock. I woke to the sounds of a man talking. Obviously, it was Mitch and he was talking to Blackie. He was naked. I’ll never forget that image, the first image of my man, naked on the dock after a morning swim. He saw me in the window and waved. Then it occurred to me that he could see that I was naked, too. But, he was the one who was caring for me.” I looked around the room more, still holding his hand, changing hands as I turned in a circle. “This room has so many memories for just a room.” I was facing him, again. I put my arms around him, pressing my body into his, my groin into his crotch, feeling his hardness against me through his jeans. “Now, if you will do me the honor, it will have another wonderful memory for me.”

“I … I hope I don’t let you down.”

“Not possible.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I care too much for you. I think you care too much for me. When you care, you make it good for each other. I’ve learned that with Mitch.”

My hands were working the buttons of his shirt, then his jeans. I knelt down to remove his shoes, his socks, then to pull down his jeans, and finally, watching his face, his underwear. Before they were on the floor, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked. Once my hands were free, I held it out, stroking it as my mouth sucked on it, kissed the head, and licked the entire length. It was already hard, sucking him was just for fun, but I didn’t want his first time to be too fast. Yes, even in my head I already knew this was going to be many times. I rose to my feet and removed his shirt and undershirt. I stroked his chest, inspected his nipples and kissed each one. They were unmarked, undamaged, lacking any signs of having been abused. I wondered if he knew the details about Mitch’s torture. Maybe … maybe that is something a guy like Mitch withholds from a friend, sparing him those details.

Now completely naked, too, I maneuver him back to the bed. I stop him at the edge, pull the covers down, baring the sheets so later when we are spent and exhausted by our sex, we can easily cover ourselves. I put him in the center of the bed, we’ll start there … who knows how we’ll end up. I knew I certainly didn’t. I didn’t know him as a lover; did he like to move around, change positions, be athletic, or did he like to stay in a position to completion? I hoped he liked to move, change, and experiment. Mitch did and that was something I loved about sex now, so much more than when I was restrained, helpless to participate or guide the activity. Yes, now was better.

On his back, his arms to the side and his legs slightly spread, I crawled up from the foot of the bed, then with my head down, planting kisses as I went, I slinked like a cat on the prowl. And, I was. I was Cat (the connection just hit me) and I played it out, striding over his body, my tongue and lips touching him as I move along his body. Mitch loves this, the anticipation, the uncertainty of what I will do next. Mitch has come to know me, though. He knows there a dozen or so thing I might do, randomly joined together but never the same way. Hansen … well, he doesn’t have a clue. His eyes are fixed on me like a teenager somehow finding himself with an experience woman.

Reaching his head so we are eye to eye, mouth to mouth, I kiss him … long and passionately. He gasps into my mouth. I love the feeling, the knowledge, the sense that I have my partner consumed with the initial actions of our lovemaking. Done right, the small things, the anticipation, the uncertainty, heighten the experience. My mound is pressing hard into his already hard and straining cock. I move my breasts, my nipples, into his chest. All the while looking into his eyes. I kiss him again, my tongue becoming part of the game, into his mouth, clashing with each other’s.

I pull back, gazing into his eyes, “We’re going to make love, first. Later, if you wish, we’ll fuck.”

I lay on top of him, stretch out along his body, my breast pressed into his chest, my groin pressed into his hard cock. We kissed … and kissed. It was lovely. It was passionate. It was also tender. Then, I thought he had too much gentle, maybe he wasn’t capable of just tender and loving. He rolled us over so he was now on top. He raised himself above me, supported by his arms, kneeling between my legs. He looked down at me, his eyes searching mine until he bent down and kissed me, again. But it was still tender, kissing me, slipping a tongue just inside my mouth, taking my lower lip between his and sucking, then kissing me.

I felt his body shift, his weight moving to one arm as the other moved down between our bodies. I felt him at my pussy, running a finger along the length of my lips, slipping just inside them.

“You are very wet, Cat.”

“I know. I want you, Hansen. I want you inside me. And, if it isn’t soon, I may need to forget about that gentle, loving experience and just **** you.”

He simply smiled. I felt him move his cock to my pussy and move it up and down my slit. My mouth opened into a sigh as he went up and down several times. Then I felt him slip the head of his cock against me, a slight pressure to hold it there, then it parting my lips. Or, did my lips part to take him in? He was just inside my lips, remaining there, unmoving. My eyes closed at the first touch of his cock parted my lips, at the first moan of pleasure and anticipation of what was now for sure to come. No more wondering, hoping, or yearning. No, now I knew I was going to be sharing myself with Mitch’s most trusted and best friend. I was definitely going to have the chance to share with him my love, Mitch’s love, through my body and being.

Slowly, oh god, so slowly, he inched his way into my wet and eager pussy. It felt that I was getting wetter just in the anticipation, that I had to be leaking around his cock as he barely moved into me. My mouth opened wider, I breathed in with short intakes as another inch of cock entered me. I exhaled with each moan and gasp that escaped my mouth. When I felt his body against mine, that I had all he had to give me, my mouth closed after a final and long, “Oooooooooooooo” escaped. Then, a smile, contented and pleased, crossed my face. And, with that I ground my hips up into his.

My eyes flickered open and I saw him supported above me, a smile on his face as he looked down, his cock slowly and smoothly moving in and out. “What?”

“You’re beautiful, Cat. The smile on your bursa escort bayan face, like you are wholly content and comfortable with what is happening.”

I smile at him, reach up and kiss him, “I am! I love the feeling of you inside me.”

He was studying me. Did he understand me? Did he understand what was happening? “You love to fuck?” He continued gently sliding in and out.

I searched his eyes now. “Maybe … probably … yeah, I guess I do. But, no, that’s not what I mean. I love you, YOU, inside me. There’s a … difference. I don’t pretend that my body hasn’t experienced a lot things, that a … hmmmmm … lot of things were don’t to it. But with Mitch, and now you, … ooooooo … it is different. The connection of what is happening in my pussy, in my head and in my heart, joined together makes the experience explosive … even when gentle.”

His eyes continued to watch me for a moment or two more, but his hips continued as they had been. He seemed to understand, though. A contented smile came over his face as he eased himself down over my body and we fucked missionary to climax.

He rolled to the side, relieving my body from carrying his weight. He stroked me, and I him. Gently, still, as our respective orgasms ebbed and slowly died away. My hand slid down to his soft cock. I wasn’t done with him. I want more and I wanted to give him more. But, I knew, understood, that he would need to recharge, recover.

I raised myself to my elbow, “You should retire, Hansen. Mitch did, you should, too.” He looked at me and shook his head. I cocked my head, “What?”

“Are you always so talkative, relaxed during sex? Most people I have known are into the act, intense, and focused on the sexual feelings and actions. You don’t seem that way.”

“I don’t know. Maybe because sex was always something so intense before. Now, it is something to enjoy and experience as it is happening. Come to think of it, yeah, maybe I do. I know that Mitch and I will start laughing if something odd happens or something becomes clumsy and awkward. Rather than pretending it didn’t happen, or feeling embarrassed, it seems more natural to laugh, giggle, or give him a swat if he goes in the wrong hole. We don’t stop, we just recognize that other things are happening, physically and in our brains. It seems that denying that would be denying part of the experience.” I swatted his shoulder. “That was for ignoring my comment and changing the subject.”

“Mitch has you, it’s different.”

“He didn’t when he retired. He says there is an increase in odds the longer you stay in after a certain time. Get out, Hansen.”

“I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Come here. We could use the help.” I stroked his cock, taking it in my hand. “You already know I like you … a lot.” He smiled at that and sighed at the touch and I felt a change happening already. “You could stay here. Or, if you want, we could build a place by the lake, your own space, but we could still be close. Please think about it.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me hard. “Mitch has been after me, too. Okay, I promise, I will think about it.”

I smiled wide, kissed him quick, then slid down his body, engulfing his cock into my mouth. It started growing immediately. And, once he was hard, I rolled on top of him and rode him hard. But this time, we were all over the bed, changing positions repeatedly. It was glorious and we both found sleep quickly afterward.

The next morning I woke up early as was becoming my habit to match Mitch. It was slightly disconcerting to wake in the guest room but I quickly remember the previous night and Hansen. I turned to him, watched him sleeping and debated if I should wake him or not. I wanted to get up to get the coffee going, but also wanted to start the day off well for him. I decided to let him sleep … and start his day off well.

I eased under the covers, finding his soft cock and quickly made it hard with my fingers, tongue, and mouth. I frequently stopped, gauging his breathing, his body motion, and then proceeding.

When he erupted in my mouth, he came awake. At least, he said my name. When I came out from under the covers, he still seemed to be asleep. Maybe even a little deeper now.

I had the coffee brewing and just put some rolls in the oven cooking when Mitch came into the kitchen. Blackie had been following me around the kitchen constantly, not a few feet away the entire time.

“How are things coming here?”

I looked at him suspiciously, but intrigued. He seemed up to something and that often meant fun. “Everything is done. Just waiting for the timer to indicate the rolls can come out of the oven.”

“Good.” He undid the belt of my robe and slid it off my shoulders. Then he opened his robe, pulled a chair out from the kitchen table, and sat down.

I knelt down in front of him with a smile. I took his already hard cock into my mouth, taking it out, I looked up at him, a question on my face, “But, why did you take my robe off?”

He just pointed behind me. I turned, knowing who was there, he had been there since I came into the kitchen. I smiled, took Mitch back into my mouth, and patted my ass cheek. Within moments, I was sucking Mitch’s wonderful cock and being fucked by Blackie. When Hansen walked through the kitchen entryway, Blackie was just pushing his knot into my pussy. The sight of Hansen and receiving the knot at the same moment caused my first orgasm of the day.

During the next days I enjoyed my first, but not last, double penetration by the men who love me, both ways, meaning pussy-mouth and pussy-asshole. Then, my first triple penetration with Blackie; I am straddling Hansen, Blackie was on my back and inside my ass, and I am sucking Mitch. With all that happening, I hear Mitch, “Isn’t that the most amazing feeling? Feeling that other cock sliding along yours just in the next chamber?”

I am sad to see Hansen leave, but he insists he must. He has a job that was scheduled. Mitch argues with him to leave the Company like he did. The odds only get worse the older a person gets. Hansen insists he will return. He also insists he will seriously consider retiring, maybe even helping us on the ranch. It is something to hold onto. We have no other choice, though. We each make our decisions, then we have to live with them. Mitch and I tried, desperately. But, Hansen made his choice. Or, maybe we should look at it that he honored his commitments and will then consider our pleas for a change.

A month later and winter is definitely in the rearview mirror and spring coming, even in our valley. But, we still haven’t heard from Hansen. Mitch tries to reassure me, that missions don’t go on a rigid schedule. Sometimes things happen that completely change schedules and everything becomes a run by the seat-of-your-pants. He is trying to help me, but it isn’t working. I can tell by the look on his face, the sadness and concern in his eyes. Then, the worst sign of all, he gets a call on the Sat-Phone. We haven’t received anything by the Sat-Phone in what seems like forever. I hate to even have Mitch pick it up. And my fears are right, of course. Of course, now I have to be right! The backup team brought Hansen out and home. But … Hansen is dead.

I watch Mitch closely after that call. I have wondered if even I mattered as much to him as Hansen did. I even wondered if his mother mattered more. But, this was Mitch. This was the man who had survived awful losses before, suffered personally before. It wasn’t long before I realized, accepted, that this might have a lasting effect on him, but he was okay. At least, as okay as someone can be after such a loss. Considering it was Mitch, that was pretty okay.

One night Mitch is standing in front of the large sliding doors. Spring is definitely coming, but in the mountains, that takes some time to actually take hold. He is quiet and naked. We have just made love, not just we, but the three of us. Mitch watched Blackie and me, he loves that. Then after we finally separated he made us drinks. I saw it on him, again. The tension in the muscles in his back and shoulders.

“What is it, Mitch?”

“We should go see my family.”

“You want me to meet your family?” I am puzzled. This is the first he has brought it up, but there is a sense of urgency in his attitude.

“Yes. We have to.”

“We have to? Okay. You say when.” I was a little bit nervous. This was unlike Mitch. Usually, we talked about these things. This was coming from nowhere.

“Soon, very soon. Damn, this isn’t right! I should have been more prepared. I’m not, I didn’t plan this right. You deserve better …” He was upset and I had no idea what he was talking about. Was this all coming back from Hansen somehow?

I am nearly panicked, “Mitch!”

He turns, sees the look on my face, and walks to me. There is something in his eyes, an almost little boy look that has me completely mesmerized and bewildered. Has he EVER walked towards me naked and my eyes didn’t immediately at least glance down at his swaying penis? No, but this time the look in his eyes held my undivided attention.

“Tell me, Mitch. Just say it.”

He looked at me and exhaled a long breath that I doubt even he realized he had been holding. He looked up at the ceiling, sighed deeply again, then looked down at me, and knelt on one knee in front of me. My heart caught … suddenly, instantly, nothing else in this house, in the valley, or on this Earth existed … and all time stopped.

“Cat … I … this should be better …” He breathed, again. “Okay … Cat, will you please marry me? PLEASE.”

MY GOD! I know my eyes opened wide, my mouth dropped open … and nothing came out. I just stared at him. I could see the look in his eyes change, I could see the panic come into them. He stood up, took a couple steps backwards, bumped hard into the heavy rough wood coffee table and nearly lost his balance. I was following him, though. I didn’t know I could move so fast while in a daze. I reached out and grabbed his hand, keeping him from falling. We stood an arm’s length apart, just looking at each other. Finally, my voice came to me. But, it wasn’t a word or two or three … it was a squeal, a squeal of delight and soul-filling excitement. Somehow … who knows, who cares … I was in his arms, again. My arms around his neck, my legs wrapped around his waist. I was kissing his neck and shoulder and repeating one word, “YES! Yes, yes, yes … oh my god, YES!”

Before I know it, almost in a daze after being asked, we are in Texas. His family has arranged everything for a small wedding and reception. They are shocked that we prefer to return to the valley rather than a honeymoon somewhere hot with a beach. I tell them they just haven’t seen what a paradise we live in.

After all the fuss of the wedding and reception where I meet all of Mitch’s c***dhood friends, Mitch’s mom walks up to me, “Thank you, Cat!”

“Me? Why are you thanking me?”

She pulls me into her, kissing my cheeks, “Just look at him! I haven’t seen him this comfortable, relaxed, and happy for … gosh, it’s been since maybe when he was in school. That’s why ‘thank you’. I never thought he would ever find someone who could live with him, tolerate him, make him happy, AND be happy with him.”

I look over to where he is sitting with his sister‘s two k**s, reading them a story, making them laugh with absurd sounds and exclamations. Yes, he was definitely a different, more relaxed man than the one I had first known. His sister has now joined us and our arms are intertwined. “Well, it’s been two way, then. I was afraid it was all what he was giving me.” I watched him a moment longer, then, “You have to come up and stay for a while. It would be perfect for the k**s with the lake, the boat, the horses, and hiking in the mountains.” They agreed that they would try.

His brother is teasing. “Mitch, I don’t think I heard what your wedding present was to your beautiful wife.”

Mitch’s wedding present: buying the adjacent ranch. An additional 10 square miles, all range land.

“Very romantic, Mitch! That just sounds like a lot more work.”

“It is, but …” He comes to me and announces that also coming with the sale: Belgian Malinois. Herding dogs. Two of them. Height: 24-26 inches. Weight: 60-65 pounds. Intense best describes the Belgian Malinois. This is a high-energy breed with a need for regular mental and physical stimulation.

That brings a coy smile to me that I try to share only with him … and, of course, a very deep blush that is impossible to hide.


* * Thank you for reading * *

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