Rancho Las Palmas Ch. 01

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I had only been working for the company a couple of months, when out of the blue, my boss told me I was expected to be at the National Sales Meeting in Palm Springs, California, the next week. I had been working on some special reporting projects for our management team, and I guess they had caught someone’s attention — someone whose opinion mattered — and they wanted me to come and explain what I had been able to discover, and how I thought it might impact the company.

Five days later I was on a plane bound for the California paradise. After a quick shopping trip to pick up a new pair of Dockers and a navy blue sport coat, I was ready. I packed my laptop computer, my clothes, a swimming suit and tank top, and some workout clothes, just in case.

It took two plane trips to get there — one to Phoenix, and one from there to Palm Springs. It was 105 degrees when I got off the plane at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and it didn’t start to cool down until the sun set a couple of hours later. I took a 30-minute cab ride to the resort, and in the air-conditioned taxi had almost stopped sweating by the time I arrived.

The first event on the agenda was a poolside happy hour and buffet dinner. I knew a few people there from the office, and made sure I greeted each of them, to be certain they knew I had been invited to the meeting. With a watered-down drink in my hand, I surveyed the crowd of about 50 people, and made a choice that I had never made before.

I am somewhat shy by nature, and in a crowd like this, I usually find someone I know and attach myself to them like a leech. This time, I decided, I was going to make myself known a little bit. So I went up to people and introduced myself, chit chatted a little bit, and moved on. It seemed like the group was made up of more females than males, and since ours was a business that leaned to the “fitness” customer, most of the women there were in good shape.

Without really knowing it, I had begun making a mental list of those that I would like to fuck and those that I didn’t want to. The first person I met was Juliette, a 30-something dirty blonde. She had been drinking for a while, and it showed. She was very pretty, had nice lips and eyes, nice, if smallish, tits, and great legs. Her short shorts showed off this asset nicely. We made some small talk and I found myself putting her at the top of my list. She was very friendly, and eventually took my arm and introduced me to some of the others in attendance.

Amy D (there were two Amy’s; this one was pretty smokin’, and the other was not) I had met before, and she greeted me very warmly. Hugged me, in fact, and pressed her breasts into my arm. So nice to see you, she whispered in my ear in the midst of the hug. I wouldn’t have been totally surprised if she had tongued my ear too, so well the open bar had been working for her.

When I met Anissa, I think I needed someone to prop my jaw closed. She was petite, with brunette hair pulled into a severe pony tail, slender, great legs, tight ass, and small breasts. She shook my hand with a firm grip, and held on to it much too long. She was not drunk at all, and even though both of us wore wedding rings, she appeared to be totally interested in me. Her eyes roamed up and down me, came back to meet mine, then continued roaming. She was very hot.

A little later I met Sherril, who coulda’, shoulda’ been in the movies. She looked like a cousin to Teri Weigel, and spoke in a soft southern drawl with just a hint of Texas. She was tall and brunette, with full lips, dark eyes, pale skin, escort ankara a narrow waist and pleasingly plump tits. I couldn’t take my eyes off her all evening.

And of course, Kirsten from my office was there, the party planner type, very energetic for her 46 years, and with a cute face and nice body. She always dressed to show off her tits and legs, and it was no exception here. She wore white shorts and a red thong, which could be detected through her shorts, and part of which was visible above her shorts and below her flouncy, sleeveless, short top, leaving no question as to what kind of underwear she had on. I had fantasized about fucking her many times, although nothing had ever come of it. She was the one in the office who liked to show off her boobs, and many times I had to stare out of the window when talking to her, since I couldn’t string two coherent thoughts together if I was staring at the bare expanse of her chest and blouse that scarcely covered her nipples.

I can’t skip over Beth, blonde and athletic and articulate, slender and sexy and intelligent. She, too, was from Texas, or somewhere near there. And Alison, the plump, stocky, very cute brunette from Idaho, who loved to read sexy, explicitly sexy, novels. She had great eyes and a quick smile, and always seemed to have a naughty thought on her mind. Or Molly, the tall, slender, tanned brunette with the deep voice and small tits. She had an ass that was made for pushing, and I’d dreamed of her many times, since she worked in my office as well. Or Vanessa, whose coy good looks came from her Argentinian-born mother, and whose petite but slightly plump body made me salivate with desire. Her shoulders were rounded and perfectly framed her large tits. God, I wanted to press my face between them and worship at their altar. And Liz, who showed up in a very light paisley purple and white smock, which smock very conveniently flew up and showed us her ass, or cooze, depending on whether you were viewing from the back or the front, every time the slightest breeze blew. I think all the men were rooting for the breeze. Some of the women were too, I’d bet. And last of all, Terry, whose well-muscled legs would look so nice wrapped around my waist as we fucked — in my dreams, of course — or maybe wrapped around my head pulling my face into her pussy. Her light brown hair with highlights framed her pretty face and transitioned nicely to her medium-sized tits that were still quite perky, despite their years numbering into the late 30’s.

Surprisingly, no one ended up in the pool that first evening. While I was among the oldest in the crowd, just past 50, there were many in the 20’s and30’s who I was sure would be up to some funny stuff that might just turn into a wet t-shirt contest. But alas, no such luck. Everyone behaved, and it didn’t even look like any rooms would be going to go unused that night. I suppose they all wanted to make a good impression on the CEO who would speak to us the first thing in the morning — who was also making the rounds at the pool side.

As I made my way back to my ground-floor room in building 3, while yet some distance away, I noticed a person lounging on the balcony above my room, wearing a pure white terry cloth robe provided by the resort. I stood and watched for a couple of minutes, secluded by a large palm tree, enjoying her legs. Her feet were up on a small footrest, and just exposed the backs of her thighs. Very nice thighs they were, indeed. I couldn’t tell if she was reading a book or just enjoying the evening as the heat was dissipating.

At escort etlik length I began walking slowly toward my room, trying not to stare. As I neared, she looked at me and our eyes met. She smiled broadly at me, and I smiled back. Not sure I could find words as I beheld this vision of loveliness, I waved. She waved back, and called out, “Good evening. How are you?”

“Great,” I replied. “And you? Looks like you are enjoying the evening.”

“It’s wonderful,” she replied. “I’m from Minnesota, and I think I’m actually beginning to finally feel warm. And the view is pretty great, too.”

Emboldened a little by the alcohol I had consumed, I said, “I haven’t seen the view from up there, but it’s pretty great from down here!” It was just a little too dark to see if either of us blushed, but I think we both might have.

We laughed and chatted for a few minutes, and then she said, “This may be a little forward of me, but I’m here on an expense account, and the mini-bar still has a few bottles left in it. Would you like to come up for a drink?”

“Uh, sure,” I stammered. “Give me just a minute.” I couldn’t believe she had just invited me up, especially considering she knew I had been looking up her robe for the past five minutes. Maybe that was why she had invited me

“Ok. See you in a minute.”

I was sure she thought I was just blowing her off, but how could I blow off something or someone who looked as good a she did, and who just might be showing a little interest in me? So I washed my face, brushed my hair and teeth, and reapplied just a dash of cologne. I changed my underwear to a fresh pair, and put on some workout shorts and a tank top. I wanted her to have easy access if that was what she wanted. I knew if she was still in the robe when I got there that my instincts would have been right on.

Her door was open just slightly, so I knocked and pushed it in. “Come in,” she called, and her voice oozed of sexiness. Suddenly, I had a paralyzing thought: What if she was a hooker? I wasn’t interested in that, and I sure didn’t have a couple of hundred dollars, maybe even four or five in a place like this, to blow on an hour with a pro.

She was still in the robe, and had moved inside and sat on the sofa with her beautifully manicured feet on the coffee table. Her bare legs were magnificent. Her hair was damp, from an earlier shower I guessed, and she wore no makeup. Still, she was beautiful, and the look on her face said: I want to fuck you right now! Her voice still hadn’t said it, but I was sure it would soon, if I didn’t blow it.

She had gotten out a couple of glasses, filled them with ice, and had a couple of mini-bottles on the table with them. “All I have is a little Johhny Walker’s. Will that be ok?”

She could have had bottles of horse piss, and I think that would have been ok with me! I sat across from her and accepted the drink. It was beginning to be difficult to conceal my hard-on from her, as she murmured some kind of toast and held up her drink. We touched glasses and drank deeply. For some crazy reason, we both downed our drinks. Then she stood and smiled at me.

“Let’s not beat around the bush,” she said. “I know what I’m after, and I have a pretty good idea what you’re after.” Her hands sensuously untied the loose belt at the waist of her robe, and let it drop. As it did, the robe opened slightly, and I could see into her soul. Ok, maybe not her soul, but I could see her little landing strip of pubic hair, the soft, mostly flatness of her tummy, escort demetevler the cleft between her breasts, and a hint of both nipples.

I stood, my erect cock struggling to break free of its constraining clothing, and she took note. She then took two steps and dropped to her knees in front of me. She slid her hand up the front of my legs and into my shorts. Her hands on my cock and balls seemed heavenly, and I thought I had died as she squeezed and caressed my ass. With a smooth motion she dropped my shorts to my ankles, freeing my repressed cock. Her sure hands stroked it, cupped my balls, and roamed my ass. She brought her lips to the head of my cock and kissed it lightly, brushing them across its sensitive head.

A droplet of pre-cum had started to ooze from the slit, and her tongue flicked it off. “Mmmm,” was all I heard. She knew what she was doing, and as her stroking and sucking brought me close to orgasm, she stopped and stood up. “Can’t have you cumming too fast. I wouldn’t like that.”

Her mouth was on mine, and we kissed, a little tentative at first, then with more confidence, strength and passion. Our mouths opened, tongues entwined, then explored each others’. My hands roamed from her head to her ass, squeezing and kneading, caressing and holding, my hard cock pressed into her tummy.

As her lips came to my ear, she took my lobe in between her teeth momentarily, and then she whispered, “I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before. I want you to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.” She pulled back a bit and looked into my eyes.

My eyes widened and my face broke into a broad grin. I pulled her to me and began assaulting her mouth with my lips and tongue, and as the best defense is a good offense, she mirrored my assault. I gripped her arms firmly as we kissed and steered toward the bed. I pushed her down onto it and climbed between her legs. My hard cock thrust into her cunt up to my balls in one fluid motion; her pussy was so wet there was little resistance. Then she flexed her pussy, and it almost pushed my cock out, it was so tight.

I began stroking for all I was worth, pounding her pussy with all the strength in my legs and abs. Her moans got louder and louder, and glancing towards the balcony where she had relaxed earlier, I noticed the sliding glass door remained ajar. I redoubled my efforts, and sweat broke out on my face and forehead and chest, and dripped onto her heaving chest. Her eyes were squeezed tight and her head was thrashing back and forth. I paused for moment to catch my breath, then lifted her legs up to rest on my shoulders and expose her g-spot to my thrusting cock.

I pounded her with deep strokes, withdrawing till the tip of my cock barely parted her pussy lips, then plunged it back into her pussy, till only my balls remained exposed. Deeper, harder and faster I stroked her velvet cunt with my rock-hard shaft.

Suddenly a feral growl escaped her lips, then escalated to a groan and moan and then screaming pleadings to an unseen divinity. “Oh god! Oh my god! Oh god oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgod! Fuck me! Oh god, fuck me! FUCK ME!”

I exploded in hot waves of cum into her pussy. Streams of hot cum shot from my cock and drenched her pussy walls. Her pussy pulsated beneath and around me, milking the cum from my cock. I pumped and pumped into her, long, slow, deep strokes that satisfied her and damn near made me pass out from the intensity of the orgasm.

At last I collapsed on top of her, then rolled off to her side. “Damn,” I said, “I don’t even know what to say. That was incredible.”

“Amazing,” she responded in a husky whisper.

I still don’t remember making my way downstairs to my room, but I awoke to sunlight streaming into my sliding glass doors.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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