Rapture Ch. 01: The Morning After

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Part 1 – The Morning After

He woke slowly to a feeling of growing arousal. As his senses returned he became more fully aware of the body pressed to his back and the hand cupping his balls, thumb teasing his now semi-erect penis. The mattress beneath him was rough and the heat of the darkened room oppressive. The muscles in his neck tensed as unease conflicted briefly with his excitement. Then, as the events of the day before fell back into place, he relaxed and turned to embrace his companion.

Her full breasts now crushed pleasantly against his chest and he fancied he could feel her nipples hardening. Despite the darkness he found her dry lips instantly and moved his own against them. The lightest contact, a moment of tantalising friction and then he felt her tongue introduce moisture to their kiss. He opened his mouth allowing her access. Her arm, up until then pinned by his, worked its way free and resumed its attentions below.

He slid his own hand along her side, fingers and nails gently drawn across her smooth skin, leaving goose bumps in their wake. They dropped through the valley of her waist then climbed again until he reached her thigh where he reversed his path moving back up to grasp the nape of her neck. Despite the temperature she shivered in delight. Between his legs her efforts had been rewarded. His feeling of control began to slip from him and a selfish, consuming, desire to release within her outweighed any thoughts of continued foreplay.

He pulled ankara escort her head more forcefully to his, their tongues deliciously entwined, and he rolled onto his back pulling her atop him. He found his penis pinned back against him by her pubic mound and growled in frustration. She ground herself against him, stimulating herself, the lips of her vagina parted with her arousal and moisture eased her movements.

His cock belonged to them both and both felt it harden further between them. She squealed in pleasure as he pushed up at her, trying to find his goal. Its eventual destination would not be denied by either of them but she took a brief delight in inflicting the exquisite torture a while longer. The speed of her movement increased as she angled forward to better catch her clitoris against the head of his penis.

This was too much, he felt the pressure begin to build in his balls. Now, more determined than ever, he reached up and grasped her breasts hard trying to gain control of her movements. He crushed handfuls between his strong fingers and she let out a groan as her orgasm began to break over her. She relaxed enough for him to lift her from him, his cock sprung upright and he lowered her hard down upon it. Arching her whole body back her breasts were stretched taut by his unrelenting hands. She felt his huge length within her, spreading her wide, his passage eased by their earlier endeavours and she collapsed back towards him now paralysed from her pleasure.

Delighted elvankent escort by the result his penetration had produced in his partner he momentarily savoured her warm tightness around his cock. Then, no longer able to control himself, he thrust up hard.

Even with the lubrication of her orgasm he felt his foreskin pulled painfully tight but this was quickly replaced by the bliss of his shuddering release into her. A groan was drawn from his mouth as he bucked up into her again, and again, and again, determined to drive his seed home. Yesterday he would have been troubled by this recklessness with a woman he had known for less than twenty four hours but much had changed since then. He wanted to impregnate her. His teeth clenched, and after one final thrust he released her bruised breasts and wrapped his strong arms around her again, locking her to him.

Kate smiled as the last waves of her orgasm washed against her. Her breasts felt tender but she’d had what she needed. This man was strong but she could control him and was confident that, if their coupling today did not prove successful, there would be many other opportunities ahead.

Jon lay there unspeaking now conscious of the sweat between their bodies. He hoped he hadn’t been to rough with her but she hadn’t seemed to mind. Tiredness began to overtake him again and his thoughts drifted back to the previous day..


On December 31, 2012 at 09:30 Jon Pensford had emerged from the shadows of otele gelen escort the car park into the bright crisp daylight and started the 5minute walk towards his office. He was officially on holiday today but had a few quick emails to send and then planned to head to the Gym for one last workout before the celebrations to welcome in the New Year began. This New Years Eve would be one to remember. First lunch in Frankie’s with Dan and Abigail before the three of them would head off to the Island to join the rest of their friends.

As he turned into Broad Street his eye was drawn by a young woman on the opposite side of the road. She was leaning against a building, hand to her chest looking towards a doorway a short distance in front of her. The few other people out that morning carried on about their business seemingly oblivious towards her but Jon couldn’t draw his gaze away. A nervous anticipation built within him. He decided to cross towards her to see if she was alright or if he could help in any way. Despite the long coat she was wearing he could make out the contours of her body and knew deep inside this had a lot to do with his unusual decision to approach a complete stranger.

He had just reached the kerb when the doorway drawing her attention was thrown open and a man staggered out. He seemed to be made up in some way his face a blotchy red, white and black. Jon briefly wondered if this was a premature costume for tonight but then, at the same time as the woman turned and ran passed him, he realised not.. The man’s face seemed to be disintegrating. Flesh peeled and fell from his cheek bones. Jon somehow resisted the urge to vomit and, as the man lurched towards him, he turned and fled..

To be continued in ‘Rapture 2 – The Dying Man’..

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