Ray’s Romance

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My name is Ray. I have a story to tell about how some people can find happiness in relationships that are different from the roles we saw on TV as we grew up. This is not an Ozzie and Harriet story. It is a story that few would have the experience to identify with. It is my story, the story of my family and how we came to love and understand each other.

I grew up in a normal family with loving supportive parents. I attended public school and enjoyed a great relationship with my one and only love Mary. Mary and I were sweethearts in high school. We attended school sports events and school dances. We would kiss on her front steps after our dates but we never tried to do anything else. It was the times we lived in. Boys and girls did not have sex before marriage. After graduation I got a job in a factory. I asked Mary to marry me and she said yes. On our wedding night we both lost our virginity. It was wonderful for me but Mary seemed a little disappointed after as we laid in each others arms.

Two months later Mary told me we were going to have a baby. We were thrilled on the day our beautiful daughter Anne was born. Mary was so happy to have a daughter to fuss over. We loved her dearly as she grew into a delightful toddler. The sex life between Mary and I went badly after Anne was born. We slept together but only had intercourse once a month or so. When Anne had just turned three Mary told me she was pregnant again. This time she gave me a wonderful son we named Jack. After Jack’s birth Mary seemed to grow distant from me. She never let me see her get dressed or undressed and intercourse between us stopped. I wanted to but Mary always said no. My income supported us but she said we could not afford any more children. I was disappointed but I never argue with Mary

Our lives went on happily our daughter graduated from high school and went off to college. Jack was a starter in three sports in high school. One day I came home from work to find Mary sitting at the kitchen table staring into space. I gave her my signed pay check as I always did. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was putting clean clothes in Jack’s dresser and Jack walked into his room from taking a shower. She said he was naked and they surprised each other. She looked away from me and said “he was so big.” I said he is nearly a man but she cut in bursa escort saying not that, his penis is so big. I grew red. We never talked about it but I was sensitive about the size of my own penis. It was on the small side, maybe three inches long when fully erect and as big around as my ring finger. I did not know what to say to Mary so I fled to the living room hoping to avoid the subject with her. She followed me and asked me if other men had penises my size. I said I supposed so. I had never seen other men’s penises. She said that Jack’s penis had to be ten or twelve inches long and at least three inches in diameter. She asked me if Jack was a freak of nature. I told her that men were probably all of different sizes and Jack was probably just larger than most. She went upstairs to my relief.

When Mary came down to fix dinner she had changed her dress to one that was very flattering showing off her fine legs more than anything I had ever seen her wear. I heard Jack come in the back door and heard him say “wow mom you look great. Got a hot date tonight.” She thanked him and said no date just trying to look nice for him. Jack told her that if his girl looked as good as she did in a dress he would get into trouble for sure. Mary laughed and said something I couldn’t hear. After fifteen minutes Jack came into the living room and said hi to me. I was troubled by something Mary had said to Jack. She said she was trying to look nice for him. At dinner I was shocked to see that the top three buttons on Mary’s dress were undone displaying her ample cleavage. Mary is a full figured woman without a trace of plumpness. She looked fantastic and I felt myself grow a little. As dinner progressed Mary would lean over toward Jack and serve him. From the startled look on his face I could tell he was seeing down the open front of Mary’s dress. I was bewildered by Mary’s behavior and embarrassed because my shorts were wet. I did not get any sleep that night.

In the morning Mary got up first. I saw her brush her hair and go down the hall to the bathroom. I laid in bed still confused about what Mary had done the night before. I heard her open Jack’s door and wake him for school. I heard Jack say loudly “Mom your naked” and then some words back and forth between them that I could not understand. When Mary returned to our room stark naked I bursa escort bayan pretended to still be asleep. She dressed and woke me, then went downstairs to fix breakfast.

Work that day was agony. I kept making mistakes. I could not keep my mind on work. I thought about Mary. When I got home that day Mary said hello and kissed me. It was the first time she had kissed me in a long while. I felt better. She went into the kitchen to start dinner. After a while she came into the living room and sat down. She said “Ray things have not been right between us for years and I have decided that some changes must be made if we are to continue living together.” I was shocked. She said “there has never been any attraction between us of a sexual nature. I have fought leaving you for years because of the children. I do care for you. You are a good man and you have been a good father, but I need more than you can give me. I have moved your clothes into Anne’s room. It is your room from now on. We will no longer sleep together. I will satisfy myself in other ways. If you want to stay here you must accept these conditions.”

I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. I could not speak. What could I say to her. She rose and touched my shoulder as she walked past me toward the kitchen. Her words roared again and again through my head as I sat there in abject misery. She went upstairs and returned wearing a very short skirt and a very tight blouse. Jack came in through the back and I could hear them talking but I had no idea what they said to each other. Dinner was all blurry and sometime later I was aware that they had said goodnight and went upstairs. I did not know what to do. I went upstairs and stood by her door. I heard her moan and say “Oh Jack that feels so wonderful. You are filling me and stretching me. Oh Jack I’m…Oh.” I stumbled into my room with the pink canopy and flowered walls and fell on the bed. She was having sex with Jack. I lay there looking at the canopy for a long time unable to think at all. I saw the door to my room swing open and Mary was standing in the doorway naked. She said “come here and clean me with your tongue.” I rose from the bed and staggered toward her. Stood before her. I could not look at her face. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. She leaned against the door frame. escort bursa I looked up into her open sex. Moisture was running down her parted thighs. She put one hand on the back of my head and gently pulled my face into her moist opening. I licked her running sex and her thighs felling the sperm mixed with her juices on my tongue. When she was clean I did not want to stop. I found a little knob near the top of her open slit and licked it. Little mewing noises came from her. She pushed into my tongue and I licked her until she trembled, cried out, and pushed my head away from her. She raised my head and bent over me. Her large breasts brushed my face and she lowered her lips to mine and kissed me. “Good night, dear,” she said. I watched her swaying back side as she walked the length of the hall to her room.

Over the next few weeks every night was a repeat of the first. I was bewildered to find that I looked forward to cleaning her after she had sex with our son. One night she surprised me as I knelt before her. She turned around and bent slightly at the waste. I saw the wetness running from her anus. She reached behind her and pulled my face into the cleft of her ass and I licked and sucked Jack’s semen from her.

I came home from work on payday and came into the back porch and took off my clothes. I knelt at the door to the kitchen naked. I put my paycheck in my mouth and knocked on the door. Mary opened the door and saw me kneeling there looking into her beautiful face. She smiled at me and took the check from my mouth, folded it and slipped it between her breasts. She lifted the hem of her dress and I got a quick peek at her naked slit before the dress descended. In the fragrant darkness I found her slit and licked her until she opened. My tongue found its way into her moist depth and I found a spot near the top behind a hard place that jutted out a little. I licked her there and she moaned loudly “don’t you dare stop” she said and I didn’t through three orgasms. She pushed me back and my head came out from under her dress. She smiled down at me and kissed me and said “I can’t take any more of that right now, and besides I have to pee.”

I looked into her eyes and found the right words for the first time in our married lives. “I love you Mary. I want to be whatever you want me to be, do whatever you want me to do. You don’t need a toilet you have me.” A look I can only call passion came over her face and she lifted her dress and submerged me in her darkness. I nuzzled my parted lips against her open sex waiting to satisfy my new found lover.

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