Reconnecting Ch. 02

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When Mike woke up the next morning he found that he was alone in the bed. Part of him was relieved as the events of the previous night flooded back into his mind and he knew that he wasn’t quite sure how either he or his mom would view the events in the bright sunshine of the new day. He called out to see if she was in the bathroom but the silence of the room let him know he was alone. He lay in bed for a while longer before he finally got up and looked at the clock to see that it was just about two in the afternoon.

He went into the bathroom and when he came out he found a note near the door that read, “Hi Mike. You were still sound asleep so I went to work out and then hang out by the pool. See you soon. Love, Mom.”

His first stop after leaving the cabin was the closest restaurant to get something to eat as he was starving. He finished his meal while reading a copy of the USA Today. How did they get those on the ship anyway, he wondered to himself. After he ate he slowly walked around the outside of the ship and tried to clear his mind a little. He still wasn’t quite sure how he would react, or perhaps more importantly, how his mom would react when they did see each other today. He took his time and finally made his way back to the cabin where he put on his bathing suit and headed toward the pool where they had been hanging out previously.

He turned the corner onto the pool deck and saw her sitting in one of the big chairs next to the pool. Beside her was an empty chair with her stuff on it that she must have been saving for him. She currently was involved in a conversation with a couple that sat on the other side of her as she sipped a huge mixed drink. He immediately noticed that she was wearing a different bathing suit today than she had been before. This one had spaghetti straps that went up and around her neck. The pieces of fabric covering her tits were smaller than her previous suit and left much more of her cleavage exposed as well as some of the upper part of each tit. It was definitely more racy than her other suit but nothing that would cause heads to turn in shock among the variety of thongs and skimpy bikinis that some of the other women were wearing.

She caught sight of him as he was about halfway over to her and gave a big smile and wave. He made his way over to her and sat down on the chair as she gave him a very cheery hello. She introduced him to the other couple, but almost as soon as he arrived the other couple got up and said goodbye.

“I take it you slept well,” she teased after the couple had walked away.

“Yup,” Mike said deciding it would be better to leave out the part about him lying awake for several hours after he got in bed.

“Me too,” she said, “I slept like a baby. That massage was just the thing I needed to get me really relaxed.” She paused a moment and then added, “You really are quite talented you know.”

Mike looked at her slightly surprised by the comment. There clearly could have been a double meaning to what she said but nothing about her tone or body language led him to believe that she meant anything sexual. Despite that Mike selected his words carefully and then said, “Thanks. I really enjoyed your work also.”

Wendy didn’t say anything else but Mike thought he detected her blushing slightly at the intended sexual innuendo of his comment. Wendy got up and dove into the pool and swam a few laps back and forth while Mike casually watched her. He had wondered if the bright afternoon light would make him feel differently about the previous night. Perhaps the light would bring shame or the light would make her look less sexy and appealing than she certainly had looked during the massage.

He watched her walk to the pool and then swim and bob around in the water for a while before she emerged from the water dripping wet and walked back to her chair before picking up a towel and drying off. Watching her walk toward him with the pool water dripping down her chest and stomach as she adjusted her hair did nothing to make her look less sexy in his eyes. Instead, he was struck, perhaps for the first time, with the vision of her not as his mom but as a really hot older woman.

She sat down next to him and picked up her book. Mike watched the other couples in and around the pool and began to feel a little embarrassed about what he was feeling. Did he really just sit there and lustfully stare at his own mother and think of her as a hot older woman? He picked up his own book and tried to push those thoughts out of his mind.

A little while later she leaned over toward him and said, “That nice other couple was telling me about a dance club on the ship that is really fun. If you are game I was thinking we could get a nice dinner and then check that out.” Mike agreed that it sounded like a fun plan and Wendy excused herself for a moment. Mike watched her walk over to the poolside bar, use the phone, and then walk back toward him.

“What was that about?” he asked.

“Oh,” bursa escort she said, “they also gave me a tip about a small, formal restaurant that requires reservations.”

“Formal?” Mike asked.

“Yes,” she answered, “I know this sounds silly but I was kind of hoping that we could get dressed up for dinner tonight.”

“But I didn’t bring anything formal with me,” Mike said.

“Me neither,” she giggled, “I was hoping that we could do a little shopping now and buy ourselves something to wear. I hope you don’t think I’m being too girlie or silly,” she added.

“That sounds great,” Mike lied. That didn’t really sound like his idea of fun at all but he couldn’t deny that she truly seemed to be happy and enjoying the idea. The whole point of this trip was to help her feel better so he didn’t want to be the wet blanket over her happy plans. They gathered up their things and stopped off at the cabin to drop off their books and change out of their bathing suits. They each threw on some shorts and a tee shirt and they headed out to the shopping area on the ship.

Mike didn’t think the ship was going to have good shopping, but he was impressed with the variety of stores on board. At Wendy’s suggestion they split up and set a meeting point. They would each get their own outfit and when they were done they would wait for the other person. When Mike teased her that the whole thing seemed a little mysterious she countered that he was welcome to sit outside the dressing room and wait for her while she tried on some things. That was enough to convince him to agree to her plan.

He knew that she would take longer than him (assuming that her shopping patterns hadn’t also changed) so he strolled along and looked in several of the shops before finally making a purchase. He bought a jacket, dress pants, a new shirt, tie, socks, and shoes. The whole thing set him back about double what he would pay back at home, but he was making good money at his job so he wasn’t too worried about that. The store fit everything for him and then wrapped it in a plastic bag for the walk back to the cabin.

Even with his stalling he still ended up waiting nearly an hour for Wendy at their designated meeting spot. When she finally had finished she had a large plastic bag with a hanger just like Mike’s in addition to about 5 other bags from different stores. “Geez,” Mike teased, “did you leave yourself any money for the rest of the trip?”

“This is on Tom,” she said with a laugh. They started walking back to their cabin as she explained, “I still have this one credit card that is actually his account but has a card with my name on it. He’ll be in for quite a surprise when he gets that bill next month.”

They walked a little farther and then she said, “Do you mind taking a small detour?” She led him outside onto the deck and then walked over the railing. They looked out over the blue ocean water for a moment before she asked Mike to hold all her bags. Mike took everything and she rummaged in her purse until she found what she was looking for and pulled out a single credit card. “This is pretty much my one last tie to him,” she said, “and now that I have had my petty little revenge on him with this shopping I don’t want to think about it or him any more.” With that she tossed the card over the railing and she and Mike watched it drift down in the breeze until they couldn’t see it any longer in the sun’s glare off the water. “Come on,” she said turning back to Mike and taking back her various shopping bags, “we need to get ready for dinner.”

Back in the room Wendy said she wanted to shower first so Mike waited on the bed while she took a very long shower. She came out again wrapped in just a towel with a second towel coiled on top of her head. She brought out her hair dryer and all the other bags and things she had been keeping in the bathroom and said that she would get ready in the cabin while Mike used the shower.

Mike took his own shower, shaved, and got himself dressed up for the night. He stepped out of the bathroom and saw Wendy applying her make up with a small travel mirror. “Great,” she said, “I’ll be right out.” She then disappeared into the bathroom with a couple of small bags.

Mike waited for a short while longer and then heard the bathroom door start to open. It opened all the way and Wendy stepped out into full view. Mike whistled and joked that she looked so good that some other guy would probably ask her out right in the middle of dinner. Wendy smiled at the compliment and picked up a small black purse on their way out of the cabin.

As Mike walked next to her holding her arm on their way to the restaurant he couldn’t believe how good she looked. He had made a joke to her when he first saw her to try and conceal his true reaction. Truly, when he saw her he felt his stomach knot and his cock tingle, but those were things that he thought it probably was best not to share with her.

She had purchased a silky black bursa escort bayan dress that hugged her body perfectly. It was just tight enough to be sensual and teasing but not so tight that it was slutty or in bad taste. The neckline of the top plunged well down into her cleavage and left the hypnotic sight of her cleavage in full view. The dress stopped just over her knees but had a slit up one side that went up just beyond the middle of one of her thighs. She didn’t wear any nylons but she didn’t need to as the past few days of sitting out by the pool had left her legs, and the rest of her body, with a deep, rich tan. Her shoes had black high heels and only had two small straps over the top of her feet.

What had really struck Mike, however, were the details of how she was dressed. Around her neck she wore a single strand of pearls that gleamed bright white against her deeply tanned skin. Both her finger and toenails were painted a deep red that very nearly matched the shade of lipstick she had selected. Her hair was perfectly done and perhaps even seemed a little more curly tonight than he had seen it before. All in all, the outfit made Mike feel things that sons were not supposed to feel about their mothers.

For her part Wendy made a big fuss about how good Mike looked. She commented that she really hadn’t seen him dressed up since his college graduation. When she was nearly finished complimenting him just as they arrived at the restaurant she concluded by saying, “Michael, you are truly a fine looking man.” There didn’t seem to be anything overly sexual about her tone or voice but the phrase and the compliment made the hairs on the back of Mike’s neck stand up and he again felt the knot in his stomach and the tingling in his crotch.

The couple hadn’t been wrong about this restaurant. The food was amazing, the service as impeccable, and the ambiance was wonderfully romantic and secluded. It was exactly the kind of place that Mike would have loved to have taken Cindy back home but tonight he found himself enjoying the experience fully with his mom. They sat across from each other at a very small table and shared a couple of bottles of wine during the course of the meal. On more than one occasion Mike stole glimpses at her deep cleavage or the soft round outline of her breast when she was looking the other way. Every time he felt a mixture of excitement and disbelief that he was having the feelings.

They lingered at the dinner table late into the night before Mike finally paid the large bill and they left. As they walked out of the restaurant and followed the host’s directions to the nightclub Mike started to feel the effects of the two bottles of wine they had shared. He was certainly a little drunk and guessing from her speech and actions his mom was the same.

They found the nightclub and worked their way through the hordes of people sitting at and standing around the tables near the door. They moved over to the bar and ordered more drinks. About halfway through the drinks Wendy leaned toward Mike and said, “Can I take you up on that offer to dance?”

“Sure,” Mike answered as Wendy took his hand and they slowly moved their way through the crowd and onto the dance floor. They made a small space for themselves on the dance floor and began slowly dancing to the music. The song wasn’t necessarily a slow song but they each still held their drinks and the floor was so crowded that there wasn’t much room to do more than sway. They finished dancing to the song and stayed on the floor for another couple of songs before the DJ began playing a slow song.

All around them couples began literally melting into each other’s arms as their slow dancing generally became either a long, drawn out kiss as they swayed back and forth or something a little more explicit with hips and crotches grinding together very suggestively. Mike and Wendy remained one of the very few couples on the floor to actually dance together. They each still held their now empty glasses in one hand so Mike placed a hand on her side and she draped her free arm over his shoulder. As they danced for the rest of the song they generally kept a small space between them but Mike could feel a growing knot in his stomach and a certain tingling again in his cock at being this close and dancing with her. A couple of times they rubbed together as they danced and each time Mike felt an electric spark of excitement surge through him.

When the song ended they worked their way off the dance floor and moved back to the bar. After ordering another round they stood off the dance floor and watched the dancers. They chatted some while they finished their drinks and then moved out onto the dance floor themselves. They spent the next while either dancing or resting on the side of the dance floor and periodically going to the bar for more drinks. Mike had slowed his drinking some and was managing to maintain a nice buzz, but Wendy had kept drinking at a faster pace than on either of escort bursa the previous two nights. A few rounds later Mike could tell that she was very drunk and having a ball dancing.

Mike had enjoyed her gradually growing drunkenness because as she got more and more drunk she became more and more physical on the dance floor. Mike knew in the rational side of his mind that he should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of his mom’s drunken state, but he was so horny from the past couple of nights and the whole atmosphere of the club seemed so very sexual that he couldn’t resist. Besides, he wasn’t doing anything as obvious as groping her or doing some of the things other couples were doing. He merely was responding to her actions even if it meant that his hands would sometimes slide down onto her hips as they danced or that he would occasional rub his crotch against either her ass or her crotch as they danced.

The crowd seemed to somehow grow throughout the night even though it felt like it was impossible to squeeze one more person inside the room. After Wendy finished another round of drinks they moved back out to the dance floor and resumed dancing. Mike was keenly aware that as she danced in front of him with her back turned she was rubbing her ass constantly back and forth against his crotch. The sensation soon had his cock growing stiff in his pants as he began to move his own hips from side to side to accentuate the sensation.

For the next song the DJ played another slow number and Wendy spun around and wrapped both of her arms under Mike’s arms and around the middle of his back. He followed her lead and placed his hands on her hips as they began dancing closely together. Wendy pulled him even closer and turned her head to whisper into his ear. As they continued to dance pressed tightly together she began to speak.

“Mike, what I am about to say is hard for me so please let me finish and don’t interrupt. Last night I came very close to doing something that I never imagined wanting to do. In fact, since this trip has started I feel like we have been moving very close to a fine line that should probably never be crossed.”

She stopped talking for a moment and Mike could feel the knot in his stomach tighten in hopeful anticipation of what she might say next.

“I can’t deny it any longer,” she continued, “I know it is wrong. But I also know that I want it very badly.” She paused again and Mike could almost sense her struggling to find the courage and the right words to continue. “It would never have to leave this ship, but for the rest of this cruise I don’t want to have to be your mother. I need to act on these feelings…I need…you.”

When she finished she pulled away from Mike and looked him straight in the eyes. He could see that her eyes were glassy with tears as making her confession had obviously been very emotional for her. They stood staring into each other’s eyes for a few more moments before Mike answered her plea by moving his lips to hers and meeting her in a soft, slow kiss. At first their kiss was tender as their lips pressed together and softly moved back and forth over each other, but it soon progressed to something more lustful.

Wendy parted her lips first and Mike immediately responded as their tongues met and began a dance of their own. Wendy’s hands moved up Mike’s back and she began running her fingers through his hair as they wildly kissed in the middle of the dance floor. The people surrounding them didn’t even look twice at what to them was just another couple making out, but Mike wouldn’t have cared at that moment if every person in the place was staring. He was about to live out a fantasy more wild and forbidden than anything he could ever have imagined and something which until three days ago had never crossed his mind.

As their kiss continued Mike couldn’t resist any longer and he let his right hand slide down her hip and around her until he was caressing her ass through her dress. He could feel her moan into his mouth as they kissed. Her ass felt amazing through the sleek material of her dress and he loved feeling it pass under his fingers as his hand slid up and down her ass slowly.

They continued like this for a while longer. Mike couldn’t tell if it was still the same song or if ten songs had passed since they started kissing as he was so wrapped up in what was happening. Wendy was the one who finally parted the kiss and took hold of his hand. Without a word she turned and began to cut a path through the crowd. Although she hadn’t said anything to him Mike knew exactly where she was heading.

After they finally exited the club they walked hurriedly down the corridors to their cabin. They walked, holding hands, without saying a word. When they got to the door Mike keyed it open and they quickly moved inside and shut the door behind them. Once inside they resumed their wild embrace and this time Mike let his hands roam freely over her back and ass. The heat, the passion, the wantonness between them was beyond anything that Mike had ever felt before. As they eventually parted their kiss Mike began to speak but Wendy put her finger on his lips and said, “No talking. Just act on what you feel.”

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