Red Rock and Rain

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‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it? There is just something mystical about the whole place.’

I knew exactly what she meant; I had been to Double Arch in Utah more times than I could count and yet, every time I was struck with true dumbfounded awe. It was magical, like a sacred shrine thousands of years older than mankind. A place that had seen wonders since before time. After laying back on the warm sandstone and looking up at it a while soaking in the ambiance I realized it was getting late, and the weather called for rain this evening. ‘If we want to drive through the rest of the park tonight we better get going,’ I call. So, we walked back to the car hands embraced and my eyes unable to focus on the trail ahead due to the distraction of her plunging cleavage and the rhythmic bounce of her full, creamy breasts so tightly straining against her work out bra seeming to plea for release from their binding cage.

It had been a busy day at arches, one of those rare desert days when the temperature was just perfect and clouds had provided intermittent shade cooling the trails. As we drove on through the park, however, I noticed most everyone was driving the other direction. It was getting dark and the tourists were heading back to their hotels and dinners. We have been here before though, and we are in no rush to leave.

‘Looks like we’ll soon have the place to ourselves,’ I note; seductively moving my hand from her knee slowly up her inner thigh and back again. We have been together for years, but there is something about her tight ass and sexy legs when she wears these blue jeans that I can never ignore. Visions of her tight ass and her smooth legs wrapped around my lower back begin filling my mind while my blood begins to fill other areas.

‘Yeah,’ she agrees looking into my eyes, ‘too bad it is getting so late.’ My hand extends its journey further up her leg. I can feel the heat radiating from loin before I even get there, and the sweet smell of her sex fills the car. Unable to take the pain anymore, I reach over to adjust my swelling cock upright. ‘What is this all about,’ she asks coyly as her well versed fingers grasp me and begin encircling my member giving him a slight tug as she does. She slowly starts running her fingers up and down my member making sure to feel the outline of the ridge of my head. My hand returns to her warmth and my fingers find curves of their own to explore. ‘Mmmm, yeah’ she moans softly. Flashes of past sexual exploits begin filling my head. Hot tubs with mirrors, that jungle themed shower, the bondage fun of just last month. As these images fill my mind my penis jumps and swells again with the promise of more to come. ‘Oh yeah, baby, keep growing for me. I love feeling that hot cock of yours swell in my hands.’ She giggles slightly and squeezes my sincan escort bayan member once more before letting go.

‘Come on now, you know I hate teases.’

‘Who’s teasing?’ she grins. She leans over to me nibbling my ear and putting her hand atop my cock for balance. She begins leaning heavily trapping my quivering dick between my thigh and her expert hand.


Neither of us had seen the lightening but the thunder clap had us both looking forward. ‘It’s still a ways off’ I reassure, ‘lets head back to town just in case.’

With my mind back on driving and her focused on spotting monsoon season lightening bolts (a spectacular sight in the desert) my erection begins to fade, but my arousal and inner need to fuck only grew. Thunder storms had always turned me on. It is that raw power of nature I think. Thunderstorms are so primal and unbridled, just like sex should be. The idea that began growing came so naturally and yet as I considered it more the eroticism of it burgeoning. Outdoors, a National Park with rangers and campers, a near full moon, and lightening in the distance, it was all too much and my prick again began sliding down my thigh like a python hunting for a meal, hungry with anticipation. I look over at her smiling. Her eyes and mind are elsewhere but her scent, her rising pheromones urging me to fulfill my earlier promise are palatable. Her sweet intoxicating aroma was begging for a man. As the first stars began filling the sky and the large moon began rising over the distant butte I turned off the main road and headed back to Double Arch.

‘Where are you going? The entrance was straight ahead.’

‘What’s your rush? I want to show you something before we go.’ I leered at her lustfully envisioning her naked body. As we reached the lot my pants were once again too tight for comfort. We parked, alone in the lot, and I leaned over. My lips tauntingly close to hers my eyes looking deep into her blue eyes. ‘Gods you are beautiful!’

As my hand cupped her warm moistening crotch our eyes met again and the car was filled with raw electric lust. Her eyes again closed as I began massaging her pussy through her jeans. My strong hand lightly rubbing up and down the length of her slit, teasing her begging clit for more touch. Then I press firmly into the meat of her center. She bites her lip softly as her hands began to roam up my tightly roped arms and down to my chest. My lips explored her ear and I continued to massage her loin she gasped slightly and I begin my journey down her long graceful neck. Soft licks and warm breath accented with slight bites, just hard enough to make her wince and want more. On my way back up I stop at the curve of her jaw and bite her gently but urgently. ‘Oh God,’ she purrs as my lips return to hers. My soft eryaman escort lips part and my tongue slowly explore the warm recess of her mouth. Our tongues dance and wrap around eat other seducing one another, and as she leans in for more I slowly pull away, her lips following vainly for more. ‘Follow me.’ I whisper and open my door.

The short hike back to the arch is punctuated by passionate kisses and groping hands. As we arrive, again I am filled with wonder and awe, this time at the thought of the magic which is yet to happen.

‘I want you. I want to take you right here in the open.’ Our bodies meet and her hungry mouth seeks mine as my hands slide over her soft cheeks, down her neck and slowly glide down her back pressing her firmly into my body. Her soft breasts pressed against my chest. Her nipples, hardened with erotic excitement, press into me. Lower down our hips grind together as my growing need presses into her flat stomach. Our lips melt together and I feel the world begin to spin then melt away it is only us. My hands glide around the curve of the butt and her hands reach up mussing my hair. Slowly my hands begin to climb up again this time finding their way under her shirt and up the soft skin of her back. I reach round and feel her sides and the underside of her breasts still imprisoned in her bra.

‘Let me help you with that.’ I whisper as I nibble her ear and my right hand expertly unfastens the clasps. She backs away coyly as her breasts are freed and removes her bra from under her shirt. I pull her toward me again and begin lifting her shirt over her head and setting it on the rocks beside us.

‘Now those are the tits I have been dreaming of all day!’ The creamy soft round breasts heaved as she breathed in deeply. Punctuated by her dark areolas, now nearly invisible as her nipples harden into beautiful buds, her breasts seem to glow in the failing light. I resist the compelling urge to begin sucking them hard and instead I lift off my own shirt. Her cool hands begin at my chest and lightly finger the expanse of my chest. She curls the dark mat of hair in her fingers then ever so lightly grazes over my nipples. Shuddering in pleasure I pull her hips toward me and begin unfastening her jeans as her hands glide down my abs, her mouth hovering over my right nipple as her tongue darts in and out at it.

My hands slide inside the back of her jeans and then into her panties and I begin sliding them down over her perfectly rounded bottom. Her torment of my nipples stops as she steps back, reaches around herself and lowers her remaining clothing to the ground. After laying my shirt on a large boulder, I pick her up and set her atop; her glistening cunt at eye level. Slowly I begin licking her from the bottom of her vulva up between her slit so lightly etimesgut bayan escort I almost can’t feel it, but she can. She moans and writhes her hips and spreads her legs wider for me. As I reach just below her clit I stop and begin my journey back down. Quick light flicks of the tongue and slow heavy pressured tastes warm her to the core as I consumed the intoxicating aroma of her wetness and the sandstone around us.

The storm was approaching quickly now, and I knew we should continue on. I removed my pants with my left hand as my right hand explored up her soft belly and up to her breast. I cup it and cover the entire mound with my hand, her nipple escaping between my fingers. I close around her tit massaging and pinching her nipple between my fingers and continue my feast between her legs. As my erection springs to freedom I pull her from her rocky throne and back to me. I moan from deep within as her soft hand instinctively caressing my hard cock and rubbing it up and down.

‘I want this inside me, now!’ she hisses in my ear. Unable to restrain myself any longer, I turn her around and force her forward. She grips the sandstone bolder tightly as her legs spread open. My swollen head finds the warm moist center of her and slowly teases at her entrance. Stretching her a little then leaving again. As the moon comes out from behind another cloud I see my tip wet and her love running down my shaft. She moans, ‘oh please,’ as I tease her again. Then without warning I thrust hard enwrapping my entire shaft within her. ‘Oh GOD’ she moans as her head lifts back. I remain inside her a moment, still and swollen as her body stretches and strives to accommodate. She looks back with that seductive grin of hers, ‘oh I love your cock inside me, fuck me, hard!’ I slowly pull out only to return again faster then she expected and she gasps again as I moan deeply. ‘You are so tight and wet.’

Just as a begin pumping in and out harder a clap of thunder roars across the desert floor and through our two bodies now as one. I feel the strain inside and I know I can not last much longer fucking this amazing body. I look over her and see her tight back and my hands as they grasp tighter to her hips. The fluid movement of her tight ass as it responds to my thrusts. I can hear her moans and screams mingle with mine as they echo hauntingly off the rock walls that surround us!

‘Oh God,’ I yell as the world suddenly goes dark and swirls of color fill my vision. I plunge deeply inside of her as she yells, ‘oh yes.’ My cock no longer satisfied with throbbing is now pulsing deeply inside her while my hips convulse and expel my load into her wanting body. Somewhere far away, I feel the first large warm drops of rain falling on my chest as I throw my head back in agony and ecstasy.

As my world returns I realize the rain is here and I pull out regaining my composure. We grab our clothes and find a small alcove where we can remain dry and get dressed as we watch the rain fall all around us.

There truly is a mystical magic here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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