Reformation Ch. 07

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Chapter Seven


That next morning Karen’s head throbbed and ached with a pounding headache while she started to stir and wake up. She looked around her bedroom and noticed that it was later than she usually woke up, obviously she had slept in. As she rubbed her eyes that morning, lifelike images of a very disturbing dream came back to her and flashed across her mind. In her dream she actually had sex with her daughter, Veronica and submitted to her, becoming her Slave! In her twisted dream she actually revelled and loved having her daughter as her Mistress. A sigh from the other part of the bed struck Karen as strange, as she always slept alone, the movement in the bed confirmed that she was not alone. Karen looked over to the other side of the bed and got the shock of her life, Veronica was in bed with her!

“OH MY GOD!” Karen screamed in shock as she bolted upright, terror gripping her mind. She grasped her hungover head in pain from her own loud outburst.

“Wha? What? What is it?” Veronica sputtered as she awoke in a start and sat up as well, looking around to see what was the matter.

When Veronica sat up in bed the covers fell off her, revealing her nude upper body to her mother. Karen looked at Veronica and was shocked by three things at the same exact instant. For one, her daughter was actually in her bed with her! For two, Veronica was seemingly completely nude, and her body looked exactly like it had been in her disturbing dream! Finally, and perhaps the most disturbing was the fact that Karen liked the sight of her daughter’s very large and very nude, breasts. Karen could not help herself from drinking in and admiring her own daughter’s nude body. Finally, Karen snapped herself back to reality, and took control of the situation.

“What are you doing in my bed, and where are your clothes?” Karen demanded forcefully while keeping her voice down, as she pointed at the Veronica’s breasts.

“After messing about in the living room last night, we sorta ended up here, we messed around a little more and just fell asleep. My clothes are in the same place yours are, in a pile on the living room floor,” Veronica replied in a slightly challenging tone as she motioned towards Karen’s torso.

Karen looked down and was shocked to see that she too was nude! Instantly her hands reached up and covered up her bared breasts. Then the horrifying reality hit her that it was no dream! She had indeed had sex with her daughter, Veronica and became her daughter’s Slave! Karen had a hard time processing that such bizarre events could take place in anyone’s life let alone her calm and predicable one. Karen was mortified and horrified to think that it might be remotely possible that the perverted memories that were coming back to her could be true. The one thing Karen needed right now was space, space from everyone so she could ponder and reflect on the events of the previous night. Karen’s mind indeed started to shut down and the only impulse left was to flee.

“I have to go,” was all that Karen said with a drained tone before she jumped out of bed and grasped her housecoat on her way out of her bedroom.

“MOM, WAIT!” was all that Veronica got out before Karen left the room.

By this point, Taryn and Rosina were long since already up and were having a cup of coffee in the living room when a panicked, Karen emerged from her room. Somehow Karen had managed to put her housecoat on as she ran down the hall, even more amazing was the fact that she had it on by the time she entered the living room. Not missing a beat Karen continued to run towards the apartment door, desperate to get out of there. Taryn and Rosina had anticipated this, and rushed to stop Karen. Rushing up, one to either side of her Taryn and Rosina were able to grasp Karen and block her escape.

“Calm down, Karen,” Taryn said in a calming manner as soon as Karen was captured.

“Let me go! I have to get out of here!” Karen urged in a terrified manner as she struggled to break free.

“No, you need to calm down so we can talk about this,” Taryn said in a firm tone as she and Rosina escorted Karen over to the comfy chair.

“Fine,” Karen said in a defeated tone as she sank heavily into the chair.

“Good,” Tarn said warmly as she and Rosina sat down on the couch, and prepared to talk.

Karen didn’t have any intention of sticking around to talk and as soon as Taryn and Rosina sat down, Karen got up. Karen stood up in a flash and even jumped over the chair and was standing in front of the front door before Taryn and Rosina stood up. Pulling the door open Karen ran out the door and sighed in relief that she had made her getaway. As she rushed towards the stairs leading up to the main level of the spa, even her muddled mind could tell that something was on the stairs, blocking the way.

“I don’t think so,” Owen said in a calm and firm manner from his place on the stairs.

Karen screamed in shock as she realized that what she thought was a lump of clothes bursa escort was actually Owen! Karen didn’t stop running or slow down, she just turned on a dime to run away from Owen. The trouble was that she didn’t look where she was going, and ended up running right into a wall, knocking herself out, cold.

Karen woke up for the second time that morning and once again her head hurt something fierce, actually both sides of her head hurt, the front of her head from where she smacked the wall and the back of her head from where she hit the concrete floor. Karen’s blurry vision started to come into focus and she groaned out in response to the screaming pain from her head. When Karen reached up to rub her hurt head she got yet another shock that morning, her arm wouldn’t move. Or rather, her arm couldn’t move, one look down confirmed what she feared, she was tied up!

Karen quickly glanced around her to find that she was tied to a dining room chair and was seated in the centre of the living room, in place where the coffee table usually sat and she was facing the couch. Owen, Taryn and Rosina sat on the couch right in front of her and Veronica sat in the comfy chair to her right. When she tried to demand to be untied, no intelligible words came out and to her shock she quickly realized she was gagged as well. A quick glance down comforted her slightly as she saw that she was still wearing her housecoat and she was completely covered.

“I’m glad to see that you’re finally awake,” Owen said in a warm tone as he smiled a friendly smile at Karen.

“How do you feel?” Rosina said as she approached Karen.

Karen groaned in reply as Rosina gave Karen a cursory inspection, to check for any serous neck or head injuries. When she was satisfied that Karen was okay, she sat back down and nodded to Owen.

“We need to talk about what happened last night,” Owen started out in a calm and controlled manner.

The last thing Karen wanted to do was talk about last night, especially in front of everyone! Karen squirmed and struggled against her bonds. She was desperate to get away and thrashed about as she tried to find some way to loosen her bonds. Karen’s panic started to rise as the seconds ticked by and her struggling had not produced any results.

“Karen, calm down, we’re not going to hurt you,” Taryn said in a soothing tone of voice.

“We only tied you up to prevent you from hurting yourself. We really do need to talk about last night. You can struggle all you want, but you’re not going anywhere until we talk this out, so when you’re calm, we can begin,” Owen said in a tone and manner that made it clear that he was not kidding and in charge of the situation.

Karen’s thrashing about increased as she was more determined than ever to get free. Her squirming had not permitted her to get a hand free but she was able to move chair by hopping. By hopping she was able to turn the chair and move it a few feet towards the door, when she looked at the door she realized that unless she could untie herself, she was not going anywhere. After a minute or two of angry arm movements she gave up. Karen hung her head and sobbed as she realized that Owen was right, she was not going anywhere, anytime soon.

“Are we done?” Owen asked with the same commanding presence about him. With an embarrassed look in her eye, Karen looked over at Owen and nodded yes. “Good,” Owen replied with a firm tone of voice.

Owen and Veronica got up and approached either side of Karen’s chair. In one motion, they lifted Karen up and repositioned her where she had been when she woke up. Veronica sat back down but Owen knelled in front of Karen and looked up at her in with a concerned look.

“As I said earlier, we need to talk to you and that means that you need to be able to talk to us, so that we can have a discussion. I want to remove your gag, so you can talk to us but if you start screaming again, I will have to put it back on you. Can I trust you to remain calm if I remove your gag?” Owen said in a concerned and almost vulnerable tone of voice as he looked at Karen with a slightly worried look.

Karen nodded yes as she looked right into Owen’s eyes. Owen removed the gag from Karen’s mouth and Karen worked her mouth before closing it, as Owen sat back down.

“Thank you,” Karen said in a calm tone of voice. “While you’re at it, would you mind, untying me?” Karen asked sweetly.

“Not yet, perhaps in a bit,” Owen said in a calm and controlling manner and Karen sighed and looked down. “I’m sure you have many questions about what happened last night but let me start off by saying that we are still your friends and family. We still care about you and are here for you, to help you through this. That’s why we’re doing this, because we care about you,” Owen said in a calm manner as he looked at Karen with conviction. “What do you remember about last night?” Owen asked calmly.

“Bits and pieces really, we watched some videos . . . adult videos . . . then it gets a little hazy. Something bursa escort bayan inappropriate happened between Veronica and I, but I’m not sure what is just a bizarre dream and what actually happened,” Karen said with a furrowed brow that conveyed her worried mood.

“In your ‘dream’ do you remember playing with my breasts?” Taryn asked curiously, with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes,” Karen admitted quietly as the images and feelings of playing with Taryn’s breasts came back to her.

“That really happened. Do you remember me playing with your breasts?” Taryn asked just as curiously.

“Yes,” Karen said in a disturbed manner as she remembered the exquisite sights and sensations of Taryn playing with her breasts, her breasts even tingled at the memory.

“That too, also happened. Do you remember us kissing and playing with my breasts as well?” Rosina asked with a chipper tone of voice and a gleam in her eye.

“Yes,” Karen said as a tear came to her eye as she remembered passionately kissing Rosina and eagerly devouring the young woman’s breasts.

“That also happened,” Rosina said with a hint of pride as she winked at Karen.

“Do you remember me eating your pussy?” Taryn asked with pride as she smiled at Karen.

“Yes,” Karen replied with a cracking voice as more tears streamed down her face, as the memory of Taryn removing her pants and going down on her came back to her.

“Do you remember what we did, mother?” Veronica asked curiously.

“N . . . no,” Karen said in a sobbing tone of voice just before tears overwhelmed her.

The truth was that Karen did remember what happened, the questions brought back the evening in crystal clarity. Karen remembered looking down between her legs and seeing her own daughter eating her pussy. Karen remembered the three consecutive orgasms that immediately followed that shocking sight. Karen’s crying intensified as she remembered Veronica’s proclamation of domination, and her own submission to Veronica. Karen remembered the satisfied feelings of having a Mistress and how eagerly she served Veronica that night. The images and pleasures of the sex they had shared came flooding back to her and Karen could not deny to herself how much she loved every second of it. While she could remember it, she couldn’t admit it to another living soul. For Karen could not get over how very wrong it was and how she could never, ever let it happen again. She was mortified for it to happen once, she was even more ashamed to have enjoyed it.

“I think you do remember. I think you do remember you becoming my Slave and the wonderful sex we had last night,” Veronica said with a confident tone of voice as she looked over at Karen with a discerning gaze.

Karen felt the heat of Veronica’s intense gaze and looked over at her. Once their eyes met, Karen couldn’t look away as the power strength of Veronica’s manner started to affect her, she was feeling small and weak . . . submissive. Karen did not understand why a simple look could affect her so much. What was wrong with her that she was being intimidated by her own daughter?

“Admit it! You remember everything, don’t you?” Veronica demanded in a commanding tone of voice.

“Yes,” Karen replied in a sob, as tears burst forth from her.

“So you do admit that I am your Mistress and you are my Slave! You do admit that we had incredible sex, I bet it was the best sex in your entire life, wasn’t it?” Veronica snapped in a demanding tone of voice as she stood up and leaned overtop of Veronica.

“Fine! Yes we did have sex and yes we played at Mistress and Slave but it was a one night thing!” Karen said in a desperate, sobbing voice as her crying continued.

“Played at?” Veronica snapped.

“We were just playing around. It wasn’t real. I didn’t know what I was doing,” Karen replied in a cracking voice of pain and anguish.

“You knew what you were doing when you submitted to me!” Veronica snorted as she stared down at Karen with a superior tone of voice.

“I WAS DRUNK! I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING!” Karen shouted through her tears as she stared up at Veronica with tear-filled, angry eyes.

“You were plenty sober when you called me Mistress and proclaimed that you would serve me faithfully and do anything I asked!” Veronica said in a challenging and sarcastic tone of voice as she leaned down towards Karen.

“I WAS DRUNK!” Karen shouted out as she cried and sobbed uncontrollably.

Seeing her mother crying so hard tugged at Veronica’s heartstrings and her compassion got the better of her. Veronica kneeled down and wrapped her arms around Karen and hugged her tightly. Karen didn’t know what to do and while it was nice to be comforted while she was crying it was awkward to be comforted by the person who most makes you feel uncomfortable at that moment. Even worse was that because of the position they were in, Karen found her head resting on Veronica’s chest, somewhere between shoulder and breast. Karen had her cheek enveloped escort bursa in the warm, soft embrace of Veronica’s bosom. On one hand it was ever so comforting to be held in the tender and intimate embrace and her tears had already started to subside. On the other hand feeling the heat from Veronica’s breast on her cheek was borderline intoxicating and began to excite her in ways she tried to deny. Eventually, Karen had stopped crying and the two women remained still, quietly enjoying the embrace.

“Veronica, sit down. It’s my turn to talk,” Taryn said with a calming tone of voice.

“Sure, Red,” Veronica said as she let go of Karen. Before leaving Karen’s side, Veronica dried Karen’s eyes and wiped the tears from her cheeks with her shirt.

“I know you were drunk earlier in the evening because I spiked the punch. I did it just to loosen you up. The movies were designed to get you to talk about domination and submission. We needed to know how you felt about it, whether or not you had submissive tendencies, which you did admit to by the way. Do you remember telling us about you and Tony?” Taryn said in a soft and soothing tone of voice.

“Yeah, without the alcohol I would never have told you that!” Karen replied in an embarrassed tone of voice.

“Hence the spiked punch,” Taryn said in a sarcastic tone of voice with a giggle.

“Yeah, yeah,” Karen grumbled but her face wore a reluctant smile.

“I talked to you about our previous experience to find out how you felt about it. When you told me that you liked it and wanted a repeat of it, I decided to test that by seducing you. Once it was clear that you defiantly enjoyed what we were doing, we decided to substitute Veronica for me. This was the final part in the plan, to see how you would react to Veronica’s advances,” Taryn explained in the same calming and soothing manner.

“What is this to you people, some sort of sick, twisted science experiment? Or do you just enjoy fucking with my life?” Karen snapped in a disgusted tone of voice as she glared at Taryn in disbelief.

“It was me!” Veronica said as she kneeled down in front of Karen and grasped her hand. “I begged them to help bring us together. I have wanted this since I was twelve! I have tried hard over the years to get over it, to make these feelings for you go away, but no matter what I tried, they wouldn’t go away. When I found out about them, I knew that they would understand, that if anyone could help me make you mine, they could,” Veronica said in a tearful admission as she stared up into Karen’s eyes with her big brown eyes.

“Them? What about them made you think they would understand this?” Karen asked in shock as she looked between Veronica and Taryn.

“Four years ago, on a birthday outing with my mother, we discovered that I was a dominant and she was a submissive. In one odd night, that neither of us planed, I took her on as my Slave and I became her Master. A short while later, Rosie found out about us and in the process discovered that she too was a submissive so I took her on as my Slave as well. We haven’t looked back and have been very happy ever since, we are so very much in love,” Owen said in a loving tone of voice as he put his arm around Taryn and Rosina’s waist and pulled them to him.

“It’s true,” Taryn said with a proud and loving smile as Karen looked at her, slack-jawed.

“Yep, it’s true,” Rosina said with a loving look as she smiled at Karen, when she looked at her.

“That’s why I knew I could confide in them, because of the way they are. Owen taught me how to be a good Mistress to you. He insisted that we find out if you might be receptive to my advances before he would allow me to approach you. I made this all happen, I begged them to help me. If you have to be angry with anyone, be angry with me,” Veronica explained in the same sincere and heartfelt manner as she stroked Karen’s hand.

“That’s all well and good, but you’ve had your night, we’ve played around but it was a one night thing that can never happen again! I was drunk and not in control of my actions,” Karen replied in a calm yet firm manner.

“That’s not true. I will admit that when we messed around you were still drunk. But after Veronica brought you off, three times in a row, you sobered up pretty quick. Think about it, by the time you came to after those orgasms, you were sober enough to know what you were doing, right?” Taryn said in a friendly and disarming manner.

“Yeah,” Karen sighed, regrettably admitting something she knew she should not. “But that doesn’t mean that I want to do it all again?” Karen added quickly, in a defensive tone.

“Didn’t you enjoy your time with Veronica?” Taryn asked expectantly.

“Well . . . I . . . um . . . it wasn’t too bad,” Karen fumbled out in an embarrassed and red-faced manner.

“Not too bad?” Taryn asked incredulously. “You did everything Veronica said, without being held down or physically forced. You were only corrected once, and even that was mild. You certainly fell into the role of Slave quite well and kept it up all night. Why would you do all that if you weren’t enjoying yourself?” Taryn asked in a probing manner as she looked Karen over with a discerning look.

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