Reid’s Adventures Ch. 05

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That night, Ursula finished towelling herself off from her shower before getting into bed. Her husband was already there, fast asleep. She was thankful as it meant he would not have heard her muffled screams as she brought herself off to orgasm with her fingers in the shower. It would not have been so bad, she thought, but the man on her mind as she played was not her husband, but the young man from her meeting that day.

Reid. The boy she had only met that morning, but who had the biggest, cock she had ever seen. Normally she would not feel so guilty at fantasising over someone other than her husband as she made herself cum, but this particular boy she had sucked off until he had blown a huge load all over her and down her throat, after he had brought her to a powerful orgasm with just his fingers!

Standing in front of her mirror, Ursula pulled on her knickers and small t-shirt for bed. She was about 5ft 4, slim with short blond hair tucked behind her ears. Her breasts were quite small and she could easily go out without a bra as they stood firm and proud on her chest. Her pink nipples remained stiff from her shower, her pussy hungry for a more complete satisfaction.

Her knickers clung to the round curve of her butt nicely and were thin enough to show the short-trimmed hair between her legs. She closed her eyes and sighed. Her mouth was watering again at the memory of Reid’s cock pulsating in her mouth. Not normally one for swallowing cum, nor having it all over her, she had found she liked the sensation, and Reid certainly produced enough to satisfy.

Ursula tried to shake the thoughts from her head. She was a married woman, and what happened that afternoon was a one off, a weak moment in her resolve. She loved her husband and that was that. However, as she slipped off to sleep, her dream didn’t listen to the voice of reason in her head…

… she was back in her office, wearing just her knickers and small t-shirt, which covered little more than her chest, but this time she was the only one there. All the desks were just as they normally were and the sunlight streamed in through the windows. Then there was the sensation she had when she had been awake, the need, the hunger for her pussy to be filled. An image of her husband flickered in front of her, naked and holding his cock in his hand. Ursula smiled just as her pussy sent a hungry urge through her body causing the image of her husband to flicker out, only to be replaced by one of the boy from the meeting.

The image of Reid stood there, also naked, his cobra-like cock hanging between his legs, bigger already than her husbands. Ursula gasped, tried to get her husband back. The image of Reid flickered ever so slightly, but Ursula couldn’t remove him from her mind. She gave up and faced reality, she wanted this boy. Badly!

She watched Reid tugging gently on his balls, Ursula could see that they were already quite large and heavy looking. Her mouth started to water as Reid stepped closer and closer to her. Suddenly, Reid seemed to have two long strips of red ribbon in his hand. He winked at her and before she could stop him, Reid had grasped her wrists and was holding them above her head.

Ursula gasped, she had not expected that! She tried to struggle a bit when she realised what the image of Reid was up to, but he was too strong. Within seconds her hands were tied above her head, spaced out, to one of the low metal beams running across the office. Ever since one of her friends had told her of a sexual experience where she was tied up, Ursula had wondered what it would be like, but never had the guts to go through with it.

Her heart started racing as she realised she couldn’t get free, she was totally at the mercy of this younger man. She hadn’t even noticed that her pussy was getting hot, her nipples hardening into little buds that were itching to burst through her small t-shirt.

Nerves started to kick in when Reid ankara escort went behind her. Ursula tried looking around, but being tied up made it hard. Then, like a shot of electricity, she felt Reid’s hands on her round ass. Taking one firm buttock in each, Ursula felt him squeeze softly, massaging them. Never too harsh, yet constant. A warm feeling started to flow through Ursula as she hung there by her hands, her butt being played with.

Reid’s hands were now on her thighs, stroking her skin with the gentlest of touches, almost tickling her. Her breaths were starting to come short and fast as her excitement grew. It was the fact he was barely touching her, when all she wanted was his huge meat buried deep inside her.

Ursula let out a soft moan when, from behind, Reid’s warm hands were wrapped around her abdomen. Slowly tracing their way higher and higher. She bit her bottom lip when she felt his hands start to lift up her tight t-shirt. Stroking her with his fingers and pushing up her t-shirt, Reid stopped just when her pert, round breasts were about to be revealed.

Ursula was getting a bit frustrated, she needed to be played with, but Reid wasn’t doing anything. Her nipples ached they were so hard and any longer like this and they would tear themselves from her t-shirt! She almost jumped from her skin when she felt Reid’s warm, soft lips on her neck. Kissing and sucking, his hands now wandering back down to her knickers.

She could feel herself thrusting her hips forward, trying desperately to speed up Reid’s travelling hands. Ursula almost screamed with frustration as both hands slid down over her hips, the finger-tips barely brushing her heated pussy. She needed to be touched! She wanted Reid to make her cum, to fuck her. She could feel Reid kissing down her back, his hands stroking her thighs teasingly.

When his lips reached the top of her knickers Ursula’s heart beat increased. He started to peel off her knickers, she was finally going to get what she wanted. Almost painfully slowly, Reid pulled her knickers down, kissing the curve of her pert, buttocks as he went, then suddenly pulling them right off, exposing her trimmed pussy. Ursula felt the cool air hit it and realised how hot and wet she already was.

Ursula was almost to the point of begging Reid to fuck her as he continued to kiss, and occasionally bite, her soft buttocks. Reid kissed his way around over Ursula’s hip then down towards her pussy. Just as his lips were about to caress her hot, wet lips he stood up.

“JESUS! PLEASE JUST FUCK ME!!!” Ursula cried, tears of frustration welling up. Reid stood close, she could feel his huge, throbbing cock pressing against her lower stomach. She tried twisting and straining against her ties, but she couldn’t get free. A pair of scissors appeared in Reid’s hands. Still not saying a word, Reid came closer and closer. Ursula watched, panicked at to what he might do and how she was powerless to stop him.

Reid grabbed the front of her t-shirt and pulled it away from her. Then in one long snip he cut it in two right down the centre. A gasp and moan left Ursula’s lips when her nipples were finally set free. They were aching to be touched and she tried pulling herself from the beam again to get at them herself. Reid’s large hands covered her pert, little mounds sending jolts of pleasure through her as her nipples were massaged by Reid’s palms.

Ursula could feel her pussy dripping her hot juices down her thighs. She needed to cum and she needed to be fucked. Reid’s thick pole between his legs was rubbing against her body and she craved to feel it inside her.

“Please, please just fuck me! Take my hot pussy, it’s yours whenever you want just fuck me, shit, fuck my ass if you want just PLEASE give me your cock!” Ursula could not believe what she was saying, she didn’t care. All she knew was, if she didn’t get Reid’s cock, and soon, she was going to go crazy.

Then Reid started to suck, hard, on her hard, pink nipples. Groping her small breasts as he did so. Ursula, in her state of etimesgut escort ecstasy could feel the head of his cock now rubbing against her soaked pussy lips. She tried thrusting her hips forward to get it inside her, but she only succeeded in making the throbbing monster massage her clit as she rubbed up and down.

Reid’s mouth felt amazing, his tongue swirling around her nipples and breasts, Ursula could feel her orgasm brewing. She tried to hold back as long as she could. Reid seemed to notice her situation and pulled away from her hanging body entirely!

“NO!” Ursula screamed! She knew she was acting and sounding like a complete slut, but she just plain didn’t care. She had not thought of her husband since he disappeared and now there was a young man, whom she hardly knew, standing right there in front of her, a massive cock she craved to have inside her and she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Please, I’m begging you, fuck me right now and I’ll be your slut at your beck and call. Just PLEASE give me your cock!”

Reid just smiled at her and got on his knees. Ursula could already feel her juices running freely between her smooth thighs. Biting her bottom lip, not wanting to give Reid the satisfaction of knowing how close she was to cumming when he had barely touched her, she couldn’t stop her body’s natural reaction when Reid covered her pussy with his mouth and darted his tongue in and out of her dripping hole.

With a long suck and his tongue fucking her, Reid brought Ursula to a long awaited, screaming orgasm!

“ho-LY FUCK!! Oh fuck, Oh FUCK, oh FUCKING HELL!” she screamed as her body convulsed again and again. Ursula looked down and Reid was no longer there, but behind her, his cock vertical between them, nestled between her buttocks, one of his hands toying with her nipples, the other rubbing her clit feverishly.

That was it. Ursula felt her knees go weak, the only thing holding her up was the fact her wrists were still tied above her head. She felt her pussy throb just before a stream of cum squirted out of her. One almighty gush of her hot, wet juices. The release was mixed with her whole body shaking as her orgasm continued. Reid never stopped playing with her used body, and before Ursula could do anything her pussy squirted again.

A large puddle of her cum formed at her feet and as she tried to straighten herself up she was stepping in it. It felt so hot she couldn’t believe it. What she also could not believe was how her body did not seem satisfied with the orgasms that had just racked through it. She still needed more. She still needed to feel stuffed beyond any shadow of a doubt!

With her body still shaking, Reid stood in front of her, stroking his massive penis. Ursula looked at it hungrily, licking her lips. She wanted to feel it inside her, feel it throb, explode, and in one quick action she got her wish. Gripping her slim hips, Reid rammed his rod deep inside Ursula’s tight wet pussy. Ursula screamed again as she felt like she was going to split in two.

She felt Reid stop with his entire wide length buried to the hilt. With him thrusting up, Ursula was pushed up onto her tip-toes, having never felt so full before in her life. She could feel the thick veins of Reid’s cock throbbing inside her and a mini orgasm shivered through her.

Squeezing her ass tightly, Reid started thrusting in and out. Long powerful strokes, his heavy balls slapping against Ursula’s dripping pussy. She was in heaven, her body filled with animalistic pleasure. She strained at her ties, wanting to break free and hold Reid in her arms as he pile drived into her again and again.

When he leaned forward and sucked on her neck, Ursula felt another powerful orgasm surge through her. Reid had pulled out his cock just as she squirted for a third time, covering his cock and balls with her hot, wet juices. Hunger and lust did not even begin to describe the look in Ursula’s eyes when she saw Reid’s mammoth dick dripping with her cum. She wanted to see it explode.

“Please fuck me till you ankara etimesgut escort cum! I want to feel you go inside me!” She begged, thinking he was going to shove it up her aching pussy once again. Her eyes bugged when Reid walked around behind her. “He wouldn’t really would he?” she asked herself. Then Reid said something for the first time,

“You said anywhere, my little slut.”

A mixture of pleasure, shock and confusion flowed through Ursula. Pleasure at being called his ‘little slut’, shock when she realised that she had said he could fuck her ass, and confusion at how that monster between Reid’s legs would fit!

She felt Reid grab her hips again, this time pulling them back towards him. Then, with a hand on each buttock, she felt Reid pull her cheeks apart. Ursula was excited and panicked beyond belief as for the first time ever she felt a cock pressing against her virgin asshole. And not just any cock. The biggest cock she had ever seen.

Biting her lower lip to keep from screaming the walls down, Ursula tried to relax her muscles as much as possible to allow Reid to ease his round, purple head inside her. She could feel him struggling to open her up, but he just wouldn’t stop pushing, and part of her didn’t want him to.

She was turning into a slut and she knew it. Suddenly, Reid’s soft cock head was fully inside her ass and Ursula felt like she was going to burst. But not stopping there she felt Reid force more of himself inside her. Grabbing her hips tightly and pushing for all he was worth. Tears formed in Ursula’s eyes, the pain fast being outweighed by pleasure as Reid’s slick cock stretched open her ass more than it ever should be.

She heard Reid grunting as he started thrusting gently and before long she felt his heavy balls slapping her buttocks. Ursula couldn’t speak, nor do very much of anything, the feeling of Reid’s member totally filling her ass blanked out any coherent thought.

A few more thrusts and Ursula felt her orgasm brewing again, just as Reid growled,

“Here it is my slut!”

“Oh god! Not in my ASS!” Ursula thought, but it was too late. With a force that almost pushed her tight body right off his dick, Reid exploded. He dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum deep inside her ass with the first squirt alone. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, Ursula felt Reid pull out, his cum leaking out of her stretched ass hole.

It wasn’t over, still shooting rope after rope of hot, thick cum, Reid got in front of her, covering Ursula’s stomach with his spunk before driving his still shooting cock inside her used pussy. Ursula was overcome with sensations. Her pussy filled again with the most glorious cock ever as it unloaded more and more of his seed deep inside her.

Ursula screamed as her body reacted and sent another orgasm flowing through her. A few quick, filling thrusts from Reid into her clenching pussy and she suddenly felt the ribbons disappear! With her legs too weak to hold her up, Ursula dropped to her knees right in front of Reid’s exploding monster. His thick cum splattered all over her face and almost instinctively she opened her mouth and swallowed the last of it.

Reid’s orgasm had only lasted a few seconds, but to Ursula it seemed hours. And when she regained some thought Reid was gone from the room. She sat there in a puddle of her own hot juices, thick cum leaking out of her ass and pussy, more covering her body and face and what felt like a bellyful that she had swallowed.

All she had on was her cut t-shirt and as a cool breeze excited her erect nipples Ursula felt like she should be disgusted with herself. She was a married woman and she had just turned into a total cum slut! What was worse was, she didn’t feel disgusted at all.

Ursula woke with a start, sitting bolt upright. Her t-shit clung to her sweaty body and her knickers were soaked through where her pussy had been soaking them. The hunger deep inside her was back. She looked over at her husband still asleep. She didn’t want to cheat on him again, but once more wouldn’t hurt if her found out would it? The craving to have the boy, Reid, cover her and fill her with his cum was too great.

No, if her husband didn’t find out, one time with Reid would be ok, just to get it out of her system…

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