Release Me!

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The day, felt like a year. Her mood was as miserable as the ongoing windy, rainy weather. She stared out of the window and watched the rain lash against the glass pane. She could do with being lashed in a completely different way.

Closing her eyes she thought about him and him, which one would guarantee ecstasy? She wanted to move her hands over her body and appreciate herself, although someone else’s hands would be much better. Clenching her teeth, she held her frustration within herself, she wanted him to show the desire he once showed. She wanted to feel like a goddess, of infinite desire. His fingers were always magical and his thirst for her pussy juice, made her tingle.

She snapped out of her little world, when her colleague walked into the room, he was still bright and smiley despite the challenging long day. She could feel his eyes, gazing at her, she loved it, knowing he admired her womanly figure. She knew she had curves in all the right places. Standing up, she held her head up high, as she knew he would still be admiring her and probably undressing her with his eyes.

She checked her phone and brightened up when she saw the message. ‘When do you finish? Biting her lip, she replied instantly, she needed time alone with Karl. Within minutes, she was driving home.

As soon as she walked through the door, she made a cup of tea as she thought about what she would wear and where she would be, when he arrived. Texting him, ‘the doors open’. She slid out of her work clothes, and slipped on her black lacy lingerie and stilettos.

She laid down on her bed, legs up and apart and her head in a book, she read as if she was an innocent scholar with no notions of sexual desires. Soon she was in her own little world, lost güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in her book.

His lips touched her so softly, she tingled as she felt his lips on her arse, closely followed by a couple of spanks. He gripped her hips, and moved his hands up her body.

He was in heaven, he couldn’t believe his eyes as he walked into her room. She looked fabulously and irresistible, and as he kissed her, the scent of her pussy juice sent electric shocks through him. He kissed her arse, then moved up her back slowly to her neck, and he felt her body arch as she felt his touch. She was a sexy bitch. He explored her body with his hands, taking in her soft skin and vanilla scented perfume. Fuck he needed to be in her.

Without hesitation, he fingered her, nice and softly at first so he could fell her clit and wetness, then a little harder. She was dripping in no time, he leant forward and licked her pussy. Her clit was already swollen, and so wet, her pussy tasted so good. He could feel her tensing and slithering and as she murmured louder; he felt her body flinch and tense, as her pussy juice gushed into his mouth. In seconds she was tensing again, she had the pillow stuffed in her mouth, to muffle her moans. She thrusted herself into his face, and he fucked her pussy with his tongue. He withdrew, and knelt up and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, she knelt up and her arse was up in front of him. He took her from behind, he pushed in deep and she pushed back, fuck she wanted this so much. Her body tensed again, her back arched he could feel her cuming, she felt so good, he gritted his teeth as he held himself back from cuming.

“Fucking horny bitch! You’re such a sexy bitch…” he spat out as he withdrew güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she turned over. She knelt in front of him, looked him in the eye, before she moved towards his throbbing cock. She licked the tip of his cock, he clenched his teeth. It felt so fucking good. She licked him and sucked him so tenderly and her murmuring made it an incredible unforgettable blowjob. But he didn’t want to cum yet.

She moved back. Knelt up, the black lingerie made her skin so white, it was as pure as snow. Horny bitch!

He reached around her, unclasping her bra. Her jugs dropped out like perfect pear drops, looking good and tasty. He moved forward, getting his target first time, he pushed himself in hard. Holding his head up, he took her left nipple in his mouth. He suckled her, as she opened her eyes and watched him. She could feel him deep inside her and she admired his enthusiasm for her nipple as she watched him. She forced her bust forward, as she raised her left hand and stroked the other tit, before pushing the nipple to her mouth. Looking down, she suckled one nipple as he devoured the other, until she flexed her body, arched her back and came again…

Suckling her tit, she wanted to cum again, so she slipped her hand down between her legs, she could feel his shaft inside her, and began to rub her clit. He raised his head, looked at the horny bitch and watched her rub her own clit, she was soon gasping out loud as she came again. She rubbed her love juice over her nipples before licking her own fingers. He had to kiss her hard, as she released that irresistible tongue. She was on heat and full of desire, as their tongues fought within the entwined mouths. Their passion ignited each other and güvenilir bahis şirketleri their tongues slowed down and played playfully.

As they kissed he lay on top of her and opened his eyes wide, and her eyes were wide open and stared at him. His hair was short and neat, her long hair was loose around the frame of her face. Their tongues played friskily as she took in her own scent, she tasted good, and she could feel his hunger for her. AS their tongues parted, he kissed her neck and sweetly and teasingly trailed his tongue up towards her ear. She tingled as he bushed his tongue across her ear, she held him tight as she took in his scent. They were lost within each other. Lost in desire, lust and an ecstasy of chemistry.

“My turn.” she whispered.

He turned over onto his back, laid next to her whilst still feeling the softness and pureness of her skin. She was soon straddled over him, she slipped his cock into her easily. She looked down at him. He was now all his, her turn to tease and lure is passion further. She sat back, and he thrust his hips making two become one, as she groaned she leaned forward, and her tits hung in front of his face. He reached his tongue out towards her nipples, she pushed her breasts together and he flickered his tongue across her nipples. She closed her eyes and murmured. He could see from the sweetness of her face, she fucking loved it! He then clamped one nipple between his teeth, nipped and pulled at it with his teeth, she squirmed as she took in his, rough yet tender touch. She moved herself to the side, making him release one nipple and forcing him to pay attention to the other. Her hips tensed, as she felt her spine and her legs tingle. She sat up, and in harmony they thrust against each other as she sat up straight and gazed down upon him. As she moved both her hands up and across her tits, she held both nipples firmly, kneading them between each finger and thumb. She played and played, as she enjoyed feeling her eyes watching her, she felt him thrust his hips up. Fuck…she didn’t want this to end!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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