Religion and Sex

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I’m a big guy, six foot three inches, 220 pounds, blond hair and a ruddy complexion. My Dad was a lumberjack, spent his entire life, up to now, in the lumber harvesting business. Norwegian background. I worked lumbering starting in junior high school, through summer breaks in college. Lots of hard work. I was raised in a very small community. less than a thousand people. I was also raised in a fairly fundamental protestant religion, attending the only church in town.

This story is really about my adapting my basic religious beliefs to the real world. In my early years, I knew as a fact that people had sex only after marriage. God made it enjoyable, to encourage reproduction and the continuation of the species. But it was for marriage only and anything else was sinful. I knew there were strumpets but they were evil, sinful, There was even a girl in my small school that got pregnant and she and her family left town and I never heard of her again.

So, I carried this belief into college. Adjusting to living amidst a much larger number of people than I was used to was difficult. Living in a dorm full of guys took a lot of adapting. The class work was never a problem, I was used to working hard, studying hard. Girls were a definite distraction. There were a lot of extremely attractive girls around and I wasn’t used to that. For some reason, they mostly seemed to be very nice to me, to like me I guess.

My first big lesson about sex happened about six months into college. Four of us guys went to a bar. A big bar. There was recorded music, girls, people dancing. I found it very easy to down beer, lots of beer. Then a very attractive girl asked me to dance. I had never danced, in fact thought it was something bad. Good people didn’t dance. I told her I couldn’t dance but a combination of her and the beer got me out onto the dance floor. Then this girl was almost climbing on me. She had her arms around me and pressed up tight against me. I could feel the shape of her breasts, her stomach, her hips, as they pressed against me. I was extremely embarrassed because I got a hard-on. A huge hard-on. As it developed this girl rubbed against it. It had to be on purpose, I realized. She started calling me Studley. I never learned her name. And even though I told her my name wasn’t Studley, it was Robert, she called me Studley several times.

Then she said we should stop dancing and she led me off the floor. She stopped at a table and picked up a couple paper napkins and then led me into a side room, a dark room. It was only a few feet from a lot of people but nobody else was in there. Nothing but tables and chairs, all the lights off. Dark, just light coming in from the other room. She sat me down on a chair and sat on my lap, facing me. Her legs were on either side of me. She kissed me. I had never kissed a girl and I had no idea what to do, so I did nothing. It didn’t stop her. She reached down between us, raising her self some with her legs, and unzipped my pants and reached in and grabbed my cock. She pulled it out into the open and sort of moaned or made a small noise and told me I was very big. Using her other hand she apparently pushed her panties aside as I think back, although at the time I was sort of in a daze, not realizing at all what was going on. She then raised herself again some and moved a little and started sitting back down. I could feel my cock pushing its way through some sort of dense, damp, semi-solid of some sort. Whatever it was fit around me so tight it pulled my foreskin back a lot, almost hurting but somehow feeling very good at the same time.

She’s telling me that I feel so good inside her, filling her up, and then she’s sort of bouncing on me and I can feel what I now realize is her insides massaging my cock. Massaging it all over, moving on it. I should have just stood up and pulled her away, I realize looking back but I didn’t. It was all so surprising. And, it all felt very good. I knew what it was to cum. I knew it was a sin but I had jerked off before. The girl started making moaning noises in my ear and her insides seemed to ripple on my cock, squeeze it even tighter and let go and squeeze again, over and over, and that made me cum. Cum inside her. She told me how great I was and took the paper napkins she brought and put them against herself where my cock had been in her, pulled her pants back in place, and got off me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me back to a standing position and told me I needed to zip up. So I push my cock back in and zip and we go back into the other room again.

By then I knew what we had done. I had learned the anatomy of people and wasn’t stupid, except in the ways of the world. I really looked at her. She was actually pretty. Maybe not the most beautiful I had ever seen but attractive. And she was grinning, she was happy, she liked what we had just done. But I realized she was a strumpet. She had probably been sent by the devil to tempt me and she had succeeded. I left. I still don’t know her name. But I realized I was no longer a virgin, ankara escort I could never present myself to a prospective wife as a virgin. I was permanently harmed.

I told my room mate back at the dorm what happened. He wanted to know who the girl was so he could go find her but I had no idea. I didn’t even know if she went to the college or not. I told him how what had happened was so wrong as far as my beliefs were. He didn’t laugh but looking back I think he almost did. He told me that every day millions of unmarried people were having sex. Girls take a pill that lets them accept male semen without getting pregnant. For some people, it’s an extremely enjoyable pastime. Getting naked and using each other’s bodies is fun. If I don’t believe that, I don’t need to do it but all those people aren’t doomed to Hell as far as he was concerned. He asked me if I had liked it and I had to admit that I did. It felt very good. Did I really believe that some how I was now less than I was before. I did feel that way, that it had h armed me some how.

He never convinced me, my beliefs were too strong, but I did realize that lots of people were having sex and seemed very normal about it. Just because they were different than me didn’t mean they were evil, they just had different beliefs, like different religions have. I also couldn’t help but notice how attractive so many girls were and I did wonder if they were having sex with someone and I would regularly get erections that embarrassed me.

There was a girl in my class, Elaine, that was very nice. She was easy to talk to, laughed a lot and we got along fine. She wore a lot of loose clothes. Never dressed as if she was trying to tempt me or anyone. I got along with her to the point we would often have soft drinks or snacks at the college Union. One late afternoon we were at the Union and it started raining really hard. She mentioned about how she had to get a half dozen blocks to her apartment and the heavy rain would soak her. I had planned ahead and had an umbrella so I agreed to walk her home, us sharing the umbrella, then I could come back on my own. So we started along and everything was fine. We were talking and laughing and not getting too wet, although it’s never perfect under an umbrella. We could see her apartment building, it was less than a block now. We also could see that the rain had washed a lot of dirt, mud, across the sidewalk just ahead of us. There was too much traffic to go out in the street so we decided to try and walk though the mud. It didn’t look that deep or anything.

We started through. I don’t remember now whether it was her or me but one of us slipped and grabbed the other and we were both down in the mud. As we tried to get up we kept slipping and grabbing each other to try and help or be helped. We’re both very soaked and very muddy. But we both laughed about it and headed on the little bit to her apartment. She suggested that as soon as we were in her apartment we should leave our shoes at the door. Then I was to go into the bathroom and take off all my clothes and put them outside the bathroom door and go ahead and take a shower to get clean. She would take our clothes downstairs to the laundry room and put them in a washing machine, then later a dryer. So that’s what I did. I never thought about the fact that I was about to be naked in her apartment for an hour or two while the clothes got washed and dried. I heard her outside the door so I opened it slightly and looked out. She had on a robe and said she would be back in a couple minutes.

I looked at her shower, over a tub with a pull-cloth to keep the water from the bathroom floor, found the soap and decided to do as she suggested and take a shower. It took a little while for the water to get hot. It finally was as I liked it. I stood under the hot water and moved around getting wet all over. I picked up the soap and started to wash myself with my bare hands. I had seen only one wash cloth and didn’t think I should use it, it was hers. Then, huge surprise. Shock almost. The curtain got pulled back slightly and Elaine stepped over the side of the tub, completely naked. The first thing I noticed was that she had a terrific body. She always wore such shapeless clothes I hadn’t realized it. Very large breasts. Big nipples. Perhaps slightly heavier than models would be but still with a slim waist and a rounded stomach. Dark patch of hair between her legs. Same pretty face. Same smile.

She looked at me, reached a hand behind my neck and pulled me to her and down a little and kissed me on my lips. My second kiss with a girl. “Give me the soap,” she said. She then started washing my shoulders and chest. I start getting an erection. She can’t help but notice it. She washed down my stomach and said, “Turn around.” I turned. She washed my back, my butt. She kneeled and washed my legs. “Lift” she said as she held a foot, so I did and she washed it. Same with the other foot. “Turn around” she said so I did. I’m fully erect and it’s right at her face level. She looked up at etimesgut escort me and grinned and then used the soap and her hands to wash my cock and my balls, reaching up between my legs toward my butt. She held everything up so the water can rinse me and then she kissed the head of my cock. I can’t help it, my cock jumps a little. Then she started putting her lips around the head and holding the base of my cock with her hand. She had to really spread her mouth open because my cock is so big around.

She started moving her hand like she’s jerking me off except she can’t run the whole length because about a fourth of it is in her mouth and she’s licking and sucking me. Her other hand sort of played with my balls. She started moving her lips back and forth on my cock, like she’s using them to jerk me off. Her hand is also moving, jerking me off, right behind and then ahead of her lips as they move back and forth. It was amazing, I’d never had anything that felt like this. I liked it. I more than liked it. I told her that I liked it and her eyes flicked up at me and her mouth’s shape changed a little like maybe she’s smiling except her mouth is stretched pretty wide to take my cock in. It doesn’t take long and I cum. I shoot off over and over inside her mouth. She seems to just keep sucking me but finally pulls back a little just holding my cock and looking at it, smiling. Then she looked up at me, picked up the soap that’s been laying on the bottom of the tub, stands up and said, “Your turn.”

I try and do what she did. But as I wash her breasts I can’t help myself, I take a lot more time than is needed to just wash them. They feel great. “Go ahead, kiss it,” she said, so I leaned down and kissed a breast, “”Kiss the nipple,” she said. So I did. “Suck on it,” she said, so I did. She just lets me suck awhile and then said, “The same with the other one,” so I moved over and held it and sucked the nipple. She never stopped me but after a short while I realized I need to wash her so I did her stomach and then she turned so I could do her back. I had to kneel to get to her butt and legs. She had lovely round, firm but pliable cheeks on her butt, really shapely legs, some muscle in there. She lifted one foot and then the other and I washed them, Then she turned.

Her crotch was right in front of me. Hairy. She lifted her left leg and put her thigh on my shoulder. “Wash me,” she said. So I reached in and washed her there. Sort of wrinkled skin in the middle with hair, mostly above it but on each side, too. She reached down and used both hands and pulled the wrinkled area open. I can see it’s pink and red inside her. “Use your tongue,” she said, “Lick me there.” I looked up at her. “C’mon,” she said, “I got you off now you have to get me off. Lick me.” I leaned forward and put my tongue out as much as I could and licked up and down in her. “Yes,” she said, “Like that.” I licked some more. “Give me your right hand,” she said, so I lifted it up. She moved one hand away from herself. “Keep licking,” she said, so I do. “Palm up,” she said as she tried to turn my hand over. She held two of my fingers and pulled my hand up under my chin. She moved my hand until I’m touching her inside pink area.

Push a little,” she said. I did and I can feel my fingers actually go inside her. “Slide them in as far as you can,” she said. I did. “Now start sliding them back and forth some, keeping them inside me.” I did that. She moans. “Lick right there,” she said. So I did. “Feel that shape?” she asked. I could feel it with my tongue. “Lick it fast, back and forth,” so I did. “Yeah,” she said. I kept licking. “Keep moving your fingers,” she said. Then in a couple seconds she said, “That shape you’re licking. Can you grab it with your lips and pull it a little?” It actually is big enough that I can. She moans louder. “Suck on it,” she said. I was sliding my fingers in and out and sucking on the shape and she had her hand on the back of my head pushing me into her until I wondered if I could breath right.

Then her hips started moving, sort of jerking. I could feel fluid coming around my fingers. “”Suck my whole pussy,” she said. I can’t figure it out. “Pull out your fingers, grab me with your mouth and suck” she almost yelled. I did that. I could taste I’m getting some of that fluid. It’s o.k., not bad at all. I liked it. Why would I like this? It doesn’t make sense but it’s obvious she loved it. She made odd noises, like she’s gasping for breath and at the same time sort of moaned or yelled. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me away. “If that’s your first time, you’re a quick learner.” As I stood up she put her arms around me and kissed me again. I put my arms around her. I could feel her naked body against me. She then reached around and turned the water off.

We dried each other. I’d never felt quite like this before. I’m really interested in her. We got into her bedroom and she had me lay on my back on the bed. She climbed on next to me and grabbed my cock, which is back being erect again. “You have a magnificent cock, ankara etimesgut escort Robert,” she said. “The largest I’ve ever touched.” Then she climbed over me, straddling me, moved herself with her legs until she’s right above my cock, then aimed it by holding it and started dropping down, forcing my cock up into her. Like the time with that girl in the bar, she’s so tight that it feels as if it’s going to pull my foreskin off. She sort of looked up and made sighing sounds as she slowly lowered herself, stopping and rising a little and then dropping some more until she’s sitting on me. She looked down at me. “You really fill me,” she said, grinning. She started moving her hips and then leaned forward, putting both arms out to support herself.

She’s somehow moving her hips so that I could feel myself going all the way into her and then partly out, over and over. Those large breasts were hanging in front of me. I reached and put a hand to each and felt them, held them. I did a slight sit up to get my mouth to a nipple and sucked on it while she continued to ride me. I moved to her other nipple. She rode me for a fairly long time. I hd to admit that I liked it. More than liked it. I had momentary thoughts that it’s all wrong but my liking it is much stronger. She’s not quiet. I really couldn’t describe what she said, it’s unintelligible. Moans, little screams, gasps, changing but moving in synch with her hips moving on me. Then she did almost scream and her insides started grasping my cock. I could feel fluid leaking around my cock. She stopped riding me and held still and screamed some, then looked down at me with a big smile and sort of lay on me. My cock was still in her. She laid there for just a moment and sat up slightly. “You’re still hard,” she said and I nodded. “O.k., let’s see if we can roll,” she said. She laid back down, put her arms around me and pushed with a leg and we started to roll over. I think I’m too much of a weight because she made it and I’m only part way and I’m out of her. “Come here,” she said, so I did, sort of climbing on her. She spread her legs on either side of me, moving her knees awkwardly up towards her shoulders, and reached down between us to grab my cock “Just push with your hips,: she said. I did and all of a sudden I’m sliding into her.

“Fuck me,” she said. Maybe it’s second nature, probably it’s because I knew what she just did to me, but I started pushing all the way in and then sliding partly out. It’s all so tight, it’s actually a little hard to move my cock inside her. But it also felt so terrific to have her insides holding me all over as I moved. She’s kissing my chest, her arms are around me and soon she has her legs up over me, her heels on my butt. She’s moaning again, in synch with my thrusts into her. Then I could tell that I’m going to cum. I did. I pushed all the way into her and just held it as I shoot out several times. I pulled back to get my face to hers and kiss her, which caused my cock to slide out of her. I kissed her and she kisses back. “You’ve even learned to kiss,” she says. “You never did this before, did you?” I tell her that I hadn’t. She said, “Well you’re damn good at it. That was about the best fuck of my life. I guess because it’s definitely the best cock of my life.” Then she said, “I’ve got to go clean myself up a little. Then I’ll go down and move out clothes to the dryer. “Don’t go away because we aren’t done.”

I waited, it didn’t take long. Besides, I’m naked with no clothes, there isn’t much of anything I can do but wait. I knew I was a sinner. What we did was all wrong. But it was so good. I know I’m going to do more. I liked it too much even though it’s sinful. Elaine came back, naked, and joined me on the bed. “I can’t marry you,” I said to her.

She grinned. “You can’t? Why not?”

“Because you’ve had sex out side of marriage, which is wrong.”

“But you did, too.” She told me.

“Yes, I did, and I’m a sinner. I will have a very difficult time finding a girl to marry me since I’ve done this.”

“Well, Robert, don’t worry as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to marry you. I still have two years of college ahead of me and then I should spend another two or three years proving that I can earn a living, establish a place in life. Maybe then I can think about getting married and having children.”

“So you didn’t do this to get me to marry you?”

She grinned again. “No, not at all. You’re not the first I’ve done this with and hopefully not the last. I will say that you have the best cock I’ve ever run across so if you’d ever loosen up, you’d make a great sex partner. You know, you’ve already sinned. What difference can it make if you sin a little more. Once or a hundred times, what difference does it make. Besides, didn’t you like what we did?”

“I loved what we did. And I guess you’re right that I’m already fallen, it can’t make any difference now whether I do it more.” I kissed her and felt her breast. Then I slid my hand down between her legs to feel her there. “I’ve never been naked with a girl before. You have a beautiful body. I love your body and how it feels. You seem to like my cock. Well, I feel the same about you down there. I find it all very appealing. Can I lick you there again? For some reason I liked that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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