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Helen lay quietly masturbating. Not the urgent self-pleasuring of someone in need, but rather the contented playing of an already satisfied woman. Her left hand was just gently squeezing and kneading her breasts while her right traced lazy circles around the still hard nub of her clitoris and her mouth smiled from her recollection of the previous couple of hours. It was less than twenty minutes since her lover had risen from her bed, planting affectionate kisses on each nipple before he left, and she knew from past experience that she could prolong the warm afterglow of their exertions for a good while yet, with luck maybe even inducing another climax to really round off the day!

He was a good lover, strong and assertive yet gentle and patient, attentive to her needs yet demanding of his own, never forcing her but somehow always taking her that one step further, and his lovemaking always provided her with the material from which to fashion many a fantasy to later fuel her busy fingers.

And yet when they had first met he had seemed a very unlikely candidate for lover of the year, just one of a number of men she had contacted via an adult dating website, and by no means one of the most promising ones at that. She smiled to herself at the thoughts of that website and mentally winced a little at the same time at her naivety in joining it. Even so, the memories made her fingers pick up a little speed and begin a just slightly more determined advance on her clit.

Helen had joined when her husband, never the most exciting or imaginative lover at the best of times, lost all interest in her as a woman as his health began to decline. She had married him for better and for worse, so there was no way that she would desert him now, but she saw no reason to shut up shop just because he had and, in any case, she had often thought about the things she knew other women did in bed and wondered what she might be missing.

So she had taken to her computer to find herself an alternative and had joined a (very) adult dating service. She had spent literally hours mulling over the wording for her profile, finally settling for “tall, slim lady, late forties (well, it sounded better than forty-nine, didn’t it?), seeks good looking, discreet, adventurous, lover to put some excitement back into her sex life, similar age group preferred.” She had thought with that simple phrasing that she had covered everything without giving too much away, but, oh boy was she wrong! For one thing she had never thought to specify a male lover and soon found that pretty much every dyke in town belonged to that selfsame website! Besides that, the phrase “similar age group” seemed to cover anywhere from eighteen to eighty and the word “adventurous” unleashed every perversion known. At first Helen was shocked at some of the replies she received, but she soon learned to ignore the simply obscene, to laugh at the ridiculous and, to her surprise, even to give serious consideration to activities she would previously never have dreamt of trying! Indeed, wondering if she really dare and how she much she might enjoy them, had given her fingers, by then her only reliable source of sexual entertainment, new life.

It must be said that the memory of that time was having much the same effect now, nearly three years later. Her pussy, still wet from its earlier exercise, became more slippery still as she went over the reply letters again in her head and her fingers responded accordingly. There were, of course, a few replies that had turned her off rather than on – like Greg, the man who wanted her to meet Tyson, who was indeed a boxer, but one with four legs, teeth, and a growl! Bestiality never was, nor would be, within her aspirations. Nor were the needs of another man – whom she actually recognised from his profile as a local taxi driver – who wanted her to squat over him and shit in his face! To the rather naïve Helen of three years ago, these men were just unbelievably perverted, and even now they made her fingers to pause in their gyrations.

But the pause was only very temporary, her mind soon moved on to the “hmm, well maybe” and the “oh yes please” categories of reply and her fingers began their work once more. The ‘maybes’ were really only ‘don’t knows’ on their way to being ‘yes pleases’ as she became more adventurous and experienced, but at first they were a source of anticipatory excitement, her heart pounding at the possibilities.

Her own fascination for a few “maybe” men, such as Daniel, who wanted to tie her to his bed and tease her to orgasm, or Steve, who was into the dogging scene, worried her a little at first, especially as she had little idea what “dogging” entailed, but she was eventually to pluck up the courage to dive right in for both, with very enjoyable results! Sometimes she got things a little wrong of course, although in the case of Brian, who offered the chance for her to enjoy two lovers at once but neglected to say that the second lover would be another woman, this turned casino oyna out to be a ‘good’ mistake to make. A very shocked Helen was amazed to find that after her first taste of pussy she was determined it was not to be her last, and nor was it! Even now memories of that evening brought a groan from her lips and a twitch from her hips. Her excitement grew and she plunged her fingers into her own pussy, thrusting several times deeply into herself before returning her attentions to her now throbbing clitoris.

There was also Matt, the submissive, whose real name turned out to be Liam, but who liked to be called ‘Matt’, on account of his preference for being treated as a sexual ‘doormat’. Though Helen didn’t particularly rate the pun, she did rather fancy having a sex slave to order around and so he was quickly promoted from a ‘maybe’ to a ‘yes please’. Matt’s mirror image was Tony, who didn’t want to seduce a woman, just to demand the use of her body. Tony was very much the dominant, and Helen was to find pleasure in yielding up responsibility for her body and her actions to him and allowing him to do with her as he wished, Tony turned out to have quite an imagination and Helen’s memory lingered on some of their times together.

Then there was the other group of replies. Those given an immediate ‘yes’ rating because they produced an instant reaction from her body. Of these, Andy wanted to explore the pleasures of anal sex with her, and as Helen had regularly fantasized about that, she had instantly felt the need for that exploration to happen. Both he and it lived up to her expectations! Another was Graham, who believed (as Helen thought she did) that pain and pleasure were two sides of the same coin, and went on to prove it.

She pinched hard on her right nipple as a reminder, pulling on it until she groaned at both the remembered and present very pleasurable pain. Another orgasm was now becoming a distinct and imminent possibility!

And of course, there was Gordon. Dear, sweet, shy Gordon. How could she ever fantasise of those times and leave Gordon out. Gordon, whose idea of “adventurous” apparently was to rent a motel room for the day for them to meet in.

Helen recalled agreeing to meet in that motel, the very sleaziness of such a meeting enticing her to it. Gordon had turned out to be a short, mid forties, sandy haired, bespectacled man with a slight paunch and a shy smile. The epitome of a schoolteacher in fact, though he actually ran a roadside burger van! For some thirty minutes or so they had done nothing but make small talk with absolutely no sexual overtones whatever. From it Helen had learned that Gordon was a divorced father of two daughters and had been living in a small flat alone for the past three years, and had had little success with the ladies. He had told her also of his passion for genealogy and of his collection of jazz music, and that he was building a ‘kit car’ in his garage and that it would take ‘ages yet’! She had also learned, from a response in her ‘lower regions’, that she was quite prepared to have sex with him and just wished he would get on with it and make some sort of move on her. But just when she had come to the conclusion that she’d have to seduce him herself, he had abruptly stopped wittering on, looked hard at her for a second or two and then blurted out, “Do you masturbate?”

To say she was caught out by the sudden and unexpected question was an understatement. Her face must have been a picture, and Gordon, seemingly sure he’d put his foot in it, proceeded to go ahead and try to insert the other.

“I do” he had said. “There’s nothing wrong with it, nothing to be ashamed of. I mean it’s quite natural you know. Everybody does it sometimes. It acts as a kind of relief valve when you have nobody!” He seemed determined to blather on, as if trying to justify himself, but Helen stopped him.

“Yes” She had said.

Gordon had looked at her in silence for a few moments, clearly trying to pluck up the courage for what came next.

Then the next bombshell had dropped! “Would you do it now, while I watch you?”

Her jaw had dropped, her eyes had become wide, her heartbeat had become rapid, her nipples hard, her pussy wet, – and she had discovered that she would. In fact, she had suddenly known that she very much wanted to!

“Yes, – but only if you do it too!”

Helen had been surprised at her own boldness, but also very excited when he agreed. No-one, not even her husband, had ever seen her at play, and nor had she ever seen anyone else. But she had so often fantasized about watching a man come, and this was her chance! Even three years on, having since witnessed numerous male orgasms, Helen could still remember the surge that went through her at that moment – a surge that was duplicating itself right now.

Helen consciously calmed herself down, slowing the frantic strumming of her fingers back to the lazy motions of a little earlier and deliberately relaxing her grip upon slot oyna her rather bruised nipple. She did not want to spoil her trip down her sexual memory lane with too early an orgasm. She was determined that in her minds eye she would go over the full course of that initial afternoon session with Gordon.

“How would you like to be?” Gordon had asked, apparently surrendering control of the day to Helen.

“Naked would be good!” She had replied with sudden confidence. “You take this chair and I’ll lie on the bed.”

The motel room had been equipped with the two mandatory nondescript armchairs and the one in which Helen had sat obliquely faced the foot of the bed. She had risen then and crossed to the side of the bed, leaving the chair vacant for Gordon’s use.

Faced with disrobing in front of a stranger her new found assuredness had unexpectedly deserted her and she had hesitated after undoing just the first few buttons of her shirt, standing motionless and uncertain. She was only too aware that her stomach was no longer as flat as it once was and nor were her breasts as pert. But screwing up her courage after a couple of year-long seconds Helen had turned her back to Gordon and continued undressing. Finally naked she had turned to the bed, glancing sideways at Gordon as she did do. Already undressed and sitting in the chair as instructed, he was sporting a large and obviously rock hard, erection, and making no attempt to hide it. “If ‘shy’ Gordon can do that, I can do it too,” Helen had thought to herself and she had climbed determinedly onto the bed, roughed up the two pillows against the usual imitation leather headboard, leaned back against them and deliberately opened her legs to her audience. Helen had looked Gordon straight in the eye, praised the foresight that had made her closely trim her pubic bush that morning and moved her hand unhurriedly to her pussy, parting its lips and giving him a perfect view of an open and rapidly lubricating cunt.

“Ready?” She had asked, trying hard to keep her voice steady.

Dry mouthed with anticipation, Gordon had nodded his answer and, taking his cock between the thumb and first two fingers of his right hand he began to slowly wank himself, his eyes never leaving Helen’s. Seeing this she had begun to slowly rub her clitoris with her first two fingers, her eyes also locked on Gordon’s and only her peripheral vision showing her what he was doing. For several minutes they had continued in that way, each silently watching the other’s eyes, conscious of the movements of the other but never directly watching their partner’s actions, the room silent except for their deepening breathing and the slight noises of fingers in motion. Gordon had broken the stare first, closing his eyes and leaning his head back for a few seconds, his stroke lengthening and his breathing heavier. When he had opened his eyes again he was looking directly at Helens pussy, watching her fingers working to bring her pleasure. Helen had felt her excitement increase with this stare, knowing he was gazing at her performing just for him. She in turn had then looked openly at his cock and the hand moving along it.

Present day Helen remembered the effect of watching Gordon only too well, for the mental image still stimulated her, causing her clitoris to swell and her pussy to literally run with lubricating juices whenever she dwelt on it, even though she had used the thought many times since then as an aid to masturbation. The only difference between then and now was that the ‘then’ effect was maybe a little stronger – it was her first time after all and it was real life! One particularly favourite image was the moment when Gordon had slid his free hand down and cupped his own balls, just as she was now doing to her breasts. For some reason that sight had really hit the spot!

As the pair had watched each other in their motel room their arousal had steadily intensified. Little involuntary sounds had escaped their lips and their pelvises had made small spontaneous thrusts in imitation of intercourse, each of these things only acting to make their audience all the hotter. Soon they were pretty much oblivious to their own performance, each swept away in heightened arousal by the eroticism of each others display. Hands had moved more and more rapidly, Gordon stroking his shaft harder and faster while squeezing and pulling at his balls in a way that would have been painful at any other time, and Helen giving up on her clit to plunge her fingers deep inside her pussy, harder and deeper, not caring about the squelching sounds her sopping wet pussy was making.

Abruptly Gordon had struggled to his feet, trying to rise from the chair without pausing in his wanking. From the glazed look in his eye Helen could guess that his climax was near and with a gasp of anticipatory pleasure she had realised his intention. He had staggered across to the bed, leaning over her supporting himself with his left hand against the bed head wall, pulling and canlı casino siteleri wanking hard on his cock all the time with his right. In response she pushed three fingers right into herself, her hips bucking uncontrollably as she waited for what she knew would come.

She did not have long to wait. With a deep animal-like groan, Gordon had climaxed his cum spurting in an arc from his cock to spatter over her breasts, her belly and her thighs. The feel of his hot spunk raining down on her had triggered Helen’s own orgasm, her pussy slamming back against her delving fingers and her hips thrusting, raising her pelvis clear of the bed as if to meet Gordon’s cum shower. Gordon had continued to milk his cock, sending several more gouts of cum over Helen’s body, each one triggering another spasm within her cunt and sending bolts of pleasure through her entire being. Eventually his hand had slowed and stopped, though staying gripped around his now softening cock, both covered in threads of his slippery cum. As Gordon’s climax had died away, so had Helen’s. Her hips had descended back to the bed, her fingers had stopped thrusting and, just like Gordon, she became still, lying gasping and sweating on the bed in a post orgasmic haze.

His legs now turned to jelly, Gordon had collapsed onto the bed next to Helen and each of them had instinctively reached out and took the other in their arms, holding them tight in a contented embrace.

After a few minutes Helen had begun to giggle, suddenly realising that until that moment not the slightest physical contact had happened between them. They must have been one of the few couples who had lain naked together covered in sweat and ‘body fluids’ without previously as much as shaking hands! The absurdity of their first touch made her giggling worse as the idea sank in, until soon Gordon had raised his head and begun looking at her questioningly!

“What’s the matter?” He had asked finally, sounding distinctly worried.

“Nothing at all” Helen had replied. “Except, – except, do you realise that here I am, covered in cum from a man I haven’t even kissed yet!”

Gordon was not so shy as to ignore that invitation and reaching across he had turned her face to him and kissed her long and deep, his tongue finding its way between her lips. As they explored each others mouths, their bodies had moulded to each other in a beautifully intimate contact. Gordon’s hand had reached for her breast, squeezing it with his fingers while teasing the nipple with his thumb and his leg had found its way between her thighs so that, stirred once more by his use of her breast, she could not resist rubbing her pussy against it, transferring some of her juices to his skin so that she slid erotically against him. Moving gently against him she had soon found his erection returning, hesitantly at first and then proudly, its stiffness pressing urgently against her belly and demanding attention. She had reached down, finding his cock for the first time and fondling just the tip, loath to move away enough to give herself full access to his shaft.

Gordon had taken that decision for her. He had pulled back and moved up a little, placing his shaft and balls into her hand, challenging her to ignore it. She hadn’t! She rolled his balls between her fingers, fondling and manipulating them to bring murmurs of pleasure from their owner. After only a few minutes of this Gordon had moved again, this time prising himself completely free of Helen’s embrace and kneeling over her head to face down her body. He had then leaned forward, presenting his penis to her mouth and his own mouth to her pussy in the classic sixty-nine! Helen had willingly taken the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head and sucking hard upon it. For his part Gordon had held her labia open with his fingers and touched his tongue to her clitoris, repeatedly flicking it gently and bringing little whimpers of delight from her busy mouth. It did not take long before Helen had felt the stirrings of an approaching orgasm and had begun to move her pelvis against his mouth, lifting herself off the bed in an instinctive attempt to make him either lick her clitoris harder or, preferably, push his tongue into her cunt in an oral fucking! Gordon had done both! He had started by sucking her clit into his mouth and tonguing it hard, before releasing it and then moving lower to thrust his tongue into her waiting pussy. By repeating this combination he had brought Helen closer and closer to climax, until, driven by her need, she had bucked against him just as he moved from clit to cunt, causing his tongue to miss its intended target and skate over the puckered entrance to her anus. This unexpected and very erotic act was enough to jolt a startled Helen to a climax. She had bucked faster and harder against him, partly as the instinctive movements of orgasm and partly in an unconscious but frantic effort to get him to repeat his near invasion of her anus. Unfortunately Gordon had not realised the trigger to her climax and infuriatingly refused to move away from her pussy, accommodating her motions and thrusting with his tongue until her waves of pleasure had eased and the orgasm had faded and she lay back gasping

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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