Renee and Her Brother Ch. 03

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This story started with Renee (42) and Ryan (31), sister and brother, who had not seen each other for 6 years. They found that they loved each other and carried this on to becoming partners and living together in a beach house in the South West of the State.

Renee had 3 children, all who had grown and left home. Her daughter Shelley (now 30) was married with 2 children at the time. She and her brothers were not too keen on the pairing of their Mum and Uncle but had come to accept it.

Shelley, after a few years, had a break down in her marriage and Renee asked her to come and stay with herself and Ryan until she could sort herself out. This she did bringing the children, but there was plenty of room for them all. In fact, Renee had built an extra guest flat in the backyard in the event of any of her kids coming to stay.

We will continue from there.


By this time, Renee was now 48 and Ryan was 37. They had been so very happy locked away from most of the world. Where they lived everyone took them for husband and wife.

Shelley moved in and everything was going very smoothly. She had the children enrolled in the nearest school and the two families didn’t infringe on each other to any extent.

About 6 months after Shelley had moved in, she found Renee sitting in the kitchen, crying. Ryan was just holding and comforting her.

“Mum, what’s wrong.”

“Nothing……nothing,” murmured her Mum.

“I know there’s something wrong. You don’t cry for nothing. Now tell me,” said Shelley angrily.

Ryan turned to her and said, “Shelley, your Mum has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and it is pretty bad.”

“Oh, Mum, what can I do. I can’t lose you now. We are just getting so close again.”

Renee looked at her, with reddened eyes and sadly replied, “there is nothing that can be done, it has started to spread to my other organs as well. I don’t want to go through chemotherapy as that will just leave me feeling washed out all the time, and it still won’t cure me.”

“I just want to relax now with Ryan and you and the children. Ryan is going to get in touch with your brothers and get them to come home as soon as possible. I have about 6 months left, and I want to live them with my family around me.”

“Oh Mum, just let me look after you.”

“You can help Ryan if you like, but he wants to continue to be my support, just like he always has been in the last 6-1/2 years.”

The boys were contacted and both got compassionate leave from their various jobs. Derek from the Navy, and Roland from the Mining company he worked for as an engineer.

The news was withheld from Shelley’s children for about 3 months, but they had both noticed how sick Granma looked and started to ask questions.

Shelley had to sit them down and explain that Granma wouldn’t be with them for much longer. Of course, this upset the children, but they seemed to accept it as a fact of life.

Five and a half months later, Renee passed away in her peacefully in her sleep.

This may read as very macabre but it is just a lead-up to the next part of the story.

Ryan was devastated. Shelley stayed on in the guest house with the children but spent most of her days in the house with Ryan. At least, being around him in case he wanted to talk. He had to carry on with his work but would just stop and gaze into space for hours at a time.

After a time, he started to realize that there was a world around him and he started to come out of the slump that Renee’s passing had sent him into.

He became aware of Shelley being around most of the time. Now, Shelley was so like her mother, it would bring back happy memories. She was now 31 years of age, with corn colored hair which fell down over her shoulder. She had the same build as Renee, standing a little taller, about 5’4″ with a 36C bustline and childbearing hips and green eyes, the same as her mother’s.

He would see her and think of Renee. That in turn would make him feel very aroused. He knew it was wrong, after all he was her Uncle, bursa escort but after his loving partnership with her Mother, how could he not feel something for this very lovely young lady, and she was only a few years younger than him.

Another 6 months on; just over 12 months since Renee passed, Ryan suggested to Shelley that they go to the beach for the day as he would love to have a surf. As mentioned in the first chapter, surfing was a passion with him. She agreed and packed a picnic hamper for them. They dropped the children at school and arranged to pick them up at the end of the day.

They then proceeded to the beach where Ryan usually went, where the best waves were. Shelley had never been on a surfboard. For about an hour, Ryan rode the waves and completely relaxed.

When he came in, Shelley asked him if he would teach her how to manage a board, after lunch. Ryan agreed, so they had an early lunch and waited the required hour or so that was necessary before they went back into the water.

During that time, Ryan explained all the moves and the safety rules of surf boarding. He gave her fair warning that she would more than likely be dumped a few times before she got the hang of it.

“Well Ryan, I’m game. Just as long as you are close by to catch me if I fall off.”

“Righto, Shelley. I did try to teach you Mum, but she never go the hang of it. Let’s hope that you are luckier. There is nothing so completely relaxing as surfing.”

They both went out into the surf and a few times Shelley just couldn’t stay on the board. Ryan was right beside her when she was hit by an unusually large wave and she was knocked off her board and the board hit her head. Ryan immediately swam to her and pulled her to the beach and call 000 for help. Luckily, she only came out of it with a large bruise on her temple and a bad headache. After the ambulance had checked her out she was allowed to go home with various instructions about concussion, but she had to rest.

They returned home, picking the children up from school on the way.

Ryan suggested that Shelley and the kids stay in the main house with him that night so that he could keep an eye on her in case she was suffering any concussion; which they did. He settled the children into bed and made sure that they had everything they needed. He was going to sit up and be on hand to check Shelley every couple of hours.

After they had all settled down, Ryan sat with his Laptop in Shelley’s bedroom and watched her sleep. He was going to have to wake her every couple of hours to check on her. Shelley became restless during the night and tended to keep throwing the blankets and sheet off, therefore allowing Ryan to get a glimpse of her body as she lay there.

Ryan thought about how much Shelley was like her mother. Renee was always in the back of his mind, but Shelley was in front of him in the flesh.

She groaned in her sleep and Ryan went to the side of the bed and sat down. He felt her forehead but she didn’t seem to be running a temperature, so he just smoothed her hair back and gently comforted her.

She curled up and took hold of his hand and kissed his fingers.

“Shelley, what are you doing,” asked Ryan.

“Wha….what…..I’m sorry….. ,” she replied drowsily.

He bought his hands up to her face and gently stroked her cheeks and lips with his fingertips.

“You are so much like your Mother. You do things to me that really shouldn’t be happening. I am starting to feel all sorts of things when I look at you. I want to hold you and comfort you and keep you safe,” murmured Ryan.

“Oh Ryan, is this right, should we feel like this. I know that I have been having the oddest thoughts and feelings for you, for about 4 months now and I didn’t know what I was going to do about them. I was even thinking of moving out, but I didn’t want to go and leave you on your own.”

Ryan took her in his arms and slowly lowered his mouth to her lips, taking them passionately while he probed them with his tongue, encouraging her to open up to him. She did so bursa escort bayan and they French kissed deeply, winding their tongues together in a wild dance.

“Come into bed with me Ryan,” whispered Shelley.

“I had better go and check that the kids are okay first, then I’ll be back.”

Five minutes later, he returned to find Shelley laying on the bed, still with none of the covers over her. He quickly stripped and slid in beside her. Taking her in his arms, he lay and just held her and let his hands roam over her face and body.

“It’s so good to feel a woman in my arms again.”

“I want to be here for a long time, Ryan.”

“Just let us explore tonight and get to know each others bodies, and all our special places,” suggested Ryan.

“That suits me, I’m not sure that I am up for anything too strenuous anyway with this bump on my head, and I still have a bit of a headache.”

They lay talking and feeling each other for hours. No subject was unexplored and they felt that they had known each other all their lives.

When they finally fell asleep it was with Shelley snuggled up to Ryan’s chest, with both his arms firmly around her.

They woke next morning and realized that they had come to the end of something and were beginning a new life.

Ryan suggested that Shelley move her things into the main house and he would re-arrange the rooms, so that the kids could have their own rooms. It was a 5 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, so there was plenty of space. Of course, for the children’s sake, Shelley did have a room of her own but would spend most nights with Ryan.

By the time the children came home that afternoon from school, all their gear had been transferred to Ryan’s. When they realized that they were getting their own rooms, they didn’t put up any argument and were quite satisfied with the arrangement.

That night, after the children were tucked up and sound asleep. Shelley and Ryan sat in the Living room on the lounge. Shelley was curled up with her back against Ryan’s chest and he was softly running his hands up and down her arms and through her hair. She snuggled in more comfortably and his fingers moved towards the top of her blouse, where he proceeded to slowly unbutton it and expose her beautiful breasts in the half cup bra. He turned her around and pulled her closer so that he could take her breasts into his mouth. He then set about driving her crazy as he licked and sucked and laved the whole breast and then began to run his teasing tongue across the nipples; taking each side in turn.

Shelley cried out that she felt so very good. It had been so long since she’d had a man do anything sexual to or with her. She just wanted him to continue doing what he was doing.

“Don’t you worry my darling, I am going to do a lot more to you and I hope you are going to love it, the way I will love doing it to you.”

Ryan told her to stand up so that he could undress her completely, and then he unzipped her slacks and drew them down to her ankles, where she stepped out of them. He gazed at her in complete adoration. He never thought he could feel this way again for any woman.

Shelley’s body, even though she had 2 children, was still as firm as a 20year old. Her breasts only had a slight sag but they were still wonderful to touch and suck. He then took a long look at what was in front of him. Her wonderful mound. There was a light red down across it and it had been kept trimmed. He placed his hand over that pleasure field and knew that it was going to be his Garden of Eden. He would sow and reap there to his hearts content.

Shelley looked down at him and could almost read his mind, she knew that he was thinking of the seeds that could be planted there and rejoiced at the thought.

Ryan said huskily, “I think that I will take you to the bedroom where I can begin to show you how much you mean to me.”

“Lead on, darling.”

With that, Ryan picked her up and carried her to their room and lay her on the bed.

“You didn’t have to carry me you know,” escort bursa murmured Shelley.

“I just wanted to be sure that you got there safely,” chuckled Ryan.

He then stripped himself of his shirt and trousers, and lay beside her on the big King size bed. He kissed her lovingly, teasing her with his tongue and welcoming her tongue into his warm mouth. At the same time, his hands were all over her body and slid down to her sexual garden. He slipped one finger into her slit and started to rub it up and down, up and down as she became wet for him. He couldn’t hold back too long and slid down to meet her pussy with his mouth. He lapped at the juices that were already there but she kept producing more. They were the Nectar of the Gods to him. He couldn’t get enough. He continued to lick and suck on her labia lips but eventually, with all her squirming, he let his tongue begin to tease her clit.

“Wow……… , screamed Shelley. Keep doing that darling. I can’t stop cumming.”

“I will keep doing that every night or every time we make love, but for now I must have you fully,” he whispered in her ear as he moved over her.

She spread her legs a little wider and Ryan moved to align his cock with that wonderful love hole. He was now going to go where he had wanted to be for a few months, he realized.

He slid his cock into her warm, wet cunt and slowly worked it back and forth until they got into a rhythm that suited them both. Shelley wrapped her legs around his hips and held him to her/ Ryan didn’t want to cum yet but he knew that he would not be able to withhold his seed too long.

Shelley also felt that she was on the verge of something wonderful and encouraged him to cum in her pussy.

“Cum in me Ryan, please cum in me, I want you so badly.”

“I am cumming my darling, get ready because I have quite a load for you.”

“Give it all to me, sweetheart. I want everything you have to give me.”

They both cried out in unison.

I’m cummmmmminnng………I’m cummmmmminnnnggg……….. ,” as they both hit the heights of a wonderful bout of love making.

They collapsed back onto the bed, and lay there getting their breaths back.

“Well my darling, how was that for you,” queried Ryan.

“So wonderful, darling, I can’t remember ever having an orgasm like that one. It was certainly over the top.”

“Well, anytime you want another, just let me know. I’m sure that I can always find one for you which will make you feel just as good.”

“I’ll keep you up to that, don’t you worry,” retorted Shelley.

Shelley and Ryan settled into the routine of a life together very swiftly. After a few months, Ryan decided to ask Shelley to marry him and make it all legal.

“Oh Ryan, I would love to marry you, but can we do this. Is it legal.”

“Shelley, we both have different names and no-one knows of our relationship. They always thought of your Mother as my wife. So in fact, that would make you my step-daughter, and that is not incestuous. So they don’t have to know that I am really your Uncle. I think we can get through this OK. We will only have a celebrant to conduct the ceremony and keep it very small if you like.”

“Let’s just keep it to you and I and the kids, alright. Maybe someone as witnesses also. I don’t think that we should tell my brothers. I will just let them think I have stayed to look after you. After all, I do have my own room!!!!” commented Shelley, laughing.

They did go ahead and get married in the garden of their own home, with just the children and the Celebrant and 2 witnesses. Shelley’s brothers were eventually informed but neither could get leave to attend the wedding. Funnily enough, both of them gave their blessing to the union.

Their love continued to grow and about a year later, Shelley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who they called Renee Rose, after her Mother.

They both felt that Renee senior was looking down on them and was happy for them in their union.

I will see what the feedback is like before I attempt to carry this story further. Remember Shelley has 2 sons by a previous marriage. So you don’t know what can happen. Please keep reading, voting and commenting. I count on the feedback I get to improve my stories for you reading. Thanks Jena121.

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