Retribution Ch. 2

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Author’s Note: This is chapter two of a four-chapter original work of fiction. Some of the locations are authentic, but none of the characters or events are real.

Chapter One ended with as Roger asked the secretary at Bushman Ministries for copies of Rev. Bushman’s daily itineraries for the past several years.


Gail Jones always found it arousing to watch her husband Bill fuck their daughter. This was particularly true when Bill’s cock was pumping the shit out of Toni’s ass. Gail enjoyed it when Bill did it to her, but sometimes it was fun to watch. Now, every stroke made her passion increase, but she didn’t want to play by herself this morning, and she could see neither Bill nor Toni were in any condition to help her. Tom, Gail’s 20-year-old son asleep on the couch across the room was a possible solution, but only if she wanted the dominant position using her double headed dildoe to fuck his ass. Tom was a little strange about sex, and it was Bushman’s fault. Another option, Tanya Adams, walked naked through the bedroom door.

“Tanya” Gail whispered; “its a little smelly right now. Bill just took Toni’s ass; we’ll clean up in a little while. Listen Babe, I’m …. Fuck this nice approach. You fancy a girl to girl fuck?”

Tanya nodded yes and flung herself onto the bed beside Gail. Following a brief, but passionate kiss the women took the position of one-face-one-crotch and commenced to suck pussy as if it was the last time ever. They couldn’t tell you how, through multiple orgasms, they maintained their focus on the other. What they could say was as one tongue licked up the other licked down until Tanya spoke; “Wait, let’s try something different. Spin around and put your pussy on mine. That’s right; grab my leg like I’m grabbing yours. Now grind that wet cunt of yours on my sopping wet pussy.”

Pussy lips and clits rushed to make contact with their counter parts. The women rubbed and squirmed with unpracticed movements until passion took control and they moved to satisfy themselves; not their partner. Gail preferred a back and forth sliding action while Tanya was very much into a circular rubbing and pounding motion. Both types of movement contributed to the ultimate satisfaction of the women. Both women came with in a staccato of hammering hip movements that left them washrag limp, but oh so very satisfied.

Bushman looked through the Watergate Hotel office window at his view of the Potomac River. Downstream on the left was the Lincoln Memorial, and across the river he could see the Pentagon, and planes taking off from Regan National Airport. “Andrew, I thought we had this under control. How could anybody know about what happened that day?”

“Bob, I can’t answer that, but clearly someone knows. Now we, you, have to decide how to deal with it. Seems to me at the extreme ends of the options are go public, or exterminate. One publicly destroys you while the other only harms you if someone finds out about it.”

“Whoa, slow down. Who do we exterminate? Are you serious; you would kill someone to keep the secret?”

“You know I would; that is the way YOU trained me!”

Bushman grinned then said; “First step, find out who called. Get the program to give you the call-in files. Ask them nice. We can apply leverage later if necessary. Second; arrange for the committee to meet at the lake house tomorrow evening. Third; arrange for the appropriate entertainment and food. Do you have anything else we need to discuss?” Whitaker departed, and Bob Bushman continued to stare out the window.

Tapping into the television station’s telecommunication system was child’s play for Maddy Davies. Getting in was easy, but finding exactly what she needed was another story. The station had ten fulltime lines with an additional fifty part-time lines to use for call-in shows such as telethons, and interview programs all served by the same 1-800 number, and while Maddy knew the general time frame there were still a large number of calls. To find “the call” might require Roger doing some extensive legwork, but some people have the luck of angels, and today it was Maddy; sticking out like hard-ons at church were two calls from the same area code and exchange in western Maryland; the rural part of western Maryland near Camp David. What made them extra lucky was a flag on each indicating the system’s recording was still active. After finding the files it took Maddy very little time to collect what she needed. She then re-coded the computer to keep the messages on file, but not accessible to anyone but her. As far as the world would know the messages didn’t exist.

Maddy’s next task was to connect a telephone number with a physical address. The first number was a dead end for further knowledge; it was a pay phone located between the men’s and women’s rooms at a little restaurant called Jones’ Catfish Parlor. In the early evening on any day of the week the place was packed. To the general public they served excellent food at very reasonable prices, but to those with a more discriminating palate there was a private dining bedava bahis room in back where Chef Charly Ba?ass prepared gourmet meals, and had the wine to match. The second number was more promising; a listing in the name of Jake Adams for a private residence near Lake Cumangetalittle.

Roger rang the doorbell, and when Maddy opened the door he knew her news was good. She stood before him, her shoulder-length honey-blond hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. She wore a pale blue, shear, diaphanous gown that hid nothing of her body she desired him to see. Underneath the gown she wore a matching blue negligee with a lacy bodice that concealed the shape and color of her tits, and a dark blue thong panty. Only occasionally did Maddy greet him like this, and it was always when she had good news or a surprise; tonight he hoped there were both.

“Hi Roger, close you mouth. Like what you see? Later on, if you’re a good little boy, you’re going to see more, but right now let me tell you what I discovered. She quickly briefed him about her trip inside the television station’s computer system and what she found. “If you can walk tomorrow I think it might be worth your time to call on this private number. The timing between the two calls is about right, and my guess is this is the source for the call that really upset Bushman.”

“What do you mean if I can walk?”

“Well I have a surprise for you, and after the night is over you may not have the ability or desire to walk away from me. …….. When we watch porn, hard or soft, and a woman enters what is the first thing you look at? I mean before her face or tits. STOP! Don’t answer; let me do it for you. The first thing you look at is her pussy to see if she is natural, partial, or bald. Is that correct? Of course it’s correct because you always point out the bald ones to me hoping I’ll take the hint and shave off my pussy hair. Tonight dear, as a gift for accepting my proposal of marriage you get to shave as much of my pussy hair as you desire.”

Maddy led Roger to the bedroom then said; “Do you want to have me one more time before you shave off all the hair from my innocent little pussy?” Maddy hoped he would say no. She was dripping with excitement, and wanted him to get started with the removal of the hair around her pussy and ass. In hopes of guiding him along there was a huge, thick beach towel on the bed, along with a safety razor, shaving cream, basin of warm water, towels, and lotion on the bedside table. “If you don’t want to fuck me this last hairy time I’m ready for you to shave as much hair as you want from the top of my pussy mound all the way back around my asshole.”

Roger saw and heard everything, but nonetheless was in a state of shock. He had tried for a long time to get Maddy to remove her pussy hair. It wasn’t that he found it ugly, but he was tired of constantly pulling hair from between his teeth, or having to unwrap them from around his tongue. Besides that, he thought the no-hair look was extremely sexy. “We can fuck later. I want to be fresh and hard when I pummel your hairless vaginal area with my cock.”

“Hairless cock.”

“What’s that you say?”

“Hairless cock. Whatever you shave off me I will shave off you before we fuck. Do you agree?”

Roger thought about it for a moment then agreed to Maddy’s proviso. He then started to undress the magnificent creature before him, but Maddy had other ideas. “No nakedness. You must expose only the minimum necessary to shave what you want to shave, but you won’t see me naked until you’re done and I have shaved you.” This was difficult for both of them; Roger couldn’t remember the last time he had pre-cum leaking from his cock so copiously, and Maddy was as turned-on as ever in her life. The thrill of the blade caressing her skin, plus Roger manipulating, stretching, and tightening her pussy lips were causing her to drip excessively. Was the wetness on the towel caused by dripping water or Maddy juice? When he was through Roger had removed every hair from Maddy’s clit back to her asshole. Above her clit, in a moment of artistic whimsy, Roger had not shaven a narrow strip of hair much like a vertical Clark Gable moustache. He looked proudly at his work and said; “I’m done; your turn now.”

Maddy checked herself in the mirror to see what her lover had done. She found it exciting to see and feel the newly bared skin. The skin had a different feel as she caressed it with her fingers. Had Roger not been waiting she would have taken the time to finger herself to orgasm right there, but a new look waited for Roger; a new look that only she would create.

Maddy made Roger remove his trousers and underwear, and she laughed when the steel spring in his erect, and soon to be hairless cock caused it to move with force and speed to point at his head. Roger is a hairy man, and the removal of hair from his cock, balls, taint, anus, and general pubic area took quite some time. To his credit, he never flinched from the blade no matter how close it was to the head of his dick, scrotum, or asshole. bedava bonus He took it like a man until just before Maddy finished cleaning him. Then he really took it like a man when she, without warning, jammed two fingers up his ass. Roger, his body much tenser than he would have ever admitted, arched clear of the bed before he realized something pleasurable was happening. His fear at the sudden intrusion into his ass passed quickly as Maddy’s fingers began to massage his prostate. Very soon his concentration was focused on the walnut size gland while most other parts of his body relaxed; place emphasis on most parts, but not his cock, balls, or any other part involved in the orgasm producing process. Maddy loved the reaction she obtained from Roger as she ran her fingers in and out of his asshole. That reaction was not new. She had caused it to happen on other occasions, The new item was Maddy had never shaven a man in this manner before; it was one more step along the path of her sexual being.

Since her birth Maddy had innocently exuded a sexual presence. Until she reached puberty she was a sexual creature in development, but that development took a radical step forward when she returned home after her graduation from junior high school. Her boyfriend kissed her at the door, she walked in, and her family pounced upon her. That night, and throughout the weekend, her father, mother, sister, and two brothers repeatedly fucked every hole of her body. In Maddy’s mind it began as a rape against which she physically and mentally resisted valiantly, but as her body reacted to their ministrations her mental resistance waned, and the situation changed to what her family had hoped she would experience; a multiple orgasm climb into sexual ecstasy. Ever since that day Maddy had enjoyed anything sexual, but she had a particular fondness for the sensation of rubbing her fingers along a bowel lining; preferably someone else’s, but in a pinch was quite happy to feel her own. With regard to whose bowel lining she rubbed she wasn’t overly selective; anybody’s ass gave her pleasure, but it was particularly pleasurable with Roger. His ass lining was like all others, but there existed a mental and emotional bond between them that added emphasis to her tactile sensations. At the end of shaving his crotch clean of hair, and as she continued her combination movements thrusting in and out of his asshole feeling the bowel lining, and massaging his prostate gland, she thought back to the day when they first met.

It was the first day of student orientation at what was then Tarleton State College. The day was hectic just like any other first day at any other college or university. Even now, twenty plus years later, Maddy didn’t truly understand why she decided to attend there, but it was fortuitous because it was on that day, in that hot, humid, God forsaken conservative hell-hole called central Texas that Roger knocked her down, fell on top of her, slipped his hand up the leg of her baggy shorts, and copped a feel of her pantyless naked pussy. Hot, humid, and God-forsaken are givens, but the rest of the story, while appearing very scintillating, is somewhat more innocent.
We were moving into the dorm, and because of the heat I was wearing as little as I could get by with; an extra large sleeveless blouse without a bra so that every once in a while someone got a better than normal view of one of my tits, and a pair of loose leg shorts under which I had on no panties. Airflow was a big issue that day with the temperature right at 103 F, and the humidity level around 95%.

The doors of the dorm were labeled IN and OUT for one-way traffic, but for an unexplained reason, and I don’t know which of us was wrong, I carried a full armload of possessions through a door just as Roger, who was watching elsewhere, tried to exit through the same door; we collided and sprawled to the floor. Roger ended up on top of me, and his bare right hand was inside the leg of my shorts pressed firmly against my equally bare, and constantly horny, wet pussy.

He started to move, but I quickly said; “Stop, stay exactly as you are. I want to check you out….. I mean I want to do a system check on me before I move.” Making his body remain still was easy, but to keep his true-blue heterosexual fingers from exploring my pussy hair and wet lips was impossible. Show me a normal teenage male that can do that and I’ll show you someone who is numb from the wrist down. Later I found out it was only the second pussy Roger had ever touched.

“I’m sorry.” He said; “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I think so, except for the part where your hand is, it feels a bit wet.” I watched him squirm, turn red, and bashfully look away; he was a beautiful innocent babe. Not that I was so experienced. Yes, dicks and dildoes had penetrated my holes, but that doesn’t mean you know or understand anything. What I did know was this boy was causing my horniness level to increase rapidly. “I don’t mean to embarrass you, but I like the way you feel on top of me. I like the way your hand feels on deneme bonusu my cunt. I like your face. If you’ll get off me and give me some help with my things I bet I’ll like your cock where your hand is now.”

All of this brazen conversation took maybe thirty seconds so nothing seemed amiss to those around us as they came to help. We got up, and I looked the boy in the face; “Look, if what I said is too strong I’m sorry, but I believe in asking for what I want. Right now I’m very tired, thirsty, horny, and as you know I have a very wet pussy. My roommate won’t arrive until tomorrow so does a visit to my room interest you?” With his mouth about to drag the floor, and his eye afire with excitement, he nodded yes.

We collected my bags, went to the air-conditioned dorm room, and collapsed on the bed. “I’m Maddy, Maddy Davies from Houston. Who are you?”

“Hi, call me Roger, Roger Green, nice to meet you. I live just south of Lubbock. Were you serious about what you said back there?

Maddy rolled from her back onto her side toward him and reached with her free hand to grasp the hard lump in his trousers. “Roger, listen carefully. When a fuck is up for offer I am always very serious. Never, ever doubt that!”

Roger looked like a trapped animal. He wanted to act macho, but in honesty he was a virgin whose past experience with girls had seldom gotten past light petting. “There’s an innocent quality about you which suggests we are about to do something you have never done before. Don’t act the big man for me, be honest; are you a virgin?” His ego was deflated, but he had the good sense to nod yes. “Good. This is my first time too.” Maddy paused to look at his confused expression. “Don’t be silly. Not to fuck. I’ve been fucking for years, but I’ve never fucked a virgin. Relax, we all have to start somewhere, and I promise by the time I get through you will be a man, and you will enjoy yourself.”

She guided him, and in a sense both of them, along the path of sexual exploration. Each piece of clothing they removed provided another area for sensual investigation. Each exposed erogenous zone created a direct pleasure pathway to the central nervous system’s Orgasm Control Complex. They each used their eyes, hands, lips, and body’s to explore and arouse the other; Maddy showed Roger the basics and then guided him in how to pleasure her. He was a quick and daring learner who was anxious to please. Almost everything, in reality everything, was new to him, and he was curious to know about tits, nipples, and the other excitement zones on Maddy’s body, but he was most interested in learning about the hairy juncture between her legs.

His hand had visited the furry triangle once, but he was ready to return, and after he explored her with his fingers, much like a moth to a flame, he was drawn to the smell and taste of her womanhood. She guided his hands showing him how to caress, rub, and stroke her body. She placed his mouth on her nipples and showed him how to lick, suck, and employ his teeth; all this she did before she maneuvered his willing face and tongue between her legs. Once she had his face lodged in the fur covering her nether parts she told him to be gentle with all his exploration tools, and that he was not yet to try and put his dick inside her; that was for later.

With infinitesimal slowness, almost a complete contradiction in terms for an eighteen-year-old male, but a slowness that to this day Maddy finds as arousing as anything she has ever experienced, Roger employed his tongue, nose, and fingers to feel out each nook and granny of her vulva. Up and down the outside and inside of her pussy lips he wandered. Around and into her pussy hole he delved. Each move simultaneously heightened her excitement and frustration levels until she could stand it no longer. When that point was reached, Maddy forced Roger’s mouth and tongue onto the nodule of sensitive nerve endings called her clitoris. “Suck, lick, and nibble that you fucking Goat Roper.” [Goat Roper – A derogatory term of endearment by those of us with some civilized upbringing toward those who think it is cool to wear funny-looking hats and pointy-toed boots] He followed her directions, gaining confidence with each of her reactions. Each time she moaned or whimpered he knew he had performed correctly.

“You have one more oral lesson before we move to the main course. Push my knees up high toward my head. Now, with your eyes wide open so you can see what you’re doing, use your mouth and tongue to lick, taste, arouse, and open my asshole. I love this stuff Roger. Do it right and you have a good chance of fucking me there later.”

The time for Roger being shocked by anything this beautiful, sexy, sensuous, dirty minded girl said or asked passed long ago. He had never considered licking an ass, but all the rest she had shown him was fun, tasty, and very arousing so why not this. He had trusted her this far, so why not a little further. He looked at the beautifulness of her pink pussy then at the crinkled brownish-gray area of her asshole. She was visually clean and while the area had a slightly earthy smell it was pleasant and exciting. He tentatively extended his tongue exploring the texture difference of her skin at the orifice and the surrounding area; there was a slight difference that added excitement to his actions.

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