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It’s been soo long since we’ve been together. I don’t even remember exactly how long it has been…but you’ve been on my mind lately. Everything somehow seems to make me think of you so I decided to call you. You are pleasantly surprised by my invitation to dinner. I ask you to arrive at my house at eight. You say that will give you plenty of time to get home from work, change and make it to my house for our evening out. I smile to myself as I hang up the phone. You have no idea what I have planned for you.

I decided to skip work as I wrote out a list of things I needed for the evening. I intend to make this an evening that you would not forget. I finished my shopping in record time and returned home in time prepare for your arrival. I call you just before you leave the office.

‘Hello, Ian.’ ‘Elaina, I was just thinking about you.’ ‘You have been on my mind as well. I’m looking forward to tonight.’ ‘Me too. I can hardly wait to see you.’ I laugh softly and reply, ‘Just see me?’

I hang up the phone and leave you wondering what exactly I have planned. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you arrive at my door one-half hour early; but I am ready….more than ready for you.

I open the door and you are surrounded by my arms and the scent of my perfume as I greet you with a long kiss before pulling you inside. Your eyes quickly scan the room and take in the fire in the fireplace, mounds of cushions in front of the fire, the chilled champagne, the flowers and candles decorating the room, and the soft music playing before resting your eyes on my silk covered body. I can feel your excitement increase as you realize that we will not be leaving the house. No words are necessary. We both want the same thing.

As I lead you into the dimly lit room, you gasp at the sincan escort bayan sight before your eyes. My gown is almost translucent as I stand before the low burning fire in the fireplace. You can see that am I only wearing a gown that leaves little to your imagination.

Your senses are quickly captivated by all that surrounds you. The sights, scents and sounds all serve to stimulate the mood of seduction. You walk towards me and take me into your arms, pulling me willingly against your body. Our chests, hips, and thighs are pressed against each other as our lips come together once again to kiss with remembered and renewed passion. Our tongues mate, entwine, and mimic the rhythm our bodies will soon follow as we complete our dance of passion.

You seem to pull me even closer to you as you feel my nipples harden against your chest. Your hands run down the small of my back and come to rest on my buttocks. You move my hips further into yours as your manhood swells through your pants. We are both breathing harder,almost panting as we continue to kiss. It feels so good to finally be with you again. I don’t want our kiss to end….but I want much, much more from you.

You must be thinking the same thing since you suddenly pull away and slide the flimsy gown I am wearing off my arms and down my body. I step forward, kicking the gown aside as I begin unbuttoning your shirt. I am trembling with excitement. Your shirt comes off slowly as I pause to kiss each bit of skin exposed by the parted buttons of your shirt. Can you feel the smile on my lips when I kiss you, as I hear you calling my name?

Your shirt is finally off and I start to remove your pants. I pull them down slowly and they drop to the floor. I caress your hardness briefly before removing your briefs. eryaman escort We stand before each other, totally naked, shaking not from cold, but from anticipation of what the night holds for us. You pull me towards you and we begin kissing again, but I find it hard to get as close, because of the obstruction protruding from your loins. I motion towards the cushions scattered around us and we slide to the floor.

The feel of your naked flesh against mine overwhelms me and I am flooded with desire.

‘I want you now, Ian……Come to me’ I whisper into your ear. ‘Patience, Elaina. I’ll be here all night. I promise that we will be well satisfied before the night ends.’

You kiss me as you take one of my breasts in your hand to caress and tease my already erect nipples. I moan aloud with pleasure as your mouth soon follows and you begin to suckle me. My other breast is pleasured by your fingertips as your continue to feast upon my breasts. You switch your mouth from one to the other, driving me further and further up pleasure’s path.

You then begin working your way down my stomach, kissing and nibbling as you go. My patience comes to an end when your face rests on my pubic mound and I feel your breath teasing the lips of my wet vagina. I push you backwards, so that you are lying on your back with your erection throbbing its excitement in the air. I straddle your body with my lips just over your hard cock. Your mouth is just below my hot, wet pussy.

‘Let’s do this together, lover’ you hear just before I enclose your cock in my mouth. My lips surround your shaft. I’m stroking it with my mouth and tongue. I bite gently on the shaft as my suction grows stronger, harder. I hum around your cock as I insert it further down my throat. I knead your balls between my etimesgut bayan escort fingers as I remove your cock from my mouth to lick it, caress is with my tongue. I lick pre-cum from your tip and reinsert your cock in my mouth just as you begin kissing the lips of my vagina, and sliding your tongue just inside me. We both feast on each others love juices as our mouths move together, licking, sucking, biting, tasting each other. You taste so sweet and good; but I must have you inside me. I pull away from you and recline on my back.

‘Come to me, Ian. Fill me.’

You rise above me, your patience at last at an end. Our mouths meet as you push your swollen, throbbing organ inside me. I gasp as you completely enter me. Even though it has been so long, you slide in so smoothly, filling me to the limit. You begin to move within me, very slowly at first… to be sure that I have adjusted to having you inside me again. As I begin to move with you, your strokes become longer and faster, almost pulling out of me before entering me again. The head of your cock comes right to the lips of my pussy, before you plunge in as deep as it will go. You slide your hands under my buttocks, as you drill deep inside me. I begin to arch my back, coming up to meet your every thrust.

I fit tightly around your throbbing tool. It feels so good inside me. It’s all I can do to hold back. I reach between your legs and grasp your swollen testicles, massaging them gently, as you continue to thrust deep inside me. I can hold back no longer and I scream out with delight. My whole body arches, and writhes with pleasure. My orgasms come in waves, one after another, as you continue your loving task with increased speed. I feel your cock swell even bigger and know that you are about to explode. You stiffen and I feel your hot love juices filling me and overflowing onto the cushions beneath us.

As we begin to come down from our soaring heights, you bend down and kiss me softly. We lay there, savoring the moment, with you still buried deep inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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