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My Dad died when I was about six and ever since then, I’ve done my best to make him proud. I’m a straight A student who has never once been in trouble at school. However, I have another responsibility. Being the man of the house, I have to take care of my widowed mother and she takes care of me.

Ever since my eighteenth birthday, my mother would “reward” me for my good grades in a very different way. After I was finished with my homework, she’d check to make sure that it was completed, quiz me with the material to review, and then fall to her knees and suck me off.

Being an only child and a bit anti-social at school, I had assumed that this was completely normal behavior for a mother and son. I made her feel good by doing well in school and helping around the house and she made me feel good by sucking my cock. It was an even trade in my mind.

It was my last week of my senior year of high school when it started to get a bit weirder. I would be headed off to college in the fall and would be away from home for months at a time. My mother voiced her concerns about the lack of a male presence in the house with me away, but I had received a full ride to an Ivy League school and couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I would miss the nightly blowjobs, but I was starting to think that my mother might miss them more.

One night as I was cramming for my final exams, I heard the door swing open behind me and soon felt my mother’s soft hand on my back. She traced a circle with her nails on my neck and massaged my shoulders gently.

“Are you stressed, baby?” she asked.

“No, I’ll be fine. I just need to look over these formulas a view more times,” I reassured her.

“OK, well, why don’t you take a break for now,” she suggested.

“That sounds like a good idea,” I agreed, spinning in my chair to face her.

To my shock, my mother had on a red lace teddy, the sexiest outfit I’d ever seen her in. bursa escort Granted, she was nearing 50 but my mom still looked good. She had a pretty face, accented by her shoulder-length black hair and warm brown eyes. Her ass was nice and round and her tits were about a handful or two in size and still hung high on her chest despite her age. They were on full display in her revealing lingerie and she smiled as my eyes crawled over her hungrily.

“Do you like it, honey?” she asked, turning around so I could get the full view.

I simply nodded, my jaw hanging open.

“Do you want to touch me?” she offered.

Now, I had never laid so much as a finger on my mother, so her proposal took me by surprise.

“Touch you? Where?” I responded finally.

“Wherever you’d like. I figure you’re old enough to appreciate a woman’s body by now. How about my breasts? I know you’ve had your eyes on them for a while now.”

“Well, I really don’t know how to feel them. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She smiled, took my hand, and led it to her chest.

“Just relax, son, and we’ll take it slow,” she said, bringing my palm to rest on the top of her right breast.

I felt my cock harden as she guided my fingers across her cleavage and down past her stiff nipples. Her tits were so soft and inviting that I couldn’t resist squeezing them gently.

“Yes, that feels good for Mommy…” she cooed.

As I continued to grope her chest, she put her hands in the air.

“Pull off my clothes,” she ordered.

I obeyed and tugged at her teddy until it was over her head. I folded it up and placed it on the desk before taking in the sight of my mother fully naked.

She smiled and sat down on my lap. In her position, she couldn’t help but feel my erect cock poking her in the thigh. She wrapped her arm around my neck, bringing her tits within inches of my face. I stuck my tongue out and lashed it against bursa escort bayan her left nipple, causing her to moan softly. Sensing her approval, I took a mouthful of her breast into my mouth and sucked it slowly. Her hands wandered down and disappeared between her legs.

As I had my way with my mother’s big tits, she had begun to stroke the rock hard cock concealed in my pants. After a few more minutes of breast play, she pulled away and sunk to her knees. In a familiar position, I sat back and watched as she undid my belt and zipper and pulled down my jeans and underwear to reveal my throbbing member. She licked her lips and took hold of it, running her hands up and down the shaft and massaging the head with her thumb.

“This will be one of the last times I get to do this for you,” she said sadly, her eyes fixated on my stiff cock.

“Aw, come on, Mom. I’ll be home for Christmas and during the summer,” I reminded her.

“I know, but I like it every night… and I know you do, too,” she replied.

“Mom, don’t try and convince me to go to stay home for school again. I’m going away and that’s final,” I said firmly.

“Well, let’s see if I can’t convince you otherwise,” she said, flashing a seductive smile.

She planted a few loving kisses all over my balls and traced her wet tongue up my shaft before sliding the first few inches of my shaft between her soft lips and into her hot mouth. My eyes closed in ecstasy as she slurped my cock loudly, tickling my balls with her fingers.

I had never received head from another girl, but I knew that my mother was skilled at her craft. She was able to fit the entire length down her throat and always swallowed my load when I was done. As I watched her suck me, my hands roamed down to her boobs, bouncing wildly as her head bobbed in my lap.

I took hold of one of her tits and held it in my palm. She placed her hand over mine and popped my cock escort bursa from her mouth.

“Do you want to fuck these?” she asked.

I was taken aback, not at the offer, but at my mother’s language. I had never heard her say the f-word before.

“Uh, yes, I would…” I managed to croak.

She scooted forward and laid her tits on my knees. She then took hold of my cock and positioned it between them. Still wet and glistening from her mouth, it easily slid in and out of her cleavage when she began to tittyfuck me. It was an experience I had never had before and I watched in amazement as my dick disappeared and reappeared from between her breasts.

“Do you like that?” she inquired, noticing my expression.

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered.

“That’s what you’ll be leaving behind…” she reminded me.

I smiled weakly, but had to admit that she was succeeding in her attempt to change my mind.

“I can tell you’re getting ready to finish, honey… do you want my mouth?” she asked.

I nodded and she released me before opening her mouth wide. I took hold of my meat and slapped it against her tongue a few times. I pumped it in and out of my fist, feeling orgasm rapidly approaching. I met my mother’s eyes. She was ready, waiting eagerly for my hot cum. As I felt the semen rising in my shaft, I grabbed hold of the back of her head and shot hot ropes of seed all over her face and down her throat. I aimed the last few drops at her tits and she rubbed it into her skin as she swallowed what was in her mouth.

As I caught my breath and collapsed back into my chair, she brought her mouth to my cock again and continued sucking until it was soft and clean again. She kissed the head one last time.

“Just think, baby… are you going to find a girl to do this for you at college?” she teased.

“Probably not. Well, not as good as you can, anyway.”

“And don’t forget it,” she laughed.

She collected her lingerie and handed me my pants and underwear before kissing me on the cheek and leaving me to finish my studying. I had a lot of decisions to make, but my mother certainly made a convincing argument.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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