Road Rage Ch. 04

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Brennan opened his eyes and looked across at the beauty curled up against him. She looked almost docile, but he knew that was far from the truth considering what had happened only hours before. The morning sunlight poured in through the window and bathed his back in soft warmth. His thighs and groin ached badly.

He had never been through such a strenuous workout in his entire life, the wild cat curled up against him certainly had fried more than a few of his circuits. He could still fill the after effects of the rampant pleasure flowing through his veins, making him feel loose and floppy. Getting out of bed was certain to be a problem.

But for now he was more than content to drink in the sight of her resting against him. The feel of her silky smooth skin against his enflamed his own skin. She was going to be the death of him, he thought. He curled his arm around her warm body and pulled her closer against him, he didn’t think he would be able to respond any longer for awhile, anyway after what had happen since he pulled her over the evening before.

Tanya’s eyes flickered open as she felt the warmth of Brennan’s chest press against her and the solid strength of his arm around her. She looked up at him and saw his eyes staring at her, a shiver passed through her. He had been watching her while she slept… at least she wasn’t alone in that regard and at least he hadn’t thought to tie her up and repay her for what she had done to him earlier.

Though it was a delicious thought, she didn’t think she could summon the energy to do anything right now. Her whole body felt lax and limp after their practically all night marathon, she needed a shower. She was hot and sticky, but she didn’t think her body let her alone her legs would co-operate.

She whispered to Brennan, “Morning,”

He grinned and said, “Morning that was certainly something wasn’t it?”

“It certainly was, and now I don’t even have enough energy to move, I feel weightless but weighed down at the same time,” she said.

“Oh yeah, I know the feeling, exactly what it’s like right now and I think you may be the one responsible for it all,” he said chuckling.

“Mmm, but you liked it though didn’t you. Looks like I’ve uncovered something new about you,” she said with a cheeky grin.

“Not likely, you got me when I was sleeping!” he protested.

“I didn’t have much of a choice there, I think I should do that to you,” he purred.

A shuddered crawled down her spine at his words, he would torture her so much but the pleasure would be just as indescribable.

“Well first you would have to catch me, I need to take a shower,” she said cheekily.

He grinned as she slid out of bed, then she stumbled and collapsed against her dresser. He chuckled and said, “Do you need some help there?”

She growled at him and said, “Not funny Brennan, I’d like to see you try and do better,” she stuck her tongue out at him as she leaned against the dresser.

Brennan slipped out of bed and tried to stand up but before he was able to stand his knees gave out and he collapsed back onto the bed. Tanya giggled and said, “I win! You can’t even stand up.”

He growled at her and said, “It’s all your fault you know?”

“What? My fault that I blew your mind so hard that you can’t even stand up?” she asked taunting.

His eyes darkened as he made another attempt to get out of the bed. He stood up, his legs trembling. He took a step towards her then tumbled forward collapsing against her. “Well at least we both managed it now,” he said.

She chuckled and said, “Let’s get moving, I don’t really like smelling of sweat.”

He grinned and licked his tongue over her neck, “But it makes you taste so good though,” he said. He pushed off from her warm body and clutched the dresser and then grabbed hold of the bathroom door handle and pulled himself towards the door his feet dragging across the carpet.

She shuddered as the feel of his slightly coarse tongue rubbed over her neck. She watched him as he stumbled over towards the bathroom, she licked her lips as his tight ass flexed trying to get his muscles to function.

“Are you coming? Or are you going to stare at my ass all day?” he asked with a hot grin.

She blushed, he caught her shamelessly staring at him. She was actually embarrassed, especially after all the naughty things she had already done to him, this was very minor. “Of course I’m coming,” she said.

She pushed off from the dresser and almost lost her shaky balance as she grasped for the door handle. She stepped inside as Brennan pulled open the shower door and reached inside to start the water flowing.

“How hot do you want it?” he asked.

“However hot you usually have it, I don’t mind,” she said,

He grinned and said, “Ok come on in then,”

She approached the shower and waited until Brennan stepped inside of it. She reached for the handle and pulled herself over to it and then stepped inside pulling it shut. The heat coming from ankara escort the water was delicious, it had already started working out the strain on her muscles from their rigorous workout the night before.

She stepped under the pulsing spray of the hot water and groaned. She then suddenly bumped up against something hard, the water had been so enticing she blocked out the fact that Brennan was standing right behind her.

The feel of his muscles wet from the shower made her shudder, even though she was a sore as she was she was still unbelievably responding to him. Her eyes were going to roll in her head if this continued any longer!

He bit back a groan as she rubbed against him, unbelievably he felt himself stirring in response. After all they had done last night the fact that he could still respond was incredible. “I’ll do your back,” he said in a husky baritone. His voice had dropped low, desire had clouded him once again. He picked up her sponge and lathered it with body wash and rubbed her back with it.

She groaned as the solid press of his hands on her back pressed the sponge into her skin rubbing away the tension, the numbing ache sweeping away from her body so she could stand properly again. She leaned back against him and sighed, “That feels really good Brennan.”

He whispered against her ear, “Good, want me to continue?”

“Of course, it feels so good,” she said huskily.

It was difficult holding onto the sponge as even his hands were lax, he stroked the sponge down to her thighs and down to her feet. Tanya leaned back further as he used the sponge to clean her feet, she was in heaven. She needed to pay him back once he was finished, she sighed as he reached up and brushed the sponge over her neck.

“You have a magic touch there,” she groaned huskily as he turned her to face him. He looked into her eyes and grinned.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” he said as he swept the sponge down under her arms and over and between her breasts. He was enjoying it as well, it was most certainly time he had pay back for the torturous pleasure she had heaped upon him.

He teased her nipples with the slight roughness of the sponge, she leaned back into the spray and shuddered as sensation fizzed through her body. If she was this sensitive, Brennan would have to be as sensitive if not more she thought with relish. She gasped as he suddenly swiped the sponge over her clit.

He smirked and said, “Finished with tat, do you want me to take care of your hair?”

“No that’s fine Brennan, let me do you now,” she said.

He grinned and handed her the sponge, she took it from him and said, “Face the wall, I’ll get your back first.”

He chuckled and turned against the wall, “No funny stuff, I’m not in the mood for it,”

She grinned, he was certainly in for a surprise, she had him just where she wanted him. She started at his neck massaging the sponge against him. She felt the tremor of his muscles as she brushed the sponge down his back scrubbing him. “Oh shit, that’s good,” he groaned.

Tanya giggled as she continued massaging his back with the sponge, she moved the sponge down over his ass, pushing against him and stroking downwards. He jolted against the wall and cursed, “Tanya,” he growled in warning.

“What? You can’t even stand up properly right now, what are you going to do about it?” she asked huskily.

He groaned as she dragged her nails down his thighs with the sponge, streaks of fire following her nails as she reached his feet. She lifted up one foot at a time and scrapped his heel with her nails as the sponge caressed his toes. He jerked against the wall as the sensation zapped him.

He cursed and rasped out as she suddenly grasped his thickening manhood with the sponge, “Damn it, what did I say Tanya?”

“Hmm, I can’t remember what that was. Something about fun?” she asked gleefully.

He gasped as her nails gently drew across his cock, the sponge rubbing against his balls. “Lean against the wall so I can get your chest,” she said huskily.

He muttered something she couldn’t hear and turned, leaning against the wall. She licked her lips at the sight of the water on his tight golden skin. His black hair sprinkled over his chest making him even more masculine, again she dragged her nails against his solid abs as the sponge worked over his muscles.

She just loved teasing him, getting his reaction was even better however. She brushed the sponge up over his pecs, her nails scraping his nipples. He bit his lips holding in his groan, she couldn’t resist teasing him further. “Let me hear you groan Brennan, you don’t have to hold it in.”

She was driving him insane, his skin was hyper-sensitive, though not exactly surprising after what they had done already. He was overloading on pleasure as she scraped her nails over him the slight roughness of the sponge driving him crazy as it brushed over his skin. His eyes rolled and his hips bucked as she surprised him, suddenly rubbing the etimesgut escort sponge under his balls.

He hissed and grabbed her wrists making her drop the sponge. He hauled her against him and kissed her hard and rough, shoving her against the wall. Unbelievably he was hot and ready to go once again, “Damn, are you always this hot?” he muttered against her.

“Only with you hot shot,” she murmured and then bit his shoulder joint. He growled as her bite sparked through his system.

He pressed against her and kissed her again, she really was going to kill him he thought. It was as if he couldn’t control himself around her. The soft pillows of her breasts pushed against him, his chest tingled and his nipples ached. He was heading towards another overload as he leaned against her and bit her neck.

Tanya groaned as his teeth dug into her neck, her nails digging into his ass. She needed to cut them today, her nails had already done too much damage from what she could see when she had washed his back.

Brennan gasped as she gripped his ass tightly pulling him against her, “Damn you make me feel so out of control,” he growled, as his throbbing aching cock pressed against her thigh.

She smirked and said, “I could say the same from you, you make me just lose myself.” She shifted her leg so his cock rested against her clit.

If she was going to tease him, he was going to do the same right back, “What do you want?” he asked grinning.

“I just want a hard fuck right now,” she purred and leaned forward licking his neck and gripping his hips.

He growled and grasped her hips before slamming deep inside of her, she made him crazy with lust. They needed to talk after they got out of the shower, he would need to rest again which would be the perfect time for their conversation.

The sensations blistered through her body, Brennan made her feel more alive than anything else before. She thrust her hips against his and squeezed his cock tightly, he was like a drug to her. She may even develop an addiction to his hot body if this kept up. They were going to have to seriously talk afterwards, while they regained enough strength to go and find something to eat.

The heat crawling all over his body had nothing to do with the steam floating around them, every thrust was met with one of hers as she scalded him with sensation. His cock was going to fall off from overuse at this rate he thought as the pleasure burned and tightened his thighs. He slammed into her harder more ruthlessly as the grasping need to drive himself deep inside her increased in intensity.

Tanya leaned forward and bit his shoulder roughly making him growl as he thrust harder into her. She slid her hands up his back and held on tightly as they bucked against each other. Writhing pleasure burned through their bodies, he panted harshly against her as his hard body pressed against hers. She moaned as she bit into his neck this time, hard violent sensation ripping through her.

His body was out of his control now, violent savage sensation ripped through him as he couldn’t control his movements. He slammed into her harder and faster as their impending explosion burned hotter and brighter. Brennan’s hard violent thrusts into her ripped her release free, she released his neck and screamed as she convulsively came against him.

He howled as Tanya grip him with tight crushing suction, he thrust into her one last time before his release exploded from him, it felt like his spine ripped out along with it as he collapsed against her panting harshly. He couldn’t move as each wrenching pulse from his body made him even more legless.

He groaned and slid off her as the cooling water from the shower sprayed over him. He tried to catch his breath as he said, “Never have I felt so exhausted and relaxed at the same time.”

His arms and legs felt as if they were made from jell-o and his chest felt as though there were several heavy weights on him. His eyes felt like they were rolling in his head as the tingling numbness from the pleasure flowed through him.

Tanya collapsed on the floor as the cool water splashed against her. That was totally crazy, she couldn’t move, she knew she was as wiped out as him she thought. “I feel like a dead fish, all lose and floppy,” she muttered as she leaned back against the wall.

Brennan leaned back against the wall and with a struggle he reached up and turned off one tap. Then struggled up and turned off the other tap before he collapsed back against the wall. “Well that’s one way of describing it,” he said still slightly out of breath.

“We need to talk Brennan, last night and right now have been so amazing. I personally don’t want it to end. Where are we going to take this?” she asked. She did want to continue on with what they have, she felt somehow connected to him in more than just a physical sense.

“We certainly do need to talk, I don’t want it to end either,” he said leaning back against the wall. He felt numb almost as ankara etimesgut escort sensation tingled all over his body.

She was suddenly jolted with a realization as her breathing returned to normal. She hadn’t been on the pill lately. Her work schedule had been too busy to get a refill, and the amount of times he had come inside of her. Must have been at least four times and the fact that she was about in the middle of her cycle. “Also we need to talk about the fact that we didn’t use any sort of protection, I’m not on the pill.”

Brennan exhaled sharply, it was a shock but what had already happened had burned through his body. He slid across the slick tiles and leaned towards her, and kissed her gently and softly, “Whatever happens with that I’ll be here to support you, we do need to work out some things however. If you do end up being pregnant, we have to work out some kind of schedule our jobs are busy.”

She smiled as he leaned over and kissed her, “We don’t have to talk about that now though,” she said. What they had felt truly special, she was confident the sparks that she could feel could ignite into a fire once she got to know him better. She placed her hand against his thigh and felt the raised flesh of his scar. That troubled her however, if she did become pregnant. He was in a very dangerous job, traffic police were usually the ones that got injured and killed more frequently.

Her hand on his thigh for a moment brought back painful memories, it was the beginning of the start for him. He had only been a cop for a year before that happened. “It happened a year after I graduated from the academy. My partner and I were called to a bank robbery, when we got there they were making their escape. I got shot in thigh, but my partner was shot in the back, behind the shoulder. He kept me from bleeding out over the ground, the bullet was lodged in my artery. He saved my life. But then when I was in recovery lying in the hospital bed, the doctor came in and told me that my partner had died from a blood clot. It got lodged in his heart, there was nothing they could have done about it.”

Tanya looked over him as Brennan’s eyes watered slightly, she moved her hand from his thigh and brushed it against his cheek and leaned in and kissed him gently. “That must have been really hard, what happened afterwards?”

“The bullet severed a tendon, they had to repair the damage done, I couldn’t walk on that leg for months and a lot of painful physio before it would work properly again. The only way I could get around was with crutches. I was put on desk duty until my leg was fully working again. In that time though I found what I wanted to do, I swore to myself I wasn’t going to end up like my partner dead because of some low-life scum. We eventually caught the bastards they’re in jail serving twenty years for murder. I’ve been in training part time for the last four years to be a detective, it’s finally coming. I’m taking my detective’s exam in two months then I’ll be able to get off street patrol,” he said.

“That sounds so amazing, have you got any experience with it yet?” she asked. Relief burst through her, it shouldn’t really matter to her what he did. But it did matter, she didn’t want him to get hurt.

He grinned and said, “Yeah I got my first real taste at detectives work a month ago, it was the last part of my practical testing before I get my exam. Patrol work is almost endlessly boring all you’re really doing is booking idiots and bringing in money for the government.”

“That sounds awesome Brennan, so Detective Parker what do make of our situation?” she asked grinning.

“Screwed?” he said chuckling. “We’re sitting in the shower and we don’t have enough strength to move.”

“Lazy! At least when you get promoted you won’t be sitting in a chair all day,” she said and poked her tongue out at him and reached out to the door handle and grasped it pulling herself up. But as soon as she let go of it to open she slipped and fell with a squeak.

Brennan grabbed her and chuckled, “That was smart.”

She smacked his arm and said, “Let’s see you do any better.”

“Well I’m not impulsive like you seem to be,” he said with a devilish smirk.

“Hey! Impulsive? I resent that, you’re just as impulsive as me then,” she said.

He grinned and tried to stand up then pushed the door open, with great effort he stumbled out of the shower and grabbed towels for them both. “Are you coming?” he asked laughing.

She growled at him and then stumbled her way out of the shower.


Tanya leaned against her fiancé in the huge new sofa she just bought she looked up at him and grinned. She though his promotion to detective would mean that he would be busier then he was. But surprising to her it seemed to leave him with a little more extra time. She was glad for any extra time especially now since they were going to have a baby together and they had a wedding to plan. It was amazing how one pretty horrible day could change her life so positively.

Brennan reached down and caressed her rounding stomach and said, “I still think it’s going to be a boy.”

“Dream on, Brennan it’s a girl. All the women in my line have had girls as first born,” she said.

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