Road Trip with Cousin

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The road trip with my cousin, Amy, started out fun. It was my last summer before I’d go to college, and I wanted some time away. I had taken a year off after high school, and was still 18 with my birthday in September. My cousin was seven years older than myself. Having no siblings, she was the closest I had to a sister, and taking a cross country road trip with her seemed like a great idea.

We went in her car since I didn’t have one yet. We were on the road and driving through the desert for hours. We stopped at a few tourist-y places along the way, and were on our way to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. It had already been ten hours, and it was getting late.

“I’m getting tired,” Amy said as she pulled in to a Burger King.

“Me too. And it’s still another four hours until we get there.”

“Yeah, fuck that.” Amy shut the door and stretched her legs. I took a second to admire her firm ass in tight jeans as she stretched forward. Lusting after my cousin wasn’t something I did often, but I had to admit, she had a great ass. Her breasts were petite, but fit her small frame nicely. “We’re getting a hotel.”

We ordered our food and Amy searched for nearby motels on her phone while we ate. The food was delicious after having waited so long for it. I was hungry a couple hours ago, but Amy didn’t like stopping for anything. She had wanted to get to the Grand Canyon tonight, but it was already dark.

“Found one,” she said.

“I’ll pay half.”

“Nah, I got it. You quit your job to go to college, and won’t be getting more. I still have my job.”

As much as I didn’t want to mooch, Amy was right. Knowing that she would do that for me really made me feel like she had my back.

We crumbled up our wrappers and threw the trash away before heading back out on the road. The motel was a short drive from where we were, and the building looked rather cheap. Amy and I brought our bags that had our change of clothes, and Amy asked the clerk for a room with two beds.

“Sorry,” said the clerk. “All we got are single beds available.”

Amy sighed and glanced at me. “I mean, that’s fine, right?”

“Uh, sure.” A single bed? With my hot older cousin that I may or may not have masturbated to a couple times while growing up? There were many things that weren’t fine with it, but Amy was paying.

Amy took the keycard and we carried our bags to the second floor. “Hopefully this won’t be too weird.”

The hotel was cheap, but not rundown. The accommodations were humble with basic stuff at any hotel. The scent of weed and tobacco definitely lingered in the air. Amy and I went to opposite ends of the bed and set our bags down. The bathroom was at an angle to the beds, and Amy asked who was showering first.

“Ladies first.” It seemed the right thing to do, especially as she paid for the place. She nodded and grabbed some clothes that looked like nightwear from her bag. She carried them to the bathroom and shut the door. She pulled it shut several times, and it sounded like she had to fight with it. A mirror at the foot of the bed showed that she had to open and close it over and over. Typical cheap motel door.

While I started to just browse facebook and wait for her to shower, something caught my eye in the mirror. It gave a perfect view of the bathroom, and I saw why my cousin had to fight with the door. Wood creaked as the door opened itself, but the shower was already running so my cousin didn’t hear it. The glass of the shower door wasn’t frosted at all, and I had a perfect view of my beautiful naked cousin.

My cock was immediately rock hard and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw her cute pink nipples on her breasts that jiggled as she soaped them. Her ass muscles tensed as she washed her legs. It was difficult to see from the distance, but I got make out a tiny strip of hair above pendik escort her pussy.

Chancing that she didn’t see me, I began to stroke my hard cock through my pants. A short time later, I abandoned the pretense and unzipped to stroke it properly. My cousin was blissfully unaware as she carried on her shower. Slowly my show went away as the glass fogged up, and I stroked myself faster to the memories. In what felt like no time, the shower turned off and the glass door opened. Steam barely concealed her naked form. Small titties bounced as she darted for the door with a swear.

My heart jumped into my throat as the door slammed, and I stuffed my hard cock into my pants. Had she seen me? If she did, what did she think of her little cousin jacking off? Would she know it was to her? Thoughts raced through my head while Amy dressed. She came out with a loose tank top and short shorts.

“Door is a little busted,” Amy said.

“I heard you slam it.” Hopefully she hadn’t seen me.

“Yeah, it doesn’t close right,” Amy said. “It even opened while I was in the shower.”

“Oh wow.” I tried to feign ignorance the best I could.

“Yeah, so watch out for that.” Amy glared at the door. “Piece of shit. Glad we’re only here for one night.”

I grabbed my own sleeping clothes and headed for the bathroom. Just like with Amy, the door would not stay closed, and I knew it would drift open while I was in the shower. It would be only fair if she saw me as I saw her, but it would also mean that she’d see the mirror and know I’d seen her. That thought petrified me, but then, it isn’t like she know I jacked off to her.

I stripped naked and turned the shower on. Visions of my naked cousin were fresh in my mind, and I hadn’t had a chance to finish when I started to jack off earlier. My cock was still hard, and Amy would see it as soon as that door opened itself. It waved in front of me with each step, and her naked body never left my mind’s eye.

Hot water sprayed onto my body, and I cleaned myself. The shower sound masked it pretty well, but I glanced over and the door was opened. The angle allowed me to see my cousin watching me. I groaned slightly as I soaped up my cock. The shower was usually where I masturbated. Or the bed, but that wouldn’t be an option tonight. She already saw my hard cock, so what difference did it make if she watched me jack off?

I grasped my cock and stroked it. All the while imagining my naked cousin. I closed my eyes to see my memory more clearly and I hammered away at my cock. The realization that I was being watched intensified my strokes, and I wondered if she was enjoying my body as much as I enjoyed hers. Ropes of semen blasted the fogged shower door and washed away down the drain with the stream of water. Waves of pleasure went through my body, and it was the first time I jacked off with somebody watching me, which somehow made it better. I turned the water off and opened the shower door.

I saw my cousin watching me in the mirror, with her hand resting between her legs. She was rubbing herself over her shorts, and for several long seconds hadn’t realized that I could see her yet. Calmly, I closed the door and then proceeded to get dressed. Seeing my cousin playing with herself started to make me hard again while I dried my body and got my clothes on. I wore a t-shirt and basketball shorts.

I opened the door and walked into the main room. Amy’s hand darted from her crotch and she acted like it never happened. “That door sucks.”

“Yeah, it came open for me while I was in the shower like with you.”

“Good thing we’re only here tonight.” Amy’s nipples poked through her shirt, and I could the vague hint of pink through her white top. They were hard from her arousal, and I knew that arousal was because of me. I was unsure how to react. Looking at her naked body and escort pendik masturbating was one thing, but to bring attention to it could stir an issue neither of us wanted to stir. “I’m really tired from driving, so do you mind if I turn out the light?”

“That’s fine.” We turned out the lights. Darkness increased my other senses, and I could hear my cousin breathing next to me, and I felt the heat from her body. I could feel her hand at her side, which was close to my waist. It would normally be great to have a really hot girl in the bed with me, but not this time. In fact, it was a big problem that the thought of Amy being a really hot girl entered my head. After seeing her naked though, that was definitely the most accurate description.

It was awkward trying to get comfortable without touching each other intimately. I was conscious to avoid touching her with every movement of my body. She rested on her left side, and then her right side. I rested on my stomach for a bit before turning over. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and I could see her top riding up to reveal the moonlight skin of her belly button. She sighed and huffed, and I remembered that at least I got to relieve myself. She was still pent up.

As difficult as it was, I started to fall asleep. At some point though, my awareness came back, and Amy had her arm wrapped around my chest with her fingers gripping my left pec. This left my right arm under her, and since becoming conscious, I put my arm around her body. She snuggled closer, and pushed her crotch against me hip. Hard nipples, barely clothed in thin fabric raked against my skin. Warm breath was only inches from my ear, and her soft lips were almost touching my cheek.


No response.


“What?” she groaned. Her body moved slightly and must have realized what happened. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize—”

“It’s OK.”

“I’m not used to sleeping with somebody and not cuddling them, ya know?”

“I know,” I said. “Same here.” It was hard to fall asleep and trying not to accidentally touch each other.”

“Maybe we should just sleep like this,” Amy said.


“I mean, it’s what’s natural for both of us,” Amy said. “And we should get a good rest so we can enjoy the Grand Canyon tomorrow.”

“That makes sense,” I said. “We shouldn’t fight it.”

“And as long as we’re being real, I usually don’t sleep with a shirt on.”

It felt like my heart skipped a beat when my cousin sat up to take her top off. It was dark, but I could just barely make out her breasts in the dark. “That feels better. The girls like to breathe at night.”

I had heard other girls refer to their breasts as ‘the girls’, but never my cousin.

“We’re already pushing the boundaries,” Amy said. “Might as well get comfortable. Anything you want to take off before we get comfortable again?”

My mouth was dry and it was a struggle to speak. “Well, usually I just sleep in my boxers.”

“Take everything else off then,” Amy said. “Let’s sleep how we normally do.”

It felt unreal as I took off my shirt and shorts next to Amy. I tossed them both to the side and lied back down. Amy draped her body over me and the skin on skin contact made my cock even harder. Bare breasts rubbed against my arm. My cock strained in my boxers until it popped out of my fly. She couldn’t see it since it was under the sheet.

“Isn’t this so much more comfortable?” Amy asked.

“Yes, definitely more comfortable.”

Amy’s legs reached across mine, and her smooth thigh rubbed against mine. It got close to my cock, and soon she would realize how turned on I was. “Cuddling feels so nice.”

My hand awkwardly touched her bare back and I tried to find a spot that wouldn’t lead to more.

“Don’t be afraid to touch me.” Amy pecked me on the cheek. pendik escort bayan “After all, I’m all over you.”

“You’re right.” I settled my hand near her shoulder so that my fingertips barely touched the side of her breast.

“See? Nothing wrong.”

Amy’s leg moved a little more and touched the base of my cock. She moved it higher and felt the length with her leg. “Is that—”

“Yeah, sorry.” My heart jumped.

“Don’t be sorry.” Amy’s hand drifted from my chest down my stomach. “Do you-well, I know it’ll be hard to sleep that turned on-so do you want help?”

Amy’s hand barely brushed my cock and she stopped. Her pinky was still touching the tip just barely. My heart was pounding, and I could barely utter a response. “Some help would be nice.”

Amy’s fingers wrapped around my cock and started to jack me off. Feeling my cousin’s hand on my cock was incredible, and my hand moved to her breast. I had the full breast in my hand and tweaked her nipple. She only moaned in response.

“Such a lovely cock.”

“Such lovely breasts.”

“I…saw you in the shower,” Amy said. “The door came open and I watched you jack off.”

“I watched you too.”

Amy jacked me harder and squeezed the shaft of my dick. “Were you jacking off to me?”

There was no point in lying now, with her tit in my hand. “Yes.”

“That’s really hot.”

“The door came open, and I started jacking while you were in the shower.”

“Let’s turn the light on so you can get a better view.” Amy reached over and turned on the lamp. Amy threw the sheets off both of us, and I saw Amy’s incredible body. Petite breasts were a gentle swell of her chest, and the breast I rubbed had a harder nipple. All she wore were a pair of blue panties, that that also took off. A strip of short blonde hair led to the crease of her pussy. She did a spin for me so I could see her incredible ass. “Better?”

“Oh, so much better.” I soaked in her beauty, and I caught her eying my cock. Small breasts moved slightly when she climbed back onto the bed. She crawled to me, and engulfed my cock in her mouth. I groaned as she bobbed her head back and forth with my cock in her mouth. I was disappointed when she took it out, but my disappointment turned to excitement when she climbed over me. The hair of her pussy grazed against my dick, and I knew what was going to happen.

“I’ve thought about this before,” she said. “I think you’re hot too.”

Warm lips of her pussy rubbed against my tip. She was incredibly wet and I slid in easily when she lowered herself. She moaned as she continued to take more of it in, and seeing my cousin’s face twisted in sexual ecstasy drove me crazy. Tight vaginal walls gripped me when I was all the way in. Her ass touched my balls as she rode me.

I reached up to massaged her tits while she moved her hips over my cock. Nipples tightened under my fingers, and she moaned louder. I pushed up into her everytime she came down, and she screamed out my name. None of our neighbors knew we were cousins, until she loudly screamed, “That’s right, fuck your horny cousin!”

The lack of inhibition and the fact that some stranger might know turned me on, so I turned us over in the bed so that I was over her. I pounded her tight pussy while she clawed my back. Her nipples rubbed against mine. Our lips connected and I pushed my tongue against hers. We moaned into each others’ mouths and she grabbed my ass. We were filled with pure lust as we fucked in that hotel in the middle of nowhere.

“I’m about to cum.”

“Cum in my pussy.”

Hearing those words from Amy pushed me over the edge, and I filled her with my semen. Walls convulsed around my cock, and her moans turned to screams. I realized we were cumming at the same time. We were panting when I pulled my cock out. It shined with both our fluids and the bed was filled with our sweat.

“Incredible,” Amy said.

“Yeah.” I was breathless and speechless. Amy said nothing and turned out the light. We cuddled each other, and fell asleep in each other’s naked arms.

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