Robin , Lisa Ch. 03

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Lisa sat on her bed hunched over a waste basket between her knees while a dance beat of music thumped in the dorm room next to her as usual. She held a bright orange carrot in one hand and a pocket knife in the other and examined it from all sides. She brought the knife to the carrot and began scrapping off the rough skin. This was the beginning of Lisa’s ritual.

During her freshman year at college, Rob became a friend and classmate of Lisa’s. He was tall and boyish looking with scruffy brown hair. He was kind and courteous and bright, but either mom or dad had failed him in the area of social graces.

One night during a long study session, the two were alone in Lisa’s apartment when she felt a spark of attraction. Lisa sat close and began playfully touching Rob and moved in for a kiss.

The passion grew quickly in Lisa as they kissed deeply in each others’ arms. Rob knelt down and quickly unbuttoned her shorts while she allowed him to pull them and her panties off of her legs. He stood up unbuttoning his pants dropping them to the floor and mounted Lisa on the sofa.

Rob’s cock was fully erect and pushed it gently into Lisa’s slick pussy. She closed her eyes letting her jaw drop feeling his cock fill her. His body trembled with the intense pleasure of her warmth caressing his cock as he rocked in and out of her.

Lisa’s legs dangled up in the air with her arms wrapped around his neck. Rob pressed his cock deeper into her with their eyes closed focusing only on the pleasuring sensation. Again and again, Rob pumped his body into her until he pulled out abruptly and shot his load onto Lisa’s belly.

Rob had a pained expression on his face jacking his cock dry. Lisa watched and waited in anticipation for him to reinsert himself into her, but he pulled himself up and began gathering his clothes.

“That’s it? You’re done?” Lisa said.

“Come on. It’s late. I need to get some sleep.”

“You didn’t need any sleep two minutes ago!”

Rob didn’t say anything, but seemed to be embarrassed about the situation. He put on his clothes while Lisa sulked in the nude.

“I’ll see you later, okay?” he said dressed and picked up his backpack.

“Yeah, see you later.” she said clearly annoyed.

Rob left her alone naked on the sofa folding her arms tightly under her breasts. A scowl was on her face, but her body still tingled with sexual need. Her nipples were sensitive and taut while her pussy still glistened and tingled.

She brought a hand down between her legs and stroked her pointed clitoris. A wave of warmth radiated from that small little spot across her entire body. It felt good, but she wanted the feeling of being filled. She wanted to be fucked.

Lisa stood up and looked over at the table they had been studying at. She eyed the pen she had been writing with as a means. Her own finger would work better than that she thought. Then, she walked over to the kitchen. She picked up a dish rag and wiped the mess Rob had left on her body.

She opened the refrigerator and smirked at the carrots on the bottom drawer. She picked the largest one she could find and went back to the sofa. She sat deep in the sofa and propped her knees up. She held the carrot in front of her face and stared at it. It was a cool, pale orange and a tad rubbery, but she could feel her pussy salivating again. Her nipples tingled in anticipation.

Lisa brought it down between her legs and closed her eyes. The cool carrot touched her moistened lips and Lisa pursed her lips preparing for the new sensation. She dragged it down her lips and pushed the fat end into her pink lips.

Her back arched up off the sofa and her jaw dropped to suck in a heavy, deep breath. Her reaction was half due to the temperature and the other from pleasure.

She relaxed her body acclimating to the cool carrot. She poked herself in and out feeling the rough skin chaffing her moistened velvet pussy. She purred while rubbing her clitoris and pumping the carrot in and out losing herself in a sea of pleasure. She moaned and sighed alone, but elated in a state of bliss.

“Fuck illegal bahis me.” she whispered to herself as she felt her climax growing.

Her body trembled as her hands worked herself harder and faster. She felt the point of no return and her face cringed with her back arching off the sofa. Her mouth opened wide when her orgasm crashed down hard.

“AAAAuuuuuggggghhhh!” she moaned loud before covering her mouth with her hand.

Her jaw trembled as her orgasm slowly dissipated. Her body relaxed and fell back onto the sofa. Her body lied on the sofa crumpled for several minutes catching her breath and letting her orgasm subside leaving the carrot inside her pussy. She looked at it between her legs. It would rise each time she felt an orgasmic ripple come across her body.

Lisa reached down and slowly pulled it out. It came out easily enough, but left her pussy feeling empty again. She looked at the carrot. It was coated with her sex and it was warm and softer. Sexually satisfied, she gave the carrot a sticky kiss.

Lisa continued scraping away the rough edges and smoothing out the lumps and divots. This was something that never meant to become anything more than a way to appease a frustrated sexual appetite. However, that night being a spur of the moment situation turned into a habit. Whenever the time was free and the urge was felt, Lisa went straight for the refrigerator.

It started with carrots in the beginning, but she later used zucchini and cucumbers as well. They were all pleasing regardless the size or shape and had their own unique qualities. The carrot was Lisa’s first and that alone made it special. Yet, its slender size and crisp rigidity gave it nice attributes.

Lisa’s first foray into anal sex came with this vegetable. The thought had always tantalized her. The pointed side made it the perfect choice for the anal virgin. The thin vegetable was easy to insert and allowed her the control the size and deepness gradually rather than all at once. It was nature’s perfect anal toy, she thought.

The carrot caused very little discomfort and Lisa grew to enjoy the sensation of an anal toy. She began strolling around her apartment alone feeling filled and tight. Different would have been the way Lisa described the sensation, but different was interesting.

The zucchini was a nice vegetable. It was the vegetable that found Lisa’s G-spot for the first time. Lisa remembered the night it happened. She had just returned from the grocery store buying her allotment of veggies. She dumped them on the countertop when it hit her how much her zucchini resembled a cock. She picked up the largest one of the bunch and examined it. It was a dark fleshy green that was firm yet pliable. Giving it a pinch, her fingers left a slight depression on the green shaft. The shaft was a gentle curve rounding into a fat head on the bottom.

She rinsed the zucchini under the running water and worked the shaft up and down slowly. She rubbed it briskly removing all the dirt and grime and proceeded to her bedroom. She pulled out a small bottle of KY from her drawer and placed it on top of the nightstand next to the zucchini. She stared at it and dropped her shorts and pulled her panties down. Her pussy was already excited and her body responded by wetting her lips with a warm and viscous solution.

She lied on her bed taking the zucchini and the lotion in either hand. She held the fat head up in the air and squeezed a stream of lotion on to it. She worked the lotion into the zucchini giving it a dark green shine. Her heart quickened as she brought it down between her legs.

Lisa placed the fat head against her lips and gently inserted it inside her pussy. She grimaced slightly, but the wetness of her pussy and the lotion allowed a smooth entry. The head was big, but after the initial entry, it filled her to her liking. She lied there for a few moments just to feel the sensation of the vegetable being inside her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was parted slightly letting out a breathy exhale.

Slowly, Lisa began working the shaft in and out of her. It filled her much illegal bahis siteleri more than the carrot and the curvature brushed the roof of her pussy. Both were good, but this was different she noticed. The head hitting the roof of her pussy was new and slowly like the carrot, she could feel her orgasm building. A smile glossed Lisa’s face then she grimaced suddenly emitting a soft moan. She felt a tingle. It was a tingle that felt intense and very sensitive radiating from a spot grazed by the head of the zucchini. She angled the head toward the same location and pushed it in.

“Oooohhhh!” Lisa moaned with a violent convulsion.

It was a sensation that felt too sensitive to touch, but the feeling was undeniably pleasurable. She aimed for the spot again and pushed at again, but with less force.

“Uuuuuuunnnngghhh!” she purred as her back arched off the bed and her pussy contracted tight around the green shaft.

She poked and prodded the spot and felt her moment of no return passing. Her eyes were closed and her muscles contracted holding a deep breath in her lungs. She mouthed the words, “Fuck me.”

As if time stopped for a moment, there was not a care in the world except for this exact moment. Everything had gone silent as she felt her heartbeat behind her eyes. The peak was coming and as much as she wanted it to last, she also wanted to ride down the wave.

“Auuuuuuuggghhhhhh!” she screamed uncontrollably as the orgasm crashed down. Her scream was loud enough to be heard from a neighbor and placed her hand over her mouth while her chest continued heaving up and down.

Lisa smiled and placed the carved orange carrot on her dorm room desk. She dipped her hand into the bag and took out the cucumber. It was a dark solid green with the girth being the thickest around the center. It was the heavy duty veggie that had to be carved down to size. The benefit being it was always too big and they could always be tailored to give off a sensation depending on Lisa’s mood. It could fill her like a zucchini but have the crisp texture of a carrot. A versatile vegetable, but it did take some time and work.

The carving was not only required, but at the same time sexually relaxing. The act allowed Lisa time to passionately reminisce about her romantic encounters. She began carving down the cucumber to size while her mind wandered carelessly.

Robyn was still fresh in her mind and the image of the short girl with the sweet and bright smile came to her. It was hard to forget her and besides, Lisa did not want to. She smiled imagining her once again in the motel room. She saw Robyn with her pants down to her ankles masturbating in front of her.

Lisa never even thought about being with another woman, but since that night, she had milled over how it made her feel. Robyn was extremely sexy and her boldness spilled over onto Lisa that night. She joined her in masturbating partly for Robyn to show her she was a good sport, but also because the feeling was there. An orgasm is always welcomed, but sharing it with her and seeing Robyn get off was hotter than the depths of damnation.

Lisa felt her pussy salivating with hunger, but it was not time yet. She turned the cucumber over and continued shaving the veggie down to size. She glanced over at her handbag for a moment remembering the note Robyn had written with her phone number. “She probably forgot about me already.” Lisa thought.

“She probably fucked all her friends that weekend. I’d just be another face in the crowd for that sex kitten.”

It had been about two weeks since the night in the motel. Robyn had come to mind at least once each of those days, but she always found an excuse to delay her decision.

It was quite possible her thoughts about Robyn were all true, but in reality she thought, “What about if I did?”

The thought of actually calling her sent a giddy feeling into her stomach. It tickled and tantalized her as she almost completed her carving.

Lisa raised the cucumber up and examined it from all sides. It had been trimmed down in the center to be an even phallus. canlı bahis siteleri She placed it next to the carved carrot on her desk and rose to her feet. She opened her handbag and rummaged through the contents until pulling out a small folded piece of paper. She opened it and saw Robyn’s handwriting on it with her phone number.

She placed it on the desk and smoothed the creases staring at it and wondering. Rain began to patter against the window outside while Lisa unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. She slid her powder blue cotton panties off her long legs and sat back on the bed looking at the phone.

Lisa took a deep breath and picked up her carved vegetables and lied on the bed. She turned her head looking at the phone once more and felt her heart thumping away with anxiety. She took the carrot between her legs and inserted it gently up her ass. She closed her eyes and felt the coolness enter her as the rain pelted against the window. With a firm shove, Lisa found the right depth pushing the carrot a little over halfway inside her. She began thrusting rhythmically feeling the jolting sensation coming from within her ass. Her pussy grew moist and hot with her clitoris growing hard and erect. Her pink lips glistened under the dorm’s florescent lighting almost asking to be fondled and fucked.

Lisa picked up the cucumber and glided it over her moist folds and across her firm clitoris. It was a teasing sensation that beckoned for more. Lisa thought back to the night in the motel. She remembered how completely enthralled she was watching Robyn masturbate in front of her eyes. The expression on Robyn’s face was sheer bliss and it was flattering to know that she was the reason for it even from another woman.

Lisa shoved the cucumber into her pussy as deep as it would go. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lip pushing it further into her pussy until she was completely filled. She stopped and exhaled slowly relaxing her body feeling the sensation of being filled. She breathed heavy holding the vegetables inside her body and turned her attention over to her phone once again.

Lisa wanted to experience another night with Robyn. That was certain. The only thing holding her back was the nerve to call.

She closed her eyes again and resumed pushing the cucumber in and out of her pussy. Her body tingled through her body feeling it down her toes and into her fingers. Lisa’s orgasm built toward a climax when her lust dominated discarding reason and shame from her thoughts.

Lisa shoved the carrot deep inside her ass and held the cucumber in her pussy when she leapt off her bed and snatched the phone in her hand. She dialed Robyn’s number in an urgent state and fell back on to the bed. She resumed fucking herself with one hand while holding phone by her ear with the other.

Lisa heard the phone dialing Robyn number bringing a jolt of excitement and speeding along her orgasm. Once, twice, Lisa heard the dial tone. Robyn would pick up any second with Lisa’s orgasm building in a torrid pace.

The third dial sounded and Lisa breath was hard and heavy. She had no idea what she was going to say to her.

After the third dial, Robyn’s voicemail picked up. It was a sweet cheerful voice that brought an added sense to Lisa’s orgasm. She began to peak as she heard Robyn say, “Hi! This is Robyn. I can’t take your call at this time. If you need to change or cancel a scheduled appointment, please leave your name and a preferred time. Thank you.”

Lisa dropped the phone next to her ear and stroked her clitoris with her other hand. She passed the point of no return during Robyn’s voicemail message and was mouthing words incoherently, but she managed to vocalize the words, “Fuck me Robyn!”

Lisa was wrapped in orgasmic bliss and sang out a loud and long moan in her small dorm room. She was moaned from deep within her body giving off guttural groans of immense pleasure until relaxing into a pool of sweaty flesh. Her hair stuck on to her forehead while she breathed heavily. She reached down and pulled out the cucumber and began to giggle.

A beep sounded next to her ear. She looked over and saw her phone. She remembered she did not hang up on the call. Lisa’s entire orgasm was recorded on Robyn’s voicemail.

Lisa pulled the carrot out of her ass and sat up quickly.

“Oh no! What did I do?”

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