Rodeo Rider Pt. 02

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Our son was 26 when he dislocated his shoulder on the road again. He called his mother to come help him again. He was in North Platte Ne. and he wanted her to come right then. Julie got a plane ticket and flew out that day. I called Jase a couple days later. He was two states away in Utah at a Rodeo. I told him about Bobby’s injury and Mom’s running to him.

“Dad I heard about his injury, and that it isn’t bad. I can also tell you he and Clem Cummings were bunking together last I knew. Matt Moore called me and told me he heard Bobby bragging after he got hurt That he was going to get his mom to come out to take care of him. And by the second day he and Clem would be fucking her.”

“So your little brother is at it again? So what is his motive this time do you think?”

“Matt wasn’t sure but he knew Clem has been talking to him about Mom. He wants her and knows he can get to her with Bobby.”

“Jace when do you finish up there?”

“I could drive over there tonight if need be?”

“No, I ask when do you finish up there.”

“My last event isn’t for two weeks from tomorrow, Dad. So if Matt is right we don’t want this to go on that long.”

“Call, Matt and see what he knows and let me know in a few days.”

It was over a week before Jace called back. When he did I could tell he was not happy.

“I am sorry it has taken this long Dad. Matt really couldn’t tell me much as he had not had a chance to talk with little brother. But he saw them last night. It is bad.”

“How bad?”

“They were at the “Slut Club” down by the stockyards, and he said they had Mom’s top off.”

“Sexy Out bare? And tight jeans were ready to come off?”

“Dad they came off and Clem fucked her on stage.”

“Ouch, she was very ready and drunk.”

“I don’t think so, She wanted it to happen, Matt said. And then Bobby took over and they fucked on stage and she let him display her for the crowd as he did her! And he moved her out into the center of the club and gave her over to the boys in the crowd and it began.”

“So they made her a SLUT of the club?”

“She posed for the pictures Matt says and she is posted on the güvenilir bahis Slut wall.”

“So how high does she stand on the list?”

“Well right now she is posted at 13th. With 38 guys.”

“Right now? So she’s agreed to do it again?”

“Yes, at National Qualifying in two weeks.”

“Are they posting it for her?”

“Yes I got the poster this morning!”

“And she is displayed?”

“Completely naked posed for it. and two side poses of her with Bobby and Clem fucking her. And it shows them in her. And says he’s her son.”

“Okay let’s see how she does?”

“Good, God, Dad you are going to let her do it?”

“Yes I am going to let Clem have her. Drop the hint I am racist and see if he runs with it.”

“You really want to do this?”

“There is a Black club in Denver drop a hint they could take her there and they do live stage shows with white wives.”

“You want Mom to do that?”

“I want to see how far into her head they are and to see if she’ll do it?”

“From what Matt has said she will do anything they want her to, He fucked her twice and said she was fantastic.”

“Tell him to tell Clem and wait a few days to see if she does it, in fact let’s wait til we see if she sets the record at the club?”

Three weeks past before Jace called again.

“So how’s it going Jace?”

“I am now in town and Mom is still with Clem. But he loans her out now to others. In fact he sent her home with some guys after a party at the Horse Shoe club. She danced naked then everyone fucked her.”

“Did you fuck her Son?”

“The first night in town, Clem gave her to me to fuck. She spent the night with me. So I have been with her several times now. They took her down to Denver. She danced and she did the black thing! I have seen video of it and she looks fantastic. There is a black pimp down there that wants her. Clem is talking with him about her. He has taken her down there three times now and is going again soon. She set the record at the SLUT CLUB!”

“What is her record now?”

“It was 78, now hers is 114.”

“Fully recorded at that?”

“Every one of them believe it or not?”

“Is türkçe bahis he drugging her?”

“I see no sign of it at all, I think she is high on doing it.”

“She has been different since the fling she had 3 years ago, and she has said several times that Clem made her feel sexy and that it was big when he made her fuck Bobby. The first time our son had his cock up in her made her crazy. How has she been with you Jace?”

“Very hot, she says she’s wanted me for a long time.”

“So is Clem turning her over to this Pimp?”

“He hates you Dad and ya I think that is where he wants this to go. I think he wants to turn Mom into a full prostitute. Do you want me to stop it for you guys?” ” “No, I want Clem to own her!”

“You really want his cock in her?”

“I want Clem to do anything he wants with her.”

“You know what he will do with her don’t you?”

“Yes, in all likely I do.”

“Will you let him do that to her?”

“Yes. All the way if he desires it.”

“They will put a needle in her arm in three months. Will you let it happen too?”

“Likely in her thigh now but yes if he goes there.”

“You boys stay clear of it and let it run the coarse.”

I didn’t talk to Jace for nearly two weeks and when I did he was not in a good mood. When I answered He started right in.

“Are you really going to let this Son Of A Bitch have Mom?”

“”Son, This is about what Mom wants. She flew out to Bobby to coddle him. She crawled back into bed with Clem and your brother. She made these choices. And is she still in Clem’s bed? And is she still openly fucking Bobby? And is she being a whore for you?”

“You are right on everything.”

“So how can I fix this unless she asks me to?”

I only heard silence on the phone. And I hung up. We didn’t talk for three months.

He finally did call.

“So what’s up Son?”

“Dad I know she wants to come home.”

“How did she tell you that?”

“Yes, but she doesn’t think you want her back. And that you won’t ever trust her now that she has given herself to Clem.”

“Is she still with Clem now?”

“Yes she is.”

“Is she still güvenilir bahis siteleri letting him Display her?”

“Yes Sir she is.”

“Are you boys both still fucking her?”

The silence on the other end told me my answer.

It was nearly six months before I heard from him again. Jace started right in.

“Dad she wants to come home to you. She left Clem last week and is working in a dive in North Platte. We are in Denver and She has called me twice a day since we left there.”

“Ya, And where is Clem?”

“He was here but he left so I am not sure.”

“I don’t want her back you tell her to stay where she is with who she has chosen.”

“Dad I don’t think she is with him?”

“Doesn’t matter I don’t want her back.”

I hung up. Weeks past and then months. And nothing came from either of my boys. I was trying very hard to get on with my life. I had dated several women, my own age and some much younger and the sex was great. Finally it was as usual Jace called. We talked an hour. Nothing about Mom was said.

“Dad she is in trouble.”

“What kind of trouble Jace?”

“She left Clem months ago, but she is lost. Booze for sure and maybe drugs too, she has lost weight and she looks bad. After I told her you didn’t want her back, something went out of her.”

“She is too proud to have done what she did Jace. I thought she would get it together and come home.”

“She tells me she has no home she fucked it up. She is simply lost.”

“Where is she, Jace?”

“You know the dinner down on Elm?”

“Here in town?”

“Ya, She is waitress there and lives in the apt above it.”

“For crying out loud she lives less than ten blocks from home. Why not just come home?”

“She must be watching you Dad. She tells me you really have moved on with out her. She has seen you out with several women.”

“It doesn’t mean much, Jace.”

“I have told her that Dad but she is broken.”

I drove the nine blocks to the dinner and walked in. She had her back to me as I walked up behind her and when she turned It scared me how badly she looked. I hugged her tight and kissed her for head.

“Come on Darlin we’re going home.”

It took months of hard work and good food to get her healthy again. But she made it. And in all the years since she has never left my side nor I hers. Oh, and Clem Cummings does walk funny now.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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