Root and the Pharmacist’s Wife Pt. 02

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Brief Backstory: The setting is a Middle America town in the late 1970’s, and Lute, our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who’s finishing high school, playing bass in a rock band, and spreading his own brand of goodwill among the local ladies.


When Ron and Ellen Heath had bought the downtown pharmacy building after its previous owner retired, the purchase also included the three apartments on the second floor.

Two of the apartments had been consistently rented to local college students over the years the Heath’s had owned the building. But through an arrangement with the college, the couple maintained the third and smaller studio-sized apartment as a furnished short-term rental for visiting professors and guest lecturers.

And since this studio apartment wasn’t booked for the next couple of months, it provided the perfect haven for Lute and Ellen’s next rendezvous.

After parking his van around the corner from the pharmacy building, Lute walked down the back alley and went into the unlocked side entrance leading to the building’s second floor.

Walking up the worn wooden stairs and down the carpeted hallway, hearing Neil Young’s “Harvest” album coming from the first unit, Lute was about to knock on the door marked
when Ellen Heath opened it and quietly slipped him into the room.

The small apartment was a spartan but comfortable domicile, lit only by one candle on a corner table. The curtains were drawn tightly closed, so to anyone walking by in the alley below, the apartment looked dark and vacant.

After closing up the pharmacy at six when her husband scurried off to his weekly bowling league, Ellen had gone upstairs to the apartment and settled in with a bottle of wine and a light meal she had purchased from the nearby deli. So, by the time Lute arrived an hour later, she was relaxed and ready for her young lover.

Whispering a warm “Hello,” Lute shed his coat as they embraced and kissed. Ellen had set out wine and an arrangement of deli snacks on the coffee table by the couch. But these niceties went untouched as the single-minded lovers began to hurriedly tug at each other’s clothes while they groped about and worked their mouths together in deep passionate kisses.

Soon, with their clothes in various forms of disarray, they momentarily stopped to catch their breath, and looking at each other, they laughed at the havoc they were creating.

“Um, it’s very nice to see you again, Mrs. Heath,” Lute politely deadpanned as he looked at Ellen with her disheveled hair and partially undone blouse and skirt.

“And it’s very nice to see you again too, Luther,” Ellen replied with a giggle, seeing Lute standing there in his unbuttoned jeans and his pullover sweater tossed aside on the floor. “Care for a nice glass of wine?” she asked.

“A glass of wine would be lovely, thank you,” Lute said in his best sophisticated voice.

Slowed down, the lovers put their mutual ravaging on pause as they had some wine and snacks and settled into a quiet conversation on the couch.

Ellen and Lute hardly knew each other, and though they were both fine with having an affair built primarily on sexual attraction, they also wanted to become better acquainted.

But since they didn’t have that much time together, and both were anxious to spend most of that time making love and exploring the wonders of each other’s fascinating bodies, they kept their conversation interlude fairly short. Meaning they were soon back to kissing and caressing, gradually moving towards the bed that Ellen had made up for them in the corner of the room

Easily shedding his remaining clothes, Lute was soon propped up on pillows and lounging on the double bed, positioning himself into a prime spot to watch Ellen as she disrobed.

Lute’s eyes had adjusted to the dimly lit room, so he could clearly see as Ellen slipped out of her skirt and laid it over a chair. And when her blouse was removed and likewise arranged, he saw that she had chosen to wear a bra and panty outfit well suited for a sexy and voluptuous bursa escort woman’s tryst with her lover.

Ellen’s panties were sheer and red and the opposite of the white granny panties she’d worn during her previous encounter with Lute. These were of the skimpy, bikini variety, and they only just covered her pubic thatch, while revealing plenty of her alluring fleshy ass and midriff.

And unlike the ironclad brassiere Lute had helped take off during their first engagement, this bra would require no power tools or an instruction manual for its removal. Like its panty companion, the bra was a sheer and skimpy number with thin support straps and plunging front cups that barely contained the heft of Ellen’s huge 38F breasts.

Knowing that Lute would want to have some quality time observing the spill of her succulent body from its lingerie ensemble, and thrilled to have such an admiring lover, Ellen stood next to the bed for a few moments modeling her seductive attire.

And as she did, she took in the massive cock that stood up like an armed warhead from Lute’s crotch, pulsing slightly as it continued to grow and expand. When she could no longer wait, Ellen moved towards the bed.

Leaning over to kiss her lover, Ellen’s pendulous breasts swung down within his easy reach, and were soon being passionately fondled and suckled in the way they loved and deserved.

Ellen then pushed Lute down onto the bed and got on top of him, unclasping her bra and draping her fleshy tits across his face so he could have full and unfettered access to her corpulent wonders. Moaning in delight, Lute gorged himself on the smorgasbord of tit flesh Ellen provided. He licked and suckled and fondled until Ellen finally shifted down and shoved their mouths together for some long hungry kisses.

After last week’s frenzied standing fuck in the back room of the pharmacy, having a whole bed to stretch out in as they made love was a delight for the lovers. And they took full advantage of the opportunity to explore each other’s bodies, and there was plenty to explore.

Ron, Ellen’s husband, wouldn’t be home until late. Because that night was the bowling league’s big fall tournament, and it traditionally went long, and was then followed by the winning team buying rounds of beer for the losers. So Ellen and Lute had no need to rush.

Ellen’s panties had long been shed and Lute’s face was now planted between her legs as he demonstrated his cunnilingus skills. He was happily lapping on Ellen’s clitoris while she fondled her boobs and pinched their sensitive nipples, making her ass shift and squirm about on the bed as her excitement grew.

And while Lute’s tongue worked away on Ellen’s clit and labia, he pushed a few fingers into her gaping pussy. And then all of his fingers and thumb went in, and once that was accomplished without issue, Lute’s whole hand was then squirmed into Ellen’s twat and was working around insider her pussy like a prisoner tunneling an escape route. And this was driving Ellen absolutely crazy!

“Oh, my god, Luther!” Ellen moaned, “No one has ever done that to me before! That feels incredible”

“Really, this is the first time?” Lute asked incredulously.

“Really, it is! No man has ever put his hand inside me like that before!” Ellen gasped as Lute continued shifting his hand around inside her, knowing it could go deeper if she wished.

“Do you want more?” Lute asked.

“Uh…okay…yes!” Ellen moaned, not sure what she was in for, but confident Lute would be gentle.

Lute had fisted a woman once before, so he mostly knew what he was doing, but was still surprised by the size of Ellen’s cunt. And also amazed that her husband or her previous lovers had not been adventurous enough to slip a hand into her commodious vagina. What a waste!

With the aid of her ample pussy juices that had her well lubricated, Lute slowly squirmed his hand into Ellen’s cunt, easing it along until it was buried to his wrist.

“Oh, god, Luther! That feels amazing!” Ellen moaned reassuringly as Lute slowly worked his bursa escort bayan hand about inside her, feeling her cunt clasp hungrily around his hand as it explored her deep crevasse.

Ellen’s legs were now spread wide apart, and she had lifted them up and grabbed her knees, providing Lute full access to her stretched and open orifice. Not even her gynecologist had given her such a thorough examination, and Lute wasn’t done yet. Because while his hand continued to slowly engage her gaping pussy, he put his face down onto the dark red nib of her big clit and began to lick and suck it in such a way that Ellen thought she might explode.

“Oh, Luther, my god, what are you doing to me? Oh, yes, lover, yes!” she moaned as she felt her orgasm approaching with the force of a runaway train. “Oh, sweet Mary and Jesus! Luther, what are you doing to me? My god, what are you doing to me?”

And as her orgasmic train drew closer, and with increasing speed, Ellen grabbed the back of Lute’s head with one hand and pulled it hard into her pussy as she squeezed and groped her heaving breasts with the other, until at last she exploded.

“Whoa…yeah…god…yes!” she wailed and moaned as the undulations of pleasure coursed through her body from head to toe. And, to her surprise, her climax didn’t stop, nor did Lute, as he continued sucking her clit and fist fucking her with his hand, working her deeper into the train wreck that was radiating bolts of climactic joy as she tossed her head from side to side and flailed about on the bed, whimpering, “Yes, baby, yes, oh, yes!”

When at last Ellen’s screaming climax had begun to subside, Lute slowly removed his hand from her gushing cunt and gave her sopping pussy a deep kiss before sliding off the bed.

Ellen was slowly starting to regain her senses when she looked over and saw that Lute was standing beside the bed, slowly stroking his thick cock as he contentedly watched her succulent body recover from his recent lovemaking.

Taking her in, Lute saw Ellen’s half closed and glassy eyes, and her lovely mane of dark hair matted with sweat. Her huge tits lay flopped across her chest, and the thick patch of swampy cunt fur that surrounded her pussy was spread wide open and ready for its next assault.

“That was incredible, Luther,” Ellen finally whispered to him as she lightly caressed her stomach and slowly dragged her hand up and down her chest as her breathing began to return to normal. “I really don’t know how you do this to me. I really don’t.”

Lute just smiled and continued to slowly stroke his pulsing member as he pleasured himself with the visual display that Ellen provided, splayed out on the bed and begging to be fucked.

“I want to fuck you now, Ellen Heath,” Lute said to her quietly and with little expression. “And I want you to come over here and get up on your hands and knees so I can take you from behind.”

“Oh, yes,” Ellen whispered, “That’s exactly what I want you to do to me Luther.” And then she roused herself and moved over the bed towards him.

When she was positioned just so on the side of the bed, with her legs spread apart and her juicy cavernous cunt ready for Luther’s huge spear, she moaned softly as he came up behind her and prepared to reintroduce her to his XL manhood.

Looking down at Ellen’s wonderful fleshy ass, Lute lightly massaged her anus with his thumb and knew that in one of their future trysts – probably on this very bed – he’d plow his cock in there and she would take it with pleasure. And as his thumb circled her ass hole, it opened up just enough to reveal that, like her cunt, it was also a sizeable and intriguing orifice. But he’d save her ass for later. Because tonight he was going to turn his thick stallion loose in the open rangeland of Ellen’s cunt.

“Are you ready for this, baby?” Lute whispered as he slid his huge member between her legs and rubbed it against the ripe lips of her labia.

“I’m always be ready for your big cock, Luther,” Ellen whispered back as she leaned forward, with her head down and resting escort bursa on the bed, raising her ass and pushing it towardshim to affirm her readiness.

“Excellent,” Lute chuckled softly as he began to push his cock into Ellen’s vast veld, letting it slowly enter and acclimate to its new home while he got a good grip on her hips.

Loving the feel of Ellen’s cunt, which was unlike any other he’d had before, Lute gradually and very deliberately began to fuck her.

“Mmm…Mrs. Heath, you have a wonderful pussy,” Lute moaned when his cock was finally fully implanted inside her and all ten-inches of his thick member briefly paused to relish the moment.

But then Luther steadily picked up the pace, and it wasn’t long before his groin and stomach were slapping against her ass as his broad cock plunged hard and fast into her wanton cunt, making them both grunt and moan as it did.

“Oh, god, Lute,” Ellen moaned, “Fuck me, lover! Fuck me!”

Now gripping her hips tightly and pulling her back onto his cock while he simultaneously drove himself forward and deep into her carnal cavern, Lute was pounding Ellen with a ferocity that caused the bed to shake and sway and made Ellen whimper and moan, knowing this was probably going to be the best fuck of her life.

Unconcerned about the noise they were making, and ignoring the possibility that the old bedframe might soon collapse beneath them, Ellen joined Lute in driving her ass back to meet each of his plundering thrusts.

“Give it to me, Luther! Give it to me, baby!” she moaned as she felt his huge love muscle driving insider her, “Give it to me, baby!”

Ellen’s big fleshy tits were now swinging back and forth and slapping her in the face as she and Lute pounded against each other. And Lute began to feel the rising load of his semen roiling in his loins and preparing for ejaculation. So, after several more major thrusts, Lute leaned down over Ellen’s back and asked huskily, “Where do you want my cum, baby?”

Sensing that Lute was on the verge of exploding, Ellen had already given this some thought, “I want to eat it, Luther! I want it on my face!”

“All right then, baby, come here!” Luther called to her as he slipped his cock out from between her legs, allowing her to turn and reposition herself for his blast.

Now squatting on the floor in front of Lute as he gave his slick cock a few final strokes, Ellen was a first-hand witness to Lute’s oncoming eruption as he gasped and grabbed the back of her head and pulled it forward.

“Here it is, baby! Here it is!” Luther moaned.

Opening her mouth and placing it over his cock’s head, Ellen caught a good portion of his first torrential volley. But she was soon overwhelmed as it kept coming, and she had to break away to gag down that first mouthful of spunk. But as she did, his cock continued spewing unabated, drenching her face, chest and hair with its milky seed.

Having swallowed her first mouthful, Ellen grabbed Lute’s cock and began to hungrily suck on it, gathering its last spurts and spews, and then she wiped its head across her face while it continued to spasm. Until, at last, Lute’s orgasm subsided and peace gradually returned to their world.

Looking up at Lute with his half-closed, blissful eyes, Ellen smiled and began to wipe the globs of his spunk off her face, and then she put her fingers into her mouth, sexily sucking off the creamy seed.

“Yeah, baby. That’s right…that’s right!” Lute said softly as he watched her seductively savor his jism, and then gazed down at the dollops of his spew dripping down Ellen’s huge breasts and into her cleavage. She was a sight to behold, this lovely and buxom pharmacist’s wife, freshly fucked and covered in his cum.

The couple soon moved into the bathroom and took a long shower, soaping each other all over and removing the remnants of their torrid lovemaking. And once clean, they returned to the bed and lay naked on the covers while they caressed and talked quietly before slowly making love once more, this time with Ellen on top, languidly moving about on Lute’s thick love muscle while he suckled on her breasts as they dangled in his face. And then, in their post coitus reverie, they lay close, quietly kissing and fondling until it was time for them to part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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