Rose’s Awakening Ch. 11

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I awoke, my Daddy’s arms still wrapped around me. I could feel Annie behind me, her ass up against mine and see my mother on the other side of my Daddy, his other arm holding her to him also. I was on my side, my leg draped over his thigh. Looking at his handsome face, my mind spun, thinking about all that had happened in the last few days. I had dreamed of this for a long time, wanted it, but now that it was happening it was almost like I was watching it happen to someone else at times. The feelings and emotions were so intense. I found myself saying and asking for things out loud that I had only thought about before.

Yes, I had seen and heard my mother and father from time to time and once I even peeked in and watched as he had her laid over his lap and had spanked her over and over. I saw how much it excited them both and it was then I felt the tingling between my legs that eventually would lead me to where I am now….who I am now. A smile spread over my face as I played back daddy’s words in my head. “You are mine now Rose, my little babydoll. Mine to use and play with, mine to have whenever I want, mine to have suck my cock and drink my seed, mine to fuck.” I remembered how he touched my body and held my eyes as he said, “all your holes are mine to fuck now babydoll, no one else unless Daddy permits it.” He held my chin in his strong hands and tilted my face up to his and kissed me so deeply I thought my toes would curl. I remember how my insides quivered as I answered when he asked if I understood and how my voice shook as I said, “Yes daddy…Master, I understand and will obey you.” Mmmm, the feelings I felt as he lovingly stroked my hair and kissed my nose saying, “your going to be such a good little fuckdoll for Daddy Rose.”

Then my thoughts jumped to that first night, when I came home late and Daddy was waiting for me. Ohhh he was so upset with me for that, but I could see his concern also. But I was so glad it happened, because it set this all in motion and made my dreams come true. I wanted to be naked with him and show him my body, show him I wanted him to touch me and fuck me, but when he put the blindfold on me and pulled my robe off me that next morning, I couldn’t see his face…I wanted to know if he liked what he saw but his hands answered my questions. My heart pounded in my chest as he touched my nipples and the jolts I felt in them when he put on those clamps…mmmmm, it went straight to my pussy. And when he spanked me, my little cunt just about drenched my panties, I got so hot. But ohhh the sting, I hadn’t been prepared for that, I wanted so bad to cover my ass with my hands but daddy had cuffed them behind me. I remember counting out each and every spank for my Daddy, even after I started to cry. Good lord it stung so bad, but I just kept pushing my ass back to him for more and I wanted my Master to take me then….but he didn’t.

I grinned as I looked into his sleeping face, feeling Annie’s ass shift against mine as she moved in her sleep. I could bursa escort hear everyone’s breathing, calm in their sleep, as I remembered the day Daddy told me he was going to take the last of my holes for his own. I had laid there on the table, my heart was racing, thinking that today Master is going to take the last of my virginity. Today he is going to fuck my ass! And I want him to, I do really, but I remember hearing Melissa scream when Charlie shoved his cock into her ass. I can’t imagine how Daddy’s big cock is going to fit into my little hole and just thinking about it makes me shiver and my pussy grow wet. I want to be brave and make Master proud of me, so when Daddy puts his big thick cock in my ass I am going to do my best not to scream like she did. I just hope I can control myself. Funny thing is, I don’t even remember if I did scream or not. I do remember how full Master filled me and I remember I came! I bit my lip and shivered as I remembered that, I’m sure Daddy will remember it too and probably spank me for it.

I had my eyes closed when I heard Master’s growl and my eyes flew open to look, but it had just been part of his dream, so I just stared into his handsome face and remembered the first time I sucked his cock. Daddy had kept me chained to the bed all night, so I couldn’t touch myself and then he had me looking at all those websites and I saw pictures of girls sucking mens cocks and being fucked and tied and their holes being spread and used and …well by the time Daddy stood there beside me I just couldn’t control myself. His cock was oozing and I just had to taste it and when I did I just couldn’t stop myself. I remember licking down his shaft and mmm it tasted so good, that I just had to suck on his balls and taste them too! And Daddy liked it too, I could tell cause his cock jumped and I heard his moans and when I peeked up at him, his face……ohhh I liked that look so much I just had to suck on his cock. And I took Daddy’s cock in my mouth and sucked and sucked, and he tasted sooo good that just remembering it is making my mouth water, and ohhh I want so bad to touch my pussy, but Master won’t allow it.

I snuggled closer and laid my head on his chest, feeling his warm skin and the beat of his heart and without even realizing it my hips began to rock my hot little wet pussy right against his leg. That made me think about the day we came back from Annie’s shop and Daddy had me strip for him. I remember his face when he saw the cover of the cd I had made and he knew then for sure I had been wanting this, needing this for a long time. I felt so incredibly sexy as I danced and pulled my clothes off, letting Master see me naked and needy, and I begged him to take his little girl and fuck her. And then wowza, Daddy pulled me to his bedroom and pushed me down on the bed and I knew it then, I knew he was going to fuck me, and fill my tight little cunt with his big hard cock and take my virginity! I remember taking his big cock in my hand and guiding it to my pussy bursa escort bayan as it throbbed and ached with such intense need. And ooohhh it felt like Daddy was tearing me in half when he popped my little cherry and I had to cry out and grab him and I think I left nail marks on Daddy’s back that day. I went wild, it felt so good and when he shot his cum deep inside my quivering little cunt I came too! Mmmm Master makes me cum so good.

Daddy’s hand moved down my back and rested on my ass. I stopped pushing my pussy against his leg, not wanting him to wake up just yet. I was enjoying the warm fuzzy feeling of being snuggled between two warm bodies, especially since one of those bodies was my Master. I took a deep breath and let it out, as my mind began to wander to when we went to Annie’s shop. Daddy just took control and it was sooo exciting to watch him dominate her, finally knowing just how she felt. Then after he spanked her Daddy told me to lick her wounds and I did, I licked all over her ass and my hand was on the inside of her leg. And when I saw her pussy all wet and juicy I just had to see how it tasted, and I looked at Daddy and he nodded so I pushed two fingers up inside her velvety wet pussy and tasted my fingers and I liked it, mmm it was so sweet and tangy and not at all like Daddy’s but I just kept licking and lapping at her sweet little snatch. I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting and then Daddy shoved his cock into her as I licked and sucked at her clit and played with his balls and when he came he pulled out and fucked my mouth and shot his cum down my throat and mmm I’ll never forget that day.

I must have fallen asleep again for a little bit, because when I opened my eyes again I was flat on my back and Daddy’s was on his side facing me, his hand was cupping my sex, mmm it felt terrific to have his hand there, I licked my lips and remembered the morning I woke up and begged daddy to take me. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum so bad, but he wasn’t ready to allow it yet. Instead he let me stroke his cock and I asked him to feed me. Then I felt his hand on my head, gently but firmly pushing my head down onto his cock. Not that I needed any encouraging, I giggled out loud as I thought of that then looked around to see if I had woke anyone. How good it had felt to take him into my mouth and suck and stroke and feel his cock pulsing in my mouth and then he licked my pussy and I thought he was finally going to let me cum, but he stopped just before I climaxed! Ohhhh I wanted to him to fuck me so bad that morning.

Squeezing my legs just a tiny little bit I can feel Daddy’s fingertips slip inside my wet little slit, oh god it feels so good. As I lay there just enjoying the feel I thought about when we had all been downstairs and were being punished and Master took me away from everyone else and gave me an enema! Ohhh, he filled my bottom up with warm water, I could feel him squeeze it in. The warmth rushed up deep inside me and I felt so full, and there escort bursa was so much pressure and then he fucked me! I had to hold all that water inside me and my pussy was so hot and wet and it felt so good and Daddy told me how tight I was for him and how he was soon going to fuck my ass and it would be even tighter. I was about to cum when I knew I couldn’t hold the water any longer and I had to tell him. He was so gentle helping me to the toilet, then he when he told me to shower and he wanted to take my anal virginity I almost passed out from the excitement of it all!

Ohhh and then there was the time in the tub with all of us……oh my, that was just last night! So many things are happening so fast it’s hard to remember everything let alone what order it happened in. Anyhow it was so nice in the tub with all of us and I got to ride Daddy’s cock. I could feel his big cock stretch my little fuckhole open, and then I bounced up and down on it and wriggled my hips, then pushed down and ground my hips, making Master’s cock go even deeper. Then finally after having been denied so many times Daddy told me to cum on his cock and I did, I came and came and came. Then just as Daddy was about to cum I lifted of him and all three of us opened our mouths and let Master shoot his creamy hot cum onto our faces and into our mouths. Ohhhh that was so hot.

MMmm Master’s fingers are squeezing reflexively and it feels so good, just a bit more and I think I will cum. My thoughts drifted back to the time when I was laying on the table downstairs waiting as Master had instructed me, and there was punishment and fucking going on all around me, but no one was touching me and I felt kinda guilty cause I had been a part of it to, but then I must have fallen asleep cause next thing I remember was my nipple being sucked on really hard and I opened my eyes and it was Daddy’s lips that were drawing my nipple so deep into his mouth. I couldn’t help it, I just had to touch my pussy again, but then Daddy moved my hand away and fucked me deep and slow and it felt oh so good. And then he surprised me by moving us and pushing my face into my mother’s pussy and making me lick her until he came right in my hot little cunt! It was amazing, everyone was screaming and moaning and cumming all over the place!

My thoughts turn to the night we tricked Daddy. I never meant for him to be ass fucked or whipped until he bled. I feel ashamed about that. That was mainly Melissa. I think maybe she is jealous of Daddy cause Mom wants to come back. I’m not sure, it’s just I think she likes Mom. But I feel really bad about it and I know I’m still going to be punished for my part in it. I just hope Daddy can forgive me cause all I ever really wanted to do was please him and be his little babydoll. When my training is done I’m going to tell Daddy I want to submit and be his forever! Mmm ohhh Daddy’s hand just moved, oh well, I’ll just turn onto my side and wiggle my bottom right back against his cock and maybe he’ll wake up and fuck me! MMM now that’s a good idea!

I wrote this part of the story through the eyes of Rose for Master Vassago. I hope it adds to the enjoyment of all who have been following his stories. Please feel free to make comments good or bad.

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