Rudra and Riya Ch. 05

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I shimmied underneath my sleeping love and set a tentative toe on the carpet below, then stood on wobbly legs to get a bearing. It was since morning that I had been servicing him today, so I was running low on electrolytes. I swayed gently like a snake to a tune; my brain still trying to work out a balance to know where the rest of my body was.

The first thing I noticed was the puddle emerging between my legs. Quickly discerning what it was, I clutched my pussy and tiptoed my way into the shower. It wasn’t a wonder for he had been piling it in me since yesterday morning. He had ejaculated loads of semen inside me. This anger thing was making his balls work overtime.

I washed my hair, quickly soaped my body, got dressed and ran downstairs into the kitchen to observe my usual silence next to ma while both of us worked next to each other. A bystander would probably gather that we were the most compatible workers on the planet, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Somehow I got the vibe that Ma felt I was to blame for whatever had transpired between my brother and myself. That somehow I was the Biblical Eve who had tempted Adam in the garden of Eden with my wiles and now that my brother had tasted the forbidden fruit he couldn’t see a life without it. She kept her silence in return for her son’s well being and happiness. I don’t know who I was to her any longer…if that is… I meant anything to her at all.

Thankfully the abhorrence she felt for me did not extend to my twins and I was glad for that. They were more her son’s children than they were mine now. I did not mind that at all, as long as she gave them the love that they deserved. I threw furtive glances at her only to watch her lips set in a rigid line while she gave last touches to the salad, before she strode out of the kitchen into her room. I exhaled. She had finished cooking the vegetable, so I started with cooking a simple dal. I could feed my twins some too. I enjoyed making flat breads, round and inflated like symmetrical paper discs.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” I groaned painfully.

He pushed himself into me from behind pinning me between himself and the island, while his hands ran up my shirt and began to savagely pull at my breasts.

“Rudra,” I croaked in agony. “What are you doing down here? You should be resting.”

He squeezed my breasts hard and pulled my nipples as far as he could extend them before releasing them to be plopped back in position.

“You’re hurting me baby,” I appealed in a way not to aggravate him into assaulting me any further.

He didn’t say anything. I could still hear him breathing roughly behind my ear. He bit into my neck slowly sucking on my flesh before pushing his fingers hard inside me. I jumped.

I bit into my lip, keeping myself from crying aloud with pain. But my insides began to melt. I felt so turned on, it made me leak profusely. Feeling my juices on his hands, he pushed me roughly to the floor. His fingers undid mine around the rolling pin that was still in my hand and our eyes met. His reflected lust and something else…rage. Mine reflected my world…him.

He pushed his fingers into my waistband and pulled my bottom down. Somehow I already knew what was coming next. He pushed the hard head inside me slowly, giving it time to lubricate in my juices – My rolling pin. I wanted to make it sensual for him. I lifted my pelvis up, showing him my eagerness to take more of it inside me, if that would please him. His pupils dilated. I sucked on my lower lip, while my hand stole its way up to a breast and I began to squeeze it in arousal. He had slowly begun to push it further in.

“Umhhhhhhh,” I moaned and my lips parted to exhale my ecstasy.

When I opened my eyes again, there was anger in his eyes that I could not understand. I was doing everything in my power to please him and yet I could see I was failing every time. He began to push the rolling pin harder inside me back and forth and I squirmed inwardly in pain. But I did not let him see that he had begun to hurt me. I closed my eyes and bit into my lip to keep myself from moaning.

I was on the floor for sometime now when I heard my mother walk in on us. She gasped in shock.

“What are you doing?” she asked repulsed.

“You stay out of it,” he roared like a lunatic on death row and I saw mother skulk out of ear shot and my peripheral view.

I closed my eyes again. I would worry about it later. I did not know why Rudra was angry with me and it made my heart cry in pain. The physical pain I was undergoing was nothing in comparison.

He jabbed the rolling pin hard inside me and I cried aloud in pain. He made me yelp a few times pushing it deeper inside me, before tears rolled down my eyes, then satisfied with the outcome he pulled the rolling pin roughly out of me and flung it with a loud thud on the kitchen floor. He slammed his engorged cock inside me next. He pumped so hard that the pots and pans rattled loudly behind me with his every thrust.

“What’s wrong Rudra?” I asked, my arms going around bursa escort him. I could not understand his fury.

“Shut up,” he spat viciously.

He pushed harder inside me.

My pussy felt raw, but not as raw as my aching heart.

“Hurt me if you have to, but stop being angry with me. It’s killing me Rudra,” I choked on unshed tears. “At least tell me what’s wrong?”

“Shut up, or I swear I’ll kill you.”

I let him fuck me hard then. As hard as he wanted to, until he had come and collapsed on me like a spent log. I let him lie inside me till he came out of his daze.

He felt his forehead and exhaled.

“You need to rest.” I said in a little voice.

I helped him off me into a standing position then helped him to the couch in the living room. He felt disoriented with the headache. I hurried back into the kitchen, pulled one of the drawers and took his pills to him.

“Rest, until I get you dinner.”

I felt too scared to kiss him or touch him even when in that moment I wanted to comfort him most. I stood there, then turned around to get back to dinner.

On my way in I scooped up the rolling pin which found its way into the garbage bin. The little contraption littered my mind with confusing thoughts. Uncensored pain and graphic visions of ecstasy, which I pushed back into my head to be mulled over in a better frame of mind. I washed my hands and began to give last touches to the dinner.

“That must hurt.” Ma walked into the kitchen to stand next to me.

“Ummh… no actually it doesn’t. He only pretends to be hurting me. He isn’t actually.”

I looked at Ma, then quickly looked away, wondering whether I had managed to fool her. I knew whatever was bothering Rudra, was making him behave this way. He had never done this to me before, even when I had asked him to. Pain really gets me off, but only when I know Rudra is doing it as a sexual act and not as a way of punishing me.

“If you say so,” I heard mother break into my thoughts. “Besides you’ve brought this upon yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself.”

I nodded. I hated confrontations. I didn’t care who blamed me for what, as long as there was peace all around me.

“I’m planning to move back permanently to the farm house.”

My head jerked up. I didn’t want mother to leave me. Specially at this point when he was so angry with me and I didn’t even know why. My eyes betrayed my resolve not to let her see I was scared.

She gave me a knowing glance. “Maybe in a few days then.”

I let myself breathe again.

I laid out the dinner and served while we watched some tv, like a regular family in days. I pushed tiny mouthfuls of dal into Yukti’s mouth while she tried her best to dodge the spoon somehow. I had to literally hold her head still between my arm and myself. Once she had finished I placed her in her walker. Vansh was a little easier to feed. But he kept pushing his hand into my breast crying to be breastfed.

“Aren’t you full honey, hmm?” I crooned.

I bared one of my breasts and pushed a nipple into his mouth then winced. I had forgotten how his father had ravaged them a while ago. I looked up to find Rudra watching me, an unfathomable expression on his face. I looked away. He had finished and was leaning into the pillows his head resting against the cushions behind him.

In my arms Vansh was already drifting to sleep. I congratulated myself for putting him to sleep so soon today. I lifted him carefully and brought him to be placed in his crib. Next on the heels was Yukti. The siblings honed in on each other and slept, arms and legs entangled. If Rudra and I shared a bond, I was certain that our twins would share an even stronger connection. But now as they were fast growing up, I sometimes felt a tiny fear niggle at my heart. What if they were not as accepting of their parent’s preferences? I shook my head. I was already weighed down with too much, I didn’t want that thought to join the ranks as well.

By the time I went down my own hunger had evaporated. I settled far enough from Rudra so as not to provoke his wrath, but close enough that I felt close to him. I pushed my legs beneath me, and hugged myself to keep warm. On the adjoining couch, Ma had already started to nod in sleep. I began to watch.

It was almost midnight when I was stirred awake.

I tried to read his expression in the light of the television. On the other couch Ma was snoring lightly, the way I knew she did in deep sleep.

I was still removing the cobwebs from my sleep ridden mind, when I felt his fingers snake into my hair and clench behind my head. His gaze rode to the tent in his pajamas and his grip tightened in my hair as if he was expecting resistance from me. I nodded and his grip eased. He stretched his torso up, pushing his waistband away from his cock. It sprang to life, engorged, the tip shining with pre-cum.

He guided my head to it and exhaled when I let him push my mouth on it, until the head was lodged against my pharynx. I had come to bursa escort bayan think of it as the cervix in my throat. He liked pushing his head against it, inside my mouth. I sucked the entire length of him on my way up and heard his muffled moan when he pushed his head into the pillows. I felt my stomach grumble.

I licked my lips and placed a wet kiss on the head of his penis. Rudra let out a shiver. I pushed my hair out of my face so he could see me suck him. He instantly grabbed hold of it and began to watch me with interest and I saw a tiny glimpse of his old self back in him. My hands went back to holding his cock upright so I could suck him dry. I was hungry.

I sucked the head, feeling the cum ooze out of his hole with the sensitive part of my tongue, then I swallowed. I squeezed his balls, so the next time I did it they would release more of it inside my mouth. I sucked the head again and swallowed, not disappointed.

I slid off the couch and crouched between his legs. “I’m hungry, so keep it coming.” I smiled at him briefly before returning to my muse. I think I heard a sharp intake of breath.

I removed my shirt and my bra, so none of his soft parts would rub against my coarse shirt. He found it arousing for the way he pushed my head back towards his cock. He had started to leak cum.

This time I let him guide me the way he wanted to. I was his. When he pushed me hard down, I took the length of him inside my throat, I let him feel my pharynx against his head. When he pulled me back up, I sucked the length of him squeezing his balls as I did. I lightly bit into his head before I sucked his cum and swallowed to fill my hungry belly.

My mother stirred in her sleep and I heard my brother turn the tv off. We were thrown into darkness except for the slivers of moonlight that illumined our movements.

I could ask him to come up to our room. But these days his mood swings made me question every move I made. So I let him do as he pleased, as long as he was happy with me.

I was sucking hard on his cock for the past two minutes now. He groaned. Then stood up.

“I want to fuck you,” he whispered urgently…in your mouth.

“Okay.” I whispered back instantly being reminded of the times we had explored each other as teenagers in the presence of our unsuspecting mother. History was repeating itself. I smiled wistfully in the darkness.

He made me sit on the couch while he bent on his knees on the couch, so his cock and my mouth were in line. He pushed my head back into the backing so he could pump hard into my throat. I had learned to breathe through my nose. He lifted his penis and placed it in my mouth. I sucked on it until I had swallowed it whole into my throat. I heart him exhale. Then he began to push hard into my mouth. His tight ass shoving his head as far inside my throat as he possibly could.

“Ummm,” I moaned my lust, instantly feeling a puddle build between my legs.

He shoved hard back and forth back and forth. Then he expelled in a long hot stream at the back of my throat. He collapsed, his head hanging over me to the other side of the couch. When he was done I pulled him into my arms, like I did with my babies. I cradled him, his head resting against my breasts, while he slept. I felt his flaccid penis. Even in this condition I could not fit his girth into my fist. I realized I liked playing with his man parts. An unbidden smile twitched my lips.

A tiny motion caught my eye. In a tiny sliver of moonlight I saw mother’s face. She was staring at my hand in the dark, undetected. My breath caught in my throat as always. I was not used to being found out. I wondered how long she had been watching us. Surely the couch had made enough noise to wake the sleeping if not the dead.

Did she like watching us? The thought took me by surprise. And just to test that theory, I groped my brother’s balls. She was looking. But she did not know I was watching her since I was in the dark. I liked this setting. Rudra moved and began to stir awake against my breast. I didn’t want him to spoil this chance I had to study my mother. I cradled his head, lifted my breast and rubbed my nipple against his mouth. He latched on to it eagerly and began to draw hungrily on it making slurping sounds. I hadn’t had to feed Yukti and had enough for him.

My eyes darted back to my mother, she was still watching.

I kissed my brother’s forehead, when he bit into my breast to draw out more milk, than was available. He was one hungry adult baby.

“Would you like to switch to the other breast?” I asked in a whisper and he nodded.

He pushed me beneath him on the length of the couch, resting my head against the arm. Then he lay between my legs, his cheek resting on one breast, while he suckled on the other.

He made loud slurping sounds and even though my mother couldn’t see him suckling on my tit anymore, I realized she still hadn’t made a move to leave the room. She was still looking in the general direction of the breastfeeding sounds he made. I found escort bursa this startlingly arousing. I felt more wetness ooze out of me in response.

Just then Rudra dug his fingers inside my molten cunt and I groaned in delight.

“Ummmhhh, I want you baby,” I urged in my most lustful voice.

He bit into my breast, sucked and dragged my nipple hard almost fucking it with his mouth.

I moaned aloud and saw my mother look at me.

“I want you Rudra,” I implored. “I’m hungry for you. Come inside me. I want another baby.”

I heard a tiny whimper come from my mother’s direction. A whimper of a harbored dream.

“Come inside me Rudra, and make me pregnant again. Please Ru…”

He hadn’t let me finish. His mouth was on mine kissing and devouring my lips, my mouth, the back of my throat.

I opened my legs and lifted them around his waist.

“Take me now and give your sister your inbred children.” I moaned aloud.

He shook against me. “You left me. I didn’t even know about him and you left me.”

I felt his tears press against my cheek.

And I snapped right out of my inbreeding thoughts at once.

“What baby?” I asked unable to make sense of what he was talking about.

“You lost him and you left me like I meant nothing to you.” He sobbed in anger and sorrow.

I held him tightly against myself in my embrace. “No, baby, how can you even think that, Rudra?”

“You left me Riya. You left even when you knew what that would do to me,” he choked.

“I wanted to punish myself for losing him Rudra. And the only way I could punish myself was to sever myself from you cuz I knew that would hurt worse than anything I had ever felt. I wanted to hurt myself for losing him Rudra. I could never hurt you baby, don’t you know me at all,” I sobbed kissing his face all over.

This is why he had been angry with me and my heart breathed a sigh of relief. “I love you Rudra. How can I ever hurt you baby? I know I have… but not intentionally. Never intentionally, I’m so sorry honey. Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I lost him Rudra,” my lips drooped with sorrow. “I lost him. Not you.”

“Don’t ever leave me again Riya,” he was back to being angry again. “When you went there, were you with someone? Did anyone touch you? Did you fuck anyone?”

I laughed aloud hugging him even harder against myself, instantly remembering the grounds we had drifted upon.

“You are the biggest idiot that walked the face of the earth. I had a mis-carriage and I lost a baby. You are really out of your mind to think I would have fucking on my mind so soon after that. No wonder you’ve been hurting me so much these past few days. So should I conclude you’ve been fucking other women in my absence?” Something stirred deep inside my gut, as scalding as acid.

“I’ve been growing crazy looking high and low for you and you think i’m fucking other women. You changed your number, you did not answer WhatsApp calls, you changed your job, you did not put up at the house. You might as well have shot me dead with the baby before you left Riya,” he raged.

“I’m sorry honey, the grief of losing our baby incapacitated me. But I became so selfish in my grief that I did not think how it would affect you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I left with the best intention at heart. I thought If I left it would make life easy for you.”

“Easy for me, just do me a favor and don’t think about bringing any ease into my life after this again or I’ll murder you before I kill myself and the babies. You hear me Riya,” he hissed. “Do you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you,” I whispered. “And stop being angry with me all the time. You frighten me.”

A shiver ran through me.

He exhaled against my breasts and he placed a tiny peck between my breasts on my heart. ” I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you too baby.”

We rocked gently in each others arms.

“So… you really want a baby?” He enquired.

I lifted my legs around his waist in response.

“Not a baby… I want babies…preferably quadruplets.” I sucked on his earlobe.

I felt his cock twitch between my legs and heard ma moan. If it was sex that got us off, it was us having babies that got my mother off. I think I had found a way to keep my mother happy in the situation. I smiled and closed my eyes with relief.

Every time he thrust inside me, he would jerk to make his head grind against my cervix. Push. Jerk. Push. Jerk. The harmony did not only sound beautiful, it squeezed loud, appreciative moans from deep within me. My legs wrapped tightly around my brother’s waist and I hung on to him like a spider monkey. All this movement was bound to throw us off balance on the narrow couch. The springs creaked beneath us. I was sure we put up a wonderful display for my mother. I wondered how much she missed sex. Father had passed away decades ago.

“Ummhhhhhh, baby, that feels so good,” I moaned satisfactorily into my lover’s ear. He was pushing harder and deeper inside me. My insides had started to melt. A knot rose deep down somewhere and I began to convulse and babble incoherently. His lips were again on mine, sucking hard, so he could muffle all the noise I was making. My poor Love, he thought Ma was sleeping. I laughed inwardly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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