Sabrina’s Debt

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I’d never been too close with my big sister Sabrina, but she’d usually been there for me when I was having trouble. It didn’t matter if I was upset over a breakup, graduating, or looking for a job, Sabrina was never at a loss for advice and encouragement. And I had tried to be there for her as well when she graduated with honours, when she moved out, when she quit her prestigious firm job and filed a complaint over sexual harassment. She didn’t need my help though. She could handle herself better than anyone.

Sabrina always won, and she never took shit from anybody. As a result, I had a certain image of her in my mind: a confident, independent woman, a little bossy at times, a little too ready to insert herself into my life, but always willing to help. Never out of control. It was a real shock to me when I arrived at her apartment one day and found her on her knees sucking off two men.

I didn’t go to Sabrina’s apartment often; she was usually busy with her own life, but I needed advice badly. Or maybe I just needed reassurance. When I’d arrived, the door had been left open a crack. It was very unlike Sabrina to leave something unfinished, even something as small as shutting a door. I reached for it and froze.

“Yeah, keep going, Sabrina. You fucking whore. Suck it harder.” It was a man’s voice. He was panting heavily. I had no idea what Sabrina got up to in her sex life, but it seemed I was on the verge of finding out. I knew I should have left. It was her business how she had sex. But I was just too curious. Sabrina had always been somewhat aloof about these matters. Ready to talk about sex, listen to the details of my love life, and advise me on them, but not share her own. But did she follow her own advice?

“Every man has one goal in mind when it comes to sex.” she used to tell me. “Do it without the condom. Forget to put it on, never bring it up and hope you won’t, or even let it ‘slip off’ during. You need to be alert and make sure that condom is on and stays on.”

Surely Sabrina would never have sex without a condom. I peered in through the crack in the door. It was hard to make out what was happening. I opened it a little further and got the full side view. There was Sabrina, stark naked, on her knees. Not one but two men were standing beside her and she was alternating between them with her mouth and hands, her ass bobbing up and down over the carpet as her mouth slid along from shaft to base. How very pornographic. Not how I’d ever envisioned Sabrina having sex. That always involved her on top.

Both men were very erect and not wearing condoms. “Yeah, you’ve sucked a lot of dicks in your time, haven’t you? You’re so good, Sabrina.” That was the panter again. As she turned her attention toward his partner, he grabbed her by the face and pulled her back. “No, no. Keep those pretty lips wrapped around my dick. Big Jim is going to give you a little present from behind.”

Sure enough, the man who must be named Big Jim strolled around behind her, cock pointing up toward his stomach. Panter grabbed her by her long dark hair and half led half dragged her on her hands and knees over to the couch. I remember lounging on that couch while we watched television together. I’d even helped Sabrina move it closer to the door so the angle to the TV would be better. How fortunate for me.

Now Panter sat his naked flabby ass down on it with a whump and motioned for her to approach. She took his cock in the tips of her fingers and placed her mouth on the bulging head. He panted in approval. She must have done something with her tongue because he groaned and threw back his head in pleasure. Big Jim hoisted her ass up in the air and shoved his cock into her. She didn’t make a sound as he began to thrust in and out enthusiastically, but her head movements slowed and her feet waved about in the air.

“Make sure to keep him slow.” Sabrina would tell me. “He just wants to blow his nuts in you. If you don’t control the pace, you’ll never get off yourself.” I wondered if Sabrina was getting off to Big Jim pounding her. His hips slapped against her ass again and again, and his balls bounced off her vagina. It was almost hypnotic. I almost envied her.

In that moment I realised my own sex life had been lacking. Sex had always been something I’d done carefully and safely, almost surgically. Kissing, some oral, condom on, one person climbs on top of the other, thrust until he cums, hopefully I would cum too. Usually not. Then I’d want to cuddle, but there was so much mess to clean up. And he’d want to pee, I’d want to pee, and the mood would be gone. He’d get dressed and then there’d be no point in sitting around naked while he was pulling on his shirt, so I’d get dressed too.

It had become so formulaic I’d never taken the time to appreciate the details, like the size of a man’s testicles and the way they swung to and fro as he fucked. Big Jim’s big balls swung and bounced off Sabrina so wild and carefree that I nearly bursa escort stepped inside for a closer look. Then Big Jim groaned and slammed his considerable weight into Sabrina’s backside. His balls twitched.

She stayed still, waiting patiently, mouth halfway down Panter’s cock as he slammed into her a few more times, pushing out as much cum as he could. He pulled his cock out and wiped the excess jizz onto her ass and vaginal lips. Her vagina was completely smooth too; I didn’t realise she shaved. More jizz leaked out and ran down her thigh. Sabrina didn’t protest, just resumed servicing Panter. He was panting even harder, and sure enough, just a minute after Big Jim emptied his swinging balls into Sabrina, he grabbed her by the hair again and came. More white jizz flowed out, this time from Sabrina’s mouth as she spluttered and coughed.

I had always shied away from rough sex even though it gave me a thrill when I thought about it. Maybe because it gave me a thrill when I thought about it. It was frightening, yes, but there was a certain sense of delight in it too. Delight that I could finally witness it without having to take part; hot as it was, I didn’t think I could ever stand it. “Yeah, drink my cum, Sabrina. You like that? You like gagging on my cum?” Panter panted. He too pulled out and rubbed the last of it on her cheek, then fell back into the couch.

Sabrina swallowed, coughed, swallowed again, and wiped her mouth. she sat down on her bum. “Are you two quite finished?” she asked. “If you are, then kindly get the fuck out of my apartment.” Big Jim was already getting dressed. I scurried away. The idea of getting caught by the guy who had just fucked my big sister and wiped his cum on her was the most terrifying prospect I’d ever faced. Back in my car, I put an empty bag down on the seat, just to be safe. I needed a hot shower and a change of clothes.

A few days after the incident at Sabrina’s apartment, she called me up. “Let’s go out to Old Paradise.” she said. “And bring Caitlin. We’ll make it a girls’ night out.” Old Paradise was a locally owned casino. Not the big chain types with glitzy marble floors and a crab buffet. Think dark red carpet, cocktail waitresses with bigger tits than shirts, and Ted, a security guard who had once asked me out in high school but I’d turned down being fairly sure his brain resided in his wrestling shoes.

I looked over at Caitlin, still eating her morning oatmeal. “I’m sure Caitlin will take any excuse not to do her psychology homework.” I said.

“I’ll see you two tonight at six.” said Sabrina.

Sabrina rarely invited us out, especially since getting her own place, so I was looking forward to the evening. Or I would have been if I didn’t feel a degree of trepidation at facing her after hearing the smacking sound her body made as it got pounded, but I resolved not to bring it up. It was her life, right? There was also a slight worry in my mind that the whole affair might not have been entirely consensual, but I brushed it aside. Sabrina was always in control, even when she was getting double teamed.

I pulled up to Old Paradise at 5:55 with my little sister, Caitlin, in the passenger seat. I knew I probably would be in no condition to drive home when we were finished, but something about driving her around made me feel empowered, like there was still something I had over her. Caitlin was cuter, younger, blonder, dated hotter guys, and had made it into college. But she’d never gotten her driver’s license and relied on less successful people like me to drive her around. Sabrina was of course already there waiting for us at the entrance.

We’d almost been late, but I’d forced Caitlin to hurry her makeup along because Sabrina and I both care about punctuality. I was excited to wear my red dress that ended tightly just above the knees. I seldom got to wear it out, as I worried that it highlighted my overly long legs, but this was a special occasion. Caitlin wore a miniskirt and tank top with an ease that only comes from years of experience. I guess the miniskirt suited her much nice legs anyway. Sabrina was in a long black dress that flowed perfectly over her body, highlighting its curves, and I had to struggle not to picture that body naked on its knees again.

We played a few rounds of craps together because Caitlin loved craps. She loved all the superstitions about it too. She never rolled first but would wait for us to warm the dice up, and the moment she started winning she would shoo us all away and stand alone at the end of the table. Even Sabrina got in on it and blew on the dice for good luck. I just made sure we were all taking advantage of the free drinks. Thankfully, Ted was nowhere to be seen.

After a half hour or so at the craps table, we went to the buffet. No crab in sight, but still a decent spread. Sabrina and Caitlin both went easy on the food, but I loaded up on meatballs and rotisserie. Being the athletic sister had its perks.

“So,” bursa escort bayan said Caitlin, her eyelashes fluttering, “have you found a new boyfriend yet, Sabs?” I nearly choked on a mouthful of macaroni and cheese.

“No.” said Sabrina. “Not yet. I need a break after Brad. Some time to myself.” I had to restrain myself from asking what time to herself entailed.

Caitlin tried hitting on a cute server, but was rebuffed. “I think he’s gay.” she informed us.

“Don’t you have someone, Cait?” I asked her. “George would be so heartbroken if he found out.”

“And so would Clyde and Phil.” she waved my objections away. “It’s not like we’re exclusive, Cynth; he sees other girls too. You should get out more. You can’t just date the same guy for a month before having sex with him once, then have him break up with you because he’s frustrated, mope about it for another month, then repeat the process. Have a little fun. Where’s that guy who had a crush on you in highschool? Ned?”


“That’s it. He works here. Where is he?” Caitlin looked around as if expecting him to be hovering by the salad bar watching us.

“I heard he got fired.” said Sabrina.

“You should have just gone out with him.” said Caitlin. “You love books, right? You could have taught him to read.” I rolled my eyes.

“Anyway, there are plenty of single guys here.” said Sabrina. “But we’ll have time to get their numbers. No need to rush.”

After dinner we skipped around from slots to poker to roulette. Now Sabrina was really getting into it. She squealed in delight when 26 black won and scooped up her chips. “No more gin and tonics.” she announced. “It’s time we got serious.” She took us to play blackjack.

I’ve never been a big card player, but Sabrina has always fancied herself something of an expert. At one point in her teenage years I found her trying to learn how to count cards with six decks. I don’t think it ever amounted to anything, but she did swear off gambling after losing a great deal of money and having to get mom and dad to pay it off. I remembered her crying about it as she searched for a second part time job to pay them back. It was the one time Sabrina hadn’t been in control. Now as I watched her studying the table, eyes flicking from her cards to the dealer’s, calculating odds softly to herself, I realised the old card expert Sabrina was back. I hoped she was as good as she’d said she was.

Meanwhile, Caitlin was flirting with another server. This time she got his number. “Maybe we’ll hook up after this. Who knows?” I casually wondered if Sabrina had given her the same talk about condoms and sex. If I had given her a talk like that, Caitlin would probably have gone off and had unprotected sex just to spite me, but she listened to Sabrina.

I covered my mouth as I belched. The drinks were taking a toll on me. I knew Sabrina wanted us to play at our best though, so I concentrated. I had an eight and a six. Dealer dealt me a three. Normally I would have stopped there, but I figured I’d take a risk. Maybe Caitlin’s words earlier had stung me in a way I didn’t realise. I motioned for the dealer to hit me again. I lifted my card. A four. Sabrina and Caitlin both applauded as I scooped up my winnings.

“Maybe we should stop here.” I said. “That’s a decent haul.”

“Not now that you’re just getting into it, Cynth!” said Caitlin. She got us another round of cosmos. The rest of the night became a blur. We won, laughed, lost, cried. At one point Sabrina was up nearly all the chips at the table. A few hands later she was bankrupt and had to hurry away to get more. Caitlin soon followed her. They were cutting loose.

“Let’s clean them out.” said Sabrina sometime around midnight. People had joined our table and all but one had left. Caitlin was making out with him, and I was trying not to watch his hand slide up her miniskirt. Only at Old Paradise, I thought to myself. Our impassive dealer had gotten the best of a few times and forced us to buy more chips on credit, but I had a bit of extra money in the bank. It’s one of the perks of still living at home. The drinks were running hot in my blood, and my cards were good. Ace, nine. Almost a natural. The dealer flipped his cards up. Caitlin grunted and put her leg in her man’s lap.

“Ace, ten.” the dealer said. He face showed neither joy nor compassion.

“Fuck.” said Sabrina. “I need to get more chips again.”

The dealer stood up. He looked at us like a salesman who doesn’t earn commission. “I think you girls have had enough for the night.”

Caitlin stood up too. “Yeah, I think we should be going.” she said.

“Wait,” said Sabrina, “let us try again.”

“Your time is up.” said the dealer. “Go talk to Johann.” From the look on Sabrina’s face, she both understood what this meant, and wasn’t pleased about it.

“Let’s go.” said a voice behind us. Security had arrived. “You get lost.” The guards shooed Caitlin’s escort bursa new lover away.

“I’ll wait outside entrance for you.” he called. Caitlin blew him a kiss. I wanted to protest, but I had lost count of how much gin and vodka I’d consumed, and was having trouble forming words. I figured it would just be easier to go along. Presumably we were going to get lectured on public lewdity and told to come back when we were sober.

Behind the old carpeting and greasy buffet was Johann’s office. He sat at a massive mahogany desk, smiling at us. I’d guess he was about fifty and looked the part of a seedy casino owner: fat, glistening skin as though the room wasn’t air-conditioned, swanky tie, too many gold rings. There was a man standing next to him, someone big, someone familiar. I rubbed my blurry eyes and his face came into focus. It was Panter. The same Panter who had came on Sabrina’s face and called her a whore. Something wasn’t right about this.

The dealer had accompanied us. Impassively, he put a small notepad down on the desk. Johann looked it over. “So, Sabrina, you had a rather bad night, didn’t you?” Sabrina looked at the ground. Panter smirked.

“What’s this about?” asked Caitlin, but Johann held up a hand.

“The three of you have lost a combined 23,406 dollars.” he said. “In this night alone, so not counting your previous debts.” What previous debts? I was confused. Then I looked over at Sabrina, her eyes red and still fixed on the floor and it all made sense. She hadn’t sworn off cards quite to the extent that we’d thought. I looked over at Caitlin who also seemed to have sobered up. “That means you girls owe us a fair bit of money, and I’m afraid you’re going to have to pay up one way or another.”

Shit. I didn’t have 23,000 dollars. Not even close. I doubted if Caitlin even had 23 dollars. How much had we gambled on credit? I tried to remember, but my head swam with alcohol.

“Your individual tabs, if you are so inclined, amount to a total of 19,046 dollars for our unfortunate Sabrina. You’re in the red for, I fear, 4,996, let’s just call it 5,000 clean.” He nodded to me. Surely I couldn’t have lost that much? I thought I had been doing better, but thinking back on the night, I realised most of the time I had had great cards but lost out by one or two. “And blondie here owes us 8,603 dollars.” Johann rubbed his oily hands together and the rings clinked . “Now: how are you planning on paying the casino back? We do take cheques, but we’ll need contact information first in the event that they bounce.”

The three of us exchanged looks. I thought my debt would be a couple hundred at most. Heck, I was almost convinced he would tell me I’d broke even for the night and could go home. Panter cracked his knuckles. I didn’t have anything close to five thousand either, and the monthly payment on my car was almost due, after which I’d have maybe three hundred dollars at the most. I cursed myself for not getting something cheaper and less flashy. Why did I have to show off like I was compensating for something?

Johann looked us up and down and smacked his flabby lips. “Sadly it looks like you three are unable to pay. What do we do with girls who can’t pay, Sabrina?” Sabrina shook her head and said nothing. My stomach tensed as my worst fears were confirmed. My big sister was facing a problem she couldn’t control.

“We can pay you back, maybe, in other ways?” I could barely hear Caitlin’s voice she was whispering so softly.

Johann nodded. “Good girl. And you will, but not in the way you’re thinking of.” He fished around in his desk and pulled out a cellphone. It’s your father’s birthday soon, isn’t it? Don’t ask how I know, I just do. As it happens old Fred and I go back a ways. Did you know we went to high school together? He was just a year ahead of me. He once helped me when I was trying to get a girl to go out with me. Ah, Sally.” His gaze wandered to the ceiling. “How I missed you and your tight cunt. Anyway, I am, how do you say, a bit of a voyeur. I like to watch. Not just the sex, but the lead up to the sex. I find it quite thrilling. And I think it’s time I paid Fred back.”

He put the phone on the desk toward us and fixed his gaze. “So here’s the deal. I love games. That’s why I opened a casino. And this game is going to be excellent. This phone here has a state of the art camera. I had it custom-made for this purpose, and it wasn’t cheap. It’s also bugged. Every message it sends and receives, every picture taken, every file saved goes to me. You’re going to give this to old Fred for his birthday. Then you’re going to use it to seduce him.”

“What the fuck?” All three of us said it.

“That’s right. Seduce him, fuck him. I don’t think he gets much mileage from his wife, in fact I think she’s gotten some mileage elsewhere, so it might be easier than you think.” He looked us up and down again, eyes resting on Caitlin’s elegant legs. Just thick enough without being fat, long enough without making her tall. “I’ll give each of you my private number. The first of you that gets his dick wet and sends me proof, or has it recorded on his new phone, wins this little game of ours and will have her debts forgiven. ”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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