Salma’s Story Ch. 01

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Life hasn’t been as fascinating as it used to be for Salma, a 38 year old housewife, more so after her mia (husband) found a job in Abu Dhabi and left in search of more prosperity. Married at the tender age of 18, it wasn’t as easy leading her life alone as one would imagine. She did manage to cope up with the emotional aspects of taking the mantle of being the head of the family but it wasn’t without those obstacles. She knew that the worst was at home, her 18 year old son Shabbir, whose eyes had begun straying all over her body with unabashed lust.

It took a while for Salma to realize that the sudden spark in Shabbir’s eyes wasn’t something she can ignore. Once she knew that his eyes were probing her clothes in search of her flesh portions, a gentle chill went through her spine. However, her outrage was short-lived. She began realizing the fact that her son was perhaps going through a delicate phase; most teenagers go through at his age.

She knew that Shabbir was masturbating quite frequently. Her initial reaction was one of utmost disgust, which soon subsided to a great extent. In retrospection, she knew that teenagers do masturbate whenever they are excited or even for seeking excitement. As days passed by, she smiled to herself whenever she watched Shabbir closing the doors of his room. Soon, she was becoming curious about how her son might be emoting as he masturbated. She wished she could know about whom he fantasized the most. She knew that Shabbir’s dick was close to nine inches long. She had stealthily watched him while he was pleasing himself a few days before.

It has been quite a while since Salma had reconciled to the fact that she couldn’t help looking at her son whenever they saw each other. She responded to his lusty look at her with a very subtle unassuming smile. She knew that both of them weren’t very far from exploring the forbidden pleasures.

“Ammi(Mom), I will be late tonight,” Shabbir told her as she was just about finishing her work in the kitchen. Salma gulped her saliva as her eyes gazed his crotch pendik escort to find that he was having a huge bulge.

“Ok,” Salma stammered. “Don’t stay with friends. Come home anyway.”

Salma began praying that Shabbir should leave at once. It wasn’t easy controlling her eyes, which kept looking at him and his tremendous erection all the time. It looked as though her prayers were nearly getting heard as Shabbir was about to turn around and leave the kitchen. But, his eyes met her eyes for just one fraction of a second as he turned and once they did, they grew in size. He immediately discovered that her eyes were pinned to his bulge.

Do fantasies become a reality? Well, Shabbir was somewhat convinced that they do at times. It took just a few moments for him to shed off his hesitation and look deep inside his mother’s probing eyes. Salma felt her nerves getting twisting as she watched her son’s eyes.

“I think I better stay at home today,” Shabbir said.


Shabbir wasn’t answering her. He began inching towards Salma and before she could realize, they were kissing. Salma began squirming in his strong arms and was getting aroused by the feel of Shabbir’s erect dick pressing against her waist.

Salma did show a few signs of reluctance but lost her way quickly. She had just the one option to reciprocate her son’s passionate kisses as Shabbir gripped her petite body with passion like never before. She trembled feeling his palms grabbing her ass cheeks and giving them a tight squeeze while he wasn’t relenting on her lips all the time.

Shabbir whispered in her ears after a prolonged kiss, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

Salma followed him sheepishly as he held her in his arms and walked. He wasted no time once they got inside as got rid of his dress in seconds. Salma’s heart pumped faster as she gazed her son’s monstrous dick.

As eagerness took over, Salma began undoing her clothes. She felt a bit awkward after unhooking her bra and hence her hands crossed across her chest.

“There is escort pendik not point!” Shabbir smiled and began pushing her hands off her breasts. Shabbir’s eyes lustily gazed at his mother’s nude body. He went and stood so close to her that his erect dick was brushing her thighs. His fingers reached out to her soaking clit and began stroking it. Salma shook and her eager hands held her son’s giant killer.

“Sit down,” she pushed him on the bed.

She kept watching her son’s shaft as she went on her knees. Her body trembled as she held his magnificent tool in her hands. A few moments passed off with both sighing in excitement. As she started stroking, Shabbir felt like being at the top of the world. His awe kept growing as she soon took his meat inside her mouth. Beginning slowly, Salma soon gained momentum taking the whole of his dick inside her hungry mouth. Shabbir watched with absolute thrill as his mother gave him a wonderful blowjob. She was getting quicker and quicker as Shabbir was getting more excited. Shabbir passed out a bit too soon exploding inside his mother’s mouth. Salma kept devouring his dick until she had the very last drop of his cum into her throat.

“You are a wonderful mother,” Shabbir said as his hands cupped her naked breasts. His fingers began drawing circles around her hardened nipples and alongside the circumference of her areola.

“It is tickling,” Salma hushed with closed eyes.

“I have been dreaming to play with these,” Shabbir said with a naughty grin. “Can’t believe that they are finally going to be mine.”

He began fondling his mother’s wonderful breasts by teasing them with his palm and fingers. He gave a tweak or two to her upright nipples and once his hands had their share of her breasts, his mouth took over. Salma squirmed and squealed as Shabbir took her breasts inside his mouth. He suckled her nipples and used his hands to squeeze them inside his mouth. She watched his penis getting aroused again and by the time Shabbir had quenched his thirst for his mother’s breasts, his dick stood pendik escort bayan like a missile ready for launch.

Salma soon found herself on the bed with legs spread wide apart. She blushed as Shabbir kept watching her public hair shamelessly. She felt drops of her pre-cum struggling to ooze out of her pussy lips.

“The long wait is finally over,” Shabbir said as he got between her legs. He held his monstrous dick with his right hand and began brushing the tip against her soaking pussy lips. Salma’s head swung back as she squirmed yet again. She wasn’t anymore the mother who felt extremely awkward watching the lusty eyes of her son. His magic touch had ignited her passion and her mind went silent once her body began responding.

“Oh!” Salma sighed in excitement. “Do it, do it right now.”

Shabbir began as he knew that his mother was red hot. His eyelids descended in pleasure as his dick gradually began sliding into his mother’s pussy, which readily gripped his intruding meat. The barriers have been broken as Salma kept whimpering excitedly, enjoying her son’s shaft digging in and out of her moist cunt. Shabbir wasn’t lagging behind in excitement as he waited and looked into his mother’s eyes swirling in lust.

They smiled at each other as though to signal their preparedness for the feast ahead.

Shabbir took the initiative and started pounding his mother. Salma helplessly watched and moaned letting his dick go on a rampage on her pussy. Their thighs banged against each other with continuous thudding noises. Salma screamed feeling her son’s dick hitting her deck. She never imagined that his shaft would be long and strong enough to knock at her womb. Shabbir grimaced as he gained tremendous speed letting his dick dive in and out of her pussy in an unimaginable speed. Her little moans got louder and she squealed aloud in pleasure.

Their maiden incestuous adventure came to a halt after a few minutes of incessant fucking. Salma felt her son’s warm thick fluid flowing through her canal and reaching her bottom. She followed suit and let out a loud moan experiencing a terrific orgasm. She felt her son’s sperm getting sprayed inside her, load after load. Their bodies clenched each other and their loud heaves of sighs filled the bedroom.

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