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They were congregated at the front of the small ranch-style house. The house was a 70’s era brick and stucco construction, single story house set in the valley between Mica Mountain and Reiley Peak. The house is on the Mica Mountain slope that rises out of the valley where in the spring a nice running river is located. It dries up to a comparative trickle much of the rest of the year. Although nearly due east of Tucson, the roads require a drive southeast around the mountain before picking up the N. Casabel Road at the Benson exit off I-10.

The house sits at the end of a gravel drive that is barely more than two ruts going up the mountain side. The house itself is flanked by a detached double garage and an out-building that is used for the three dogs and other equipment, most of which has been reduced to a couple of ATV’s for running around and over the mountains and desert. Once, it was a small ranch home, one of many that couldn’t make it in the area. Now it is owned by Stan and Betty Grassley, known to Nick and Sam as ‘the third couple’. In addition to those buildings, a newer stone building sits in back, slightly higher up the slope with windows exposing the entire front and sides, giving anyone inside views of the valley below in all directions. The roof extends well over the walls giving the windows shade at all times except early morning, but even then the Reiley Peak is in the way. This is their hobby shack. Stan and Betty busy themselves with any number of retirement activities they never made time for previously. The isolation and remoteness in retirement was the exact reason for choosing the site.

The ‘they’ congregated at the front of the house at noon were, of course, Abby Jorgenson, Ben and Sarah Adamly, and Stan and Betty Grassley. They were all anticipating with great interest and speculation the next 24 hours plus. Upon hearing the excitedly delivered stories from Abby, Ben, and Sarah about this new couple they had met, the Grassley’s accepted with anticipation the proposal to host a reunion weekend and ‘exposition’. The reunion got started Friday night with the five of them re-acquainting themselves with each other intimately. It was awkward and clumsy at first, but then it was like old days of laughing and sharing, combined with intense pleasure. There was no joking or teasing that the two men made use of the blue pills, just relief that such things now existed to aid them all in their later years.

As the morning wore on, even Stan and Betty couldn’t help to feel the anticipation of the arrival of Nick and Sam, even if they didn’t know them. The genuine excitement and appreciation exuding from the others was undeniable and contagious. They were also immensely intrigued by this couple who so impressed and accepted the older group, not to mention her propensity for a****l sex. And, that was how the rest of the weekend was developed, not really planned, just outlined. The Grassley’s three dogs combined with them bringing their dog created an a****l experience that none of the couples might have ever envisioned being played out in front of them. In years by-gone, they considered themselves way out of norm by occasionally experiencing one dog among them all. For one woman to be engaged with four … the group was nervous, excited, awestruck, concerned, and thrilled. So, all five were very eager for the arrival of this couple; some to be with them again; others to meet them for the first time.

Ben, who knew the signs to look for, pointed down the slope at the rising plume of dust. “There … that should be them.” Even as he said it, it occurred to him that all of them were in their mid-to-later 60’s and they were standing with excitement and concentration for the arrival, much like c***dren waiting for a beloved grandparent. The reversal was striking.

The car came around the bend in the drive, one of many required to climb the slope, and it pulled alongside Ben’s car. The trunk popped open, then the driver’s door. The ones that knew him saw Nick stand up, then go to the back door and come around it with a white German Shepard in tow. They both went around to the passenger side and saw a woman’s head come into view. The woman looked toward the people waiting and smiled, but the smile was nervous and tentative and it surprised Abby who knew them the best.

The man bent down, doing something now out of view. When he stood, they moved around the back of the car, the man first, opening the trunk fully and pulling a roller bag from the trunk before slamming it down. Then came the dog on a leash, a leash that wouldn’t be needed there on the mountain; the dogs were safe exploring without neighbors to bother. Then, the woman came into view …

Abby saw it first. Her hands went up to her mouth and she muttered, “Oh … My … God!”

Samantha came into view behind the dog and she was barefoot and naked except for a shiny black collar on her neck and a leash attached to it. The other end of the leash was being held by the dog! The dog was following behind Nick and Samantha was following behind the dog.

The five people looked at each with combined shock, bemusement, confusion, and excitement passing through them at the same time.

* * * *

It was Nick’s idea. I didn’t think it would work, but he persisted and felt it would be a wonderful way to set the tone for the remainder of the weekend. It would establish my role for the weekend, both to me and to the others; it would eliminate any doubt or question in anyone’s mind as to what we expected to occur and what my role was to be.

He had his suitcase packed and lying open on the bed as we prepared to leave. It was a smaller carryon case. Inside was only his stuff: clothes, shaving gear, etc. I could also see some things for Harley that took up the rest of the space. I could discern nothing of mine in the bag. But, I didn’t have to ask anything. He handed me a T-shirt, “For the weekend. But, only for the car rides up and back.”

The implication was clear: I wouldn’t need anything else for the weekend. I was naked and available. He had asked me earlier if I would be okay if the other men would also like to fuck me. The question was one of the things leading up to the weekend that made it so intoxicatingly erotic. Since being with Nick, I had been mated by a strange dog, been exposed to others, and Nick and I had loved in amazing and wondrous ways. But, being with other men was a new step for us. He had the careful part covered, he assured me. The men were safe. He, of course, knew I would do it. The weekend was beyond experiences now: four dogs, three men, and three women. And, the time was now.

I slid the shirt over my head, realizing as the bag was put into the trunk that I didn’t have anything personal with me; I didn’t have cosmetics, hair brush, clothes … anything.

Because of the mountain separating us from our destination, it took far longer than it should for the distance. It only took until we were out of the city limits and on the Interstate for Nick to ‘suggest’ that I take off the T-shirt. I knew I would now be naked except for the collar until about this same location on the way back on Sunday afternoon. I was already getting moist. Something must have shown on my face.

Nick was looking at me sitting naked in the passenger seat as he held the wheel with one hand. “You’re getting excited, aren’t you? I can see a flush across your breasts and chest.”

I looked at him, then turned partially in the seat, at least as much as the seatbelt would allow. “I am! I know I am moistening in anticipation. Does that … make me awful? A slut or something?”

It looked like he wanted to laugh, but he didn’t. He stopped and considered pendik escort me but with an immediate look of love and admiration. “This is us, Sam. This isn’t just you. This is what WE are doing together. You are far from awful, you are amazing and I am so fortunate that we came together to enjoy these things together.” He looked at me seriously and continued, “Slut? The term generally has such a nasty connotation to it; the accepted connection of the term is negative, derogatory. That doesn’t fit you. There is a new connection coming into vogue in society, though, that says a slut is a person, of any gender, who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good and a person who has taken control of sexuality. In that sense, yes; in that sense, you are a slut, but then it is a good thing.”

I took his free hand and kissed the palm, then put it between my legs. He smiled as he felt my wetness. A bitch. A slut. And, most definitely horny.

The coup-de-gras of the build-up to this weekend for me was when we finally arrived at the house. I saw the people standing at the front of the house, just standing there waiting for us to arrive. As Nick led me around the back of the car, or really as Harley led me since my leash was held by him, I heard a woman’s voice, “Oh … My … God!” Nick’s effect was established. As the Roman’s said in the Coliseum, “Let the games begin.”

Harley’s ability to maintain focus on holding my leash didn’t last very long, but it did last long enough to establish the affect. Nick picked up my leash as Harley dropped it and we walked to join the group. We were introduced by Abby to Stan and Betty. Handshakes and hugs were given. We were told that there was no reason for Harley to be on a leash unless we were worried about him running off. Nick then took both leashes off, Harley and me.

With a wink at everyone, Nick confided, “I don’t THINK I have to worry about her running off.” He got a mischievous glint in his eyes, “Unless there are some wild coyotes in the area she might chase after …” The others laughed at the look of shock on my face. But, what was expected of me these next hours was again reinforced by that statement and everybody recognized it as I accepted the comment by sidling up against Nick, rubbing my side and breast into his arm, drawing more chuckling.

I stood there in front of the group, the only one completely naked, while they looked at one another. It was clear to me that they did not know how they should take the first step and Nick was not going to assist them. They had approached him about this event and he had agreed, but it was theirs to manage. He was here for me, only.

I was surprised when it was Betty who stepped forward and took my hand. The other women knew me at least a little, but Betty was a complete stranger. But, this was her property and home. She pulled me toward the side building. I was barefoot, besides naked, so I lagged behind her some as I picked by footing across the dirt drive and ground. Even the grassy parts weren’t grass like we know it; it was wild, natural grasses of the desert and it was rough to walk on, too. On the far side of the shed was a large, fenced area with a door in the shed. As we approached it, three dogs ran out of the shed into the fenced area. I was to learn; this was where they secured the dogs when they were not home or other predators were known to be in the area.

In the side extending from the shed was a gate. She put her hand on the gate latch and turned to the others who followed us. She then turned to me and I knew, in my gut, that this was to be an abrupt start. She put her hand out to Nick who helped her with Harley. She let him into the area with the other dogs. I was a little concerned at first, but the other dogs were friendly and accepted Harley without conflict or aggression. They all sniffed one another and the entire group of humans relaxed, evidently I wasn’t the only one who saw that as a potential issue.

She had closed the gate after Harley, but seeing the acceptance of all the dogs, she took my hand and led me to the gate, which she held open. She shocked me with her next comment, like Ben had on the golf course, “Now it is time for their bitch to get familiar with her mates.” I knew Nick was at my side, even without looking. I looked at him and his smile was the reassurance that this was what we talked about, this was what it meant to be the bitch. I gave him a smile and nod, then broke role for a moment to hug him and kiss him on the lips. Then, as the gate was opened for me, I walked in on my own. And, the full impact of these next hours fell on top of me. Rather than intimidated, though, I knelt down into the hard dirt ground of the pen and received each dog as they clamored over me, seeking pets and strokes.

It was a chaotic mess of excited dogs at having attention. They were cared for but not pets like Harley was; I lavished them with attention and petting. I looked back to the fence and found Betty standing against the fence with Stan behind her, his hands on her shoulders, both looking expectantly at me in the midst of these dogs, like the rest of them.

“It would help to know, have these mated before?”

Stan and Betty looked at each other and shrugged. Stan responded, “We’ve never had a bitch here. All three of these were strays that showed up over time. Since they caused no trouble, got along, and minded us, we kept them. They largely run loose, so if they found a bitch, I suppose they may have. Or, maybe they did before they came here. But, otherwise, no.” He looked at Betty and chuckled, “And, certainly not with a woman.” He laughed harder but got an elbow in the ribs for the trouble. That brought a smile to me.

I might be taking their virginity, then.

Nobody behind me was moving. It appeared I was going to have an audience, at least initially. I decided the easiest way to begin, to get everyone accustomed to what was to happen, was to start with Harley and give him the full treatment. Dogs were generally smart and learned from others as much not. They saw cause and effect in the behavior of other dogs and Harley was a quick learner and comfortable with me and mating with a woman. I had confidence that the others would also come around.

No more being tentative. They wanted a bitch for the dogs? I’ll give them one. They want a slut for themselves later? I’ll give them that, too. And more if I can. This was a whole new me looking at a whole new life potential.

On my knees in the midst of the dogs, I called Harley and he came to me. I put him to the ground in the hard dirt with me. We were all going to be a mess, but that suddenly added more to the experience. I stroked Harley’s side and onto his belly. The other dogs sat around us growing interested and curious. While watching the other dogs, I let my hand stroke over Harley’s sheath and felt the tip of his cock already peeking out. I stroked the outside of the sheath and the dogs watched intently. I dipped my body to Harley and licked his cock tip, then took it into my mouth as more came out of the sheath. Of course, with Harley, knowing exactly what was coming (or cumming), he was quick to get excited and produce more erect cock for my mouth to suck. I didn’t have long to wait after Harley relaxed and realized that this was for real despite the presence of other dogs and many people. I released his cock from my mouth and turned to present my ass to him so I was positioned with my side to the people watching at the fence. Harley wasted no time, partly because he knew what to do, he is a very good lover, and partly maybe to avoid letting another dog get to me.

Harley jumped onto my back, my hand went between my legs, I felt kurtköy escort his cock slide along my palm and into me, and I heard a murmur outside the fence, “See! I told you. Did you see what she did with her hand. So much better!”

I groaned at the penetration. Maybe a little more than necessary for my audience, but the real feeling was just as real. Harley had fucked me so much the day before I wasn’t sure how he would perform now, but he was the Harley I knew and loved. He pounded me with the same frenetic energy I came to expect from him every time. I have long since given up trying to match his rhythm in order to push back into him at just the right moment of his thrusts. He is too fast so I hold myself rigid, giving him a solid object to press into. Maybe other women do it different, but … mmmmmmm … this is what works for me … mmmmmm … for us.

I felt his knot. The first time it bumped into me on the outside, almost pushing inside as it grew in size. But, it didn’t. So, it pressed against me with each stroke, bumping me, pounding me on the inside with his cock and the outside with his knot. Then, like always, his movements turned to getting the knot inside me, to fully mate me, to seed me, and to breed me. Almost every time … mmmmmmmm … the thought, the delicious and forbidden thought … being bred by this dog … mmmmm … to carry his puppies … nearly every time … mmmmmmm … something I haven’t even explained to Nick …

In the back of my mind I know the people are still watching us, watch me. I hear the sound, the inflections more than the words, but this is me … me and Harley … then me and the rest of the dogs. The knot has me stretched wide, nearly inside me and I think a perverse thought … I don’t even know the names of these dogs … they are just dogs, but no … no, not just dogs … not if they are going to be my mates … I don’t know their names … I need … mmmmmmmmmmm …. I need …

Harley pushes his knot into me and I cry out! My cry is impassioned and lusty. I realize a difference in … at home, I am constrained by neighbors when we are outside on the patio. Here I let it all out. I cry out my joy and acceptance. I release the bitch inside me completely. I cry out! “YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! I love your knot, Harley!!!!” I hang my head to the ground and exhale a deep breath. A small cloud of dirt flies into the air away from my mouth. “FUCK ME!!!!! You wonderful b**st! NOW, give me your seed. You own me, Harley, you know it, seed me, breed me!” And he does. I feel his cock twitch inside me, I feel him expand and swell and finally erupt inside me. I feel his cum shoot into me as my own body erupts into an orgasm. I fall to the ground, my ass in the air, but my upper body pressed into the hard dirt. I press my breast into the dirt, I can’t be dirtier, I want to be dirtier. My body quakes and shakes as we cum together … again …

The right side of my face is pressed into the dirt. I didn’t even have the forethought to put my arms under my face. I saw dog paws around me and remembered … I was tied to Harley but there were three other dogs. The closest one to me … I touch its leg and it lowered its head. I grabbed its collar and pulled it to me. I raised myself to my hands and maneuvered it onto the ground in front of me. Then I repeated the same process as with Harley. He was far less accepting of me then Harley was, but he made the connection. He saw what I did to Harley and what ended up happening. Okay, maybe that was a bit much, but it was something like that because he allowed me to manipulate him into position and to begin my touching. He was more nervous than my Harley, but maybe not any more than Harley was at first. I stroked him, his head, his chest, his belly, and closer to his crotch. I saw his sheath and his cock. Dogs are smart. He already understood and anticipated.

I looked back over my shoulder and found Nick. I smiled at him. He was already smiling at me. I turned my attention back to the new dog, dropped my face to his crotch and licked the tip of his cock. He flinched, which I expected. His head rose and looked down at me. He stirred and I felt a movement to my side and sensed it was Betty at the gate, but I held out my hand to stop her. I had this. In that moment, I knew it … I had this, the dog was fine and the others would be also. If a bitch can’t handle her males, what good is she … The thought flashing through my mind made me shiver. My mouth found the tip of the cock and I sucked the pre-cum from it. The dog was agitated but controllable. Even if he mated before, he never … ever … had a mouth around his cock sucking the juice out of him.

A bitch and her males … I was tied to one dog and sucking on the cock of another, a dog I hadn’t laid eyes on before now. I shook. What was I? What was I capable of? How far would Nick take me to discover those answers?

I could feel my pussy opening, stretching to release Harley and making me available for this next dog to mount me. I sucked on the cock in my mouth and was rewarded with both lots of pre-cum that I took down my throat greedily and a cock well extended from its sheath.

My mouth opened as the knot pulled at my pussy lips, pulling them out from my body. I had no idea if the others could actually see it, but I knew what it was like, the moment just before the knot came out, how extended and distorted my pussy would look. When it came out, I cried out, again. How could I not? Why wouldn’t I?

I felt the stream of Harley’s cum flowing out of my gaping pussy, but I immediately turned to present myself to the dog I had just prepared. He sniffed me, then licked me. All things normally good and fine, but not now. Now, I just wanted to be fucked. It wasn’t thinking about getting through the number of dogs I had. It wasn’t about the people watching. In my mind it was clear, crystal clear. I found myself in bitch mode … I needed to be fucked and fucked …

I pushed his snout away from my pussy. As nice as it is to be licked by a dog, I wanted his cock and knot. I wanted to be owned by another dog. I wanted to be made a bitch to this unknown dog. Bitch mode …

He hesitated and I wonder, but then he was on the back the next moment. And, never was I so thankful for having learned the hand guiding technique. The dog was frantic from the start. His cock was poking me before my hand could get between my legs and present a guide for him. But, even with him, it worked and he was inside me. I gasped and braced myself. This was to be an experience after Harley and I considered that the rest might the same. I had forgotten what Harley’s first time was like, but I was reliving it now. In moments, though, I felt back in control. At least as in control as you can be with a dog. He was securely in me and we fucked. Or, I should say that he fucked. I was braced and steady, providing a stable hole for him to fuck into.

He tried to forced his knot into me and it didn’t work out. But, I worked with him as I have learned and when the knot pushed into me, I cried out just as loudly and uninhibitedly as before. Only moments after the knot violated me, I came. And, only moments after that, my pussy clenching and spasming around the cock and knot inside me, he came. Even with my pussy in contractions, I felt each spurt of his cum as he shot into me. My god! Is this what it is going to be like … cumming every time with them? If my body can take it, I hope my mind can …

And so it went … with two dogs down, I was now in a rhythm that worked. I wasn’t even aware of the people watching, if they still were. Tied to the second dog, I encouraged the next one to me and repeated the process. With each one, the comfort of the next was apparent. I knew that after this first time for them, they would be aggressive with me, seeking kaynarca escort out what they wanted now that they had experienced it. That is what happened with Harley and he developed an understanding that he could comfortably be with me naked, that it wasn’t a signal that he needed to have me right then, but that he could when he wanted. I would be with these that long. This will be an interesting time and I wondered as I prepared the third dog if I would ever get into the house.

After the fourth dog released me from the tie, I fell to the ground. Four straight fucks by energetic and strong dogs. Four straight quality orgasms in the process. I lay on the ground, my face turned away from the direction of where the others had been watching from. I wasn’t interested in them, only the dogs. They had given me wonderful orgasms, each licking me after release, like this last one. Even flat on the ground, he was licking at my ass. It brought a smile to me and lazily rolled onto my back. I motioned him to come to me and he did to receive scratching at his ears. Another head appeared at my side and I saw that it was Harley. It was like he was watching over me as he gave me licks on my face. I opened my mouth and put out my tongue and we exchanged contact with each other, his tongue slipping inside mine.

Then, I realized it was just Harley and me. I raised myself to my elbows and saw the last dog walk into the shed. It was hot and the pen was largely in the sun. I got to my knees and Harley led the way into the shed where the other dogs had disappeared. As I followed, I looked to the side. The other people were gone, but Nick was standing there with a beer and he held it out to me. I smiled, got up onto my feet, and went to him.

I fell into him across the fence and he stroked my back, kissing my shoulder and neck. “Are you okay? It looked like you enjoyed it, but I don’t want it to be too much.”

I took the bottle and drained about half of it in a series of gulps and leaned back into him. “My man … mmmmmm … you worrying about me?”

“Always … and excited for you.”

I raised my face to him and took his head in my free hand and kissed him deeply. I then saw the other sitting on lawn chairs further away under trees. Abby gave me a wave. I smiled at them and returned my attention to Nick.

“Worried and excited … that’s why this will work. You can make me into a bitch and your definition of slut and it will be good … because of that … because you are you and you love me so much. And, I love you.” I kissed him, finished the beer and turned to the shed.

“Where … you finished them …”

“I’m their bitch, remember?” He smiled at me and I turned, walked to the little door and crawled inside. I heard him talk to the others, explaining what I was doing now. There was muffled talk, but I heard Abby’s voice come through, “Wow! If only I knew her before.”

The shed was deceptive. I barely fit through the dog opening, my hips almost touch both sides as I crawled in. It was darkish with light filtering in through vent slits at the top of the four walls. The walls were stone as I could tell from the outside, but the thickness of the walls must have held the cooler night air because the inside of the shed was definitely cooler than outside. Also, there was a drop of three steps inside, which was awkward for me crawling in head first. It was built into the slope. The shed stored a few machines and lots of tools. There were two ATV’s, a motorbike for trails, at least two mountain bikes like Nick’s, some motorized tillers, mowers, and other yard and gardening tools. But, a good corner that was deepest into the hill had hay piled as a massive bed for the dogs. That is where I found the other three dogs and Harley waiting for me at the edge.

After taking a quick survey of the rest of the shed and testing the large double door at the other end, I joined Harley with a soft touch on his head. He stepped into the hay and I followed him. I lay down along his body like I have done at home. It was itchy at first, but soon I joined the dogs for a quiet snooze.

I was vaguely aware of a sound and movement at the front of the shed and some of the other dogs must have noticed it, as well. I sensed movement, but not enough to completely bring me out of my nap. I would learn later that Stan brought Nick down to check on me, found me peaceful with the dogs and quietly left. There was just enough disturbance, though, to rouse me and I was soon stretching my body. Once awake, the itching became more noticeable, so I got up and nosed around the shed before opening one half of the double doors and stepped into the open. Harley was at my side and soon the other dogs were with me, too.

This felt tremendously freeing. At home, I could be naked in the privacy of our backyard or venture into the golf course in the dark at night. Here, though, it was remote and isolated. I envied Stan and Betty this setting, but also knew that I was more social and would miss other people to interact with. But, as I stepped away from the shed and wandered away from it, there was no compunction about being naked. The four dogs and I had just gotten around the shed toward the slope further up when I heard a voice calling out to me. Abby, Sarah, and Betty were chasing after me. They had a bottle of water and sunscreen.

They stood tentatively around me as I drank the water, almost half of it in a series of gulps, possibly too fast. I looked at the sunscreen, then into their faces. There was an unasked desire in their faces and I raised my arms out to the sides and smiled. Their faces lit up as they squeezed lotion into their hands and began rubbing it into my skin, touching every bit of me from my feet to my scalp. Although, my entire body was touched and rubbed with lotion, each one of them applied lotion to my breasts and pussy independently. My body reacted to their over-attentive application to my most sensitive parts and a moan escaped my mouth. They led me to a lounge chair that I hadn’t noticed before under a tree. The back was laid flat, my arms off the chair on each side and my legs the same. I looked into each of their faces with increasing desire as their intention became obvious.

I decided to lay back and enjoy the attention. Sarah gave me an exploratory kiss, and finding me receptive, she continued. Betty was massaging and fondling my breasts and nipples, squeezing and pulling, twisting and rubbing. Abby, the most familiar with me after our night of sharing Nick, had her fingers inside me. Her fingers pulled my lips apart and called to the others to look. I knew they were seeing the runny cum of the dogs, but their fingers quickly resumed their play on my body. I couldn’t decide if I should press with my back to raise my hips to the fingers going in and out of me, or to press my hips to raise my breasts to the attention they and my nipples were receiving. So, I alternated, enjoying all the attention.

Abby was curling her fingers inside me and was finding my g-spot regularly. I had an orgasm building quickly and I flung my arm up as my body tensed, my feet planted and raising my hips up to achieve more exposure and contact. I felt a breast under clothing, sought out the bottom of the shirt, jammed my hand underneath, then under the bra, and grabbed the breast underneath. I heard a female voice gasp, but she didn’t move away or dislodge my hand.

I erupted into orgasm, three pairs of hands stroking me, caressing me, kneading my flesh. As they gently brought my trembling body to ease, each of the them gave me a kiss and final stroke of my pussy and breasts. Abby, the last, said loud enough for all to hear, “We are going to have so much fun with you tonight.” I looked up at the three of them as they stood over me, my body spread out in front of them without any self-consciousness or concern about modesty. So, they did have plans for me themselves …

* * CHAPTER f******n: MORE FUN AS SLUT & BITCH will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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