Sandy’s New Self Ch. 06

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)


Sandy woke up not knowing where she was, instead of her being alone or next to her hairy husband she was cuddled up with someone smooth and soft who’s big tits were mashed up against her’s. Then she remembered the day before and opened her eyes to see her sexy 18 year old daughter naked in bed with her.

She smiled and kissed her sweet little girl. Who stirred and slowly woke up and smiled at her mother, “Morning mom I see last night wasn’t just a dream.”

“Not unless one of us is still asleep.” Ashley kisses her mom while one hand goes to her tits and the other her pussy. “Wait Ash.”

“How come mom?”

“Well as much as I’d love to spend the day fucking my daughter you have school and if we start something we won’t be able to stop, so lets just cuddle and talk until you need to get ready.”

“Well that’s not as much fun but ok what do you want to talk about?”

“Well you know everything about my sex life,” then she blushes, “well except ankara escort me flashing the pizza boy as a tip last night. So tell me more about yours.”

“You really did that last night?”

“Yeah I guess you’ve helped bring out my slutty side.”

“Well I like your slutty side and can’t wait to see what’s next. But you want to hear about me so what first mom?”

“Ok let’s start simple first kiss, but not like a peck on the cheek.”

“My first real kiss was Matt Goffers in the 5th grade in the janitors closet. What next?”

“Ok first cock you ever saw in person?”

“That’s easy Mike’s, we were changing for some family thing and when I turned around he had his pants off and there was his cock not a foot from my face. He quickly pulled his pants up.”

“How old where you?”

“I don’t know, I was little and its not like I knew what it was I was seeing. Next?”

“First time you touched one?” Ashley blushes more than Sandy remembers seeing her do before, “well come on.”

“It was Peter’s. I went to wake him up for school escort ankara and he was naked. I saw it just out in the open like that and touched it but it twitched, which scared me half to death, and I ran away. And no he doesn’t know if that’s what you were about to ask.”

“Ok wasn’t expecting that but ok. Uh first one you sucked and if you say it was a family member.”

“No I’ve never done anything sexual with family until yesterday,” she grins, “but to answer your question it was my boyfriend sophomore year. And all the cocks I’ve sucked have been boyfriends’ with the exception of 3.”

“Who where they?”

“Kim’s brother Tim during a game of truth or dare, Mike’s friend Ted a few years ago, and Sara’s dad.”

“What Mr. Berns? When did this happen? Did he force you?”

“No he didn’t force me, it was right after my 18th birthday a few months ago. It was the weekend after he found his girlfriend in his bed fucking his son. He was so depressed talking about how women hated him and only cared about his money like his ex wife. I told him ankara escort bayan he was wrong and they were just gold diggers. I told him I thought he was a nice and sweet guy and told him I’d prove it. So I gave him a blowjob.”

“Was it just that one time?”

“No there’s been a few times since.”

“Does Sara know?”

“Yes I told her. She wasn’t thrilled but understood why I did it and said she was fine with it as long as I didn’t hurt him. Anything else?”

“Yes who and when where the 2 girls you fucked before me?”

“Candy and Jill. The two girls that work at the store up the road.”

“You mean the two your brothers said they were talking about when we caught them talking about us yesterday.”

“Yes I told all of you they were lesbians.”

“Yes but you didn’t say you had first hand knowledge of it.”

“If I had my brothers may have cum in their pants last night,” she giggles.

Ashley’s alarm starting going off, “well I guess it’s time for me to get ready for school. Want to help me with my shower.”

“Yes I do but not this time now get going.” Ashley got up after giving her mom a deep kiss and her tits a squeeze. Sandy watched her daughter’s naked ass disappear into her bathroom. She lay back on the bed still feeling tired and was soon asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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