Sarah’s Dirty Times Pt. 02

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There was a knock at the door.

It was him. Her father. Her mother told him while moaning “Come in!” He walked in, and turned red at the sight. Sarah was too busy eating her pussy to notice. Her mother released her grip on Sarah’s pussy, and moaned hard at him watching.

I saw him standing there with a bottle of red wine. He quickly dropped it. Her mother was looking at him when she pushed two fingers in Sarah’s asshole. I knew she wanted him to watch them both cum.

I told Sarah “Cum like the whore that you are!” I could hear her muffled moan as she ate her pussy harder while her mother massaged the backside of her pussy through her asshole.

There was no mistaking it. He was turned on. Her mother said “I know you always wanted to fuck Sarah.” I replied she is my whore now!” He said “Sarah what are they doing to you?” I pulled my cock out, and stood there. I told Sarah “stand up!” Sarah held her legs together tight as he looked in horror. I grabbed her head, and started to push her to the ground.

She was on her knees. I looked at him and held her chin up. I spit in her face. Her mother stood up and held her head back by her hair. She told me slap her. I slapped her very hard. I could see the handprint.

I opened her mouth, and asyalı porno pushed my cock down her throat. I looked him in the eyes as I waited for her to panic. She soon did. I kept my cock down her throat as she gagged and panicked for air.

She was about to pass out as I pulled out. I was still looking him in the eyes. I was fucking her throat hard as her mother held her head. He was scared. He wanted to help. He was hard, and he was frightened. He took a step toward me. I paused with my cock in her throat. My balls on her chin, and her nose in my pelvis.

He begged “Please let her go!” I told him “she is going to be used like a whore that she is. You can help or you can watch. If you help I will go easier. She wants to be fucked by you anyways.” I pulled out, and Sarah was feeling it.

She begged for him to fuck her. He asked “Do you want that?” She said “Please daddy!” He walked to her, and I backed up. He put his hand on her face to wipe her tears.

She said “I’m a whore!” He said “yes… I know.” Her mother knelt down beside her and unzipped his pants. She pulled his cock out and pointed it in her face. She began to suck it.

I pulled her head back, and put my cock back in her mouth just by the tip. I told her castajans porno mother to spit on my cock. She spit on it as I pulled Sarah’s head forward to lick it off. Over and over she drooled on my cock as I made her mother lick it off.

I pulled out and she instantly started to lick my balls. I layed down as her mother pushed her face in. Her mother was sucking my cock. It was wonderful. Sarah was licking my balls, and her mother my cock. Then I felt it. She was licking my ass. Her mother was pushing her head down making her.

I had no idea where her father went to. I looked up and I saw it. He was fucking her. She was loving it. I could tell when I stood up she was cumming. I picked her up from the floor by her hair. He begged “let me continue!”

I turned Sarah toward him and held her arms down. He moved towards her tits. He loved them. Feeling them, and sucking one. Her mother wanted in.

She started to suck Sarah’s other tit as I held her arms. I pushed my cock against her ass. I told her mother to reach around, and spread her ass for me. She never stopped sucking her tit as she did it.

I pushed in. She was cumming again from having her tits eaten, and my cock in her ass. They both stopped. As if bangbros porno they knew what each other was thinking they grabbed her legs. I pulled out as I lifted her up.

Her mother put my cock in her asshole as her father spread her legs. I started to lift her up and down on my cock. I heard her blurt out “Please fill my pussy daddy!”

He didn’t hesitate. He pushed his cock in her tight little fuckhole, and grabbed her legs. We were both picking her up and down on our cocks.

Her mother was on her knees licking my balls as I fucked her. We were steady, and faster and faster. He said I have to cum. I said fuck! We both came in her at the same time. We couldn’t stop.

Her mother layed on the floor under her as we let her feet down. We both pulled out at the same time, and our cum was dripping out of her pussy and her ass. It covered her mother’s face.

She was rubbing her pussy as it hit her. I forced Sarah to squat, and push her holes open.

It was oozing out still. She started to finger her ass, and her pussy to make it drip. I picked her up to see her mother’s face covered. She had her mouth full, and was pushing it to her lips, and opening her mouth again.

Sarah dropped to her knees. She was licking her tongue, and spitting the cum in her mouth only to suck it out again. Her mother finally swallowed. Sarah started to lick it off her face. She swallowed. Then she licked more, and spit into her mouth again. The kissing started again.

They were my cum loving whores… This was only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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