Sarah’s Story Ch. 12

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Jan stood there gawping for a good couple of minutes before she burst out “Mummy! Daddy! What the hell are you up to with Sarah?”

Mrs Mills didn’t seem in the least put out at just being caught with her daughter’s best friend with her tits out and her knickers down spread over her husband’s lap.

“There’s no need for language like that, you lady. Not in this house.” Mrs Mills scolded her.

“But Mummy, my best friend in lying across Daddy’s lap with her knickers down.” Jan protested.

“Well, of course,” reasoned Mrs Mills, “Sarah has been very naughty and we had to spank her. Didn’t we always spank you when you were naughty?”

“Yes, when I was little. Sarah and I are twenty two and why has she got her breasts out?” Continued Jan.

“That’s how she was naughty, Jan. She was teasing your father with her big tits bursting out of her blouse. It gave your father quite a big erection.”

“Mummy! It’s getting worse and worse.” Shrieked Jan.

“And anyway I’m sure you’ve seen Sarah’s tits and bum before, haven’t you?” Mrs Mills said calmly.

I thought, oh no, she’s going to bring up the playing with each other bit.

Jan shot a glance at me. I tried to shrug my shoulders but couldn’t make it work from the position I was in.

“You have looked at her, haven’t you Jan? I’m not surprised if you have, she’s such a pretty girl and has lovely big breasts and a nice big bum. I expect you’ve wanted to touch her too, Jan, haven’t you?”

There was a bit of a pause then Jan very quietly said, “Yes, Mummy.”

Mrs Mills went on, “I expect you have touched her, Jan, up in your room together for all those hours. Daddy and I often wondered what you were up to. Did you touch Sarah’s big tits, squeeze and play with them, Jan?”

Again quietly Jan responded, “Yes, Mummy.”

“And did you make her lift up her skirt so you could look at her knickers?”


“Daddy and I thought you did, Jan. It made Daddy very hard thinking about you playing with Sarah up in your room and making her lift up her skirt to look at her knickers.”

“Mummy, this is getting really bad now. You really ought to stop.” Jan protested, her voice shaking a bit.

“But you didn’t stop, did you, Jan. You liked looking at Sarah showing you her knickers. I bet you could see the shape of her slit. Did it make you feel really nice seeing the shape of Sarah’s slit under her knickers?”

Jan was being brow beaten now and was starting to flush. I could always tell when she was getting worked up as she played with the hem of her skirt or the bottom of her top. She was playing with the hem of her skirt now.

“Well, Jan,” continued Mrs Mills, “did you enjoy looking at Sarah’s slit through her tight knickers?”

“Yes, Mummy. I liked it very much and it made me feel very nice, you know, down there.”

“You’re beginning to feel nice ‘down there’ now aren’t you Jan? Perhaps it would be nice if you showed Sarah your knickers too. Lift up your skirt and show Sarah your knickers, Jan.”

Jan hesitated for a moment still playing with the hem of her skirt. She looked down.

“Don’t be silly, Jan, it’s nothing Daddy and I haven’t seen before and Sarah has her knickers off and is showing her bum.”

Jan slowly twisted up the edge of the hem then I saw her take a deep breath and pulled her skirt up revealing a little pair of white panties with a lacy frill at the waistband. They were small and tight.

“There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Soothed Mrs Mills. “I do think you might want to buy some bigger knickers, Jan. We can all see the shape of your slit.”

It was true; Jan’s pants were so tight that they hugged the contours of her slit perfectly. It gave me a little twinge just looking at her.

Jan went bright red. I know she had worn those panties for me. She knew how much I loved her having a camel toe and when we were out she’d flash me at every opportunity knowing how much it turned me on. She looked down as if to see for herself then up at her mother.

“Come over here so we can sort you out, Jan.” Commanded Mrs Mills.

Jan dutifully approached her mother who was still standing behind me, her skirt still bunched up around her waist. She looked like a naughty little school girl about to be punished.

From my position I could only see up as high as Jan’s waist but it was high enough to watch Mrs Mills hook two fingers inside the leg band of her daughter’s knickers and slide them inside pulling the material away from Jan’s slit. Her fingers must have grazed Jan’s lips because she jumped a bit and I heard her give out a little “Oh”.

“There, that’s better.” Confirmed Mrs Mills. “Mind you it’s a bit silly because you can see all of Sarah’s bum. She has a nice big bum don’t you think, Jan?”

“Mummy, this really isn’t on.” Whined Jan.

“Oh come on Jan, I’ve just felt how wet you are under your knickers. I know just how much you are enjoying seeing Sarah’s naked bottom.” Snapped Mrs Mills.

Jan hesitated again not really believing bareback studios porno what was going on. It seemed like a dream to me too, a very naughty one.

“Now, Sarah’s just had a spanking, perhaps you ought to soothe her bum. Go and get the lotion from the bathroom.”

“Yes Mummy.” Said a very cowed Jan.

Jan left the room and I felt Mrs Mills hand on my bottom.

“There, Sarah, Jan can soothe your sore bottom and Mr Mills and I can watch. You don’t mind if we watch while Jan soothes your bottom with some nice lotion, do you?”

I got the distinct impression I didn’t have much choice. Both Mrs Mills and especially Mr Mills whose erection was still pressing into my tummy wanted to watch Jan and me play with each other and there wasn’t going to be much we could do about it, apparently. So I decided to be naughty too.

“No, Mrs Mills, I don’t mind if you want to watch Jan stroke slippery lotion all over my bottom.”

“There’s a good girl. Now stand up and take the rest of your clothes off. It will be much easier if you have all your clothes off.”

I almost giggled when I stood up because Mr Mills bit fat prick bounced up, sticking out of his dinner suit. It was all shiny. I felt something cool on my tummy and looked down to see it was slippery and shiny too where Mr Mills cock had been rubbing against me. I was rubbing my fingers through it when Jan came back in the room.

“Hey, Jan, look. Your Daddy’s already got some lotion on my tummy.” I beamed at her.

She scowled back, clearly embarrassed.

“Hurry up Jan,” I continued regardless, “my bottom’s quite sore I and really need that lotion. You better take your clothes off too in case you get lotion all over them.”

Her glare at me couldn’t be more pronounced but Mrs Mills chipped in that made it even worse.

“Sarah’s right, Jan. You don’t want to get lotion all over your nice clothes. Perhaps Sarah can help you get undressed.”

That last bit was not so much a suggestion as a command. I was getting hornier by the minute and was only too happy to play along. I went over to her and took the lotion out of her hand and placed it on the table.

“It’ll be alright, Jan,” I whispered to her, “it’ll be fun, I promise.”

She didn’t resist as I unbuttoned her blouse. Her large stiff nipples were already visible through the thin material; she never wore a bra when she was going out with me. I gently pushed the silky material off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“See your nipples are rock hard. You’re enjoying this already.” I teased and gave them a little tweak making sure my back was to her parents so they couldn’t see.”

“You’re a bitch, Sarah. I’ll hate you forever.” She whispered back but I knew she didn’t mean it.

“Believe me you’ll thank me for this.” I went on. “She how hard your Dad is. He’s dying to get up your hot cunt.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Called Mrs Mills. “It’s rude to whisper in company.”

“Just having a bit of trouble with the catch on Jan’s skirt.” I answered back just as I let it drop to the floor revealing her tight little pants and hold up black stockings.

“There you’re ready now,” I said handing Jan the bottle of lotion.

I pulled up a chair and put my hands on the seat and leant forward a bit. This had the effect of pushing my bum back and up in the air. I made sure I was angled so that Mr Mills could see everything without being too obvious and parted my feet slightly. I heard a small groan from his direction so I knew I’d got it just right.

“What are you waiting for, Jan?” Called Mrs Mills. “Hurry up and put that lotion on Sarah’s bum.”

Jan placed her left hand on my back to steady herself then I felt the cold lotion squirt over the top portion of my bum. A little trickle started to roll down between my bum cheeks; it was exquisite torture. Then Jan put the bottle down and I felt her hand start to slowly traverse my wide smooth bottom.

She focused on each cheek, rubbing the lotion in and purposely avoided going anywhere near the middle.

“You’re missing the middle bits, Jan.” Warned Mrs Mills. “There’s a dribble of lotion going down the middle bit.”

Jan hesitated for a minute then said, “But Mummy, that’s Sarah’s rude bits. I can’t stroke her rude bits.”

“Jan, you’re not a 10 year old,” scolded Mrs Mills, “its going down over her bumhole and down to her cunt. Daddy and I want to see you put the lotion ALL over.”

“Yes, Mummy.” Was all Jan could manage by way of reply.

I felt her hand stroke over my bum again, deliciously all over it, then her fingers started to slide down between my cheeks. I felt her finger reach my puckered anus and she circled it with the tip of her finger and I groaned with anticipated pleasure. I heard another groan behind me and knew how closely Mr Mills was watching his daughter’s finger as it pleasured my back entrance.

I was squirming as she teased me round and round with her finger tip. Then czech amatör porno her fingers moved down and found the bottom of my wet slit. I felt two fingers come into play as she spread my lips.

“Is that what you wanted to see Mummy.” Jan sounded defiant, fighting back now but Mrs Mills was still in charge.

“Yes Jan, that’s very good dear. Daddy can see her cunt hole now. Move your fingers up and down her slit and get her all worked up. Daddy will love that, won’t you Mr Mills.”

I heard a grunt in response and it really make me feel all gooey thinking that Mr Mills was looking right at my open hole with his big thick prick straining. It was even more pleasurable when I felt Jan’s fingers start to slide up and down my greasy slit, and bumping into my engorged clit every so often.

It gave me even more of a jolt when I looked back under my right arm and saw that Mrs Mills had her hand around her husbands stiff pole and was stroking him as they both watched Jan masturbate me.

Jan must have seen too as she upped the ante with “Do you want me to put my fingers up her cunt, Mummy?”

“Oh yes, Jan, that will be very nice to watch you finger fuck Sarah’s hot little cunt.”

I felt Jan’s fingers work around the entrance then she pushed the full length of her fingers deep into my syrupy hole in one smooth movement. I gasped loudly as her fingers slid about inside me.

I savoured the feeling of her fingers plunging in and out of me for a moment before looking back again at Mr and Mrs Mills. Mrs Mills was still stroking her husband cock but she had pulled up her dress and was stroking herself at the same time. The sight was erotic enough but when I looked back at Mr Mills prick it was gleaming in the light and Mrs Mills fingers were running with juices. I’m sure I’d never seen a man exude quite so much precum as Mr Mills. My tongue automatically ran around my lips.

“Mr Mills has a very slippery prick.” I gasped to Mrs Mills.

“Yes, dear. He always did pump out lots of juice and now he’s a bit older it seems to have got even worse.”

“It’s getting on his suit trousers, Mrs Mills,” I warned, “perhaps we ought to do something to clean him up a bit.”

“Perhaps you’re right. I’ll get a napkin.” Smiled Mrs Mills.

“Oh,” I said, “I have another idea.”

“No!” I heard Jan squeak, knowing exactly what I had in mind. “No, Sarah, you can’t. He’s my Dad.”

“Silly.” I said and pushed myself off the chair. I knelt down in front of Mr Mills and looked up at Mrs Mills. “Do you think Mr Mills would mind if I cleaned him up a bit with my tongue?”

Mrs Mills smiled back, “I think that would be very nice of you, Sarah.”

Jan watched in horror as I leant forward and scooped my tongue up from the base of Mr Mills’ prick up towards the tip running over Mrs Mills fingers that were still wrapped around the dripping shaft.

I repeated the process a few time collecting his running juices from the length of his cock.

“I’m not sure this is working very well, Mrs Mills.” I said. “I think I’m going to have to suck it instead.”

Mrs Mills didn’t say anything. Her eyes were bulging watching this young 22 year old lapping at her husband’s stiff prick. She simply pointed his cock at my mouth and I saw her own mouth open slightly as if she was about to suck him by proxy.

I closed my lips around the head and slid my mouth down as far as her fingers, running my tongue around it in the process. I worked back up the shaft followed by her hand and soon we had set up a rhythm with her pumping his leaking cock into my mouth.

I felt Jan’s hand slowly return to my pussy as she herself became used to the idea of me sucking on her father’s rod.

“That’s right, Jan,” I heard Mrs Mills say, “finger her while she sucks Daddy’s big stiffy.”

“Mummy!” Jan exclaimed trying to sound shocked but her passion was beginning to seep through.

I lifted my mouth off Mr Mills’ prick while Mrs Mills continued to stroke him.

“Come off it, Jan. Don’t tell me you’re not getting wet watching me suck it. I bet you wish it was you, really.”

“Sarah how could you.” Jan wailed.

I was unconvinced. “You’re quite happy to turn your father on with two fingers up my cunt. Here taste him.” I dared.

I turned to her and placed my lips against hers. My tongue slipped between her lips as we kissed and I could feel her at first tentatively touch my tongue with hers then slowly she began sucking it, tasting her own father’s juices.

I broke away. “There, now taste him properly.” I said pulling her head down towards her father’s lap.

“It’s all right Jan. Daddy will love it. He’s often fantasised about you and made me call him Daddy in bed.” Mrs Mills said quietly.

I tried not to look shocked as Mrs Mills encouraged her own daughter to suck her father’s cock. Jan just looked blank, glancing from me to her mother and then looked down at the thick, shiny cock in front of her.

Mrs Mills gathered her czech bitch porno daughter to her and gave her a little kiss. She then pulled her naked body down over her lap easing her face down towards her father’s prick.

Everything went silent and it seemed like it happened in slow motion. Jan dropped her head some more. I ran my finger up Mr Mills cock and painted Jan’s lips with her father’s seeping juices. Her tongue slipped out and ran around her wet lips. Her head dipped some more and she enclosed her lips around her father’s cock.

Mr Mills let our a deep ecstatic groan and Mrs Mills and I gave a little audible gasp and Jan started to bob her head up and down as I had done.

I reached under Jan and gently played with her small breasts and stiff nipples. I whispered into her ear “You’re sucking your Daddy’s prick.”

Her eyes flashed up at me for a moment and I saw nothing but unadulterated lust. Her head was bobbing up and down on his cock with no encouragement whatsoever and I could see her tongue working on his shaft while Mrs Mills pumped him into his daughter’s mouth.

Jan started moaning around the cock in her mouth and I looked up to see Mrs Mills hand working between Jan’s bottom cheeks, stroking at her daughter’s hot slit. We both knew that Jan was going to cum and Mrs Mills started to pump her fingers into Jan’s hole brining her closer and closer to the edge.

All of a sudden her head snapped back releasing Mr Mills hard prick, her body spasmed and she cried out in passion as she came on her mother’s fingers.

I took the opportunity of taking Mr Mills back in my mouth as he watched his daughter orgasm. I think he was fighting back a cum of his own because I felt extra amounts of his juice oozing onto my tongue.

While Jan was still panting Mrs Mills leaned down to her and quietly said “I think it’s time you sat on your Daddy’s prick, darling. Will you do that for him? Let him put his big thick cock up your lovely tight cunt.”

Jan turned her head up to her mother and looked very serious. She was still breathing heavily when she eventually spoke.

“Yes, Mummy. I want Daddy to put his cock up me and fuck me. I think I always have.”

I was honestly shocked. I thought she’d take much more convincing than that but I didn’t want her changing her mind either. It would turn me on so much watching Jan get fucked by her Daddy so I acted quickly.

“We’d best take Mr Mills’ trousers down, Mrs Mills. We don’t want them getting stained.”

“Yes, what a sensible girl you are Sarah. Give Mr Mills a hand with his fastenings and help him pull them down.”

I had undone his fastener and had managed to get him to lift his bum up so I could pull his trousers and underpants off when Jan started putting her leg across. She was so eager I had to have a little giggle to myself.

She had her arms around his neck and started to kiss him passionately, their tongues entwined as I guided her down. Mrs Mills held his prick steady and I slipped two fingers into her slit to part her sex lips.

“Push down on Daddy’s cock, Jan” Mrs Mills told her.

As Mr Mills’ thick prick pushed her open Jan groaned.

“Oh Daddy, your big hard prick is going up me. Oh, god Daddy, you’re fucking me.”

Jan sunk down until all of her Daddy’s cock was up inside her. She was moaning deliriously as she settled down moving her hips to get as much in as possible.

I bent down and looked at the delicious sight.

“Oh, Jan. Your Daddy’s big prick is stuck right up inside your cunt.”

“Oh, Sarah, Mummy, it’s wonderful.” She gasped.

“Good girl, Jan,” replied Mrs Mills, “now start moving up and down and ride your Daddy’s prick. Give it a good fucking.”

It was so bizarre to hear Mrs Mills encourage her daughter to fuck herself up and down on her father’s prick, but at the same time it was so hot.

Mrs Mills and I contented ourselves to run our hands all over Jan’s plunging body. Sometimes playing with her small firm breasts and hard nipples, licking at her neck or feeling up between her bottom cheeks our fingers sliding around in the combined juices of the humping pair.

Jan’s movements became more pronounced and jerky and I sensed her impending orgasm. Her cries were getting louder and her language was ripe.

“Oh my god, Daddy, I’m going to cum on your fucking cock. Daddy, I’m going to cum all over your beautiful prick.”

Mrs Mills leant over to me and quietly said, “Stick your finger up her bottom, Sarah.”

I smiled a naughty smile and pushed my finger down the crease between Jan’s cheeks. My finger was already slick from feeling up Jan’s slit and as I pressed it against her anus I felt it easily enter.

I watched as Mrs Mills reached around between the two rutting lovers and start to rapidly finger Jan’s clit.

“Oh my god, that’s it.” Shouted Jan. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

I pushed my finger deep into her rectum as her body tensed and a fantastic orgasm wracked her frame. With a hand on each tit Mrs Mills and I teased her mercilessly while her body spasmed and shook and kept her at her peak until at last she collapsed on top of Mr Mills like a big rag doll.

I could tell that Mr Mills was having trouble controlling himself; his hips were still trying to push his thick cock up his daughter.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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