School Lovers

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This story starts at a small Junior College in Florida. As we approach the Gym we hear all the joyous noise that accompanies winning a hard fought game with a strong rival. As the joyful crowd begins pouring from all the exits we pick one couple to follow.

As we approach closer we hear the boy ask; “Where to now Jo? Out to the Palms Club, the Windmill, or some where else? Your choice.”

“Let’s just drive out to the beach and find a place to park, Bob. It’s to nice out to be in some noisy club. We might even do a little swimming. Or something.”

With no more talk, Bob starts the car and begins to work his way out of the traffic jam of others leaving the lot. Soon they are with quite a few others heading towards the beach road.

As traffic begins to spread out, Jo begins to cuddle over to Bob. Soon has her arm around his waist. By the time they reach the beach road, the traffic has thinned to only two sets of tail lights far in front and one set of head lights at least a quarter mile behind. Bob now reaches his right arm over Jo’s shoulder and gently grasps her breast. Jo, in turn, begins to caress his crotch with its growing bulge. They continue their caressing as Bob drives for another two or three miles to a beach access turnoff. As he turns onto the beach, Bob turns off his headlights and continues driving by the light of the full moon.

As they pass other cars parked above high tide mark, both increase the intimacy of their caresses. Jo soon has Bob’s cock free from his partially open fly and he has lifted her sweater high enough to slip his hand into her bra. Bob soon finds a suitable site and parks. As soon as the engine stops, Bob turns to Jo and they embrace in a kiss while each continues to remove obstructing clothing from the other: Bob finding and working to release Jo’s bra as she unbuckles his belt and finishes opening his fly so she can fondle his balls as well as his cock.

“You still have the blanket in the trunk, Bob?”

“You want to lay out on the sand?”

“Gives us more room to move around.” Then as Bob begins fondling both exposed breasts; “We will definatly need more room if you want to finish what we’ve started.”

“It’s still there. If you will let go of my handle, I’ll get out and get it.”

“Don’t want to let go but I suppose I’ll have to.”

With this decision, they get out of the car and Bob opens the trunk to get the blanket. As soon as the blanket is spread on the sand beside the car they finish undressing each other: Jo removing Bob’s shirt as he removes her sweater;etc. Soon both are standing beside the car totally naked. As Bob folds their clothes and lays them on the back seat, Jo lays down on the blanket with the light of the full moon turning her into an alabaster sculpture.

After closing the door, Bob joins Jo on the blanket to re-embrace her. While maintaining their kiss, they begin to fondle each other again: Bob caressing a tit while Jo slowly strokes his cock. Following several minutes of this Bob begins to move his caresses lower and transfers his kissing to Jo’s hardened nipples.

Acknowledging her arousal, Jo spreads her legs enabling Bob to gently finger her clitoris as he cups her mons in the palm of his hand. Jo begins hunching into Bob’s hand and breaking the kiss moans; “Coming! Don’t stop fingering me. YES! NOW. O YEA OH That was good Bob.” Then gently tugging at his cock; “Bring this thing up where I can suck it. I want to swallow you while you lick clit.”

“I’ll probably come pretty quick, Jo.”

“That’s ok. You’ll probably last long enough for me to get off again.”

He finishes positioning himself with his cock already sliding into Jo’s mouth and his mouth ready to cover her crotch; “I’ll keep eating you till you do come even if I have popped.”

Jo’s answer was totally muffled as she swallowed all nine inches of Bob’s cock in synchronization with his tongue penetrating into her vagina. Bob kept his hips high enough that Jo could pull fully off his cock if she wished and began to lick out her full slit. Jo’s cunt was very well lubricated giving Bob plenty of juice to swallow as she in turn was swallowing the lube oozing from the end of his cock. Both lasted longer than either had expected and both began to climax together. Jo was barely able to swallow fast enough to keep from loosing any of Bob’s ejaculate.

Bob did not have a problem with volume but had to hang on tight to keep from getting a broken nose as Jo hunched up at him in her orgasm. The climaxes quickly subside but neither partner quits exciting the sexual areas of the other, Bob to keep Jo lubricated, she to get his deflated prick hard again. Jo was now able to keep all of Bob’s prick in her mouth while he continued to lap at her slit.

Bob is soon licking Jo from asshole to clit, and as his prick begins to stiffen again, Jo begins face fucking herself on it. She soon climaxes again before Bob reaches full erection. As her orgasm subsides she removes his cock from her mouth beging , “Turn around and fill me up at that end now. Keep fucking till you come czech pool porno again.”

Then as he begins to press the head of his cock into her vagina; “It’ll take a whil,e Jo; that first load took most of the starch out of me.”

“Just push it in and fuck. I want all I can get, as long as I can get it.”

Bob slowly forces himself deeper into Jo’s sheath until his balls press against her ass. They hold this position for several seconds before Jo begins to hunch her hips against Bob moaning; “Fuck me deep and hard, Darling. I’ve been waiting two weeks for this. Sucking is enjoyable and I like your taste but This is the best way to get off.”

Bob follows orders and begins to stroke his cock in and out of Jo’s wet cunt. The motion is slow and gental for several minutes before Jo begins hunching hard; “I’m coming Bob – don’t stop.”

“I won’t, Jo.” and as Jo climaxes he fights to keep from being ejected by her motions.

She soon quiets and lets Bob resume his long dicking of her now even wetter cunt and purrs; “Even better than getting clit licked.” Do me some more lover.”

“Sure will. I may even come with you the next time.” True to his word only a couple minutes later Bob’s cock begins to squirt his second ejaculation into Jo’s pulsating vagina at the peak of her second orgasm. As they lay quietly with Bob’s cock slowly shrinking inside her: “It felt like your cunt was trying to suck me all the way into your womb while you were coming that time, Jo.”

“Felt like it was in my womb when you started squirting into me.” Then after a quick kiss; “Still feels good in there even if it is shrinking.”

They hold their embrace while Bob’s cock relaxes to it’s normal size and slips out of her. Bob then rolls off Jo and standing , helps Jo up. as they shake sand off the blanket, Jo asks; “Have any towels in the trunk? I’d like to take a swim to wash you out of me.”

“A roll of paper towels if nothing else.”

“Good. I’ll meet you at the platform.” Says Jo, began to walk toward the surf.

Bob quickly finishes putting the blanket away and chases after her. Jo, having a head start, reaches the surf first and is swimming towards the off shore platform as Bob dives into the surf and soon catches her. They swim together the rest of the way to the platform.. They rest by hanging on to cleats welded to the side; then slowly swim back to the beach. When they arrive back in water shallow enough to stand in, Jo notices another car parked near theirs with lights out. “looks as if we have some company, Bob. Think it is someone we know?”

“I don’t recognize the car but from this distance that doesn’t mean anything.” After a short pause Bob continues; “We better stay in the water for a while till we find out who they are. I don’t think we should expose our nudity unless we know who it is.”

“If they are here for the same reason we are, would it make any difference?”

“I wouldn’t want to find out the hard way.” Then looking at the moons reflection on the water; “If we swim a few yards further down the beach, the moonlight would be shining through their windows and we might be able to recognize them.” Then starting to swim slowly so as not to draw attention; “We can at least see what they are doing.”

As Bob had suggested they soon could see silhouettes on the driver’s side of the front seat. The couple embraced briefly then one disappeared from view. “Looks like she is giving him a blow job.” Jo laughed; “This might be a good time to get over to your car and dress. He won’t be looking for us and she can’t see.”

“They may finish before we are dressed.”

“We don’t need to waist time with under cloths.” Jo replied; “I would prefer to leave off my bra and panties anyway.”

“OK. Lets go.”

Bob was just zipping his pants, and Jo had just finished with her sweater when the other girl finishes the blow job to some appreciative moans from the man. Since only a few yards separated the two cars and the moon light was quite bright she was recognized when she sat back up and could be seen.

Bob was not able to suppress his surprise; “Good God, Jo! It’s your mother!”

“Your right, Bob; but I don’t recognize the man, do you?”

“No, but I think we will know soon. They had to have heard me; they’re looking this way.”

“Bob? Jo? That you?” Called Jo’s mother, answering Bob’s fears.

“Yes, mother. Do you want us for something?”

“Yes. Come over here and I’ll introduce you to Jim.”

“Do you think they know what we were doing, Jo?” Bob whispered as they walked around the car.

“Nude swimming of course; but we had finished all the sex before they got here, I hope.” Jo whispered back as they walked the few remaining yards to the other car.

Just before they got to the other car, Jo’s mother and the other man got out to meet them. “Kids, this is Jim Conners. I’ve been dating him for several months now. Jim; this is my daughter Jo and her main boy friend, Bob.”

Since she had made no effort to tuck her exposed tit back into czech sharking porno her bra, Bob was not looking at Jim as he stammered; “Pleased to meet you sir.”

Jo, in turn, was starring at Jim’s large but limp prick that he also had made no attempt to stuff back into his pants. She continued to stare and began to wonder what was going on as she stammered; “I’m happy to meet you Mr. Conners.”

“None of this ‘sir’ or ‘mister’ junk. My name is Jim at any time. Marge and I were going to the Beachcomber for some dancing when she recognized your car as you passed us on the beach road. It was her idea to follow you, not mine.”

“I figured that you would be coming out here to do some heavy duty necking, swimming, or something. I told Jim to try to follow you without letting you know you were being followed. He parked the other side of the dune and we climbed to the top to see what you were doing.”

Jim continues; “We saw you on the blanket and Marge made me drive over here to surprise you.”

“By the time we got here you were in swimming.” Marge completed. “We waited for you to come back. Jim thought you would be gone longer than you were and convinced me to enjoy the wait. I imagine you know how we spent the time.”

Jo and I both stammered; “You saw us! – on the blanket!! -?”

“We didn’t watch for very long but from the position it was fairly obvious what you were doing.” Jim chuckled.

Marge adds; “Twice over the last year my prescription for the ‘PILLS’ was missing when I looked for it, but was back in the drawer the next day. I therefore assume you have been taking them regularly, Jo.”

“Yes mother.”

“I figured you were letting Bob screw you or you wouldn’t need the pills.” Then turning to Bob; “Look, Bob no mother is really happy to learn that her daughter is getting screwed before she is married. However I don’t see how I could stop you and as you are taking precautions against pregnancy won’t raise too much hell. I will, however, demand that you quit fucking in public.” Then to JO; ” Bring him home and do it in private”

Jim reenters the conversation with; “Marge; my cock is getting cold hanging out in the breeze and your tit doesn’t look any warmer. Why don’t we all go back to your house and continue the discussion there. We could save motel rent too, now that Bob and Jo know me.”

With a quick pat to Jim’s cock Marge answers, “Good idea, Jim.” Then to Bob; “Bring Jo home Bob, we can discuss the situation over sandwiches and beer.”

“Mom,” Jo inquires; “do you mean that Bob and I can use my bed when we want to have sex?”

“Darling; if you want to fuck, I don’t know how I could stop you. And, if you are going to screw around I would much prefer you do it in your own bed instead of a parked car or here on the beach where you could get caught by police, or worse yet some kook out for kicks.” Then, tucking her tit back into her bra; “Guess that goes for us too, Jim. Come on , lets get home.”

As they ride home; Bob asks Jo; “Honey, do you think your mother really means it when she implied that we can do our fucking at your house?”

“There’s a good way to find out.” Jo answers as she snuggles up to him. “Do you think you can get it up again tonight? Just thinking about it has me warmed up again.”

“Well, from the look your mother gave Jim when she headed back to their car, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were hot at it when we get there.” Then with a low chuckle; “You probably wouldn’t be able to get to sleep anyway trying to guess what they were doing from the sounds they made.”

A few seconds later Jo whispered into his ear; between nibbles; “If you just dropped me off alone I know I wouldn’t sleep. Just thinking about you fucking me in my own bed has me almost hot enough to come.” Then as she begins fondling Bobs cock through his pants he reaches over her shoulder to fondle a tit. “If you don’t screw me again tonight in my bed I might have to ask mom to loan Jim to me for a few minutes.”

When they arrive at Jo’s home they find Jim’s car in the driveway and several rooms lit up. Bob perforce parks on the street. “Its a fair walk across the yard Jo, I’ll put your bra and panties in my pockets so no one will see them.”

“They will camouflage that hard on you have too.” Jo laughs.

As they walk up the path to the house Bob observes; “The only rooms lighted are the living room, bath and kitchen. You think your mother and Jim are waiting for us to arrive before starting anything?”

“From the way mom was acting when they were getting in their car, she may be getting screwed on the living room floor.”

“I don’t know, Jo.” Bob replies; “The way Jim was looking at you he may be waiting for you.”

“And Mom waiting to try you out? I doubt it, Bob.” Jo laughs as they open the front door.

As Bob closes the door Jim calls from the kitchen; “We’re out here fixing drinks and sandwiches. Come on and get your own.”

Before Bob could answer Jo grasps his arm and points to the couch. Piled on one arm is all czech streets porno of Jim’s clothing and the other arm has all of Marge’s; including underpants and stockings of both sexes.

Then loudly enough to be heard in the kitchen; “Bob and I want to rinse off the salt from our swim. Mix us what your having and make us the same sandwiches while we shower.” Much more quietly to Bob; “Come on, lets get stripped and into the shower where we can talk without being heard. I want to ask some questions before we go into the kitchen.”

Soon they are nude and under the warm shower and as they soap each other, Jo begins; “I hadn’t thought much about Jim looking at me out at the beach but seeing that pile of clothes on the couch I did begin to think about it.” Then before Bob could interrupt; “Mom never hid any thing from me before but she never mentioned Jim at all. She didn’t balk at sex talks and even explained masturbation and homosexuality.” Then turning off the shower; “I’m not so sure our jokes on the porch are jokes anymore.”

As Bob dried Jo’s back he solemnly replied; “If you want to get out of here just say the word, I’ve never seen your mother acting this way before either.”

“Just don’t leave me alone tonight. I’m actually more nervous about this than the first time I got screwed.” Then after a quick kiss; “Might as well face the naked truth. Come on.”

As they enter the living room Marge calls; “Hurry up, the drinks are ready and the sandwiches are almost done.” Followed by Jim’s “Ham and cheese, Toasted.”

Jo motioned Bob to go ahead of her as she whispers; “I don’t want to be a prude but please go in front of me. Alone with you, I feel Good nude. I don’t feel nervous nude in front of mom either, but with Jim in there as well, I am a bit inhibited.”

Bob was uneasy himself but since his previous erection had shrunken to a fully flaccid state he was not as nervous as he would have been with a full erection. As they entered the kitchen Marge was taking the sandwiches from the stove and Jim was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. Both were, as expected, completely nude, and Jim had an erection that had to be at least ten inches long and two in diameter. At Jo’s gasp when she saw Jim’s hard cock Marge cautiones; “Don’t get any ideas, Jo. Jim is all mine. You can’t have any of him, besides you have Bob.”

“I’m not sure I would be able to take all of that.” Jo answerers. “That tool of his is a lot bigger than Bob’s and I don’t think I could stretch that far without hurting.”

Jim’s laughing reply; “That’s what Marge said the first time, too. But after deciding to try, she didn’t want to get off of it.”

“It didn’t hurt me at all going in and Jim’s right about me not wanting him to take it back out.” By this time the sandwiches and drinks are on the table and all four sit down to eat. Sitting on opposite sides of the table hid both cocks from sight of the opposite couple, but everyone was eating one handed. Just as Jo finished her sandwich and was about to finish her drink Marge broke the silence asking;” Jo, I know you and Bob have been screwing but have you done any other sex acts?”

“If you are asking if I’ve sucked his cock or if he has sucked my clit, Yes. We both enjoy oral stimulation and I hope you aren’t going to object.”

“No objection. I would have suggested you try it if you hadn’t already.” Then to Bob; “Something you might try, Bob; push a well lubricated finger up Jo’s rectum while your eating her pussy. The first time Jim did that to me I almost passed out with the intensity of my orgasm.”

“She may have almost passed out but she always asks for it whenever I go down on her.” Then patting one of Marge’s tits; “How about It Marge? Want me to return the favor from the beach.”

“Hell no. My cunt is too hungry for cock to settle for tongue. If you don’t fuck me soon I’ll have to ask Bob to do it.”

“Mom! You said I couldn’t have Jim so you can’t have Bob. Besides I’m just as hot as you are.” With this Jo faced Bob and grasping his cock with one hand guided it between her thighs, wrapped both arms around his neck, both legs around his hips and, needless to say, her vagina around his fully erect cock. “Let’s get to bed and fuck!”

“Hay now!” Exclaimed Jim; “That’s what I would call taking the bull by the horns; Or maybe ‘settling the subject’.” Then as Marge grasped his balls tugging in the direction of the bedroom; “OK, OK I ‘m coming Marge, Take it easy.”

Only seconds later the only sounds are squeaking bed springs and an occasional OHH YES or FASTER as both couples couple.

Now Bob was not an ‘All Night’ type of lover and Jo seldom brought him to climax a third time in one night; usually only once each time they dated. She normally let Bob fuck her each time they went out and if she was having her period would either give him a hand job or suck him off. Only two or three dates a month they would, as tonight, sixty-nine to climax as well as fuck.

Bob had already come twice this night and was taking much longer to reach orgasm on this third encounter. Long before Bob was even close to orgasm Jo had climaxed twice and they had heard Marge squeal through her second climax. Almost two more minutes of long stroke fucking were required before Bob’s balls began to tighten for his third ejaculation, and he whispered in her ear; “I’m going to come Jo.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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