Second Night in Panties

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It was mid-afternoon the next day before I even woke up. I slowly remembered that I was in my mother’s bed. I felt my cock stiff and erect and quickly felt the panties I was still wearing. I remembered what had happened last night and couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe all those fantasies I’d had as a kid were actually true. They’d actually happened.

I groaned as my cock got harder, sliding in the panties as I shifted in the bed. I felt hot and groggy, in no shape to drive home today.

It wasn’t long before my Mom looked in on me. She put her hand on my forehead and tsked at the heat of it.

“I’ll call Lucy and let her know you’ll stay another night to get better.” I agreed quickly and fell asleep again.

I was awakened after dark by my mother pulling my panties down off my bottom. I pretended to stay asleep as I felt the old sensations of a lubed thermometer sliding into my bottom. Lord knows why my mother still did it that way but I was glad.

My female agent porno requests to Lucy to play with my bottom had been flatly refused and had nearly ruined our deal on me wearing lingerie to bed.

All too soon, the tiny thermometer slipped out of me and I let out a disappointed sigh.

“Still feeling poorly, I see,” she chuckled. “Well, time to pull out some bigger guns to make you feel better. Don’t move.”

I lay there on my side, facing away from the door, her huge nylon panties covering my hardening cock but leaving my ass exposed to the room. A few minutes passed and then I heard her come back in the room.

“I don’t know where my little one went, but I think you won’t mind if I use this one.” The chair came to the bedside again and I waited. Then I heard the buzzing start.

She had a vibrator and began to stroke all over my bottom with it. I glanced down and saw the tip rise over my hips and realized that it looked gizli cekim porno exactly like a big cock: veins, fat head, cumhole, the whole nine yards. I didn’t say a word as I anticipated what she’d do with that monster.

I heard the tube of ky jelly open, the tell-tale splorching, and the snap shut of the cap. The vibrator zeroed in on my asshole and I felt the cool jelly all over it.

“Now just relax and I’ll give you that special massage,” she said quietly. I didn’t mention that I had a secret stash of dildos that I loved to thrust into my bottom while wearing sexy lingerie. I knew it wouldn’t take long for my ass to accept this new invader.

And there! It popped right in. I heard my Mom say “Oh!” softly as the buzzing cock disappeared into my tight ass.

“Oh god yes…” I moaned. It was plenty slick and she began to pump it in and out. At first it was slow and gentle but it got harder and firmer until her hand was slapping against glory hole secrets porno my asscheeks as she… well, she fucked me with it. She was in total control and she slammed a fake cock in my ass until I exploded, filling the inside of the pink panties with my cum. I gave out an unmistakable gasp of pleasure and the released.

By the time my orgasm was over, she’d removed the dildo.

“Oops, look like you made a little mess,” she clucked and instructed me to take off the ‘soiled’ panties. I complied, using the nylon to wipe my cock and crotch clean of the juicy cum.

She left and returned with another pair of panties, these much more racey: pink satin g-strings. I put them on and enjoyed how my cock grew in them quickly.

“Okay, one last thing and then you can get some more sleep.” She rolled me on my side again and pulled down the new panties. I knew what was coming, the last of my ‘fictional’ childhood fantasies.

I felt the rubber end press against my lubed hole, widen as it invaded me until it began to hurt with its wide girth… and then it was in, filling my ass sensuously and trapped firmly in there by the narrow neck. She pulled up the panties over the butt plug, tucked me in and turned out the light.

I drifted to a delirious but sated sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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