Secret Brotherly Lust

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Danielle is very pretty woman, she knows she could have her pick not only of men but also beautiful women should she decide to swing that way. She however dreads having to keep her affair with another woman secret. She realises that every woman has a secret, and although she has never had an affair since she got married, her mind is already burdened with a secret of her own, a very closely guarded secret she has never ever shared, not even with her closest girlfriend.

He stands at 5’10” tall and has the muscular physique of an athlete. His blue eyes, bushy eye brows and strong stubborn jaw line in tune with his medium sized broken nose. All rough features tempered by his full lips, which at once break into a disarming smile, showing a row of perfect teeth. The warmth of his smile jumps through the chasm between them, hitting her right in the heart of her sex, and making her so wet, and breathless.

As she holds his gaze, he starts to move towards her, every muscle in his hard male body rippling with each step he takes. Her peripheral vision catches a glimpse of his naked thighs. Suddenly her heart starts to thump heavily and faster, as panic takes hold of her as he gets even closer, reducing the distance between them. Oh, my God she thinks to herself…

What should I do? How should I do it? Would he find me worthy? Could I possibly find and tame the animal lurking within him?

She panics because although he is always in her wet dreams, he has never dared to this close before, preferring to watch her from a distance, masturbating, pleasuring herself, blowing her kisses, and caressing her smooth sexy skin with his eyes. Now as her nipples stand fully erect, and the wetness of her womanhood drips down the inside of her thighs, he flashes his disturbingly familiar smile and her heart thumps so loud its threatening to deafen her.

He is now so close she could feel his body heat. Her previous inhibitions, and moral dilemma, her fear of scandal, and shame and burden of her secret hunger for him all melt away under the intensity of her craving for his virile male flesh. As she reaches out to touch and posses him, the annoying chimes of the doorbell interrupts her daydream.

Her eyes fly open, yet it takes her a while to collect her thoughts and recall where she really is.

She hurries the bathroom, leaving behind her luxuriant bubble bath, a glass of red wine and sweet classical melody filtering through on the hi-fi stereo nearby. She opens the door and standing there on the porch is the same man she had just seen in her dream. Her eyes almost popping out of her head in surprise.

Instead of flashing her one of his trademark disarming smile however, he is wearing a bewildered look. His strong jaw is hanging open; his sexy blue eyes are wide with shock, as he looks her naked flesh over.

Even at 39, Danielle is a very beautiful and sexy woman; her short honey coloured hair framing her beautiful face perfectly, highlighting the sexiness in her eyes. Both her pointed nose and her sensual mouth combine with soft luscious lips to grup porno give her face an erotic depth that hold her audience spell bound.

His eyes roam over her sexy round and perky breasts. Her pink pointed nipples rock hard as though advertising her readiness to accept and bestow steamy sexual favours. Although the fat deposits of her years are visible, the gods of beauty seem to favour her more than most others. The layers of fat are all deposited in the right places, and in quantities that flatter rather than barter her very sexy features.

Her hips flare out and her tummy is almost completely flat. Her ass is so voluptuous and her gorgeous hips taper into a pair of silken thighs, and strong sexy legs.

The intensity of his shock tickled something wild inside of her, and she quickly overcomes her initial shock at seeing him standing on her doorstep in the flesh.

Hey, Stevie! She flashes him a heart-warming smile of her own, and makes a comical attempt to cover her pubis, and her breasts with her hands whilst standing aside to let him in. You best come in unless you want us to both freeze to death, she laughs seductively.

He enters the house, without uttering a single word. Once the door is closed and locked, she turns to him and gives him a big hug, kissing him on the cheeks. She holds onto him for quite a while until she feels his erect manhood poking her groin. She slides her hands from his broad shoulders to his huge arms and steps back to inspect the aggressive bulge.

Mmm, what do we have here Stevie? His embarrassment over his lack of penile control is evident in his blush. She just stands back and smiles wickedly while gesturing for him to take off and hand his coat over to her, which he did with mumbled apology.

Dropping the coat in a nearby chair, she takes his hand and leads him over to the sofa. She pushes him playfully into a sitting position and then she turns and walks seductively to the bar to mix him a stiff drink. Handing him the drink, she looks deep into his eyes, and says to him, I will be back, then she turns and walks away ass swinging towards the bedroom.

When she returns, she appears in her Victoria’s secret lingerie of sheer black lace, so transparent and so short she might as well not have worn anything at all. The scanty cover it affords her sexy well-sculpted body only serves to heighten the senses of her audience. From what she can see, neither the drink nor the interregnum of her trip to the bedroom has mellowed his raging erection.

He looks up at her, quickly noticing that she is holding something behind her. She walks with deliberate steps towards him with her lingerie open at the front, and through the open front, he smells the sweet musky aroma of her sex. His eyes trained on her mat of soft downy honey coloured pubic hair, which now glisten with what he presumed to be her juice. His eyes follow the stray rivulet of juice that has dripped down the inside of her thighs, and he can see that the drip is actually work in progress, as the trail looks very fresh and recent.

As hd porno if to explain what she had been doing in while she was gone, she reveals the object she has been hiding behind her. She brings it up to her lips and licks the tip so erotically before proceeding to lick her way down the full length of the shaft of the 10-inch vibrator.

Now where were we, she purrs like a cat assured of its imminent satisfaction, her rhetorical question is heavily pregnant with sexual suggestion and she follows it with throaty teasing laugh.

Everything seems to be happening in slow motion, the house is quiet save for the soft classical music still filtering in from somewhere deeper inside of the house. The dominant sound to his ears is that of his own thumping heart. He raises his gaze to her breast, and the sight of them bouncing with her every footstep adds to his mushrooming excitement. She arrives right in front of him and proceeds to kneel before him as though preparatory to some ancient sexual rite.

She looks up and deeply into his eyes, and beyond them into his very soul, and then she pulls his head to her face and plants a kiss on his mouth. He hesitates for a moment, but eventually gives in to her kiss.

His entire being is set on wild erotic fire, yet a tiny subconscious part of his mind still nags him with the impropriety of her action and of his response to it. Just as he is about to pull away in protest at the order of things, he feels her warm soft hands on the sensitive skin of his throbbing erection. He wonders when and how she managed to zip down his fly, but the feel of her hands moving slowly and smoothly from the head of his dick down the shaft and onto to his soft balls, soon puts the thought out of his mind.

The sweetness of her caress is sending countless shivers up and down his spine, and the intensity of her kiss is so indescribable he surrenders completely to her charms.

She disengages from their deep passionate kiss for just a moment to slide his pants down to his ankles so she could free him of them when suddenly the spell breaks for a brief moment. He says in a shaky breathless voice….oh no Danielle, we can’t do this…’s not right…

Having freed him of his pants, and underpants, she looks up into his eyes ands just raises a finger to her lips, gesturing for him to be quiet….. Shhhh, not now darling, we’ll sort that out later, promise. That said she tosses aside her vibrator, and lowers her head to his groin, taking the glans of his thick rigid penis in her mouth alternately licking, and sucking on it.

The magic of the charged sexual atmosphere seizes him, and from his body language, it becomes clear to her that he is completely converted to her reasoning, a willing partaker of this age-old erotic ritual. Their minds communicating beyond the realm of words, they move in perfect harmony into the 69 position on the thick lush rug on the floor, with her on top and he suspended in time looking up at the wondrous majesty of her love temple.

Stevie starts to fondle her pussy latin porno with his strong, coarse, manly and talented fingers, following the course of the little stream flowing through her spars bush, seeking the source of that river which flows naturally from deep within her pussy canal. Wishing he could bath himself in its sparkling waters.

As he feels her further upstream, he discovers that special part of her sexual core, and begins to massage it with firm fluid and loving touch causing the rhythm of her moans to heighten, and her waist gyrate with increased passion. He keeps up the tempo even as he reaches above him to pull her closer by her ass cheek, at the same time spreading it open.

Reaching forth with his tongue he begins to lick the soft folds of her ass, bathing it in the warmth of his saliva. When he draws back and blows air on it the coolness sends an ecstatic shockwave through her whole body, increasing the wave of excitement building from his massage of her G-spot, and culminating in a series of tremors.

The tremors ripple through out her body, as each succeeding one is of a magnitude greater than those preceding it. At that exact moment, the tide of pleasure that has been propelling him forward in the pleasuring of her turned, as he feels the walls of her mouth collapse around his throbbing dick triggering a wave of contraction and turbulence which threaten to push him over the edge into Nirvana. Reacting involuntarily he pushes his tongue past her now relaxed sphincter and deeper into her ass.

He tongue fucks her ass with the speed of a demon after a lost soul whilst increasing the tempo of his massage of her g spot. For a moment they seem to be trapped in a sexual time-space continuum, where the intensity of their pleasure is both constant and continuous, and driving them both to the brink of insanity.

Her ass is bucking ever so wildly as his head bobs up and down, back and forth, thrusting his tongue ever so deeply into her ass. Her loud moans bordering on screams of sheer ecstasy, driving him out of his mind, as his whole body shivers like a soul possessed.

Suddenly he feels her strong vaginal muscles tighten around his cream-coated fingers, gripping them in the throes of her climax as all the waves of excitement within her culminate in a tidal wave, which begins to engulf her.


Trapped in her mouth, his dick picks on the tremors from deep within her sexual core which in turn set off an orgasmic tsunami as they are both washed away, far out to the sea of endless sexual release. They ride the crest of the giant wave that is their shared orgasmic bliss for what seems an eternity before finally descending into the trough, and then there is darkness, complete and absolute silence save for the sounds of spent lovers catching their breathes..

She suddenly starts to feel very cold, and then the music intrudes upon her consciousness, then the sweet smells (of the scented candles). Her eyes slowly open and she realizes she had fallen asleep in her now cold bubble bath and dreamt it all. The only things real about it all are her multi-orgasmic release; and her lifelong incestuous desire to fuck her brother Stevie. That was her secret fantasy. Unfulfilled though it is, it remains nevertheless her one remaining and most potent sexual fantasy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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