Seducing Mom , Dad Ch. 03: Mom Gives In

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Davey was nervous as hell, so he just followed his sister’s lead. Mandy’s plan sounded deceptively simple: they’d get their mother relaxed with a few glasses of wine, at some point they would slip her the Molly, and she would be so loose she’d give in when Davey made a move on her—and Davey would fuck his mother. Yes, it sounded simple, but it also sounded impossible. Davey had seen his mother tipsy plenty of times before—she wasn’t a drunk, but she liked her wine and beer—but never saw her in a state where he thought he had a shot with her. He really didn’t know much about drugs, but his sister assured him that the Molly would get their mom to a very receptive place.

A quick Google on Molly told Davey that it was a party drug that made every touch feel like ecstasy and could make orgasms for women intense. Google also told him that it made it hard for a guy to get it up, so he wasn’t going anywhere near it. Davey’s experience with drugs was limited to smoking weed with his friends on occasion. He swore he smelled weed on his parents once or twice, when they came home from their friends’, but he didn’t know for a fact they got high.

They broke out the pizza stone and did homemade pizza for the first time in a long time, accompanied by a huge tossed salad. Mandy made sure to keep the wine flowing, an easier task now that she was 21 and could drink with their mother. It was a good reminder of old times, and Davey was almost sad the night had a sinister purpose, but then he’d look at his mother in the colorful maxi dress what flowed over her curves and he’d get hard and he was all about the plan.

Mandy saw her brother was on the fence, and she hoped he manned up when the time came. She would push him if she had to, but their time in the shower earlier proved Davey could get aggressive when motivated. It was amazing when her brother fucked her mouth, and Mandy was a little jealous that her mother would be getting her brother’s big cock tonight. Mandy could turn it into a threesome, but she thought Davey deserved to have their mother to himself for their first time. And if everything went according to plan, this would only be the first time. If Davey was regularly fucking their mother, it would be that much easier for Mandy to seduce their father.

“Isn’t Davey turning into quite a man?” Mandy commented to their mother. They were alone at the kitchen island, while Davey set plates outside.

“Funny you say that. I was thinking the same thing earlier. You kids are all growing up. I can’t believe even Emmy, my baby, is 18 now.”

“We’re all adults now, Mom. You can’t think of us as babies anymore.”

“You’ll always be my babies.”

Mandy refilled her mother’s wine glass. “I get it, but we aren’t anymore. We have our own lives. We have boyfriends and girlfriends.”

“I know. It’s a fun age. I was telling Davey—I guess I should start calling him Dave—that earlier. Do you have a boyfriend up at school?”

“There are some boys,” Mandy replied, flashing a cryptic smile.

“Don’t have too much fun, honey. I hope you’re being safe.”

“Always, Mom. I’m on the Pill, and I’ll make the guy use a condom if I don’t know him.” Mandy studied her mother and enjoyed the shocked reaction.

“First of all, you should always be using condoms. And secondly, why are you having sex with guys you don’t know?”

“Come on, Mom. You never had a one-night stand in college?”

She answered with a little smile. “There are some things you don’t discuss with your children, Mandy.”

“Seriously, Mom. I’m 21, I know the deal, and I know you weren’t with Dad then, so it’s okay to tell me. Confess!”

She took a deep draw on her wine and admitted, “Okay, there may have been one or two. I wasn’t the campus slut or anything, but there were a couple times, between boyfriends, where I met a cute boy at a party and things happened.”

“I knew it! I knew you could get down.”

“Mandy! It was just a couple times. It’s better when it’s meaningful, with someone you love.”

You love Davey, Mandy thought. She was sure it would be meaningful when her brother screwed their mother. “And you don’t have to use condoms then, either. Admit it, Mom, condoms suck.”

She laughed. “That’s true. It’s better without them.”

Davey came in from the patio then. “What are you guys laughing about?” he asked.

“Mom and I were just discussing one-night stands and why condoms suck,” Mandy said. She was proud of the looks on both her mother’s and brother’s faces.

“Mandy!” Mom protested.

“Really? One-night stands, Mom?” Davey asked. Thinking of his mother being so horny that she’d just fall into bed with a stranger made his balls ache. It also made him jealous.

“I’m a married woman, Davey. I mean, Dave. We were talking about college. You’ll be going soon enough. You’ll see what it’s like,” Mom said.

“So, who had more one-night stands? You or Mandy?” he asked.

“This is definitely not something I should be discussing with my kids,” Mom protested, again.

“The cat’s out of the bag, Mom,” Mandy sex izle pushed. Their mother’s cheeks were flushed, and Mandy could tell the wine she’d already had was loosening her up.

“We didn’t compare numbers, Mandy. And I don’t intend to.”

“Mom’s being modest, I think. It sounds like she was pretty fun back before she met Dad,” Mandy said.

“Hey, I’m still fun!”

“I bet you’re plenty of fun, Mom,” Mandy said, giving their mother a playful elbow.

“I am,” she stated, defiantly.

“Yeah, you’re a lot of fun, Mom. You’re awesome.”

“Thanks, Dave. Why don’t you take the salad outside before we get into trouble?”

Davey took the big glass salad bowl and carried it outside. It seemed his sister was doing a good job loosening their mother up. He couldn’t believe Mandy had her discussing one-night stands. Maybe his sister could pull this off. He would owe Mandy forever.

Mandy made a point of watching her brother walk out of the kitchen. “That one’s going to be beating them off with a stick when he gets to college.”

“Should you be talking about your brother that way?”

“He’s a handsome young man, Mom. It’s okay for me to notice that. I’m not suggesting anything untoward. You must have noticed too. If you were a 20-year-old coed, you’d be all over that. Admit it.”

Carol stared at her daughter. She couldn’t quite explain it, but her kids were acting weird tonight. There was a strange tension in the room. Her daughter shouldn’t be talking about how hot her son was. Davey—Dave—was very handsome, of course, but Carol did not even let her mind go where Mandy was suggesting. But to humor her daughter, she said, “Your brother is very handsome. He will make some lucky girl very happy someday. Just like you’ll make some boy very happy.”

“I like men, not boys, Mom,” Mandy replied, thinking of the one man in particular she planned on making very happy.

“Okay, a man then. Let’s get dinner going,” Carol said. She drew on her wine, trying to shake the weird feeling that just wouldn’t go away.

Dinner was nice, and Davey thought he was very lucky to be in the company of two beautiful women. Mandy was dressed similarly to their mother, wearing a light, colorful romper with thin straps. Unlike her mother, Mandy wasn’t wearing a bra. It was obvious the way her perky tits bounced whenever she moved, and as the evening turned chilly, her nipples poked through. He told his companions how he felt, and his mother blushed, while his sister looked pleased. Mandy seemed like she was enjoying herself, but he could see her wheels were still turning.

They were having such a good time that they stayed outside instead of going in to watch a movie. Davey fired up the gas fireplace on their patio, and they gathered around it chatting. Mandy made sure to direct her brother to sit next to their mom on the double-lounger that Carol usually shared with their dad when they were outside. Mandy sat across from them. Right after dinner, Mandy slipped half a ground up Molly tablet into her mother’s wine, and carefully watched to make sure she drank it all. Carol was tipsy and Mandy wanted to make sure her mother didn’t slow down before drinking all of the spiked wine.

Mandy kept trying to steer the conversation to risqué topics, but their mother kept steering it away again, at least until the Molly kicked in. The change was obvious. Carol had a warm smile on her face and stared at the fire like it was fascinating. Mandy hoped she didn’t dose her mother too much. Carol needed to be a willing participant tonight, even if her judgment as affected. Mandy didn’t want their mother to lay there like a ragdoll. As a college girl, Mandy was well-aware of the issues around consent, but frankly she didn’t care. She was on a mission, and it was going to happen.

Davey caught the change to their mother too, even though he’d never seen anyone on Molly before. She was all smiles and spoke softly. She also cuddled closer to him, which he wasn’t going to complain about.

“It’s so nice having the two of you here. I’m happy you guys are grown up and have your own lives, but it’s hard to see you guys moving on with your lives,” Carol said.

Carol felt so warm, but not overheated. It was the kind of warmth she usually felt from being under a fluffy blanket, and the warmth came from Davey beside her. She snuggled closer to him and the warmth spread through her body. It was probably too much wine, she reasoned, and decided to stop. But being drunk didn’t feel quite like this. Carol had always been a happy, flirty drink, but there was no one there to flirt with. John was out with his stupid friends. At least Davey was there to keep her warm.

“You’ll always have us, Mom. We’re not going anywhere. Right, Davey?” Mandy said.

“Uh, yeah. We’ll always be here for you, Mom.” Davey was feeling pretty warm too, and it had nothing to do with the fire. His mom’s rubbing against his side had his shaft growing in his board shorts.

“If anything, I think we’re only going to become closer. Davey, you’d love to sexmex porno be closer to Mom, wouldn’t you?”

Davey stared daggers at his sister. That was hardly subtle. “Uh, yeah,” he said.

“You kids need to have your own life,” Carol said.

“We can have our lives and still be here for you guys. You and Dad work hard. I think we’re old enough now that we can take care of you guys for a change,” Mandy said.

“Yeah, it’s time that we take care of you guys. Maybe we can make you feel good for a change,” Davey said, finally jumping in. He was having trouble concentrated since his mother started rubbing his chest. He knew she wasn’t coming onto him, but it was still distracting.

“That would be nice,” Carol said. She stared at Davey’s chest as she rubbed it. His t-shirt was so soft, like a newborn baby. She wanted to wrap herself in it. “Where did you get this shirt, Dave? It is so nice. It’s so soft. Mmm, I need one.”

“Uh, I think you bought it for me. Maybe at the clubhouse store?” Davey wore a well-worn vintage Phillies t-shirt.

“I love it,” Carol said.

“Give it to her,” Mandy encouraged. “If Mom loves it so much, you should let her have it, Davey.”


Davey pulled his shirt off and his mother grabbed it, rubbing it between her fingers. Davey was disappointed his mother stopped touching him but felt good sitting beside his mother shirtless.

“I know how you could make Mom feel good, Davey. You should give her a massage. I’m sure Mom’s had a long week and would appreciate it,” Mandy said, trying to keep things on track.

“You don’t have to do that, honey. I know you’ve had just as hard a week as I’ve had,” Carol replied.

“I’d love to do it for you, Mom,” Davey replied, jumping on his sister’s suggestion.

“Really, Dave, you don’t… Mmmm…”

Davey felt his mother’s resistance melt the second he touched her. He reached over and lightly gripped her shoulders. She didn’t feel tense at all, but he needed her pliant flesh anyway. His mom moaned softly, making his dick twitch. She melted into his hands and turned slightly to make it easier for him. That didn’t take much, Davey thought.

“You can go a little harder, honey,” Carol murmured, eyes closed.

Carol was in her son’s thrall as he turned and repositioned her. Davey—no Dave—had the greatest hands. If she’d known he gave such great massages she would have asked for one long ago. Dave pulled her to the side and she was between his legs, while he massaged her from behind. He swept her honey blonde hair to the side and the light touch on her neck was amazing. Carol had never felt quite like this and tried to chalk it up to too much wine but being drunk wasn’t like this. Every time Dave kneaded her flesh, pleasure radiated through Carol and she had to bite back a moan.

Mandy was getting hot herself watching her brother massage their mother. Carol looked not only totally relaxed, but she looked like she was really enjoying Davey. It was the right move cutting the Molly in half. Mandy loved messing around on Molly, so she knew just what her mother was feeling and was jealous. She wanted Davey’s hands on her body. Maybe she’d take some Molly before seducing her dad. Mandy rubbed her thighs together and wanted to touch herself. She could have. Their mother seemed to have forgotten she was there.

Carol bent forward when Dave nudged her and his fingers trailed down her back, skipping over her bra strap. It was the first time it occurred to her that she might be enjoying her massage inappropriately. Dave’s touch was magical, but it wasn’t just relaxing. Carol realized the warmth and tingling spreading through her body was heating up her pussy. She put it out of her mind. She didn’t want Dave to stop. Carol trembled as her son touched her and the motion scooted her back against him. The big lump that greeted her ass could not be what she thought it was. That was impossible. And then Carol recalled feeling something when she ran into her half-naked son in he hallway upstairs. No, it can’t be, she thought. Davey would never.

Davey would. Davey was so hard he thought his balls would burst. He worked his hands all the way down to back to where her hips swelled out. She jumped when he touched her there, but Davey was firm and his mother surrendered with a sigh. Davey had his mom right where he wanted her and had to press his advantage. He worked his hands higher on her back again, working from the spine to her sides. He was careful not to tickle her. Davey pressed out by her ribs and let his fingers slide wider on her sides, touching the side-swell of her breasts. His mother stiffened, but she didn’t stop him. Davey pressed, and she sighed as he touched her. Just brushing his mother’s tits made his cock swell. Davey needed more.

“It would be easier if this wasn’t in the way,” he said, tugging on her dress. “At least let me get at your shoulders, Mom.”

“I don’t know,” she replied, a tremble in her voice. “You don’t have to keep going, Dave…”

“I can’t stop now. I can tell you’re really sikiş izle relaxing. Come on, Mom, just open it up a little.”

“Let me, Mom,” Mandy said, hopping out of her chair.

Mandy saw her mother’s face and the conflict there. She could guess at the inappropriate thoughts her mother was having, and yet Carol hadn’t run away. Maybe the pervert gene rubs deep, Mandy thought. Mandy bent forward and opened the top buttons of her mother’s dress without asking for permission. Carol stared up at her helplessly. Mandy spread the dress open at the neck, exposing her mother’s shoulders and the pink bra straps there. Carol’s lacy pink bra was just about exposed, too. Their mother’s freckled cleavage was exposed, but her brother couldn’t quite see that unless Carol sat back. Mandy nudged her back against Davey’s chest. She smiled and returned to her seat, realizing her panties were quite soaked.

Davey looked down and thought his eyes would burst out of his head. There were his mother’s creamy tits right there waiting for him. He looked down over her shoulder and saw them moving with her heavy breathing. Her head was back on his shoulder, making it awkward to massage her, but Davey was eager to get started again. He adjusted their bodies and went back to work.

Carol knew this was not a good idea, but all the warning alarms in her head were muted by just how amazing it felt when Dave touched her. The skin-to-skin contact was heaven and when her son kneaded her flesh Carol couldn’t suppress her soft moan. When she moaned, Carol was sure she felt her son’s lump twitch against her butt. She couldn’t deny it anymore. Her son was hard from massaging her. Even worse, Carol was just as aroused as he was. Every inch of her felt like it was on fire and she craved his touch, no matter how wrong it was. She could only hope Dave didn’t notice her reactions.

Davey traced his fingers over her bra straps and followed them down her back as he massaged. His mother was breathing super heavy now and he knew she wanted it just as badly as he did. The pretense of the massage slowly faded and Davey was just caressing her back and shoulders. Her hands on his legs tightened. Davey moved from her shoulders to caressing her neck under her hair. His mother moaned loudly and deeply.

“We…we should stop, honey. It’s really getting late,” Carol stammered. “I..I… need to get to bed. Mmm…”

“I’m almost done, Mom. Just give me a few more minutes.” Davey’s words croaked out. It was hard to talk when he was so distracted.

“I…really…really shouldn’t, D…Davey.”

“It’s okay, Mom. Just relax and enjoy it.”


Davey’s hands moved over the front of her shoulders, caressing down her chest. Mandy left her dress unbuttoned low enough that his hands slipped right inside it. He stopped just at the lacy edge of his mother’s bra, caressing her there. Carol moaned and rolled her head back on his shoulder, her hot breath on his neck.

“Davey…please…no…we shouldn’t…” Carol moaned.

“It feels good. We should, Mom,” he insisted.


Mandy watched in wonder as her brother fondled their mother’s breasts. Carol’s dress gaped open as Davey massaged her tits, pinching her nipples through the lace bra. Their mother moaned loudly and pressed her breasts into Davey’s hands. Mandy rubbed herself through the romper. She didn’t care who saw—this was hot as shit. It was really happening. Davey was going to fuck their mother. No way Carol would stop him now. Their mother twisted on top of Davey and rubbed her legs together. She was a bitch in heat. Mandy wanted to see their mother come.

Davey felt the front clasp of their mother’s bra and unhooked it. The bra sprang open and her warm tits filled his hands. Thick, pale nipples burned into his palms and Davey lovingly caressed his mother’s tits. His sister did a good job on him. He now had the confidence to do as he pleased with his mother.


It all pinged around in Carol’s head so fast that she just couldn’t keep track of her feelings. She felt like a horrible, shameful whore, giving into her son’s advances, and yet, all she wanted was more. She wanted Davey’s hands all over her body. She wanted him to pull her dress off. Carol wanted her son to… No, she wouldn’t even think it. She put her hands over his, but instead of trying to stop him it was like she was encouraging him.

“I know you like it, Mom. It’s okay. I want this too. You’re so beautiful, Mom.”

“Davey…you know we shouldn’t…”

“I don’t care. I want you, Mom.”

“But Davey…”

“Tell me you don’t want it, Mom,” he whispered in her ear, lips touching her.

Carol sighed. She loved the feeling of his lips. “Davey,” she sighed. She began kissing the side of his neck without thinking. Davey pinched her nipples and Carol cried out. She loved having her nipples teased. She’d never been able to resist that, but when her son did it Carol wanted to shout. It had never been better. How was her son such a skilled lover? She wanted him so badly her cunt tightened as she rubbed her legs together. Carol felt his hand sliding down her smooth stomach and she felt powerless to stop him. That hand slipped into her panties. Carol bit her lower lip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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