Seducing My Hot New Agent

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A woman on the screen in slow motion is wantonly sucking a cock, lightly tracing the man’s balls and ass with her scarlet fingernail.

It’s me alright.

Barbara leans forward in her chair and brings her hand to her mouth. In a few seconds the woman on the screen opens her mouth a little and pulls back. The cock erupts into her mouth. Cum floods her tongue and lips.

That slutty girl on the screen never flinches; her eyes never lose eye contact with the guy. His sperm cascades out of her mouth and drops off her chin onto her breasts. She uses her free hand to rub the sex lotion into her tits while she keeps probing his ass and fondling his undulating balls with her other. She drinks his stuff like it’s milk.

It’s me alright.

Barbara stares at the screen amazed. “Oh, my God! Is that you?”

My first thought is that I have gone way over the line. Barbara will never represent me now. My strategy was to be honest. Show an agent how I work, my process, and she might sign on to sell my stories to sex trade publications. This agent’s mouth is wide open. I’m sweating my idea now. But I’ve come this far and I see no way to back out.

“This is how I work,” I say as the scene transitions to a hot scene with Jeff, his girlfriend Amy and me. “Just like this.”

I slip my skirt off and lay it neatly on the plush chair arm. I don’t have panties on. I reach beneath the chair and pull out a towel which I spread on the seat.

“I just slipped this back on to answer the door,” I explain to Barb. Sbe just nods numbly.

There izmir escort is definitely no way to go but forward now.

“Shall I go on?” I ask.

Barbara looks at me for several seconds. Her eyes scan my face and then drop to my naked bottom. I half expect her to walk out, or say something about my professionalism. Instead, she breaks into a smile and says, “Oh, please go on.”

I give myself a relieved sigh. “Well. I can never separate my work from my life. That’s why I think my stories are unique. They’re, well, real. Not in the sense that everything I write necessarily happens, but that I am fully engaged in writing them. For instance, I am sure I have come at least once during every story I have ever written. I wish readers could know that. I get off every time they do.”

Without thinking, my hand drifts down to my pussy and settles in my slit. “So, I just settle here each morning, and turn on some visual cues, and get into sex.”

We both turn to the fucking on the television and watch for awhile in silence.

“Then I just sort of talk through the story. I make up stories,” I say. “Like this:

“Amy, well, Amy is her real name,” I admit, “is on her knees on the bed, her elbows on the pillow. Jeff is working his dick slowly in circles around her cunt and ass, smearing his clear lube all over her. She is arching her bottom toward him. I crawl to Amy’s face and we tongue fuck.”

I am working my pussy now. I glance at Barbara. She is riveted. She settles back in her chair and looks a question at me.

“By alsancak escort all means, Barb. Let yourself go. This is what we do for Christ’s sake!” I smile reassuringly at her. She slips a shoe off and uses her bare foot to loosen the other.

“I can’t believe how hot I am!” she says, trembling. “I haven’t felt like this in years.” We watch in silence for a while. Barbara’s hand slips beneath her skirt, and she edges her panties to one side.

It is more than I can bear now. Barb is transfixed on the screen and my neat stack of stories is stacked to one side. She only shivers a little and lifts her ass to help me as I slip her panties off.

I move my face slowly toward the beautifully aroused scent of her bottom. I lead with my lips and they meld with her quivering cunt lips in a messy pussy kiss. Barb’s fingers welcome me close, twisting into my hair and delicately touching my cheeks.

I linger in the heady smell, so stoked and high with lust I am smiling into her cunt. “God, Beth. Suck me forever!” Barbara murmurs. “Okay,” I say, my voice muffled in her pussy.

I lick her like a piece of candy, savoring her intimate taste. Barb is flowing rhythmically, rocking, fucking my mouth. I reach up around the outside of her thighs and hold her pussy, my fingers on her clit, pulling her cunt taut and tight so I can pleasure her yearning nerves yet more.

I slide my tongue out of her cunt and deliberately down to her anus. She tenses and gasps. I hold there for a few seconds as this incredible sensation balçova escort settles into her. She doesn’t pull back.

Now I ease my tongue into her tight circle and feel her pucker involuntarily. “God, Beth. Do it. Do it to me.”

Barb is all about doing this. I work my tongue around and into her asshole deeper and deeper. Barb is trembling all over. I feel it in her tummy and her sides. I eat her mercilessly and talk to her when I pull back for a breath.

“I need you to come into my mouth, Barb. I need to swallow you.” We start a fuck dialogue that builds with our fucking. We speak in the same soft, breathy, hypnotic tone, not wanting to break the spell.

“Don’t stop, Beth. I don’t want you to stop sucking my cunt and licking my asshole.”

“Don’t worry,” I assure her, “I need you in my mouth. Just fuck my mouth, okay? Will you come in my mouth?”

“I am fucking you. I love fucking you. Can I come in your mouth?”

I settle into a deliberate sturdy thrusting pattern. Burying my tongue deep into her cunt and sliding it in a circle to touch all her pussy surfaces, coating myself with her pussy juice, then drawing down to thrust deep into her asshole, coating each stroke with her lube.

This is all she can do. I am tongue fucking way, way deep inside her cunt when her love muscles jerk and spasm, then explode into wild contractions. She squeezes and volcano-convulses then floods my tongue with her rich girl cum.

Barb reaches to me down between her quivering knees and shakes my hand professionally, then laughs and pulls me up close and gives me a full lingering kiss, running her tongue happily through her own cunt juices.

“We’ll publish at least three of these on mainstream paper. And we will publish them all somewhere, if it’s the last thing we do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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