Sera Ch. 16

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“I went back,” Auntie Ashleigh laughed. “I had to because… well, because I could have run. Sir actually gave me the option, plus getting used like that and… all that cum… Well, I just never could have imagined. I’m not saying that I wasn’t scared, I was plenty scared, ashamed… humiliated, but also excited. And I had a sort of blind hunch that I was looking at an opportunity in these people. I couldn’t have said what that opportunity was, but I was under no illusions concerning how potentially dangerous these older, worldly experienced people could be, either. That said and fear aside, I also knew that I was the most dangerous person who had, or ever would walk into that clubhouse.

“That evening, I dressed with shaky hands. I chose a pair of white cotton panties, smaller and sexier than what I would have preferred, but all my underwear was small and sexy. In keeping, all my jeans were tight bellbottoms, so I chose an old pair that was almost worn out anyway. Cursing my erect nipples, I loaded the fat girls into an older, semi-supportive, white lace bra that my nipples made a joke out of and I covered that up with a brown, button up blouse with rolled up sleeves. Without sox, I stuck my feet into my stinky old sneakers to finish off my un-attractive and expendable attire.

“So, with my hair tied back and wearing only eye makeup, I left for their place. I’d been back to the liquor store earlier in the day and I’d drunk a lot at that point. I wasn’t quite as smashed as my asshole nephew here, but I was feeling no pain. Strangely, what I felt was a sort of hidden confidence. I didn’t know if it was bottle courage, or something born of that thing within where my abilities came from.

“This confidence melted as soon as I saw the clubhouse, but up the front steps I went anyway. I knocked, knowing there were people home because I could hear them above their music, but there was no answer. I stood on the doorstep, wondering if I should try the bell, or knock louder. Suddenly, a woman walks out, a read-head with the tattoos that I vaguely remembered from the night before. She stopped in the doorway, a bit startled to find someone standing there, I suppose, then fixed me with a knowing smile.

“Oh, hey. Go on in.”

“I step inside- smelling some heavy pot right away- to a front entry area that opened to a living room. There were several guys standing, or sitting around in there, talking, drinking, smoking and toking. I steeled myself for whatever, remembering that I looked too dowdy to bother with anyway. All I had to do was make sure that Sir was indeed the leader of this group of malcontents, and get him alone.

“I stepped demurely to the threshold of the living room, the guys inside noticing me now, and I was wondering which of them I should ask for directions to Sir. Just then, another one comes from the back of the house, through the room with a wrench in his hand and on his way to somewhere else until he sees me. He smiles and I blush, because I remember him from the evening before as he diverts to where I’m standing. Yeah, he walks up to me with a smile, so I smile politely back because there really wasn’t anything else… you know. I ask him where I could find Sir, and he grabs my crotch.

“And despite what happened the evening before, this behaviour still shocked me because I just wasn’t used to men acting like that. Well, also because it somehow excited me. I was quite ashamed of that, as I had been the evening before, but there it was. For the first two or three seconds, I could only stand there staring at him with my hands at my sides, jaw agape. When I realized that everyone was watching, I suddenly put my hands on his forearm and at least tried to make a show of resistance, but he only laughed and went on massaging as my thighs were forced to spread for his hand.

“How’d you like sucking my cock?” he asks me.

“Oh, fff- I- ohhh!”

“By the time he let go, my face was beet red and my pussy was moist. He tells me to go upstairs, down the hall and to talk to Ace. I actually thanked him and, looking down at the carpet in humiliation, I started on my timid way through the living room to the staircase on the side wall. A couple of them grabbed at my tits on the way through and I had to stop and allow it. I didn’t expect them to tear my blouse halfway open, but after grabbing at my ass and massaging my crotch again, they let me go.

“I made it up the stairs and saw a big, tall bald guy with a gun in the waistband of his leather pants standing in front the door at the end of the hall. I assumed this was Ace and I started down the hallway, getting mauled by a short, late thirtyish brunette chick in a cowboy hat before I could get there. Obviously, I’m intimidated by a large bald guy with a pistol, but I managed to ask permission to see Sir in a small voice as he’s looking down my half unbuttoned blouse.

“Like I mentioned, the house itself was quite nice if you youporn porno could look beyond certain damages. It boasted an open layout with spacious rooms, the master bedroom being no different. Its walls were a sort of chalky red colour with white trim. Heavy, wine coloured curtains were drawn over the two tall bay windows and a desk faced out of the far corner, the man sitting behind it being Sir. As I mentioned, he wasn’t that bad looking if a girl didn’t mind character, and he certainly seemed to have some idea of taste judging by his personal surroundings. He could have stood to lose a few pounds and he’d never compete with any celebrities, but he had a certain cut to his jib that no celebrity did. It showed in his face. Something else that showed in his face was nerve, and lots of it.

“He called me over, his attention bound to the room’s three other occupants on the large bed. It was Mr. Bigcock and another guy, holding a woman’s legs wide open. She was in her mid to late forties, dressed in business attire and pretty in her own proud way with long, dark hair and dark eyes. She looked up at me and it was immediately obvious that she didn’t want to be there by the humiliation in her features. She looked back down and between her legs, resignedly pulling the crotch of her panties aside for Mr. Bigcock as his fully erect member came forward.”

“Ms. Totten here is my lawyer,” Sir told me once I was standing before him.

“I watched her mouth twitch at the big, hard monster that was nudging her pussy lips aside, her expression one of shock and disbelief. Then she bit her bottom lip, letting out a sudden, desperate grunt as he began working his way in.”

“She doesn’t think it’s ethically viable for her to be here today, but she sure thought it was ethically viable when she wanted me to get Mr. Wrong off her back six months ago.”


“Another victim of the fine print, you might say. She knows all about that shit. Anyway, she’s gonna be a while and Bugger says you need practice, so go suck some cock till I’m ready for you.”

“Ohhh-hhhh, gaaaawdd!!”

“She summed it up pretty well. My heart rate leapt, knowing I’d have to do just that and anything else he said until I could get him alone. I hesitated, hoping he’d look me in the eyes while the other two were busy with his lawyer, but his attention was already back on them and I didn’t dare hesitate too long.

“I had to cross in front of the bed on my worried way out. While passing, Ms. Totten looked at me as though I could maybe help her, but she was on her own. The last thing I heard from her that day was a much higher, panicky wail as I shut the door behind me. Out in the hall, I had to think about sucking some cock.

“Well…” Auntie Ashleigh sighed with a reminiscent smile, “So far, things weren’t going like I’d hoped. As you may have guessed at this point, I wasn’t that sexually experienced from my boyfriends. The night before was the first time I’d ever had a cock in my mouth, not to mention my ass, and the whole thing was something I never would have expected. I couldn’t deny the part of me that was totally wild with it, but it didn’t make my current mission any easier. Slowly starting back down the hall, still scared, I actually wondered if I should wait until somebody told me, or if I should ask to suck someone’s cock?

“I actually got all the way downstairs without being molested, but that didn’t really matter. Looking around the living room once again, I tried to pick out a guy whose cock I could suck, but was approached before I could. He was a big husky guy, over six feet tall in a jackshirt, jeans, work boots, a three day beard and long, greasy looking black hair. Not exactly the type you’ll find in GQ, ladies. When he stopped before me, I was stunned by the very sight of the lummox. Despite this, I again smiled politely, if timidly, up at him and took a breath to speak…

“Aaaand, that’s when somebody grabbed my crotch again. Ha haaaa… Oh my god, it was so humiliating. Now, he was looking at me expectantly and I could only look back at him, groaning my humiliation and growing pleasure until I could finally manage the most absurd thing possible.”

“I- I need, tuhh!… I need practice su-! sucking cock! Ohh!”

“I couldn’t even blame him for laughing.”

“Guys, c’mon over,” he calls. “She says she needs practice sucking cock.”

“I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting that. I look around and the rest of the guys in the room are indeed coming over with grins on their faces and their hands at their belts. The guy who was feeling me up is laughing too and takes his hand away to tear my blouse the rest of the way open before I get pushed down to my knees.”

“First thing you gotta do is get it out,” the big guy reminds me while the rest of them are taking care of that themselves.

“There was little point in waiting to be told further, so I just went zenci porno ahead and undid his belt and the front of his jeans and… there I was with his dick in my hand. It was already hardening for me and I watched as it grew to about seven inches with respectable girth and, when it was done, I began slowly stroking it without having to be told.

“The others had gotten theirs out, hard, or hardening, a few of them slapping or rubbing the side of my face with it while the others stroked themselves in anticipation. Wherever I looked, there was a big, hard cock in my face and my anxiety began to climb again with my regrettable hormones as I wondered if I was stalling or playing. He twitched and seemed to like it when I played with his cockhead, smearing his precum around, and I almost didn’t notice when I slowly took another one in my other hand and started pumping that one too.

“A big, fat cockhead suddenly touched my lips, smearing its own sticky precum. I automatically licked my lips, inadvertently licking his head and feeling a thrill pass through me. I licked the cockhead again, this time on purpose. I kept licking, actually enjoying the alkaline taste, but inwardly shrilling over where that taste was coming from.

I stopped and saw that the big guy’s cock was also dripping pre-cum. I stared for a second, then tentatively stuck out my tongue to lick it up. His was good too, and I suddenly found my lips covering his head so I could suck more out…

“Ohh, fuck, yeaaah…” He sighed. “Suck my cock, you awesome little bitch.”

“I gobbled up as much as I could, sucking at the same time. I got a rhythm going and he definitely seemed to be enjoying it. After a minute, I stopped, caught my breath and decided to sample another. They laughed when I grabbed a big one and stuck it in my mouth so I could suck his pre-cum too. It was humiliating that they laughed and stuff, but at least they weren’t forcing me, actually letting me do this in my own time.

“Watch your teeth, cocksucker,” the current penis owner told me. “And use your tongue.”

“Said penis owner was a tall, medium built blonde with about eight fat inches. His next words were incoherent while I tried to get his whole dick into my mouth. I wasn’t successful, but I got close, so I sucked a bit more at him and then chose another. This time, I just opened my mouth and let him shove it in. I used my tongue and again took in as much of him as I could until I started to gag, then started sucking him, still using my tongue. By the time two minutes went by, I’d sampled them all, taking my time with each one, looking up and obediently taking their directions.

“The whole time, they’re commenting on how beautiful, young and innocent I am and how they love my blue eyes… I knew that I already had them captivated in a more mundane way, that unique Burchell quality that people had always seen in me, as they do in all of you, but that didn’t afford me a whit of the control I needed.

“So, I was licking just under the head of one guy’s meat as he was stroking himself, and he suddenly starts spurting cum over my upturned my face, like they did the night before. I jerked at the first shot to my eyebrow, moving back, but somebody grabbed my head and held me there while he finished lacing me with his sticky jizz. They laughed at this while I mewled in disgust, but it was a quiet, intense laughter that promised more.

“Then, another one did it. Yup, he just jerked off right in my face like I was some pig, groaning all the while and shoving it into my mouth when he was done. Somebody else ejaculated all over my chest and bra while I sucked the rest of his jizz out. His actual cum tasted different, but a hand squeezing my crotch through my jeans again didn’t allow me to center on that for very long.

“I was pretty wet at that point despite myself, and I could only groan as the spent cock in my mouth was removed, allowing a fresh, hard one in. This fresh, hard one seemed to explode the second his head was past my lips. He just kept on spraying his cum as he fucked my mouth, forcing me to once again swallow what didn’t come running out of my mouth and down my chest. My jeans were being opened up and pulled down, and I suddenly realized that my bra was gone and that I was more into what was happening. Somehow, the hands stroking my ass and grabbing at my pussy had become almost acceptable, but I was still embarrassed when I came. God, I had the guy’s cock in my hand at the time, stroking and sucking every last drop out of it…

“Somebody gets behind me, pulls me backward into his lap, and the next thing I know, my jeans are being pulled the rest of the way off. Suddenly, there’s a cock in my panties and I look down to see it squirming around in there. Now, this was really something to see, this big, hot, sweaty snake sliding between my ass cheeks and right up the front of…”

She stopped and smiled with a slight flush, making xhamster porno me wonder what in hell she was about to say that would make her blush after all of this, but she went on with a smile, seemingly off topic.

“(Ahem) Uh, back then… well, a lot of women didn’t shave down there, me being one of them. I kept what I thought was a nice little triangle. Not too long, or big, but something I could play at trimming. Something I could play with when I masturbated. It was a bit of a kink, I suppose, but I was quite proud of my little black bush. He starts humping me and he blows his load right in my panties. All I could feel was shot after shot of the hot… stuff. I watched it soak the white cotton and I felt another orgasm rushing up. They were cheering, but I barely heard, and when someone pulled my panties back, the sight of all that sticky cum in my bush… his still hard meat grinding my fuckin clit… Somebody shoved their cock in my mouth and that was all it took. They all cheered my wild orgasm, laughing and jerking themselves.”

And this was also all it took for miffy.



Ashleigh paused as we all watched Kitten. I’d been so engrossed in Ashleigh’s story, I didn’t realize Kitten had been playing with herself, but there she was, feet up, thighs spread and with her hand busily rubbing her pussy through her leggings. I couldn’t blame her, being pretty hard at Ashleigh’s story myself, but it was kinda funny how her face reddened while she did her best to keep her climax as quiet as possible. Mum loved it as she looked on with a big smile. I was quite surprised to see her sweater opened up much further, fingers rubbing her nipples with me in the room. Sheila also watched her, looking like she was going to gently implode while subtly grinding her thighs together.

“S-sorry, Auntie,” Kitten gasped, obviously embarrassed that she’d done that in front of us.

“It’s okay, sweetie pie,” Ashleigh chuckled.

“Uh-h…” Sheila started.

“Hmm?” Ashleigh prodded, shifting in her seat and clearing her throat again.

“Umm… I’m taking my dress off.”

There was silence. Everybody looked at her, watching her face turn as red as her daughters as the very same sheepish smile appeared. We stayed silent as she slowly stood and unclasped the collar of her dress from behind her neck. She pulled the garment down, exposing her perky, braless tits and even further still, seductively wriggling her hips while pushing her dress down and over them. Stepping gracefully out of a pile of electric, shimmering blue at her feet, she stood there on display in nothing but her shoes and a skimpy pair of bikini panties that matched her dress as we all silently ogled her.

She looked at Mum and, of course, so did I. Mum looked back at her older sister while she stood there for her approval and I almost came in my pants when Sheila spoke.

“Do you like my panties, Kathy?”

This totally blew Mum away, and there was no longer any doubt at all about how she felt about her little big sister. The fact that she didn’t answer meant nothing next to the look on her face and, when Sheila sat down again, she well knew it.

” … Uhh… Okay,” Ashleigh tested in the heavy silence while Mum tore her crimson face from Sheila. “Uhh. Heh. Fuck, I just love you all. … Um, where was I?”

“(Ahem) somebody came in your panties,” I reminded, since nobody else seemed capable just then.

“Right,” she agreed, mentally picking up again before she continued. “So, I’m yipping and chirping in orgasm while I’ve got this sticky mess in my panties and all over my face… That’s when Ace yells down the stairs for ‘blue eyes’. I assumed he meant me, that this was regarding Sir, and was actually able to get out of there with my underwear only halfway down my thighs. Hurrying up the stairs, I managed to pull them up while also supporting my tits, and the people who grabbed at me were more a nuisance than sexual offenders.

“Okay, so I’m back inside the wolf’s lair, standing there in my panties and covering my chest with a forearm, trying not to cower at the door with fresh jism lacing my face and hair, running between my tits…

“Ms. Totten and her unexpected lovers were nowhere to be seen, this leaving the two of us handily alone. When he called me over, I knew this was my first opportunity and I didn’t want to flub it, but it’s hard to have confidence when you’re in the state I was in as I came to stand across his desk from him.

“Fuck, you look awesome,” he toned, looking me up and down. “So young and innocent. It’s like you’ll always be fresh and… God dam, those tits… If only you weren’t too fucking tall.”

“Up until then, I was at least strangely complimented,” Ashleigh told us with a wry grin, “but there was more. On his desk, beside a pile of shiny chain, was something I didn’t pay much attention to until he was done ogling me. It turned out to be a dog collar, two inches wide and studded with shiny spikes that were about an inch in length. He held it up and told me to put it on.

“Are you serious,” I say?

“If I have to tell you again, I’ll put you through that door. Is that fuckin’ serious enough for you, cumface?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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