Seriously Sexy Pt. 03

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Author’s Note:

This is the third story in the Seriously Sexy series and Gemma was a character who made her first appearance in Sinfully Sexy. I wanted to write about a female who loves sex and makes no excuses for it.


Sassy Sexy

I flicked my wavy brown hair behind my shoulders and strutted confidently down the high street, walking on black patent three-inch heels. I was wearing a long purple winter coat, buttoned all the way to the top and carrying a large beige leather tote bag.

It was a cold autumn day and I was taking a lunch break. I had arranged to meet up with my new friend, Sasha for quick bite to eat.

I had met Sasha two months ago, at our favourite nightclub Halo. We had bumped into each other in the washroom and I had admired Sasha’s beautiful curly brown hair. She in turn had gushed over my smooth dark tresses.

We had bonded over the wash basin and mirror. I have always found making friends very easy, especially with other females.

When I saw Sasha’s hot date for the night at the club, I almost wet my panties. Calum is pure sex on legs — blond, blue eyed and chiseled to perfection. The two are now dating for real and I am a little envious if I am being completely honest.

Oh, to have such a hot guy at my beck and call, to fuck when I wanted. I can feel tingling in my pussy just thinking about this imaginary man and no, I do not lust after Calum. It just isn’t cool to be thinking about your friend’s boyfriend, even if he is delicious to look at.

The following week after my first chance encounter with Sasha, I had gone to Halo again with two of my friends and we had bumped into Sasha and her best friend Grace. As promised, we decided to combine our groups together and spent the night dancing, laughing, drinking and having an amazing time.

Sasha and I exchanged phone numbers and are now good friends. We have been out for drinks and dinner, often alone and sometimes with Grace joining us.

I like Grace a lot and we have something in common, both having Asian blood, but I did find her a little intense at times.

I am definitely more like Sasha. We are both cheeky, loud and slightly outrageous. When we get together, I feel as though we are a comedy duo, bouncing jokes off each other. It’s always fun and we split our sides laughing.

Most people who meet me, expect me to be quiet and reserved. Unfortunately, my choice of career hasn’t helped because I am a manager for a well-known high street bank. I do have to put on a mask of professionalism at work, but in reality, I am sassy, outgoing and I absolutely love sex.

The latter is currently missing in my life and I need to do something about it, before my vagina becomes a dried up coconut husk.

I have always been openly sexual and never hid my love of sex. Men seem to be attracted to me, but maybe it’s the Asian allure and sleeping with me is a kinky fetish. I don’t give two shits as long as I am getting a good fuck out of it.

Lately however, I have been self-reflecting on my choices. I have reached the mature age of thirty-one and I do want something more, maybe even a proper adult relationship, instead of a series of quick flings and fucks.

The problem for me is that I find it easy to hook up with someone for one night of hot sex, but not so easy to date someone long term. The minute a guy shows real interest, I run the other way. Maybe I think more like a man, than I care to admit as I do love the thrill and challenge of the chase.


I finally reached La Parisienne café. It was a French style bistro with a dark red awning hanging over the front. There were a couple of wooden tables and wicker chairs in front, but it was too cold to sit outside.

I pushed the glass door and stepped inside. The place was warm, cosy and lively with lots of people out for lunch. The walls were a pale cream colour and the furniture was in the same style as outside. Along one wall were red velvet seats and a row of square tables lined up along it.

My face broke into a smile when I spotted Sasha at one of the small tables.

“Hi Gemma! Lovely to see you.” Sasha stood up and grabbed me for a big, tight hug. She always hugged well and currently smelt of vanilla musk.

Sasha is quite tall and wore heels too, so I felt tiny next to her, at only five foot three inches (plus an extra three inches, courtesy of my shoes).

“Hi Sash, you look amazing as always.” She had her wild hair loose and had started to wear it down all the time, after she found out how much Calum loved it.

“Thank you,” she said with a big smile. “You look divine yourself. You’ve changed your hair.”

I took off my coat and draped it over the back of my chair. I was wearing a tight black sweater with white edged collar and a long, dark maroon pencil skirt with a large split up the side. It was my sexy bank manager look.

As I sat down, I touched my wavy hair. “Yes, I needed a change. I’ve had it dead straight for so long, I decided it was eryaman bayan escort time for some bouncy waves. Your curls inspired me.” I smiled.

“It looks amazing,” she said honestly.

A server appeared at our table and handed us two menus and started filling our glasses with sparkling water.

“What do you fancy then, Gemma? I’m going for the croque monsieur. I love the way they make it here. All that delicious melted gruyere cheese.”

“That sounds so tempting, but I quite fancy their steak and chips. This is the only way I’m getting some meat inside me,” I sniggered.

“Oh Gemma! Are you still on the hunt for a man? I swear you always have sex on the brain.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” I replied, “you’re lucky, you’ve got it on tap, with a bloody sex God.”

“Calum is wonderful and hot as fuck. I am very lucky,” she admitted with a sly smile.

“If you start talking about how big his dick is, I’m walking out right now,” I threatened.

She gave me a knowing smile and raised one eyebrow delicately.

“Does he have any brothers?”

I pretended I didn’t know the answer, but of course I was well aware that Calum had three sisters.

Sasha grinned. “Nope, there can only be one man like Calum in this world.”

“Dammit! It’s just not fair,” I wailed.

“He doesn’t have a brother, but I know that Josh does.”

My ears pricked up. “You mean Grace’s Seriously Sexy Josh?”

Sasha and I both started giggling. The title suited Josh well, since he was a quiet and thoughtful guy, but he would have been mortified if he knew we called him “Sexy”.

“Yes. I’ve never met Josh’s brother, but Grace told me that when she met Kyle for the first time, she did a double take. She said he looked so much like Josh, with dark brown hair, but his eyes are more greenish hazel and not dark brown like Josh. He’s two years older, but they look like twins, apparently.”

“Ok, I am officially interested. If he looks like Seriously Sexy Josh, then I need to meet him.” I leaned across the table and grabbed Sasha’s hand. “Can you please set us up?” I was that desperate for a fuck that I was contemplating a blind date.

“Are you sure? I don’t really know much about him, but I think he’s a professional photographer.”

“Shit that’s hot. I’d love him to take me, I mean my photos.” I smirked.

“Gemma, you’re so bad! Let me text Grace now and see if she can get his details from Josh.”

Sasha rummaged in her black handbag and took out her phone. I watched as she sent a message to Grace. Within minutes, it pinged back with a reply.

“What did she say?”

“She says that Kyle is single and she’s just asked Josh for his contact details.”

Another ping. “Do you have it yet?” I asked, wriggling with excitement.

“Hold your titties, Missy, I’ll forward it to you now.”

I heard a beep on my own phone and pulled it out of my bag. I smiled in satisfaction when I saw the contact details for Kyle on the display.

“So what exactly are you going to do, Gem? You can’t just ring Kyle out of the blue and ask if he wants to have sex with you…..can you?”

“Nooooo – I’d like to believe I am classier than that. I’m going to ask him to take some photos for me and pretend I need them for work. If he’s as sexy as Josh, I’m going to seduce him at his studio,” I said with a dirty laugh.

Sasha cackled with laughter. “Jesus, have you just planned that, this very second? I love your style Gemma, but God help Kyle.”

Satisfied I had found a way out of my sex starved existence, we spent the rest of the lunch enjoying our meal and chatting. I asked Sasha to show me some photos of Grace and Josh that she had stored on her phone, so that I could imagine what his brother might look like.

Josh had dark brown hair, cut short with a side parting. His face was angular, with a slightly crooked nose and nice full lips. He often had stubble on his chin and his eyes were dark and mysterious. It wasn’t too difficult for me to super-impose brighter, intense green eyes on his face and pretend it was Kyle.

At the end of our meal, we parted ways to go back to work. My bank was only located ten minutes walk from the café. I spent the afternoon meeting a few clients and discussing their financial and banking needs. By 5.30 p.m., I was ready to leave and said goodnight to my colleagues. We were lucky that being a smaller banking branch, we could keep quite regular hours and not be expected to do much overtime, even at management level.

I lived twenty minutes drive from work and the bank had a small car park behind the office. I got in my black Mini Cooper, put on loud pop music and sang all the way home. I was in good spirits with visions of a Josh look-a-like in my head.


My apartment was in a modern grey block, consisting of twelve flats, spread over three floors. There was no off-street parking so I had to find a resident parking space on the road. Luckily that evening, I only had to park fifty metres escort etimesgut from my building.

I let myself into the front entrance and checked the letterbox for mail. Nothing except for a few flyers for pizza delivery. The building did not have any lifts, but I didn’t mind as I quite liked the incidental exercise and walked quite quickly up three flights of stairs. When I reached the top of the staircase, I turned right and strolled along the short corridor to my front door. Every apartment had the same colour doors — dove grey like the whole building. It wasn’t a depressing colour, but soft and beautiful.

When I stepped inside my apartment, I felt instant calm wash over me. My home always has that effect on me. It is light and cosy, decorated in creams and pale blues. The front entrance leads straight into an open plan kitchen and lounge area. There are huge windows on both sides of the room, with one side overlooking the communal gardens and the other looking out on the street, facing a row of terraced houses. There is a small hallway that leads into a tiny office, bathroom and double bedroom.

After kicking off my heels and hanging up my coat, I went to the fridge to pour myself a glass of sparkling water. I took my drink over to the fabric blue couch in the lounge area and sat down with my phone. I chewed the inside of my mouth and looked at the time: 6.15 p.m. Was it too late to call Kyle?

To hell with it, I decided to just do it, right that very second. Before I had even considered what to say, I pressed call on my phone. As the number started to ring, my heart began to thump in my chest.

A deep male voice answered on the third ring. “Kyle Bates Photography Studios. This is Kyle. How can I help?”

Holy shit, he sounded hot. I lost my voice.

“Hello?” he continued.

“Um, yes, um, this is Gemma.”

I needed to get my act together. I was usually very confident on the phone and was suddenly tongue-tied.

“What can I do for you, Gemma?” he asked patiently.

“Um, hi Kyle. I got your number from Grace….Josh’s girlfriend. She recommended you as a photographer and well, um, I think I’d like to get some portrait images done….. for professional reasons.”

I sounded like a total idiot. Kyle, however, didn’t seem to notice. The moment I mentioned Grace and Josh, his whole tone changed.

“Hey! You’re a friend of Grace and Josh? I’d be happy to help.” He sounded friendly, but his voice was so sexy and I wanted to see the man in person.

“When can I come to your studio?” I mentally kicked myself. Not subtle at all.

“Don’t you want to talk about my pricing and what the shoot would involve?” he answered, back in professional mode.

“Uh, oh yes, sorry. I’m jumping the gun, aren’t I?”

“Well, most clients want to know what my fee is before they decide to book my services,” he laughed.

At this point, I didn’t care if I had to pay a whole month’s salary. I was determined to meet Kyle. I already felt hypnotised by his voice.

“Why don’t I email you after this call with some information and a link to my website, then you can check out my rates? If you’re happy with it all, we can arrange a session at my studio.”

I gave Kyle my email address and thanked him for his help. We finished the call and I sat on the couch, with the most stupid grin on my face.

I had taken the first step in getting the good fucking I needed. Kyle was not going to know what had hit him.

I checked the emails on my phone and refreshed the screen repeatedly until I saw an email from Kyle. Even seeing his name appear in my inbox made my pussy heat up. I really was horny.

His email greeting was friendly, but was then followed by very generic information about his services. He had obviously copied it from another email. I saw at the bottom of his name that he had a link to his website.

I clicked on it and I gasped when the image of Kyle appeared on the website’s home page. It showed him from the waist up only and he wore a denim shirt, rolled up at the sleeves. He was holding a camera and smiling sexily at the person who took his photo. He was so damn hot and did indeed look very similar to Josh, although Kyle’s hair was a little more unruly and he kept it longer. His face had a healthy tan and he had nice straight teeth. It was those green eyes that caught my attention. They were definitely “fuck me” eyes. I started to feel my panties getting damp.

I would bet that potential female clients would book his services, just from this image alone. Good marketing, Kyle. Well played.

I didn’t even bother checking his studio prices. I was going to meet the man and didn’t care how much it was going to cost me. I took a photo of his face using my phone. That way, I could look at him anytime I wanted to, without having to open up his website.


Later that evening, after I had made myself a breakfast style dinner of scrambled eggs on toast, I stripped off my clothes in the bedroom elvankent escort and padded across to the bathroom. It was painted white and had a sink underneath the window, a toilet and a free-standing shower unit in the corner.

My usual routine involved washing my hair thoroughly with an organic lavender shampoo, adding a conditioning mask and then soaping my body until it was squeaky clean. I would normally take my time as I loved having a hot shower and the water cascading over my body always relaxed me. After talking to Kyle, I needed to satisfy the ache in my pussy, so I showered quickly, excitement building as I anticipated what was going to happen next.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my body in a thick white towel and grabbed a smaller towel for my hair. As I walked back to my bedroom, I towel dried my hair quickly, soaking up most of the water.

In my bedroom, I picked up the hairdryer beside my dressing table and blasted my damp hair with hot air to remove most of the moisture. The whole time, my pussy was throbbing, impatient to be satisfied.

Once my hair was semi-dry, I switched off the hairdryer and applied rose scented body lotion over my body, from my feet up to my thighs, over my belly and lingering on my breasts. My nipples puckered as I lightly grazed them with my fingers and Kyle’s face was still in my thoughts. I needed to orgasm badly and I couldn’t wait any longer. I opened the top drawer of my dresser and smiled at the row of sex toys lined up neatly on one side, next to my panties. The lilac rabbit vibrator was exactly what I needed.

I lay down on the bed and switched the rabbit on. It had 12 different functions and 3 speeds. I turned on the first function and the whole dildo vibrated strongly. I pressed it gently against my clit and nearly came as I was already so turned on. I moved it away from my clit and turned the power down a notch and changed it to the second setting so that only the rabbit ears vibrated. The dildo hummed gently and I rubbed it gently against my swollen clit.

I rocked my hips back and forth, while my right hand held the rabbit against my tender nub. I pressed the button to turn up the power and it vibrated exquisitely. It felt so damn good, but not enough. I switched on the vibration for the main shaft and then slowly pressed the tip into my pussy. As it slithered into my tight hole, I squeezed my internal muscles, creating delicious shock waves in my pussy. The rabbit ears simultaneously rubbed against my clit.

My eyes were squeezed tightly shut as the dual sensation felt exquisite and images of Kyle flooded my brain, as I slid the vibrator in and out. When I was ready to give in to my orgasm, I squeezed my thighs together and fucked myself faster. I gasped loudly and moaned Kyle’s name as my whole body started to shake. The waves kept rolling and rolling, spreading from my clit and out towards my stomach and thighs. The whole time I imagined Kyle was fucking me.

Once my orgasm had dissipated and my breathing slowed, I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, lay back and drifted off to sleep. If I couldn’t have a cock, then nothing could beat masturbating with my trusted rabbit.

Two weeks later

Kyle was a busy man. His business was successful so the only time he could fit me in was two weeks after the initial phone call. The wait was agony. In that time, I had worked myself into a frenzy and used his image to bring myself to a climax on several occasions.

I had even called Grace to try and get some gossip on Kyle. She remained quite tight lipped, not wanting to jeopardise her own relationship with him, especially as she and Josh were moving towards living together and at some point, Kyle might well become her brother-in-law.

Kyle only had available appointments on weekdays, so I had to take half a day off work just to get myself a photo session with him at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. His studio was above a hairdressing salon on Chiswick High Street in London.

I had arrived very early, as I knew traffic around that area was awful and I had to park in a multi-story car park outside a shopping centre.

My fifteen minute walk to his studio, took me on a journey past lots of cafes, coffees shops and little boutiques on the High Street. The place was buzzing, despite it being a weekday.

As I had pretended to Kyle that I wanted some professional images (for my bank’s website), I had dressed rather formally in a long-sleeved pink silk blouse with pearl buttons and a dark grey, mid-calf pencil skirt. I also had on my favourite pair of high heels in black.

The skirt had large black buttons running down the middle and I had to un-do the bottom two buttons just to walk as it hugged my body so tightly.

As the weather was still quite fresh, I had thrown on a black cape and was carrying a cream leather handbag. I had decided to tie my hair up in a high bun with a few loose tendrils framing my face. I wanted to look professional, but still sexy and approachable.

The entrance to Kyle’s studio was between a hairdressing salon and a newsagent. I slowly climbed up the stairs to the first floor, where I found a dimly lit hallway. I walked half along and saw a white wooden door, with a plaque bearing his name.

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