Seth and Lisa

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Hi, guys. Sorry it has been so long, but I am back with a new story. First, a quick update: I know I said that Soul Mate Siblings 4 was coming, but the more I thought about it, I actually think it is a great trilogy, so I think I will just leave it alone. I will certainly revisit those characters someday, but for now, I think Jack and Jasmine’s story is done. Anyway, let’s get Seth and Lisa under way.


“Oh, Mark was so good at night.”

“My girl and I went all night last night.”

“Man, Jess is so tight, man.”

“So, Seth, you have sex yet?”

This was a typical day in my high school existence. I always answer with the same response: first, the heavy sigh. Then comes my answer:

“No. Not yet.”

And then I get this little ringer.

“Oh, that’s good. You should wait.”

What?!?!?! You just told me how great it was, and you are telling me to wait? Why would I listen to you anyway? You couldn’t wait, so isn’t that just a little hypocritical?

Same shit, different day. Seriously, being a virgin fucking sucks. It also doesn’t help I only want one girl, and she is the most unattainable woman on the planet. But we will get to her shortly.

Anyway, my name is Seth. Seth Michael Collins. I am 5’8, have short brown hair, brown eyes, and have the complexion of a ghost. I am as pasty white as they come. I don’t get out much. I was the kid in school who much rather read a book or white my own stuff than socialize with my peers.

Not that I didn’t have my share of friends. I hung out with the so-called “nerds”, and even had a few jocks and cheerleaders who I could call friend, mostly because I was nice to them and could make them laugh. Common decency and a good sense of humor go a long way in high school.

I am a 18-year old senior, along with my twin sister, Lisa. Lisa Michelle Collins. Talk about a polar opposite. She is about my height. She has brown hair, like mine, except hers is long and luscious. Her eyes are a beautiful emerald green, which she inherited from our mother. She is a 36-30-36, which never failed to capture the attention of the guys of my student body, and even a few chicks.

While I was the one who would rather read a book during a pep rally, she was the captain of the cheerleading squad. She is one of the smartest students in the county, is captain of the tennis team, and is the head of the student council.

If you haven’t guessed, my sister is the one I am obsessed with. It is not just a sexual attraction, although with the description I gave her, could you blame me if it was the only reason I was attracted to her? Lisa had a beautiful soul. She was funny, smart, insightful, poetic: she was just perfect in my eyes.

She didn’t seem like the girl who would do what we would end up doing just a few months ago, but then again, if I have learned anything, is that even after 18 years, people can still surprise you.


I had just finished another lousy day of school. The final bell had rung, and I had an entire weekend to relax and just do whatever I wanted. I walked over to my car and proceeded to drive home.

The ride home felt longer than it usually had. I had to deal with the usual barrage of questions about sex and my virginity. Seriously, I just wanted to fuck something, mostly to get the horny teens off my back. Of course, when the only woman you want to fuck is your hot-as-heck sister, it complicates things a bit.

I pulled into the driveway of my parent’s place. My sister and I are working into trying to get a place of our own, so for now, we are finishing our senior year in our parents’ place.

I went inside into the house and threw my backpack down on the couch. I went to my bedroom and threw myself on my bed. I just sort of lay there, looking at my ceiling, thinking about my gorgeous sister. There was a home game today, so she wore her cheerleader outfit today, and she looked so damn good, with her long legs under that short skirt, that top clinging to her huge breasts, her gorgeous face that required little, if any makeup: perfection.

I reached under my pillow and grabbed my most personal possession: my journal. Mostly I wrote about the day’s events: hanging with my friends, the annoyances of answering the same sex questions, etc. But what I mostly wrote about was my sister. I wrote back about how much I loved her and how much I wanted to make love to her. Okay, fuck her, but not in a degrading way. I just want to see if I could make her cum. I think I could, if given the chance.

My sister wouldn’t be home for hours, so I decided to take a shower before she got home. I did the routine: Went into the bathroom, shed my clothes, turned on the water, check the temperature, and then got in.

In thinking about my sister, I had gotten very hard, so I began stroking my cock. Now, remember when I said I could probably would be able to get my sister off? Well, the reason why is because I anime porno am about 8 inches long. No, that is not an exaggeration. I really am. I could only imagine shoving my entire length into her hot, tight, wet snatch and pounding her pussy until she came hard on my cock, screaming my name in my ear. Yes, I have a dirty mind, but I can’t help it; she is a fucking fox.

I stroke faster and faster, my favorite fantasy popping into my mind: we are alone on an deserted island. She is wearing my favorite bikini: a turquoise one that really accents her skin and brings out those gorgeous green eyes. She walks over to me, horny for my cock. She wraps her arms around me, and kisses me with the gorgeous full lips of hers. We fall to the ground, so horny for the other we can’t stand it.

I unhook her top, unleashing her luscious breasts to my hungry eyes. As I slide down her bottoms, my mouth latches to her left breast and I saturate it with my tongue. As she runs her right leg over my crotch, I slide her bottoms completely and rub her clit mercilessly.

She grabs my trunks and removes them from my body.

I lined up my cock up with her snatch, which is already saturated with her delectable juices. I push it in, inch by inch, until I get my entire length inside her. She is so tight, wet, and warm, the depths of her pussy feeling so great around my cock.

“Yes, little brother. Fuck my horny cunt! I have waited for this for years.”

Hearing this, I pounded harder and harder on her cunt, the familiar sensation hitting me both in my vision and in the real world.

“Sis, I am gonna cum.”

“Seth, CUM IN ME!!!!!! I WANT TO CUM WITH YOU!!!!!”

A few more plunges, and then…….BAM!!!! It hits! I shoot six loads inside her cunt, and her orgasms hit. Her pussy gets even tighter, and I let out a heavy moan. She squeezes my cock like a vice, and I never want to leave her cunt.

“FUCK!!!!!! YOU FUCK SO GOOD, SETH!!!!!!!!!!”

Hearing that in my vision, I finally shoot the largest load of my life onto the shower floor. Six squirts shoot out before I fall to the shower floor, panting immensely. I sit there, reflecting on my vision. After about four minutes, I finish my shower and get out of the shower.


I wrap a towel around myself and come out of the bathroom. I was walking to the bathroom when I stop outside my bedroom door and drop my towel.

“OH, MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!”

My sister had come home early, and she had found my journal. Seeing her in the room had caught me off guard, I dropped my towel in shock and now I was naked in front of hot twin sister.

“I came in to check to see if you were in here. I decided to sit on the bed and wait for you to come out of the shower. While I was sitting here, I saw my name in this journal and what you wrote about me. I know I shouldn’t have read it, but I couldn’t help myself and now I wish I hadn’t. Why, Seth? Why would you write this about me? And why……can’t I stop looking at your cock?”

“Look, I can explain.”

“Can you cover up first?”

I reached down to grab my towel and tied it around my waist. I went to sit down next to her, and did my best to explain.

“Look, I am sorry. I have been in love with you since we were freshmen. It is not just sexual; I am in love with you. I love everything about you: your smile, your intelligence, your sense of humor, your insightfulness, your eyes……

“My body?”

I swallowed hard and then nodded.

“Yeah, and I’m sorry you found out this way, but……”

“Where you ever planning on telling me?”

I just looked at her, unsure of how to answer her.

“I don’t know,” I finally answered. “I guess I figured if I did, you would hate me.”

Lisa nodded at that and stood up to go to her room.

“Look, I need some time alone. I still love you. I will always love you, but I need to be away from you right now. And if you really love me, rather that love be sibling love or something deeper, you will let me be.”

I nodded at her, and she left my room. I sat in silence, and begin to cry. It was a long two hours.


“Seth, come here.”

She finally came out of her room and stood by the bathroom door. I was still wrapped in a towel, but still walked over to her.

Lisa breathed hard before she spoke.

“Look, I thought long and hard about it. I have a proposition for you.”


Lisa closed her eyes, obviously worrying about what she would say next. Finally, she opened her eyes and said this:

“Do you want to take a shower with me?”

I swear, my eyes shot out of my head.

Lisa chuckled. “I appreciate you saying all that stuff, except the stuff where you said you wanted to fuck my brains out.”

“Look, Lisa, I’m sorry…….”

She shook her head. “No, you’re not. You obviously want to. I’m not mad, but I am doing this because of all the nice things asyalı porno you said about me. I know you are not a creep, which is why I am allowing this to happen. Maybe if I do this for you, you will be more relaxed around other girls. So, do you understand what I am saying to you?”

I nodded.

“Good. Then, after you.”

We stepped into the bathroom and I undid my towel. I was already getting hard, and I saw Lisa blushing.

“You’re blushing.”

“So, what if I am? I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop looking at it. How big are you?”

“About 8 inches.”

Lisa mouth dropped. “Damn.”

Lisa began to undress as I said the following words:

“You know, I think you have interior motives for doing this.”

Lisa was taking off her socks when she asked, “What do you mean?”

“I think you just wanted to see my cock again.”

Lisa playfully scoffed. She said, in a very flirty voice, “So what if I did?”

I was so horny for her right then.

She slid off her skirt, took off her top, then looked at me before she took off her underwear, like she was asking me silently if she should continue.

“Go on.”

Lisa nodded and slid down her panties down those long, slender legs. Her pussy was completely shaven, the lips soft and plump. If I wasn’t mistaken, her pussy shows sighs of her arousal. I smiled to myself, which she saw.


“Nothing. But I thinking you are enjoying this as much as I am.”

“Well, I am. It’s kind of naughty.”

“Plus, I have a nice cock.”

Lisa just smiled at me. “You pitiful, but you’re right.”

She reached behind her and undid her bra, unleashing her beautiful breasts to my hungry eyes. My cock achieved full mast, and I swear, and she will deny this to this day, but Lisa licked her lips.

I did a look over her. She was more sexy and beautiful imagined. Those gorgeous and full breasts who just want to bury your face in, with absolutely gorgeous nipples that I just wanted suck on. Her stomach was so slender and soft. Her legs went for miles and I just wanted to lick them.

“Damn, you are so beautiful.”

She smiled. “Thanks. Let’s get in.”

We did the routine as I did before when I did my shower earlier. We finally got in the shower together.

As I stare at her beautiful ass, I realized I was so totally out of my league here. She was so perfect and I….well, wasn’t. I got out of the shower.

“Hey, little bro, what are you doing?”

I sat down on the towel, hanging my head down in shame.

“Oh, come on, Lisa. Who am I kidding? I am so out of my element here.”

Lisa took pity on me and walked over to me.

“Seth, look at me.”

I raised my head.

“How long have you desired me?”

“Feels like forever.”

“Well, take advantage of what I am offering you. You get to see me, the girl you have wanted to see naked for years, naked.”

“Doesn’t matter. I want more.”

Lisa nodded, afraid this would come up.

“You mean you want to fuck me?”

I just rolled my eyes.

“Yes. Alright, I want to fuck my big sister until she screams my name while she cums around my cock as hard as she can and I fill her up with my cum.

Alright. I am a freak, okay?”

Lisa ran her fingers through my hair, and looked directly at me.

“Come on, get back into the tub.”


“Trust me.”

Lisa helped me up and I walked over back to the tub.

“Lie down.”


“Just do it, Seth.

So, I did as she asked.

“Close your eyes.”


“Do it.”

I did as I was asked. When my eyes were closed, I felt Lisa grab my dick.

“Fuck, it’s so big.”

I was confused. “Lisa, what you doing?”

Lisa didn’t say anything as she moved my cock over something slippery and very, very wet. She held it there for a while, and then I felt the most glorious sensation on my cock.

“Now, open your eyes.”

I couldn’t believe it. There was Lisa, my unattainable sister, legs stretched, head thrown back, back arched, and her pussy sliding up and down my cock.

“Lisa, what……

“Seth, shut up and fuck me!

I smiled at her and laughed. “I knew you had another reason for wanting to shower with me.”

Lisa didn’t respond to that. “Oh, damn, your cock feels so good.”

I decided this chance probably wouldn’t come again, so I finally began to say everything I had ever wanted to say to her.

“How good does it feel? I bet it is the largest cock you have ever had in that tight, wet snatch……..oh, good grief that’s warm.”

Lisa’s pussy was the perfect mixture of warmth, wetness, and tightness. I didn’t deserve this. I didn’t deserve her.

“Can’t even finish the sentence, can you?”

“Lisa, you are so tight.”

“Mmmmm, yeah, I am. What about you? Fucking your sister’s tight, virgin pussy everything you thought it would be?”

My jaw dropped. “You’re a virgin?”


I was babes porno astonished. “But you are the most popular girl in school.”

Lisa chuckled, now hammering even harder on my cock. “Truth be told, I was kind of waiting on you.”

“Me? Why? I am nothing compared to the guys you date.”

Lisa stopped for a moment and grabbed me by the shoulders to raise me up.

“Seth Michael Collins, you are the greatest man I’ve ever known. You are smart, funny, sweet as hell, and adorable with your little nerdy obsessions.”

“Yeah, but I look like shit.”

Lisa grabbed my face and smashed my lips against hers. Her lips tasted of the sweetest hone, and, if possible, I became harder inside of her.

She broke the kiss and stared into my eyes.

“It doesn’t matter to me what you look like. Besides, in your own way, you are kind of cute. But I love who you are on the inside. To me, that is the man I love.”

“But why were you so shocked when you found out?”

“Because I was testing you. I have wanted you ever since freshmen year, when I caught you not so subtly checking me out when I showed mom, dad and you what I looked like in my cheerleading outfit.”

“I thought I was subtle.”

“Yeah, as subtle as train wreck on a boat.”

I chuckled at that.

“So, why are you letting me do this?”

“Because I can do something with you I can’t do with the other guys: I can trust you. You never tried anything, because you were afraid of ruining our relationship. If anything, it made me love you even more.”

With this new information, I began to kiss my sister with so much passion, I shocked both of us. I desperately wanted to resume fucking her again, and Lisa was aware of that.

“You have waited three years to fuck the ever loving shit out of me. So far, I am doing good, but you fuck me like you mean it. Make it your fuck, not mine. Don’t fuck it up.”

I began to rock her body against my own.Lisa was in heaven as she felt my long cock stretch her pussy walls like she had never been stretched before.

“Oh, Seth. That’s so fucking good.”

I began to slam her body down harder and harder on my cock, and in return, Lisa made her pussy walls even tighter.

“Oh, fuck, that’s so good, Lisa.”

Lisa smiled at me, then she placed my head between her gorgeous breasts. I took her hint and

I engulfed my mouth on her beautiful breasts, licking them happily with my tongue.

Using my right hand, I began to rub her clit, sending her to heights Lisa

had never before known.

“Oh, fuck yes, Seth. Yes. Fucking rub my clit.”

I did, slow at first, then faster and faster as I hammered her pussy mercilessly. She would meet my thrusts as quickly as I thrust into her, and it was so intense that sometimes we didn’t know who was fucking who.

Lisa stopped for a minute and looked at me.

“Seth, fuck me from behind.”

She slid off me and moved her body around so she had her ass facing my cock. I lined up my cock with her pussy(I found out later she fucking hates anal, and quite frankly, so do I) and was back at work again.

I heard the pants my sister made as I lay my body on top of hers, my left hand massaging her breasts while my right massaged her clit.

“Oh, Seth, you just might get your wish after all.”

“You mean?”


“What about you getting pregnant?

“I took a pill before we started. I was hoping this would happen.”

“You’re bad.”

“So bad. I LOVE YOU, SETH!!!!!!!”

“I LOVE YOU, TOO, LISA!!!!!!!!!”

“OH, I’M CUMMING. CUM WITH ME, SETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The orgasms hit. Lisa’s walls got as tight as they could, rocking her body to seven glorious orgasms, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, her mouth still screaming her brother’s name.

A couple more thrusts ought to do it and then…….

I shot a massive load into her vice-like pussy.

Seven squirts, seemingly without end.

Finally, we came down from our orgasmic high.

“That was fantastic!”

“Yeah. We should have done this along time ago,”

I smile at her.

Lisa shoots me a wicked look.

“What are you thinking about, my gorgeous little…..

“……Slut?!? Call me your gorgeous slut.”

“Okay, so my gorgeous slut, what do you planned?”

“How long till you can do this again?”

I shrugged. “Not long. Why?”

Lisa smiled. “I got to go make a call. Got to get the weekend started early.”

“What do you mean?”

“I am going to call in I can’t come to the game tonight. Think I caught something. You think you make me feel……..”

She whispered seductively in my ear.


I swallowed hard. “I think I can manage.”

She smiled. “Good. Now, let’s get out of here. Meet me on your bed. Let’s continue where we left off properly.

My sister slid off my cock and left me there in the shower. I just smiled to myself, recalling what Sean Connery said to Nicolas Cage in the Rock.

‘Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.’

Guess I wasn’t a loser anymore. Lisa was elected prom queen just a few months later.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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