Seven Months

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Damn him!

It had been seven months of torture. Of willing myself to let him go. To not want him. Seven months of fantasizing and masturbating to images of his body, memories of how good he felt, how good he smelled and tasted. Seven months of seeing him everyday and forcing myself to sit behind my desk and not throw myself at him. Seven months- and I remembered every hour I was with him… and without him.

He’d walk into the office, and my body would turn into a radar screen. A little bleep sounding through whatever body part was pointed directly at him. A shoulder. The back of my neck. My knee. I knew where he was when he moved toward me, and my body tensed at his nearness. Seven months of wanting him.

I had finally gotten myself under a small amount of control- and then it slipped once again. Finally, I had gotten to the point where I could smile and act like my nipples weren’t hardened points begging for his touch whenever he came near. Finally, my masturbating fantasies included other things beside the image of him fucking me. Memories of my mouth around his cock. Finally.

And then I lost it. That fragile control. His softly spoken “I want to…” in response to my teasing offer that he should come over for some “fun”. One phone call- those few whispered words carried over a wire from his sexy mouth, and I was once again desperate for him.

I made the decision in the shower. Sort of a half-assed plan that I wasn’t even sure I had enough guts to carry out. All I wanted was to give him a small taste of the torture and want that I had felt for seven months. I would walk in and kiss him. Just one hard, long, lingering kiss that contained all the frustration I had built up. Just one kiss to show him how much I wanted him and what he was doing to me. One kiss.

I went through the motions of getting ready almost diabolically. Shampoo. Shave- armpits, legs, pussy. Powder. Perfume. Dress. I found a T-shirt and the shortest pair of shorts I owned. Hair. Makeup. Car Keys. I hopped into the car and drove the five minutes to the building where he worked, praying that there was no one else there.


“What’s up?” he asked. He was standing over by a desk with wire and stuff on it. I didn’t pay much attention, just sort of looked around at the space filled with little do-dads of every kind. Wire, tools, wood, covered every surface. It was like a project master’s paradise.

“Not much” I said, shrugging. My heartbeat going about a thousand beats a minute. Determination in every breath I took. “I like this place. Lots of interesting things in it.”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” He looked around as if not knowing what was so interesting about a building stocked to the hilt with things he used every day.

“Just stuff. Wires… I think it’s really neat in here.” I looked directly at him. Small talk over and I think it registered on my face because he was looking back at me- a slight smile on his mouth. I was riveted to that smile. Pointing, I commanded “Into the office. Now.”

I watched as he responded with a laugh, his eyes sparkling, and followed me into the office. Three chairs were placed in the small area, and I eyed them trying to ascertain which would be the best for what I had planned. I was determined to do this. To hell with the consequences! I wanted it, just one kiss. Just once to let my frustration out. “Sit. Anywhere.”

He walked over to a corner chair. A perfect chair, with handles on the sides- arm rests- and I knew this güvenilir bahis was perfect because I could trap him in. I watched him sit down, and did not hesitate. I was standing over him before he even knew I was coming toward him. My mouth dropped to his and I started to ravish his mouth with mine. My tongue sweeping in, groaning at how good he tasted and felt. His mouth was cool, like he had just had a cold drink of water.

“Oh really?” he laughed. His lips still touching mine.

My heart skipped as I wildly tried to think. Was he angry? Should I stop? I nibbled on his lower lip, my tongue sweeping into his mouth. No, don’t stop, I thought. His tongue was dancing with mine. Touching mine.

“What’s this about?” he asked. His lips still touching mine. Moving softly against mine.

“Just letting some of my frustration out.” I mumbled, without breaking our kiss.

“Well… don’t forget that there are other people in the building.”

He sounded slightly worried, and I lifted my mouth from his, breaking the contact to answer him. “I know, that’s why this is just a quick stop.”

My mouth dived for his again, devouring. Wanting more. I wanted to let all my horniness, my sexual frustration, my desires show in this one kiss. I wanted him so much, and for one moment I wanted to know that he wanted me too. I pressed closer, my mouth moving against him, captivated. My heart melting at the sensations coursing through my body. He was kissing me back, and it was so achingly familiar and gentle.

I felt his fingers travel up the inside of my thigh and come to rest on my pussy. Massaging it though my shorts. Then creep between the fabric to massage though my panties alone. Our mouths melding together, the kiss getting hotter. I felt his fingers lift the side of my thong and creep underneath the cotton to finger my cunt, and wondered if he liked the fact that I was shaved. Two fingers traveled down trying to get a good position, but failing. I spread my legs wider apart, allowing one to finally gain full access. I moaned.

I moved my hands up to cradle his face, and kept kissing him. Little nibbling kisses now. Exploring kisses. His finger slowly fucking me and then making it’s way up to circle around my clit. Dizziness washed over me and my breathing turned rapid.

“You’re a little wet.” he whispered.

“Don’t tell me you have a problem with that.” I murmured against his mouth. “Don’t you want me to be wet for you?”

The kiss continued, and his fingers kept at their exploration. Delving into my hole and then coming back to circle around my clit over and over. I could feel my juices soaking his fingers, streaming out of my cunt.

“Okay… so someone’s a lot wet.” he groaned, lifting his lips a breath away from mine. “You know, you at least get to go home and take care of this.”

“I know, and I’m going to. Believe me.” I reached down and ran my hand up between the juncture of his legs, feeling his hardened cock. This man had the most incredible cock. “So can you.” I looked into his eyes and smiled.

“How so?”

Grinning, I murmured, my mouth now traveling along his jawline. “I saw a bathroom over there. Use it.”

It happened before I could blink. Before my muddled senses had a chance to make up the time, he was holding my hand, and talking. My senses frozen as I listened to the words and tried to figure out their meaning.

“Okay, let’s go.” He tugged on my hand.


“Yeah, to the bathroom. You said türkçe bahis I could use it.”

“Yeah, but… I thought…” I looked into his face in utter bewilderment, blinking my eyes slowly as though that would clear away the fog in my brain.

What exactly did he mean? What was he asking for? I was dizzy, dazed, and my senses were lost in a mindless quest for more of his mouth. More of his fingers. More.

We reached the hallway, and my brain finally had a chance to figure out where we were headed. I looked at him asking, “Are you sure?” I hesitated trying to figure out how to put into words what I wanted to say. “Are you sure you want to?”

“I want to… but do you?”

Did I?! I’d only been fantasizing about it for seven months. Having him again. Tasting him again. Kissing, feeling, holding… Did I want to?! I would have laughed if I thought I could get away with it. Instead I whispered the words I wanted, and needed, to. “Yes, I want to, but I can’t handle feeling guilty for making you feel guilty… again. I can’t. Are you sure you’re ready?”

I watched as he looked into the bathroom and then cast his gaze to the ceiling. I worried that I had offended him, but it was better to offend than to suffer regret later. Yet, I knew in our sexual haze of need, that brain thoughts were gone. Still, I had to try to make him realize the step he was letting me push him into. His mouth trailed down to mine and I kissed him. “I want you so much.” I whispered, my fingers scraping gently down his chest through his T-shirt, and I heard him reply.

“I’m sure.”

I walked the three steps into the tiny bathroom and heard him close the door behind me.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, still unsure of where he wanted to head. The last time we were together, it was a blowjob. A fucking fantastic blowjob that I would gladly do again. “What do you want?” I raised his shirt and started sucking on one of his nipples.

He chuckled, deep and throaty. “I don’t know, what do you want?”

Pulling away from my mouth’s grip on his chest, I looked up into his face and smiled broadly. “I want to fuck you!”

We both glanced around the three-foot by four-foot bathroom. Toilet, sink. That was it. I watched him drop his jeans with lightening speed and my eyes glued to his cock. Hard. It was so hard. Beautiful. I wanted to taste it.

For the last 24-hours, since his whispered “I want to” I had thought of nothing but just wrapping my lips around the head of his cock and sucking. So now, I did it. My lips gliding over the tip of it. He was so big my teeth barely escaped nicking him, my tongue playing with the very tip. Over and over I let my lips travel the smooth surface.

“Careful.” He laughed. “You remember what happened last time you did that. And you’re good at it.”

I pulled back, staring at his beautiful manhood. “It’s okay. I’m just going to tease it a little bit.” And I let my mouth drift over the tip once again to take the head it and bob there for a second or two.

We were worried about time. Worried that someone would find us, so my exploration and tasting of him couldn’t and didn’t last long. I got up and dropped my shorts and panties to the floor and hopped up to sit on the edge of the sink counter. His cock just mere inches from my pussy, I watched as he bent his knees and drove the full of it into my tight cunt. My eyes closing at the sensation.

He was bigger than any of the men I had been with before, and I knew I was güvenilir bahis siteleri tight. We fit together perfectly- my cunt wrapping around him like a well-fitting glove. I watched as the sensation of that tightness shook through him. His eyes closed, and he trembled. He was so beautiful to watch.

He began fucking me, moving back and forth while I hung onto him for life afraid I’d come crashing down off of the counter-top. My legs wrapped around his waist.

I can’t describe the way it felt. There don’t seem to be words for something that good. My chest was swelling, something akin to pure joy at the feelings I was encountering. My senses alive. I listened to him breathe. I looked at his closed eyes and wondered what he was thinking. Feeling. I looked at his mouth, and mine went down to capture it. My shaved pussy stretched and riding his cock. I don’t know where his hands were though. I think they may have been wrapped around me, holding me, but it’s like my sense of feel was so wrapped up in one location that I missed that part of it.

He groaned, and whispered “I’m gonna cum…”

My heartbeat quickened and I whispered in his ear. “Cum for me, Baby. Cum.” I looked down into his face at the eyelashes resting against his cheek. At his eyebrows, drawn together in concentration. At his mouth, only a fraction apart. I wanted to memorize him. One memory to carry with me while I fantasized.

He kept going. I listed to his ragged breathing. The whoosh of air that escaped his lips every other minute. He sped up, and I started to move with him. Praying that I wouldn’t fall off of the counter top.

We continued on like this for a few more minutes, before he slowed down. “We need to stop. It’s taking too long. Do you mind?”

I was confused. How did he go from “I’m gonna cum…” to it taking too long? I searched for an answer. A way to ask him if he wanted to finish or not. Was he waiting for me? But at that moment, the beeping of a large truck echoed outside…

“Shit! Ty’s here!” he said, before releasing himself from my pussy and attempting to tug his jeans back on in a hurry. Pager dropping to the floor. Things falling out of pockets. He put himself together, scrambling.

“Okay, I’ll go into the office, and you act like you just came out of the bathroom!” and with that he flew out the bathroom door while I stood there wrestling with befuddled senses that didn’t want to catch up.

Pulling up my shorts, I looked into the mirror asking myself what the fuck had just happened. I had only come for one kiss. My car still running in the parking lot. Washing my hands, I wondered if we had been caught, or if it was safe to exit the bathroom.

As I opened the door, I realized that Ty had not yet come in, and that I had a few moments at least to go back to him and see what his reaction was. He was sitting at his desk, face flushed, smiling and laughing like he too was questioning how we had just gotten to where we were. I leaned down and kissed him briefly, one last time and murmured… “I swear, I didn’t mean for that to happen. I was just going to kiss you and leave.”

I walked out the door, making some excuse to Ty as I left about needing to use the bathroom.

It had been seven months of wanting him, and now- I’m afraid it will be seven months to a lifetime more. I still have questions. Like, would I be able to deep-throat him? Does he moan when he climaxes?- and things I want to say… But all I know now is that I am back where I started. Back to wanting him, thinking of his face and his hands while I touch myself. Back to shaking when he is near.

I don’t know when I’ll hit the breaking point again, but when I do I know it will have been worth the wait.

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