Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 07

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My story so far: Following the masturbatory sessions with my step-brother in my teens, he had a few weeks ago shown up on my doorstep have just been jilted by his fiancée. Out of pity (my excuse!) I slept with him for the first time prior to accompanying him on his so-called honeymoon. On a little Caribbean Island we met up on a moonlit beach with Tom and Lesilia, who both expressed a desire to exchange partners. This is how it developed.

Chapter 7: Fucking Tom, at last!

At breakfast I shared with Richard a little of what Les had told me on the plane but without giving away too much. There was no sign of our new friends but sharing a table in the corner were Sophie and Paul and the couple I had earlier pointed out to them. I wondered if they had shared anything else? I caught Sophie’s eye and she discreetly gave me a thumbs up. This island was certainly living up to its reputation!

“Rich, you know that Les has had a lot of sexual partners don’t you?”

“How do you know that?”

“She told me of course! We women talk about these things. She just doesn’t want to spoil anything that might happen between you both.”

“Sue, I don’t care about her past, what I like is what I see right here and now, and it’s not just sex. Of course I fancy her, and I think she knows it, I would have to be a moron not to, but that’s not the real reason I am attracted to her. Okay?”

“I understand Rich, I just don’t want to see you hurt again, that’s all.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be, and anyway, look at our own past. Hardly angelic is it!”

I grinned. “I told her about us, but not our wanking sessions. She is very broadminded and thought it was very cool that I made love with my brother. Sophie by the way assumed when we chatted on Thursday that we had always been doing it! She won’t tell anyone else by the way. I think you have someone very special there with Les.”

“And it looks as though you have hit it off with Tom. I’m only surprised you haven’t seduced him yet. You always seem to get what you want Sis.”

I put my hand on his.

“Just waiting for the okay from you dear brother. I don’t want to be doing this on my own, I want to watch you and Les get down and dirty too.”

He frowned.

“Not literally, silly!” I laughed. “On the other hand…”

Come eight in the evening we all met as arranged in the bar, having secured an intimate table for four in a secluded corner of the restaurant. It looked directly out onto the area that had been cleared for dancing. Les was wearing a sexy flowery ankle-length dress, accentuating her big boobs, Tom looked cool in slacks and a red shirt that I bought for him yesterday, and Rich as ever was all in black. I had settled for a loose white blouse and Vic’s Secret bra showing as much cleavage as I could with my little tits, and decided that my tan was now deep enough to sport my favourite purple mini. Richard talked me out of the fuck-me heels, but I didn’t tell him that I had left my panties behind! I might not have been dressed to kill, but I was undressed enough for sex! Out of view of anyone I parted my legs a little to allow the gentle evening breeze to cool my overheated pussy.

The dinner that evening was a set menu consisting of some strange concoction of prawns and bacon, followed by Red Snapper Creole style and a magnificent Pavlova to follow. At the circular table the two men were sat either side of me, with Les opposite. As soon as the band struck up something from the Stones, Richard dragged me out on to the floor, leaving the others to finish their coffee.

“You ready for having some fun Rich?” I spoke close to his ear.

“I think so,” he shouted over the music, “This all still seems very strange though.”

“Let’s just play it by ear darling, everything will work out okay.”

He frowned at me in his typical brotherly manner, “The way you’re dressed I think you have it worked out already!”

Richard is a great dancer and we stayed out for a calypso, but I was pleased when he led me back and offered me rather formally to Tom, himself returning to the floor with an eager Les. Almost immediately I received a tap on my shoulder. It was Sophie, clinging to her new acquisition, Mike. His wife Rita could be seen in the distance, with Paul’s hands clutching her ass.

“Having fun sweetie?”

“Definitely darling.” She shouted over the music, “And you look about to. Go for it.”

“I intend to,” I yelled back.

“Love to Richard. Tell him I want that big cock one day,” as she dragged her new lover back into the melee.

“Tell him yourself,” I muttered, hoping she wouldn’t suggest it in front of Les.

Tom did not exaggerate about his lack of technique, I secretly hoped it did not apply to the bedroom. We sat out the next couple of dances at the bar but when the slow stuff started we couldn’t be separated. We must have danced on and off for over an hour, kissing softly occasionally, slowly building up the sexual tension between us. I was literally glued to his body with sweat, the heat of his chest permeating through my blouse. Of course he was totally erect and I enjoyed teasing his lump with my belly, dry humping czech couples porno him as we danced. Tom grinned at my forwardness and discreetly fondled one of my tits.

The floor had thinned out considerably when I silently mouthed the words he was waiting to hear.

“I want to fuck.”

“I want to fuck you too, Sue. I think we’ve waited long enough don’t you?”

I wriggled against his hard cock and replied that I was in total agreement of that and suggested we drift toward a darker corner. First, I wanted to snog his head off!

Out of sight of most of the band my mouth melted on his, his tongue fighting its way into my mouth, not that I offered any resistance. He was rubbing his erection up and down my body in a dry fuck as our passion heated up. Moving us further out of sight, he unbuttoned the top of my blouse and delved his hand into my bra, lifting out my breast to suck on an excited nipple. Now randy beyond belief, I decided I wanted this guy here and now and nothing was going to stop me. I grabbed his cock through his pants. God, it was so hard, so hot, and bloody fat with it! I told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted him here and now.

“What, here?” He looked at me with a contrasting mixture of amazement and lust.

“Yes Tom, right here. I want this lovely fat cock inside me, now.”

Still kissing, I lowered his zip and extracted him from his boxers, my hand barely encircling its girth. Wow, he was even thicker than I thought!

We both groaned when his fingers discovered my naked wet pussy and I pulled him towards it, desperate to feel him inside me. He lifted my leg onto a box to get easier access and my wet lips opened to receive what I had been lusting after all week, but he was barely an inch inside me when suddenly he pulled back.

I opened my eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“They’re watching us.”

Unnoticed by us, the music had stopped and the band were on a smoke break, two of them heading our way. “I don’t give a shit Tom, just fuck me, please.” I was past caring, and anyway they wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Probably from my exhibitionist streak I became more determined than ever and managed to lower myself back further on to his lovely prick. It felt amazing, I do so get off on that first physical contact with a new man. But it was only a reprieve. Tom again pushed me away.

“No Sue, I don’t mind being watched like the other night, but not by a bunch of pervs. And who knows who else might come around the corner.”

Smoothing down my skirt I reluctantly had to agree with him, but as we walked back to our table past a visibly disappointed band, I informed him that now I had had some of his cock in me I wanted the rest of it, and very soon.

“That depends on the other two,” he replied, not very convincingly. I think he was ready to break all the rules too.

“I think you have the answer to that Tom,” I nodded towards our table, most other guests had drifted away to the bar, there was no sign of Sophie and Paul and their swinging partners. No surprise there! Les and Rich were in a deep snog, and as we approached I noticed that her hand was out of sight below the table, obviously somewhere close to Rich’s lap. His fingers were discreetly fondling the outline of an erect nipple.

“Wow!” was all Tom could manage as we drifted closer, slowly enough for them to spot us and hastily attempt to collect themselves. I couldn’t help giggling.

“Don’t be embarrassed you guys, we were doing the same around the corner, look.”

I grabbed Tom’s hard cock through his pants.

“That’s nothing,” smiled Les, “Look what I found all alone and needing some TLC.”

She lifted the tablecloth and there was Richard massively erect in his pants with the circumcised head of his cock peeping out of the top.

I laughed. “Boasting again Rich, that’s going to get you into trouble one day.”

“This isn’t what you think,” he stuttered and we all laughed as he hastily stuffed it out of sight, I was thrilled that Les had actually got him this far.

I really don’t think they had noticed our absence and, grinning to myself, I wondered what Rich’s reaction would have been if he had known that moments ago Tom had started to screw his sister just a few yards away. As we sat down I cut no ice and grinned at the other two. “This is so fucking cool folks.”

Tom ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate the start of something we had known all along would happen, but Richard was still clearly circumspect. I whispered in his ear, “I’m going to sleep with Tom tonight, please don’t mess things up now.”

Les meanwhile had replaced her hand in Richard’s lap to hide his embarrassment. “Now where the fuck do we go from here?”

I knew very well where the fuck Tom and I wanted to go, but the decision had to come from someone else, preferably my own brother. As Tom and I sat down very close together I swear I could smell my sex! Or maybe it was my smell coming from his pants! Discreetly my fingers sought the outline of his erect cock.

There was an embarrassing silence as we all stared at Rich, waiting for him to speak. czech estrogenolit porno

“I was afraid of this, it’s ending up like some sordid wife swap and…”

“No its not Rich,” I interrupted, squeezing Tom even tighter, again checking the adjacent tables for onlookers.

“…the sort of thing they do behind curtains on council estates.”

“But we’re not wives, we are free spirits and free to fuck who we like.”

Les joined in with me, “I agree. And anyway, how can it be wife swapping if none of us is married?”

Tom, sensing my frustration, kissed my ear and added his own contribution, “Can’t we just think of this as some no-strings fun among good friends?”

We girls nodded eagerly, both as anxious for sex as Tom clearly was, and even Richard managed a half-smile. Les whispered that, under her hand, his erection hadn’t budged an inch. And he could afford a few inches of budging!

My brother sighed, “Well, I guess if you put it like that. It’s just that I don’t want us all going down there.” He pointed to the beach. “I want to be with her in private.” He stared long and hard at Les, and she patted his cock in reply.

Then Tom, as though suddenly inspired through the haze of alcohol, came up with the solution.

“Hey, how about we do it like this?”

“What?” we all chorused, even Richard’s eyes lighting up.

“Okay…” Tom paused for dramatic effect. “…Richard, may I have the pleasure of borrowing your girl friend for tonight please? And in exchange you can borrow mine.”

For a brief moment he looked puzzled, and then grinned with a relieved expression.

“Fuck, why didn’t I think of that?”

Les and I clapped our hands in delight. I swear my pussy smiled too!

“But only if you return the goods in the same condition you found them!”

“What? Do you mean horny, Rich?” I replied laughing.

The need to have sex very soon now lay very heavily on us all, a tell-tale had arrived through Tom’s pants and Les and I quietly admitted that our skirts were soaking behind, me in particular, being without underwear.

Before anyone could change their minds I grabbed the remaining champagne and dragged Tom off to my chalet. Looking back I was thrilled to see Les and Richard resume their snogging. I was secretly hoping that he would get as much enjoyable sex from her as I knew I was going to have with Tom.

We fell together on the bed, laughing and pawing at each other, and slowly got lost in our very first prolonged deep kiss, our tongues lashing together in total passion, while our hands ripped at each other’s clothing. Our urgency belied the fact that we now had the whole night to discover each other intimately. As we kissed he was half on top of me, pressing his erection into my thigh with slow thrusting movements as though he was already inside my pussy.

Our mouths parted and I let out a long breath and then, pulling out from underneath him, quickly moved off the bed to stand next to it. I shed my skirt and top in one swift motion and jumped back onto the mattress. We were kneeling facing each other now, my lips again sought his and I reached down to start pulling his pants off too, my hands more often trying to stroke his cock than making any progress at undressing him. Very soon we were both panting with sheer lust for each other, and the only item of clothing remaining were my bra and his black boxers which were doing nothing to hide his strong arousal, the rest of our clothes now in a heap on the floor.

“I want to fuck,” I declared.

“You said that before,” Tom laughed, his erection pushing the material out to the extreme. If he was any smaller than my brother, it was not apparent at that moment.

“This time I won’t take no for an answer,” I replied, gripping his erection in both hands.

Gently pushing me back on the bed again, his hand slid between the warmth of my thighs to continue his exploration of my willing body. My fine blonde pubic hairs were trimmed into a small triangle, my pussy tastefully lined with fine golden hair. My lips, easily visible through them, parted easily in the wetness and warmth of my arousal as his fingers started to move more insistently. He jumped when he felt my toes reach out to tease his cock.

As I moaned and pressed myself up against his hand, he inserted a gentle finger inside me, being careful to avoid my already engorged clitoris. With his free hand he removed my bra and stroked the soft swelling of my little breasts while his finger moved in and out of my naturally lubricated pussy. I was desperate for Tom to fill me with his cock, to screw me hard, to continue what we had started in the bar, but this lovely man had other ideas. There are moments when I want to be held down on the bed, ravaged, raped even, and this was one of them. Instead I realised I had chosen a guy who intended to start out by worshipping every single inch of my body, only the late Jim had ever done that. With the knowledge that the hard fucking would eventually follow (with me I make sure it always does!), I allowed him to cherish me.

Inserting another finger he leaned down czech experiment porno to put his mouth near my clitoris and lightly dragged his tongue across it while he teased deeper and deeper inside my pussy. He muttered that I tasted sweet as his tongue lingered over my swollen lips, and sliding down the bedspread he spread my thighs wide to give himself better access. To save his neck I passed him a pillow to place under my bum.

He returned to the paradise as he called it, and while he started to torture my clitoris with the tip of his tongue, he slowly began to finger fuck my soaking cunny. My breathing accelerated and my hips gyrated as I urgently pressed myself up against his mouth striving for the satisfying pressure of his tongue. He fingered me more quickly as I luxuriated in the sensation of his fingers moving roughly within me. While his free hand switched from one sensitive nipple to the other, his tongue alternated from moving briefly against my clitoris, flicking lightly in time with his stroking hand, then away to my upper thighs, savouring the leaking juices of my passion.

I was groaning and tossing my head back and forth in pleasure, crying out his name, urging him on, continuously requesting that he let me cum, pleading with him to fuck me. Finally he relented and, concentrating with one hand on my sensitive button, he inserted an extra finger with the other and attacked the furry surface of my g-spot.

I realised through the ecstasy that I was about to lose control. I was in a state of total bliss that only Jim had ever achieved with me, I was Tom’s to do anything with, even have me in the bum if he wanted. The end came quickly as suddenly I held my breath, and my body froze as if in electric shock, and then erupted in moans of pleasure, my thighs clamping down on his hand. As I cried out he looked up at me, grinning like the proverbial cat, his face soaking wet, then returned to help work me down from my orgasm, still mercilessly but much more slowly driving his fingers in and out of me to keep the sensation intense, but not so much as to be unbearable as had been the case with Richard.

I shivered as at last we both relaxed back, sweating freely on the covers. With a gleam in my eye I reached down for his cock, still barely contained within those pants, the front clearly stained with his pre-cum. Tom grinned when he knew what was next on the menu. Me! He had no choice, I was ovulating, on heat, and badly needed a cock. His cock.

“Come here mister, I only got a little of this fellow earlier, I want the rest of him now!”

He pulled down his pants fully exposing to me for the first time his delicious fat cock, vastly erect. It was nowhere as long as my brother’s, no surprise there, but I gasped out loud with a mixture of horror and delight when I saw just how really fat it was, very like a pink courgette, the swollen head glistening wet in the moonlight. I cannot remember any other moment that I was so ready for sex, neither before that night or even since.

“Shit Tom, I’m not sure if this is going to be possible!” My pussy contracted in a mixture of disbelief and wanton desire.

Impossible or not, the overwhelming lust in my body took control and I pulled him up to me, between my open legs, my pussy trembling in the anticipation of being opened up by this monster piece of flesh. Pulling my knees up slightly I reached down between them putting his cock head in line with its target. I gazed down hungrily at this throbbing erection, still continuing to leak at the tip. I am sure it was because I was so very much on heat that I allowed my pussy to contract enough to allow such girth inside me. I felt as though I had the power to suck him into me without either of us moving, my need was that strong.

The reader will by now have come to the conclusion I was now truly in need of sex!

He paused at my entrance and gazed with his own lust into my eyes.

“Ready?” he asked pointlessly.

I nodded and gripped his leaking weapon, “I’ve been waiting all week for you mister fat dick, ever since I saw you on the beach.”

I gave him a squeeze and his eyes flared when a drop of pre-cum dribbled out on to my sex lips, as if I needed any lubrication! I was soaking, and ready for him.

“I am going to fuck you now, you delicious creature.”

“Thought you would never ask, put him in me and then you will feel how delicious I am.” I laughed.

Instinctively he held himself up on his hands as I rubbed his tip up over my clitoris and then guided him down and into my waiting haven of sex. With a groan he gently lowered himself until he was fully inside me, both relishing that wonderful one-time experience of a new cock completely filling a new pussy. I was pleasantly surprised that my pussy opened readily to take him in without any discomfort. My arms went around his neck pulling him tightly to my breasts, and I kissed him hungrily as slowly we started to fuck. I was incredibly wet and the heat from his cock was amazing as I pushed hard up against his thrusts. He told me later that of all the women that he had been fortunate enough to share his bed with, he had never known anyone so incredibly turned on as I was at this moment. But then all men say that don’t they! Even so, the desire was literally soaking me and I was worried he might not find sufficient friction for us to enjoy the sex. No problem! His thickness made up for that and I was much drier deep inside, the business end as Tom called it!

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