Sex Lessons For Emily Ch. 1

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Emily has lived with her dad, and his brother Bill for the last Five year her mother has been dead. They live outside a small town on a country road with three other family. Across the street from her lives Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth, she sick and in the hospital a lot. He works with her dad and uncle. Next door to them is Mr. Jones, he’s single, but has a baby. On weekends the neighbors get together and catch up on the local gossip. This weekend there’s a big barbecue. Emily is going to turn 18. She was going to spend time with her grandparents, but decided not to at the last minute. The weekend was here and she was 18 now and her dad gave her a new car. Her Uncle had given her some money. It was after midnight and she was tried so she went up stairs.

Emily looked out her bedroom window, watching the party. Mrs. Butterworth was there dancing with her husband. Dad, Uncle Bill, and Mr. Jones were all dancing with lady Emily only seen a few times. Emily went downstairs to get something to eat and drink.

“Emily, your Dad tells me it’s your birthday today, Happy 18 Birthday! I was wondering if you could do me favor?” Mr. Jones ask.

“Sure what?” she said.

“My niece’s baby sitter called to say she needed to go home her mother is sick. Could you take care of Mary for me?” he asked. She told him she would.

“Great I’ll be right back with her and her stuff.” he said kissing the top of her head. Emily was getting very tried of the men treating her like a little girl, she turn 18 today. Emily went into the bathroom, and grab her robe. She quickly undress, standing in front of the mirror she looked at her body. Her tits were pretty big, with her slim body and her long brown hair. She cupped her tits. She had a body of a woman when will they see that’s she old enough to be treated as an adult.

Frank Jones walk into the house looking for Emily, not seeing her, he went upstairs. Frank stood in the doorway watching Emily, My god she isn’t a little girl at all, he thought to himself. He could feel his cock getting hard watching. He was glad that his niece’s was sleeping, and not screaming as he walk back down the hallway.

“Emily where are you?” he call as he walk back up to her door. He saw that she had slip into her robe.

“Oh there you are. Here she is, My mom is coming around 8-9 to pick Mary up, Oh and she knows she’ll be here with you.” he said. He needed to get away from her fast or he was going to do something, something he wanted to do very badly.

“Hey Frank, What happen are you OK?” Ed ask.

“I don’t know how to say this, but as I was dropping off Mary with Emily I walk up to her door and saw her standing in front of her mirror naked, squeezing the biggest set of tits I’ve seen in a long time Ed. Your daughter has grown into one hot sexy woman, she didn’t see me, I went back out into the hallway, and called out to her. I need to find my date, and see if she will give me some relief.” Frank told him.

” I know, Bill and I have had the same thoughts, we all have had them. Tom Butterworth watch her skinny dipping one night, Bill saw her working her fingers up her pussy. And I’ve watch her boyfriend eating her pussy. I’ve wanted her my self, but till she show some interest in wanting us we will have to wait. Tonight we have some lady’s who will give us some loving.

Emily played with Mary, feeding, and changing her when she needed to. When the door bell rang, she had Mary all clean and ready to give her to Frank’s mother.

“Thank you my dear for taking care of my granddaughter.” Frank’s mother said. Emily slip out to sit at the pool and relax. She swam for a while, then layed on the lounge chair. Feeling tried she fell asleep. Something woke Emily up some time later. Sitting up she heard a noise, it sounded like grunts, and groans. Getting up she walk over to the brushes, and saw her dad, and uncle getting their cocks sucked. Then she head someone shout.

“OH GOD, FUCK ME, YOU BIG STUD.” She turned, and walk over to the side of the house, there she saw Mrs. Butterworth getting fucked by Frank, and Mr. Butterworth was fucking her ass.

Frank thought he heard someone, he turn and saw Emily watching, keeping his eyes on her, he started plunging his cock in faster. With his eyes on Emily, Frank’s orgasm took him by surprise and he exploded. Emily went back to the pool. She couldn’t stop thinking about Frank, She’s been thinking about him, and her dad, and sometimes her Uncle Bill. She wonder what it would feel like to have Frank inside her. Her only boyfriend wasn’t any help, he kept telling her how to do this and how this was to be done, but he never would show her how. And the one time he ate her pussy, he said his big brother told him how to do it. But she didn’t enjoy it much. She was so engross in her thoughts she didn’t hear Frank walk up.

“Hi czech harem porno Emily, How is your birthday turning out for you?” he ask.

“It’s okay I guess, but I wish my father would see me as a grown up, instead of a kid. I’m 18 and I thought I get other things. What happen when you turned 18?” she ask.

“Well my dad took me out to a whore house and hired one of the girls to teach me about sex. Let me tell you although is was fun I didn’t learn anything until I meet up with my best friends older sister, she help me learn things I didn’t know. And she gave me a book, that help alot too.” he told her.

” Emily, I know you saw me with The Butterworth’s. Did you enjoy watching me fucking her? I know that watching you while I was fucking her had me so turn on that I came to soon, and it made her mad.” Frank said laughing. Frank heard her say yes in a soft voice.

“Hey Frank, come over here and settle this bet.” Mr. Butterworth yelled.

“I’ll be back soon.” he told her and left. She watched him walk away, then she turned, and walk up to her room. Turning off the lights, she layed down thinking about what Frank had told her. She wondered if he Dad and Uncle would see her differently if she went around the house naked once in a while.

“Why did you leave honey, I told you I’d be back.” Frank said quietly, as he sat down on the bed.

“I thought you’d get to busy with your lady friend.” she said. He got up, and went to the window. He saw Bill, and Ed fucking the lady that came with him.

“Come here Emily, I want to show you something?” he ask. She walk over to him.

“Look down there, and tell me what you see.” he ask. She looked down at her dad and Uncle fucking Frank’s lady.

“Dad and Uncle Bill are fucking your girlfriend.” she told him.

Standing behind her, Frank put his arms around her.

“I see your father, and Uncle fucking a lady, who is not my girlfriend. You see I don’t have one yet. I also know that your a beautiful, sexy, HOT young lady, and if you had show any interest in me, I would have taken you up on it.” he whispers in her ear, places a kiss on her ear.

“But I don’t know how to…..” she stammer.

” How to what Emily?” Frank ask.

“That” she said pointing.

“You mean sucking a man’s cock?” he asks. She shuck her head yes. Frank took a deep breath.

“Come with me, I have something that might help you it help me when it was given to me.” he said. She followed him to his house. She watch him looking for something, when he found it, he walk over to her.

” This might help you, but it is very explicit. It shows mostly pictures.” he said, handing the book to her.

” What is it?” she ask.

“It’s a book about sexual positions, and instructions on how to do them.” he told her. She thanks him, and ran out the door. He watches her runaway.

“Just wait Emily, I’ll teach you how to suck my cock Honey, and a lot of other things too.” he said to the empty room.

Later that night Frank went over to talk to Ed.

“Ed I need to talk to you.” Frank said.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Is this about Emily?” Ed ask.

” Yes it is, Would it up set you if I was the one to teach Emily about sex?” Frank asks.

” I know It’s not something I should ask you, but I….. Well I love her Ed, and I want to be with her.” Frank added.

“Well Frank, Your the third one to ask me that. For awhile I was going to let Bill, because The Butterworth’s, he mostly likes it to rough, and I don’t want her hurt. I see that you do love her, and so I’ll let you. Would you do me a favor and tell her that her Bill, and I would like to be with her too.” Ed said.

” I will tell her, ad that it’s alright to want her father and Uncle that way.” Frank said.

Emily had planed a party for all her friends today, it was the only time they all had off. Everybody was having a great time, and Emily was saying goodbye to the ones leaving when Frank showed up.

“Oh Frank she looks cute in that out fit.” Emily said when she saw Mary. Taking her from him, she walk over to her friends. Frank went inside to find Ed.

“Hi, When will the party be over do think?” Frank ask.

“Hopefully soon I’m getting to old for all these young people.” Ed told him.

“Hey Frank Mary needs to be changed.” Emily said.

“It’s quiet all of a sudden what happen?” asked her dad.

“Oh Stacy’s mom finely showed up to take the rest of the girls home. Thank you Dad, it was a wonderful party.” she said hugging her dad.

“Frank, Hey Frank.” someone yelled.

“That’s mom got to go, Oh Emily Come over later, I have a something for you.” Frank said, running out the door.

“I’m glad you enjoyed your party Emily, Now I’m off to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow.” czech mega swingers porno he said, hugging her. She place a kiss on his lips, and slip her tongue for a second. She watch him walk away.

Emily went up stairs to change out of her bathing suit, she puts on her robe. It was to hot for clothes, beside’s she was just going down to the pool to swim in the nude. That’s where Frank found her.

“Hi, mind if I join you?” he ask. She said she didn’t care, he couldn’t see anything. They swam for an hour.

“Emily come over to my house, I want to show you something. It’s okay, I’ll close my eyes if you want me to.” he said. She shrugged her shoulders and got out slipping on her robe. She walks with him.

“Have a seat, I’ll be right back Honey.” he said. She looked around the room, seeing the pictures of his family and friends. Se saw the computer, and it had a web site, showing a girl sucking a cock while two other guys have their cocks in her at the same time.

Frank walk into the room, seeing Emily over by his computer, he walks over and sat down, pulling her onto his lap. With his arms around her, he tap the keys, and she watch the picture change to a close up of the guy getting his cock suck. He kiss her ear.

“Would you like me to teach you how to suck my cock Honey?” he whispers.

“Yes” she whispers. He shut down the computer, holding her hand he takes her upstairs to his room. Closing the door behind them, he takes her over to the bed. He sits down, opening her robe, moves his hands up to her shoulders, caressing her arms as he slides her robe off. Holding her hands he pulls her closer, and puts them on his chest. Moving his hands up to her shoulders, he pushes her to her knees.

“Your so beautiful Emily, I’ve been waiting for you to turn 18 for a log time, you make me so hard looking at you.” he told her.

He holds her tits, rubbing, squeezing, and pinching her nipples. He lowers his head, and licks them. He heard her moans.

“Mmmmm, wonderful, but we have all night. Take me in your hands……. ooooooo baby, gentle rub your hands up and down my cock…..Mmmm, yes that’s right baby…….mmmmm, when your ready, I want you to kiss, and lick him.” he told her. Emily like the feel of him in her hands, she look up at him, and saw that he had his eyes close. She licks her lips, and reaches out her tongue and licks his cockhead.

“MMMMM” Frank groans. Holding his balls in one hand, she uses her other hand to hold his cock. She opens her mouth, and encloses his cock in her mouth.

“AAAGGGHHH!!!” he grunts. She backs off.

“OH GOD BABY, PLEASE DON’T STOP, IT FEELS SOOOOO, GOOD.” he said. She puts her mouth back on his cock, and she sucks him. With his encouragement she keeps sucking his cock.

“OH SWEET BABY, EMILY I’M GOING TO CUM HONEY, YOU BETTER TAKE ME OUT, OH GOD, HERE IT COMES BABY!!” he cries out. Pulling her on top of him and laying back on his bed. He wraps his legs around her, and kisses her.

” I want inside you, Emily. May I put my cock in your pussy, I want to buried myself so deeply in you and not come back out till I plant a baby in you, Would you like to have a baby with me?” he ask.

“Oh yes please Frank, yes, Please fuck me, plant your baby deep inside me.” she said. He rolled her under him, he kisses her lips using his tongue, moving down to take her nipples, taking them in his mouth, and sucking into hard little beads. He moves down lower still, and kisses, and licks her pussy. He slides his finger in while, he sucks on her pussy. He holds her ass, to keep her from moving away from his mouth. She was so hot and wanting him inside.

“OH, GOD, FRANK, I’M, CUMMING!!!” she screams. He moves up to kiss her, rolling her on top.

“Oh baby I love doing that. Did you like it? We can do again, but now I have to get inside you.” he ask.

“Oh yes Frank, it was wonderful, will it always be like that.” she asks.

“It will be different with every man who dose that, but with me it will always will be like that.” he told her.

“When can we do it again?” she ask.

“After I fuck you, we can do it again and you can suck me while I do that. Climb up here, and ease my cock inside you.” he said. He held his cock for her, feeling her enclose him inside her, he knew he would never give her up. He had to fight for control, he wanted to last for a long time. He was only a quarter of the way in her when she stop.

” You’ll have to drop down hard Honey, When your ready relax, and drop.” he told her.

Emily took a deep breath, and let her body go.

“AAAGGGHHHH!!” she cried out. Frank pulls her close to him.

“It’s okay baby, stay still till your ready. Oh baby, you feel so good, so hot.” he whispers.

“Oh Frank I didn’t know it could czech pool porno feel like this.” she said. Lifting her hips up and down, she could feel every inch of his 9 inch cock. She felt full with him inside her, and she was getting tried. He knew she was getting tried, and he couldn’t take her going slow much longer, he wanted to cum, to plant his baby deep inside, but he also wanted it to be good for her, he had to wait for her to cum first.

” Oh god Frank please, I want you on top of me.” she said.

“Oh baby I’m trying to go slow, but you make me so hard.” he said. He rolls, and grab her ass, and as gentle as he could he moves in her.

“OH GOD FUCK ME, HARDER FRANK, OH YES, FASTER.” she yelled. The harder he fuck, the harder she moved, he couldn’t hold back any more he had to fuck her faster. He knew it was a matter of seconds before his orgasm hit, he reach down, and rubbing his finger on her pussy. They exploded together.

Still deep inside her, Frank takes her with him as he lays back.

“Emily It’s never felt like that before.” he said.

“That book you gave me. It shows all kinds of things, I’d like to try them.” she said.

“Oh baby, we will try them, and a lot more. Have you ever thought about having sex with your Dad and Uncle.” he ask.

” Yes, but I don’t think they would be interested in that.” she said.

“Oh boy baby, are you in for a surprise. Emily your Daddy knows your here. I ask his permisson to teach you about making love and about sex. And they both would love to have you in their beds.” he told her.

“I don’t have to tonight do I?” she asks.

“Oh no baby tonight your mine. We will plan a night when you can have them, as long as I’m with you too.” he said.

“Good I want to get some sexy clothes to wear for them, oh and you too.” she told him.

” We can do that on my computer.” he said.

“Right now?” she ask. He nodded his head yes.

“Show me, please?” she asks.

Frank sat in front of his computer, putting her on his lap. Punching keys, he found the web site. He put in his ID and password. Up pops a show of women wearing all kinds of sexy clothes.

“I’d like to see you in these two.” he said. Pointing them out to her. Something called a bodysuit.

” A sheer black Bodycover with spilt cortch.” she read.

“Okay lets order that one.” she told him.

“This is the other one, I think your Dad and Bill will love this.” he said. It was a French Maid, they order that one to. Frank punch a lot more keys and a page came up saying that the order would be here overnight.

“Why overnight, I thought it takes time when you order by mail.” she asks.

“Most time it dose, but I paid extra money to get it here tomorrow afternoon.” he told her.

“Now how would you like to make love sitting here, watching a movie.” he asked.

“Yes” she said. He reach up, to cup her tits. Squeezing her tits. He kiss the side of her neck.

“Watch the screen baby, mmmmmm, feels good doesn’t it, I know I like having you on my lap, wiggly some baby.” he whispers. She move her ass, over his lap. She could his every moan and groan. His hand move down, caressing her tummy, lightly moving over her pussy hair.


“I’m loving you Baby, just loving you.” he said. He lifted her up enough to slip his cock in her pussy. She pushes down unto him, twisting and grinning her hips.

“Keep that up Baby and I’m going to cum now, instead of later after I give you a good ride.” he said. She slows down a little, but she to go faster.

“Watch the screen again. See the lady getting her ass fuck. How would you like to try that later tonight?” he asks.

Frank woke up alone, turning over he found a note from her.

“Hi, Baby, I’m sorry I had to leave your bed so early, but I had to go home and get ready for work. I’ll see you when you get home, love Emily” he read. He spend the hours doing the books for the company. When the clock bells ring at 5, he turns off the computer. Frank watches her from his bedroom window. He see that she’s enjoying the pool. Ed and Bill will not be home till after six. [the door bells rings] He goes to answer it.

Emily seen the truck pull in, when it left she ran over to his house. “Is it here Frank?” she asks.

“You can’t wait, can you Baby, Well come and see what we have.” he said. Following him inside, she saw the he had a tight, bulge in his pants.

“What were you doing before the truck came?” she asks.

” I was watching you and wishing I was with you.” he said.

“Ooooo look it comes with a matching robe, I think I’ll wear this for them tonight, but I’ll save the other for you.” she said. He kiss her, and she ask him if he would like to join her in the pool. He told her, he would meet her in 15 minutes. Emily ran back to her house and drop the stuff on the chair. Frank join her with a bottle of wine. They toasted to the night ahead of them.

Emily shower and dress carefully. At 9, she walk down stairs. Frank watch her come down, then her dad and Bill turn to watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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