Sexual Soul Mate

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As soon as I saw her walk thru the door I know I had to have her.

It was 1997 and I was in my late 20s and having experienced the 80s I had had A LOT of sex!

Brenda was tall and slim with perky tits and a tight ass. I had been given the privilege of training her at the restaurant we worked at. We worked our shift and got along great. Every chance I got I’d move in close to her and smell her hair while lightly brushing her ass.

We finished the shift and I asked her if she’d have a beer with me at our local down the street. She agreed.

We chatted for a couple of hours and got to know each other and every so often I’d steal a glance at her firm high riding boobs. We started to get a little “relaxed” and our knees began to touch as we became more comfortable with each other.

She excused herself to go use the pay phone (cell phones were virtually non-existent in those days) and since I had to piss I went downstairs after her. When I returned from the restroom she had just hung up the phone.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked.

“My boyfriend.” She replied.

“Excuse me?” I uttered, rather shocked by her response.

“We’ve been over for a while but he’s got money, so I hang around”.

I pondered her statement güvenilir bahis for a few seconds and decided it didn’t matter; I just wanted to fuck this chick.

“Cool” was all I said.

We got back up to the bar and she ordered a couple of bourbons which we shot down quickly and continued our lust filled conversation.

Out of no where she put my hand on the stool she’s sitting on in front of me and begins to slowly grind her crotch against my knuckles.

She leaned forward and stuck her tongue in my ear and began to moan. She kept grinding as I kissed her neck.

Realizing a bar wasn’t the greatest place to continue further I quickly paid the tab and whisked her up the street to my little bachelor pad a few blocks away.

I poured us some wine and we settled on the couch and continued where we’d left off at the bar.

Her breathing was labored as I began to kiss her all over her body removing single pieces of clothing as I ventured my way over every inch of skin. She was down to her sexy lace bra and panties when she stood up, and slowly removed my shirt.

She kissed and licked my nipples as she undid my jeans. She pulled off my pants and boxers and stood back for a moment to gaze upon my throbbing member.

I’m türkçe bahis not going to embellish my endowment. I am 7″ with a huge mushroom head with plum sized balls. I suppose my “claim to fame” is the massive loads I can produce.

She dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck my balls while stoked my rock hard shaft.

I could see dollops of pre cum seeping from my slit, which she quickly noticed and wiped them down my pole lubing it up as she jacked me faster.

I stopped her at that point wanting to move on with my exploration of her body.

She got down on the bed and I laid beside her and undid her front clasping bra to get at those perky titties. They spilled out and my cock grew another inch instantly! She had the biggest hardest nipples I’d ever seen!

I rolled each of them between my fingers and she arched her back urging me to suck them.

I alternated between both nipples and she squirmed around on the bed writhing in ecstasy.

I moved my hand down to caress her thighs and slipped my hand inside her black lace panties. She had an extremely hairy bush and a huge clit.

I diddled her as she thrashed around on the bed and shoved a finger inside her cunt.

She was soaking wet. Her panties were lined güvenilir bahis siteleri with cream and I easily slid another two fingers into her hole.

I love a hairy pussy and the wetter the better. I moved down and began to eat her out for all I was worth. Her juices just streamed out of her as she came.

As her 4th orgasm was upon her I kneeled in front of her so that she could suck me as I continued to rub her massive clit.

I was hard as steel after a couple of minutes and decided it was time.

I rolled her over and placed her with her ass high in the air.

My dick was slick from all the sucking and her slit was still sopping wet.

I slid my cock into her slowly and I could feel her walls contracting around my shaft as if she were milking it of its contents.

I fucked her slow and deep but her silky wet chasm was just too much.

I knew I had to cum and Brenda sensed it.

She turned around and sat on the end of the bed, firmly grasped my shaft and began to furiously jack me off.

She massaged my huge balls while occasionally licking the pre cum from the tip.

My balls tightened and the head of my cock swelled as my orgasm consumed me.

Spurt after massive spurt erupted from my dick, filling her gullet with white hot jizz. I watched her swallow 3 or 4 times to get my entire giant load into her.

As the last rope of cum spit from my cock I picked her up and kissed her deeply.

I knew I had found my sexual soul mate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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