Shades of Blue Ch. 02

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When I wrote ‘Shades of Blue’ I had never intended to continue it to include their ‘date’ or them ‘spending the night together’. The very kind and helpful comments, both public and private, almost universally pointed out that the ending was ‘Rushed’, and I must say, I have to admit it was. To those who left me a means to respond, either with an email address or their member I.D, I have already explained that this was, in a way, pure panic.

I am sure that many readers will recognise this situation. Many times before I had tried to write something, but it ended up all wrong and so was dumped into the trash bin, where it belonged. This story made it almost to a reasonable end, and it just seemed to work, so I thought it deserved to be ‘aired’.

Then I found I was beginning to think along the ‘trash bin’ lines again!

This was when I made the decision to finish up and send it off before I ‘chickened out’.

I Hope that also explains the, slightly odd credit to ‘Smokahontas’ for “making me wait”, but then not waiting for her to ‘edit’ the story as I had asked her to. I apologise to her for being so impatient.

The comments I have received have convinced me that I had to continue the story to a proper conclusion.

The way I had ended the story, however, didn’t really lend itself to its continuation.

For this reason I decided to re-write how I closed the original story.

That’s the reason the ending of the first part is not exactly the same as the beginning of the second part.

I have tried to keep the ‘content’ and ‘feeling’ the same, so I hope you feel the changes are an improvement.

Once again, I send my thanks to all who took the time to comment. ALL were read and very much appreciated.

One anonymous private comment, made a very poignant comment about some of the content in the story.

I would have loved to have been able to reply to him, personally, but without a means of contact I was unable to do so.

If he reads this and feels he would like to comment on this continuation of my story, could I suggest that an ‘anonymous’ email address can be a very useful addition to have in your ‘toolbox’.

I can only hope the continuation of this story meets the high standard my reader’s comments suggest they are expecting from me.


Shades of Blue. Chapter 2.

I walked out of Mums bedroom feeling like a king. I was in love and the woman of my dreams loved me too. I didn’t care what the rest of the world might think; my world was a wonderful place.

I phoned the hotel to sort out our sleeping arrangements. “I’m afraid I clicked on the wrong box on the web site when I filled in the booking form.” I said. “I actually require a double room, not a twin.”

The lady at the hotel assured me that this was not a problem, they did have a double room available.

I apologised for it being such short notice, and asked. “Is it possible for there to be flowers, a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates in the room? Only tonight is a very special occasion and I really need everything to be absolutely perfect for my wife.”

“Yes, I can arrange that for you sir” she said, “May I ask what the occasion is?”

I know, I should have anticipated that question, but I didn’t, and I panicked a bit.

“It’s … ummm …. our anniversary” I blurted out, “But we don’t want any fuss, we have had a very difficult day.”

“Oh, I see!” She said. “When is the actual anniversary?”

I noticed a slight change in her voice.

“Umm! … It’s today.” I said. Kicking myself for being caught out so easily, hoping she hadn’t noticed my hesitation.

“I see!” She said.

The change in her voice warned me. She had guessed that I wasn’t telling her the whole truth.

I know from my own experience, if your work puts you into a ‘face to face’ situation with ‘the public’, you very quickly develop an instinct for when something you are being told isn’t true. She had picked up on my confusion and I knew I now needed to be extra careful.

Then I had an idea!

“Is it possible to have a box of ‘After Eights’ in the room as well?” I asked. “Only It is something of a running joke between us. After such a very stressful day, I think it would help my …umm! … Wife, into a more relaxed frame of mind for the evening.”

The slight hesitation before I said ‘wife’, this time was deliberate and done for a reason.

Because I knew the receptionist was now suspicious about the booking, I wanted to allay those suspicions.

The last thing I wanted was for the hotel to think this was just a couple going away for a ‘Dirty Weekend’.

Of course, I knew referring to Mum as ‘my wife’ was something I would have to be careful about in future, but on this occasion I thought it was necessary. After all we were going to be sharing a double room

“I realise this is all at very short notice,” I said “But I would be really grateful if you could. A …. ‘friend’ was supposed to have sorted everything out for tonight, reality kings porno and he has let me down very badly.

He has caused a huge upset, when everything was supposed to have been organised and beautiful.

When we realised how he had let us down, my wife was in tears.

She shouldn’t have been upset like this;” I said “Not today of all days, her day was stressful enough without this.

Hopefully, if the rest of the day is all right, my wife and I can put this behind us and it won’t spoil the memory of what should have been a wonderful day. The rest of her day just has got to be right.”

There was a slight hesitation before the receptionist answered, “I don’t think that will be a problem sir.” She said. “I think I can arrange that. I am quite sure we will be able make tonight really special for you both.”

I could have cheered! I just knew I had pulled it off.

The hints I had given she had picked up on and she thought she had figured out why something hadn’t sounded right. She was convinced now that she had guessed our ‘secret’, and she sounded quite pleased with herself for having done so. Now all I had to do when we arrived was to reinforce that impression.

I thanked her again for her assistance and said we expected to arrive at about 4 0clock, before hanging up the phone.

While I was talking to the receptionist I had, what I thought was another really good idea. I tapped on Mum’s bedroom door.

“I need to go out to pick up something, but I won’t be long,” I said.

Mum opened her door and smiled almost shyly at me.

“I think it’s going to take us both some time to get used to this new relationship,” she said. “But if this is now going to be ‘our bedroom’, you really don’t need to knock, before you enter.”

I took her into my arms and hugged her.

“One step at a time” I said, “A lot of things are going to feel strange to both of us for a while, and just walking into, what I still think of as ‘your bedroom’ feels wrong to me.

I am sure you would have felt embarrassed, if I had just walked in and you had been undressed.” I pointed out, “There are a lot of things we are both going to have to get used to.

Doing this,” and I gently kissed her, “Is another thing we are not really used to doing. But as I fully intend doing it quite a lot in the future, I think you will get used to that rather quickly.

We have about an hours drive to where I have booked, so I suggest you wear something comfortable and change into your evening clothes at the hotel. I want you to wear something really nice to travel in, though. Pack the things you are going to wear tonight, there will be plenty of time to get changed into them at the hotel.

You are going to really ‘knock ’em dead’ when we walk into that restaurant.”

“I suppose you have another suggestion about what you would like me to wear” said Mum, “What are you up to Paul? I get this feeling you are planning something else you are not telling me about.”

“Trust me, Mum – please” I said, “What about that navy blue suit with the straight skirt? With a cream blouse it looks lovely on you, and its something else you never seem to wear. I will explain more on the way, but when we arrive at the hotel I want to give them the impression that tonight is a really special night for us.”

I kissed her again and went to set in motion the idea I had when talking to the hotel receptionist. I had to get a couple of things set up, and then I would be ready to make our night perfect.

Mum, not knowing I had already got them, probably assumed I was going to buy condoms, she didn’t know I had already bought them. I had something completely different in mind.

It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for. Within thirty minutes or so I was on my way home again.

I changed into my best suit and packing a change of underwear, a clean shirt and toiletries, and I was ready.

Mum was still getting changed.

Oh why does it take women so long to get ready for anything? Maybe they just like keeping us waiting.

I brought our cases down and loaded them into the car. Then I brought down the hanger with Mums dress for the evening and hung it up inside the car as well.

Now it was time to set up my surprise. I took something from the back of my wardrobe and, after a few minor adjustments, set it up on my chair in the lounge.

Then, as nervous as a kitten, I sat down and waited for her to come down.

At last I heard her coming down the stairs.

I met her at the lounge door, making sure I kept between her and my chair to hide what I had set up there.

“You look beautiful Mum,” I said. “Have you got everything you need?”

“I think so” she said.

“Well! I think there is just one thing missing” I said; “I want you to come with me, please.” I took her hand in mine and led her into the lounge, making sure I stayed between her and my chair.

Then I stopped with my back to my chair,. Facing her, and taking both sexmex porno of her hands in mine, I said:

“Everything I am and everything I have ever achieved in my life is because of you and your love for me.”

Then I moved to one side and she first saw ‘Ted’, the old Teddy Bear she had bought me, years ago, as a comforter, when things were really bad between her and my dad and their constant fighting was upsetting me. I had folded and wrapped a white handkerchief around his neck to make it look like it was a clerical collar, and had put a pair of sun glasses on his nose. Under his arm (paw?) I had tucked ’50 Shades of Grey’.

“I no longer have to hide my love for you.” I said. “It is time for me to be a man, to stand up and declare:- “

“I, Paul Martin James, take thee Joanne Elizabeth Peters (her maiden name) to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, keeping only unto you, for as long as we both shall live.”

Onto the third finger of her left hand I slipped the wedding ring I had bought for her not half an hour before.

“With this ring I thee wed, with my body I thee worship and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.”

I may have got some of the words wrong, but I think, somehow, she got the general idea.

Mum was dumb-struck. She had tears running down her face and her mouth was open in shock but she couldn’t speak. She was shaking even more than I was and I just held her, kissing her tears away, laughing at her reaction.

“What are you doing? When did you….? Where did ….? Why …? Oh My God! You can’t do this!” she spluttered.

“I can’t do what?” I asked, “I am only doing what people who love each other have always done. Offered my love, everything I have and all I am, to the one I love and want to be with for ever.

Our new life together begins here, today, and, to make it everything we need it to be, one thing was missing.

One more thing was needed to make tonight perfect for us both.

One thing, to show you how much I love you. How much I am committed to you and our future together.

There is no-one else that I want.

My feelings for anyone else have never even come close to the feelings I have had to hide from you for too long.

If it had been possible for us to be married, publicly, in a church, I would have arranged that.” I said, “But we both know that, for us, this isn’t possible. Today, this lounge has to be our church.

I make these solemn vows, to you, today, here, in our church, and, I truly believe, before God.” I grinned at her “and in front of our very own …. ‘Father Ted’.” (reference a very popular comedy series on UK TV). “You are, from this moment, never mind what the rest of the world may think, as far as I am concerned, my wife.”

I put my hand into my jacket pocket, took out a handful of confetti I had bought, and sprinkled it on her hair, just for effect. Then, with her still looking completely stunned, I led her to the car.

Tonight was going to be the start of our new life together.

Something I hadn’t even dared to hope could ever happen, even in my dreams, was happening. Incest though it might be, I was going to spend tonight, and hopefully the rest of my life, in the arms of the woman I loved.


During the drive to the hotel, I explained to Mum about my phone call and what I had told the receptionist to allay her suspicion that this was just a ‘Dirty Weekend’.

Mum looked doubtful, but I assured her I hadn’t given anything away about our relationship, but I had tried to give the impression, without actually saying it, that today was our wedding day and my ‘best man’ had forgotten to book us in anywhere for our ‘wedding night’.

“That’s why I wanted you to wear something that looks like a bride’s ‘going away outfit’.” I said. “It will strengthen that impression. It was while I was talking to the hotel that I had the idea about us getting married today,” I said. “I never expected any of this to happen any more than you did, and it’s all happening to me just as fast as it’s happening to you.

I have been doing some pretty quick thinking on my feet today. I must admit though, I think the idea of us getting married was a good one.” I said with a grin. “The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

I couldn’t help a little chuckle as I said “and having ‘Father Ted’ to officiate at the service was just another one of my, quite normal, strokes of genius.

Did I mention, by the way, that I am a genius? Excessively modest, of course, but still a genius.”

Mum laughed, which of course was what I wanted. I wanted us to arrive at the hotel with her at least looking hopeful, not with eyes all puffy from crying.

“I think it might be best if you leave most of the talking to me,” I suggested. “Just play along sindrive porno with what I say, and if in doubt, just play the blushing bride. Leave it to me to sort it out. It’s a good job that one of your dress rings was in that dish on the sideboard, or your wedding ring might have been a really rubbish fit.”

“But we could have used my old wedding ring,” said Joanne. “I still have it in my drawer upstairs.”

“Over my dead body!” I replied. “Your first husbands input into our lives together ended over ten years ago. No way was I going to marry you using his ring! You are my wife and you will be wearing my ring, not his!”

That came out a little more forcefully than I had intended, and I think she was surprised. I did feel, however, that the point had to be made. It was only after I had said it, I realised I had said, “your first husband”, not “my father”.

The confetti had been an afterthought. There was a card shop next to the jewellers and I popped in there and bought a box. It turned out to have been a good idea though, because when we signed in at reception, a couple of pieces fell from Mum’s hair onto the desk.

Lisa, the receptionist, spotted them and a self congratulatory smile spread over her face. She was now quite certain she had correctly ‘read the signs’ during our phone call. I just pretended I hadn’t noticed the confetti and didn’t say anything.

Lisa looked at me. “When you told me on the ‘phone how you had been let down, I spoke to my manager. He suggested, as ‘The Bridal Suite’ was not being used this weekend and this was such a special occasion, perhaps we could upgrade your room. I have taken the liberty of having everything you requested sent up to there. Will that be all right?”

I thanked her and said, “That would be lovely.” I put my arm around Joanne’s waist and hugged her.

She looked absolutely stunned and she really was, at that moment, truly a ‘blushing bride’. I held her to me. “I promised you I would make sure everything was all right darling,” I said, and I kissed her gently on the lips. “I won’t allow Pete’s ‘foul up’ to spoil your day, and I’ll sort everything else out after we get home.”

Joanne clung to me. Her face was pressed into my shoulder and her shoulders were shaking.

The smile on the Lisa’s face was a joy to behold. She thought Mum was crying with relief that everything was going to be all right, after all.

She was now completely convinced that she had ‘saved the day’ for the bride and groom.

It didn’t seem right somehow to spoil her pleasure by telling her that she had just been ‘conned’, and Joanne wasn’t crying at all. Her face was pressed into my shoulder, as she desperately tried to control a fit of giggles at the audacity of what I had just pulled off.

I held her close and gently whispered, just loud enough for Lisa to hear, “It’s all right my love. This morning I promised I would look after you for the rest of our lives. You didn’t think a little thing like this was going to make me break that promise, did you?”

I could see that Lisa had a tear in her eye as she called a porter and gave him our room key. “The Bridal Suite please, John.” She told him.

John picked up our cases and led the way to the lift. He was grinning too, but thankfully didn’t try to talk to us. I suppose he was quite used to visitors staying in the ‘Bridal Suite’ not wanting to chat too much with him.

He unlocked the door and ushered us into the most amazing suite of rooms I had ever been in. Holiday hotels I had stayed in before didn’t even begin to compare.

I realised that when Lisa had mentioned ‘The Bridal Suite’, it might be a bit special, but nothing like this. This was something out of another world.

The outer door gave entry to a small lounge. Decorated throughout in white, with a gold motif.

There was a beautiful white leather two seat settee where we could sit and watch the small television set. In front of the window was a small dining table with two chairs. The table was laid out with flowers, two champagne flutes, a box of ‘Lindt’ chocolates and, tucked in among the flowers, was a box of ‘After Eights’.

On a shelf near the table was a glass fronted wine cooler, and inside that, a bottle of champagne.

The view from the window was across the gardens to a huge lake.

There were two other doors, one of which led into the bathroom. But what a bathroom!

A six piece bathroom suite, twin sinks, a Jacuzzi bath, a separate shower, a bidet and a WC.

Here again, the decorative theme was white and gold.

White tiles with a gold inlay. Taps and fittings, even the door handles, all in gold.

A connecting door then led directly into, what is, obviously, the most important room in the whole suite:

The bedroom!

Oh My God!

I have seen bedrooms like this before, but only in films. A huge queen sized bed, two quite small wardrobes, (I don’t suppose anybody brings a lot of clothes for a stay in this room). There were also, two very comfortable looking armchairs. This was the only room in the suite not in white and gold. The whole room was decorated in a soft relaxing grey, with the carpet, a slightly darker shade than the walls. Curtains, bed cover and armchairs were in a soft red and the silk sheets on the bed were pure white.

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