Shanti’s Sexual Exploits Ch. 05

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Shanti returned to her house and waited for the bitchy neighborhood woman to come to her house, she was intrigued what was going to be the trigger for Radha to come to her house – she was too horny to think of anything around this anyways and wanted to remain positive.

She tried sleeping – did not work and finally crawled out of bed in the house and went into the bathroom. The shower would put her in better spirits, then she would go downstairs and get acquainted with her new look woman, she thought. She stripped to her bare skin and wondered – why a bath before the sexual act – but well – she wanted to take a bath. She wanted to masturbate so naked, she walked back into the bedroom, the bed still looked cozy, and she had nothing better to do other than to face the odd woman. Back in bed she stretched lazily.

It felt strange to be completely nude under the sheets.

Somehow it made the bed feel so deliciously comfortable to her.

She lay there for a while half dozing and thinking of the sex she had witnessed a while ago in the neighborhood and she wanted him and her both, but she didn’t really know what to do, or how to react and the more she thought, the more she felt incredibly rosy and horny all over. Even her full breasts felt busty and meaty and as the sheet slipped across her taut nipples, she realized that she was fantastically horny. She wanted sex, but her fantasy stud was not available.

Shanti drew her hands across her body as she squeezed wickedly at the nipple on her left boob, and saw the fleshy nipple rise up erect at the end. She licked her lips, and prepared to experiment some more. She drew her body out long, and felt the sheet slide across her belly, and across her luscious mounds of breast. Then she drew the sheet between her legs. She gasped at the feet of the lustrous fabric as it slid between her thighs, and into her unused pussy. She spread her legs, and drew the sheet again through the dense folds of her cunt.

The sensation was overwhelming to her. The sheet was slick and cool and it slid across the moist soft lips of her pussy like a breeze. Shanti put her legs up into the air, and she lightly drew the sheet back and forth through her crotch, gently playing with herself and she increased the pace, and stroked her pussy with harder strokes of the sheet. She began to breathe more heavily, and she felt her snatch warming inside as it grew damp. Soon she found that her cunt was virtually steaming with the response to her little game while she moaned lightly and began to hump her hips on the bed.

She was wild to fuck! But there was nobody to fuck!

The material of the sheet between her legs clung and slid alternatively, setting up a burning friction over the gates of her steaming cunt, she spread her thighs wider and bent her knees more to dip down and open the silky petals to the tough of the sheet. It slid inside them and teased at the sensitive tissues rimming the mouth of her vagina. She moaned lightly as she felt the ball of sensitive nerve endings at the top of her clit awaken and sprout like a small cock.

The little bud surged forward into the cupping grooves of the sheet.

A change overtook her demure – lily like features as her passion ounted and she quickly sprang from the bed and searched through her suitcase for the black nylon panties that still had the stain of her last lover’s premature ejaculation blotched on them and she slipped her long slender legs into them and pulled them up over her thighs and now glancing into the mirror on the huge dressing table, she studied her sensuous body.

Pulling at the black brief panties, she was able to slide the thin soft material into the valley left by the sheets. She watched her own soft red lips go slack and her eyes hood over. The halo of black translucent hair swam luxuriantly around her shoulders and face. Her full breasts pumped up and down, the nipples tingling from the excitement she was bringing on herself. As if by it, her thumb began creeping down inside her nylon panties.

The material was tightly bunched in her fists, one in front, the other in back, and her knuckles rubbed with light touches over her burning skin she sucked in her breath and felt sharp jolts shoot through her, and her resolve started crumbling to pieces.

She wondered what difference one small bit of self-indulgence would matter now – what harm there would be in slipping her thumb inside her cunt and letting the release she’d been holding back so long flow through her. Shanti’s face twisted in agony, and she damned herself for having started playing around.

She sucked her belly in, and watched as it rolled, with the hole of her navel bobbing in the soft surface of her skin. For a moment Shanti studied her body. Her tits were full and beautifully shaped. The way they hung on her chest . . . her full brown nipples standing out pertly.

She dropped her panties, and stepped out of them and now nude she spread her legs wantonly and bent a fraction while her black escort kartal bush seemed to be melting from her mound as the drops of moisture formed on it and ran to the tips of the silky curls, loading her mat like a paint brush dipped in molten coal. Shanti didn’t feel as if she would or could even be able to separate reality from fantasy and it was unbelievable, never had she felt this way before, but then never had she been in bed with a man before who was circumcised, especially one who had left her completely satisfied except for Suhas the elder lover of her mother who broke through her hymen.

She thrust her pelvis forward and saw her brown red cuntlips puff up and part readily and exhibit the moist meat at the mouth of her tunnel. She could feel the nipples of need undulating along its length, making it stretch and grow soft and slippery and warm inside, readying itself for something.

Shanti was unaware of what, but she felt as if she had to have something inserted in it and tingles ran all through her chest and made her nipples swell to the bursting point with the wild passion building inside her while her inner thighs were covered with moisture, and her puffy labia were spread wide, like slitted petals of a bruised flower. She watched the soft part of her belly quiver with anticipation as her hand continued downward.

It reached her belly again and moved toward her crotch as though it had a mind of its own.

Shanti’s finger parted the pubes on its silky path.

She let the manual digit move along the downward-pointing root of her clit and then out to the throbbing tip while jolts of electric shock fired through her pelvis and her buttocks trembled and her throat opened wide to let out a groan of passion, and her pelvis bumped back and forth in tiny waves, seeking more of the contact she so desperately needed. Shanti’s finger slid in and out, rippling farther back toward her womb each time in searing waves of delight and she could see her abdomen bloating as she swallowed the length of her finger, but her pussy hungered for more while she tried to keep her hips still, but they weaved back and forth in screwing motions in an attempt to pull that finger all the way into her and make her squeeze down hard all around it and come.

At last the teasing came to an end and she couldn’t hold back any longer while her emotions were at their highest pitch, and she was afraid she would come before it was time for her to, and then she was also afraid she would come. She felt her face go hot and her emotions swirl. She couldn’t recall being so aroused in her life as she was at this moment. Certainly she had never played with herself before.

She moved over toward the bed, trying to keep her finger buried in her pussy as she did so. She lay flat and drew her knees up, spreading her legs widely. She looked down the curving length of her flat belly and lovely sweat laden navel zeroing at the stretched mouth of her cunt. She could see it clearly in the mirror and the sight thrilled her.Her breathing was fast now and when she rapidly dug her finger in and out of its wet passageway she moaned loudly.

“Oh . . . my God!” she moaned again in a soft whisper over and over again. “So good.So . . . good!

Suddenly her ass lifted and made her cunt quiver shamelessly below her finger. She clutched at the bed with her other hand and screamed hoarsely as shock after shock tossed her being from peak to higher peak and plunged her into the deepest valleys, only to lift her up again to further soaring heights.

But as one shock after another shot through her, she knew she was smiling with pure happiness, utter joy, and that her throaty screams had become a song, telling the world that she was alive and happy.

How long she lay she didn’t know. It was as if she had been asleep for a long time and had awakened completely fresh and free! Oh God, free!

Then reality hit! Before she could think another thought a light rap sounded at the door.

She grabbed the housecoat – rarely used, presented to her by her sister in law (Sridhar’s eldest brother’s wife). They were in Chennai and he was working in Brittania – in a very senior position. With nothing beneath the garment and just in that tied around her wonderful body – Shanti reached for the door and was expectantly facing Radha – the cute and just well fucked woman. Shanti was wondering how she took so long to come – then realized – it must have been to do with the after effects and some other domestic chores.

“So what brings you here – I thought your job got over in the morning” Shanti was going to make this last. She was not going to make it as easy as Riaz would like to be and not with her – obviously now that she had made up her mind to get him in her bed – she was going to do it at her terms and not cave in easily. She would make it real seduction and as much he would like to cross using Radha as a bridge – so was the plan up Shanti’s sleeve.

Radha – glanced a seductive look maltepe escort at Shanti and reached out for the Olive oil bottle lying on the dressing table and opened it – poured s few drops on to her palm and started to rub it on her feet and slowly slipped on the couch in the living room – rubbing the oil along the ankle and in the process lifting the saree till it reached the knees – the two stumps looked extremely sexy – with the oil just adding the shimmer to the display.

“Are you done – why are you wasting the oil and how come you are on the couch?” Shanti was not going to give in.

Radha gave a naughty wink and ran her tongue over her lips multiple times in an oval fashion – “I want you madam, need you, you are very sexy. I know you also want me. “, and she lifted the saree right up to her waist and in the process – the petticoat also got folded up leaving a decent rumple at the midriff. Slowly – she spread her legs and revealed the exciting V – the piece which had taken all the action a while ago to which the damsel of this house was a strange witness.

The Slut of a woman – slowly parted the pussy lips which were neatly shaved and properly groomed, and lo behold – the sticky gooey cum of both the participants was looming and facing Shanti – right there. She could see the deposits clearly – all the output of the exercise to which she had cleverly been a spy – was all there. Shanti was sweating and did not know how to react. The housecoat belt slipped and the garment opened up right there putting her in an awkward nude state – and the bell rang. Quickly – tying the belt around – she reached for the door and peeped through the window – next to the door, Riaz was standing there in his pajamas and a tee shirt.

She did not know what to do – Radha was in the dishelmed state and had done nothing to cover herself. Her saree was up to her waist and slowly as if to make her more troubled – started to unbutton the blouse. There was no bra like there was no panty. Radha was going all the way. She was in for the kill. Shanti was still in repose when the bell rang again – this time two times in succession.

She opened the door – and before a word could be spoken, he barged in and closed the door instantly – the triad was complete and it was all left to one’s imagination as to what was to follow. It was a very interesting and extremely exciting phase for all the three of them, with Shanti getting into a nervous state not knowing how to take this intrusion and the lewd display – both at the same time.

Riaz came close to her – ” Do you know it is bad manners to spy on two consenting adults – especially when one of them is your husband’s Boss?” and he held her chin up and pulled her hair down fiercely with the other hand – and looked dangerous peering into her eyes.

He cast an eye on the woman and took Shanti by the hair in his hands to the couch and sat on the other side of Radha and slowly but surely pushed Shanti’s lovely nose ringed face towards the pussy- the well laved pussy with the man’s muck and now the olive juice. She was made to sniff the pussy and slowly the face was inched towards the grotto and pulled back. This was a torment she did not want to go through.

“You want me to fuck you” he demanded.

Shanti nodded her head. “Then you have to suck that goddamn pussy and there should be no hesitation.” He snarled at her. The slut was in no position to say no – she desired his fuck, she was mesmerized and a nympho like her could hardly say no – to a virile cock that he possessed.

Radha was sure that the bitch will resist and take him headlong – but all were for a surprise. The darling – she was – just grinned a wry smile and looked up into his eyes and slowly shook his hands off her hair and took hold of the stumps between which lay the pussy.

Radha was thrilled, she had the mistress between her legs.

Radha stroked her pussy lightly, stirring up her hot juices, soaking her fingers in her hot liquids. “Did you like the way Riaz and I fucked?” she asked Shanti. “Have you ever tasted a woman’s juices?”

“No … I rather wished me in your place, now let me taste yours, Radha … let me taste your pussy,” Shanti beckoned.

“Here,” Radha responded, presenting her juice-drenched fingers to Shanti. “Lick my juices off my fingers,” she instructed. Shanti complied, licking at Radha’s wet hand, clutching it, running her tongue over every finger then sucking each one of them into her mouth. “Uummmmm … you taste so good,” she gasped between licks. Radha pulled her hand away again and returned it to her cuntal opening, soaking it again in her juices and enjoying Shanti’s hungry stare as she did so.

“Let me lick your pussy … let me taste … let me kiss it,” Shanti repeated.

“Just do what I tell you,” Radha commanded gently but firmly,” then I’ll let you lick my cunt.” She pulled her wet, sticky fingers out of her hole and angled her hips up higher so that Shanti had a complete view of her spread crotch. pendik escort bayan She pushed her fingers into her asshole, closing her eyes and gasping from the powerful feeling as she slowly kneaded them in and out of the tight hole.

“I’ll let you lick my asshole, too, the jism has leaked there and Riaz is there too, am sure you will love to taste him there” she said lustfully, watching Shanti’s entranced gaze as she stretched her hole in ever- widening circles with her wet fingers.

“Taste them again, baby,” she instructed as she pulled out her finger and once more held them invitingly in front of Shanti’s face.

Shanti was even more passionate this time in her licking and sucking of Radha’s wet, fragrant fingers.

She devoured every drop of Radha’s juices mingled with Riaz’s cum, inflamed by the combined taste of Radha’s sweet and musky asshole and pussy.

Radha reached now for Shanti’s pussy through the housecoat and buried two of her slim fingers in the tight, young opening.

Shanti moaned loudly as Radha stroked the hole rapidly, stimulating her flow of fuck-fluids. Withdrawing her fingers, she spread Shanti’s juice over the large, erect nipple of one of her own luscious tits.

Cupping the juicy tit in her hands, held it toward Shanti’s mouth. “Lick my nipple,” she instructed, her voice quivering with lust. “Taste your own pussy … taste it … suck it!”

Shanti eagerly obeyed, mouthing Radha’s sharp nipple hungrily, noisily sucking her own sweet juices from Radha’s tit.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhh … that’s good … suck it, baby, suck it!”

Radha gazed lovingly at Shanti’s young, sensual face, flushed with excitement at the taste of her own love juices and Radha’s fat nipple.

Radha pulled her foot up level with Shanti’s open twat and began to rub and caress the open, wet lips with her smooth, sensitive toes.

Shanti sighed deeply, leaning back against the couch, grasped Radha’s warm foot in her hands and rubbed her toes harder against

her aching pussy-flesh.

“Stick my toes in your cunt,” Radha gasped, loving the feeling of hot, wet cunt-lips against her tender foot. “Fuck yourself with my toes!”

Holding Radha’s foot with both hands, Shanti began to probe into her cunt-hole with Radha’s big toe, stroking it in and out of her hot slit feverishly.

Shanti moaned with pleasure at the penetration into her pussy, and Radha felt the warm, wetness of her juices covering her foot.

“Now in your ass … fuck your asshole,” Radha ordered, watching with delight as Shanti obeyed.

She felt Shanti’s tight asshole open easily as her big toe pressed against its puckered opening. She was amazed and excited by the ease with which the rosy pink hole accepted the penetration. She panted with lust as she watched Shanti jerk her ass-cheeks back and forth shamelessly, luxuriating in the feeling.

“Suck my toes … lick them … lick your juice,” she commanded breathlessly, pulling her toe from Shanti’s tight asshole and moving her foot towards her mouth. Shanti hungrily devoured her own juices. She lapped and slurped hungrily at Radha’s lovely toes, sucking them into her mouth and tantalizing them with her tongue.

“Uuuuummmmm … you’re so good, baby,” she sighed as Shanti continued with her sucking. “You can suck my pussy now. Put your head between my legs,” she ordered, “but keep your ass up here by me.” She guided Shanti’s head to her crotch and positioned her so that her head was pointing downward between Radha’s thighs and her knees rested beside Radha, her ass high in the air and spread wide open to Radha’s touch.

“Just take my clit between your lips,” she said hoarsely, her voice thick and breathless with lust. She felt Shanti’s hot mouth encircle her clit, sending shivers through her loins.

“That’s right … just holding it with your lips … flick it … flick it with your tongue!” she cried as Shanti’s hot, quick tongue sent shivers of delight throughout her entire body.

Savoring the exquisite sensation of her clit trapped and vibrating in Shanti’s mouth, Radha turned to Shanti’s lovely ass beside her. She spread the smooth young cheeks even wider with her hands and gazed greedily at the lovely sight.

Shanti’s black, soft pubic hair covered the fat pouch of her pussy. The inner lips of her pussy protruded slightly from the red-haired outer folds of flesh, her clit sticking out red and swollen. Love-juice oozed from the brown flesh at the mouth of her cunt, musky and enticing. Her asshole was hot pink in color and puckered tightly, just waiting to be licked.

“Keep flicking it like that … uuummmmmm … that’s right, baby,” Radha moaned as she continued to relish the sensation of her new lover’s mouth tantalizing her clit. She began to teasingly play with Shanti’s pussy.

She ran her fingertip along the edge of the slick inner lips, then pressed her finger between the fat lips and stroked it up and down through the humid valley of her cunt.

She poked the mouth of Shanti’s cuntal opening provocatively with her fingertip, eliciting deep, muffled groans from Shanti. She plunged her fingers deep into the hot, fleshy hole, watching the way the hungry cuntal passage sucked her fingers inside and gripped them tightly.

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