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Caroline crept along the landing to her room, almost holding her breath as she passed the door to her mother’s room. She thought that her mother, Anna, would be asleep, because it was almost two in the morning and she got tired early, now she was six months pregnant. At nineteen, Caroline looked like a younger version of her mother, long silken hair falling to frame a heart-shaped face with wide set green eyes and a trim figure, pert, high breasts and narrow waist. Anna’s figure had filled a little, especially with her pregnancy and her breasts were heavy and swollen with milk, but she could almost have been Caroline’s sister.

Anna’s bedroom door was open and Caroline could hear noises. Anna was moaning, a low keening sound from the back of her throat, strangely muffled. Caroline edged closer to the doorway. Alex, her Mom’s boyfriend, should be at work on the night shift in the local emergency room, where he worked as a doctor. Caroline peered around the edge of the door, opening her lips to ask if Mom was ok. The words died in her throat at the sight of her Mom, in her short lace nightgown, kneeling at the side of her bed with Samuel, the eighteen year old son of their next door neighbours, lying across the covers. Her pale face was almost luminous against his dark, coffee-coloured thighs and she was bobbing her head up and down, taking his cock in her mouth. There was a heavy musk-laden scent of sex in the room and the noise Caroline had heard was her mother moaning as she slowly sucked on Samuel’s hard cock. Caroline had seen cocks before and had even spied through the crack of the door at her Mom and Alex making love, but Samuel was longer and thicker than she had even imagined. Anna’s mouth seemed to stretch so far that her jaw would pop out of its socket and Caroline could see the effort it took her to take Samuel deep into her mouth.

Caroline could see that Samuel’s eyes were closed and that her Mom was watching his face, neither of them had realised that she was there yet. Anna lowered her head a little further and Caroline watched her gag a little as the head of Samuel’s cock slipped over the back of her tongue and into her throat. She could hear Samuel grinding his teeth together as he fought the urge to thrust his cock down Anna’s throat. Caroline’s breath came in short, almost silent gasps and the crotch of her cotton panties moistened. She felt sure that they would be able to smell her pussy, just as she could smell Samuel’s aroused sweat. Caroline slid her hand to her waist and inside the top of her jeans, pressing her fingers against the smooth mound of her shaved pussy. Her clit was hard, peeping from beneath its protective hood and rubbing against the front of her panties. Anna’s head was bobbing rapidly on Samuel’s cock as she sucked harder and faster.

Anna lifted her head away, letting Samuel’s cock slip out of her mouth with a soft ‘plop’. Caroline could see the outline of his hard erection in the shadows, sticking upwards proudly. Anna turned away from Samuel and Caroline stepped quickly back from the doorway. She could not see, but she heard a long, sighing whimper, as Anna lifted her nightgown and lowered herself onto Samuel’s hard cock, reaching down to guide it between the lips of her pussy. Caroline heard a wet, squelching sound and a long, drawn-out, taboo heat porno “Ooooooooh” of pleasure and, peering around the edge of the door, she saw Anna, eyes screwed shut, sinking onto Samuel’s cock.

Anna began to move in Samuel’s lap, grinding her pussy down onto his cock. Her mouth opened in a long sigh as she felt him filling her and she reached down to slide her finger under her nightgown and between the lips of her pussy to tease her own clit. Caroline watched her mom abandoning herself to the moment, her swollen breasts and belly gleaming in the moonlight that streamed through the window. Anna’s long hair was draped over her shoulders, the strands just touching the swell of her breasts. Caroline just watched her Mom, gently riding Samuel’s rigid cock, and slid her hand over her smooth mound with its soft dusting of curls. Her finger brushed against the hard pearl of her clit and Caroline felt her knees buckle a little as she gasped, making her lurch against the door. Anna’s eyes opened at the sound of Caroline’s shoulder striking the wood of the door and they looked straight into each other’s eyes.

Caroline took a step forward, closer to Anna and then, almost in a daze, leaned forward and brushed her lips over her Mom’s mouth. Anna stiffened, as though she was electrified, her back arching and driving her pussy harder onto Samuel’s cock. Caroline had often secretly peeped at her Mom undressing and, especially now that she was heavily pregnant, wondered what sex with her Mom would be like. Anna’s eyes opened wider in surprise, she had never realised that her darling daughter was attracted to women, nor dreamed that she could be aroused by a woman’s kiss.

Of course, part of Anna’s arousal was the hormones raging through her pregnant body, and part was the young cock buried in her pussy, but Caroline was going to make the most of this moment. Reaching down, she lifted the hem of her Mom’s nightgown, pulling it over her head and leaving her totally naked. Anna’s swollen breasts were taut and milky in the moonlight as Caroline bent to them and began to suckle gently on the swollen nipples. Anna moaned and pressed Caroline’s head to her breast more firmly, her other hand still toying with her clit. Caroline sucked harder and unfastened her jeans, pushing them and her panties down to her ankles. The dusting of soft curls, covering her mound, was sodden with the juice from her pussy and the tip of her clit pushed out from the hood at the top. Caroline reached out and slid her fingers alongside Anna’s, gently massaging the hard bud. Taking hold of Anna’s hand, she guided it into her own pussy, gasping into her mom’s mouth as they touched her hard clit. Caroline busied her mouth and fingers on Anna’s body, teasing and tormenting her Mom until she began to shudder uncontrollably as sparks of dark desire ripped through her nerves to her belly. Anna could do nothing to hold back the waves of her approaching orgasm and screaming in pleasure, she gushed over Samuel’s cock as she ground down onto him. Caroline moved back, pulling Anna towards her, so that Samuel’s cock slipped out of Anna’s pussy.

Caroline pushed Anna back onto the bed, next to Samuel and leaned over to press her mouth against her Mom’s dripping pussy. Samuel turned onto his side teach that bitch porno and watched as Anna spread her legs wider for her daughter and Caroline ran her tongue over the puffed-up lips. Anna’s dense bush was dripping with her juices, which Caroline lapped up greedily. Samuel was mesmerised by Caroline’s tight ass, bobbing slightly as she rocked back and forth, with her mouth fastened tightly onto Anna’s pussy. Reaching out, he pushed Caroline’s t-shirt higher, so that her breasts swung free. Caroline’s nipples were hard and swollen poking out from the dark circles of her aureoles like bullets. Samuel took them between his fingers and thumbs, pulling and squeezing them, until Caroline moaned into her mom’s pussy.

“Go on sweetheart,” Anna moaned, “lick your dirty Mom’s pussy, suck my clit.” Caroline said nothing, just continued to run her tongue along the moist slit, pressing it between Anna’s pussy lips until the tip was circling the base of her hard pearl. Anna pressed Caroline’s face harder into her mound, forcing the shaft of her clit between her daughter’s lips. Samuel cupped Caroline’s breasts, moving to the edge of the bed so that he could see her eating her Mom’s pussy while he did so.

“Go on, sugar,” he encouraged, “eat your Mom’s cunt good.”

Samuel slid his hands down Caroline’s belly, until his fingers were brushing the edges of her pussy lips, peeling them apart and delving inside to the hard nub of her clit. Caroline grunted into Anna’s pussy, and sucked harder, as Samuel stroked his fingertips along her clit. Caroline’s passage tightened as Samuel teased her clit and she tasted her Mom’s drenched pussy. Her tongue flickered over Anna’s clit, lashing the tip until juices bubbled all over her lips and chin. Samuel had a finger in Caroline’s pussy, sliding it in and out of her slippery gash, feeling her gripping him tightly. Caroline grunted something into her Mom’s pussy, the words garbled her mouthful of dense curly pubes. She turned her head, for a moment, to speak to Samuel.

“Don’t just play with my clit and cunt,” she grunted, “fuck me. Shove your dick inside me.”

Samuel slid off the side of the bed and stood behind Caroline. His cock jutted out thick and proud, brushing against the back of her thighs and along the crack of her ass. Caroline carried on eating her Mom’s dripping slit, thrusting her tongue between the swollen, tender lips and circling it around her clit. Anna moaned and pressed her daughter’s head firmly against her mound, holding her mouth tightly to her pussy. Samuel adjusted the angle of his cock so that the tip nestled just inside Caroline’s pussy and then grabbed hold of her firm ass. With a vicious, stabbing thrust, Samuel drove his cock into Caroline’s pussy, forcing her face harder into her Mom’s crotch. Caroline thought her pussy was going to split open, as Samuel nailed her with his thick, swollen cock. She screamed into Anna’s pussy as she felt him driving into her and almost fainted. Samuel held her hips, pulling her back onto his cock as she felt her pussy stretching over his swollen knob. She tried to stay motionless, afraid to move on Samuel’s cock as he held her against his thighs. Gradually her pussy relaxed and the pain ebbed, while Samuel moved his hands round to her clit teem skeet porno and began to stroke her. She felt the muscles of her pussy tighten around his cock as Samuel groaned, leaning over her arched back.

“You like my cock in your cunt, you horny bitch?” he crowed into her ear.

“She loves it, now fuck her hard!” Anna yelled at him, “Fuck the little slut good!”

Caroline whimpered at the thought of Samuel pounding her pussy, but she could not say anything, nor do anything to stop him, because Anna’s hands were on the back of her head, forcing her mouth hard against her Mom’s dripping pussy. Samuel slid his cock slowly out of Caroline’s pussy, until only the rim of his cock head nestled between the lips and then, just as slowly pushed it back inside her, stretching her slowly and gently. The slow stretching began to arouse her and she began to suckle on Anna’s clit, pushing three fingers into her gushing pussy. Anna grunted, as Caroline began working her fingers in and out of her sloppy, gaping pussy. Caroline began to move her hand to the same rhythm that Samuel was using, as he forced his cock into her pussy, slowly, gently, but still as deeply as she could take it. Caroline moved her until only the tips of her fingers were inside Anna’s puss, then folded four fingers together and slowly pushed them back in, licking the tip of her clit as she forced her hand deeper.

“Aaaaaah,” moaned Anna, throatily, “Fuck! Fuck her hard, fuck my little girl’s cunt.”

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t sit down for a week!” Samuel growled.

Tears sprang to both Anna’s and Caroline’s eyes as Caroline worked her fist into her Mom’s dripping gash and Samuel pounded his cock into Caroline. Every thrust from Samuel’s cock forced Caroline’s mouth onto her Mom’s pussy and her fist deeper inside. All Anna could do was clench her fists in the bedclothes as the body-wracking shudders took over her body and she began to cum, screaming wordlessly.

Just before her orgasm peaked, Anna managed to lift her head and look at her daughter, soaked in sweat, with her face slimy from the cum that had gushed out of her pussy, as Caroline gnawed on her Mom’s clit and fisted the sloppy, gushing pussy. Behind her, Samuel’s glistening, chocolate coloured thighs slapped against Caroline’s ass, with a wet, squelching sound.

“God, I’m cumming,” the women croaked, “aaaagh! Yesss! Don’t stop!”

“Cum in my girl’s cunt you big horny bastard” Anna ordered Samuel.

Samuel could do nothing to hold back the bubbling jet of his thick cum, even if he had wanted to prolong his agony. His cock had swollen monstrously and the weight of his balls felt as if they would pull his sac down to his knees. A last thrust, deeper than Caroline thought she could take and his cock sprayed her womb with hot stinging jets of sperm. He spurted again and again until Caroline’s pussy gushed the sticky mess over the tops of her thighs and it dripped onto the bedroom carpet. Both of the women fell across the bed, Samuel’s cock sliding out of Caroline’s pussy with a wet, slurping sound.

Nobody spoke, as Samuel collected his clothes and pulled them on, still breathing heavily, but smiling lasciviously to himself. He moved onto the landing, wondering whether to close the door behind himself and Anna found her voice at last.

“Samuel, Alex is on nights all of this week and next. Don’t forget to come and see us will you?” she asked in a tiny voice.

“I’ll be back real soon, just as soon as you tell me I can, Ma’am.” Samuel replied, leaving Mom and daughter to straighten the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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