Sharing is Caring Pt. 01

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Keep in mind that this is my first story. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Italic font indicates that you are now reading the character’s present thoughts.

If you enjoy the story, please let me know which parts you liked in the comments. This is a bit of a slow burning series, but there will be more to come soon. I have part 2 ready for publishing, and I plan on making it a 3 part series.



It was cold outside when Kevin Booker’s alarm went off at 5:30 am. He rolled out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, and silenced his alarm. He slipped on a thin pair of black sweats over his boxer briefs, and began his day like most days, with a three-mile jog and a free weight workout.

At the age of 29, he was 6’2″ and naturally lean, but had bulked up a bit over the past year, bringing him up to 215 lbs. He found the weight lifting to be a better outlet for his stress than running. He’d always run in the mornings, but he’d begun weight lifting five times a week since the divorce.

Kevin’s ex-wife Christen had left him two years ago after only a year of marriage for a wealthier older man when Kevin’s car dealership had nearly gone out of business. This was a wakeup call like no other, and he decided to turn his life around. He became more disciplined with his diet, fitness, and how he ran his business.

Kevin had inherited the dealership from his father, and knew all the employees well. In fact, they were almost like family. This is likely why he was so easy on them, rather than pushing them like a boss should. After a few months he found a healthy balance between pushing his employees and maintaining their friendships. He no longer joined them for drinks after work, or joked around with them as casually, but he did save the business, along with their jobs.

As of the last six months, Kevin had not only saved their jobs, but he had expanded his business to include two more car dealerships when he inherited some money from his great aunt. He was able to promote some of his top employees to step into leadership positions at his new dealerships, and as a result Kevin was able to delegate more of his responsibilities, giving him more time to exercise, and read. He’d love to travel as well, but he found it too difficult to find time.

Kevin finished his workout, re-racking the heavy dumbbells against the wall in his spacious garage. He had made himself a home gym that he was very proud of, with an array of different equipment to use. His combined success in his business, and his improved physique had made his ex-wife.. well.. less than happy for him. He ate a quick breakfast, showered and headed to work.

Kevin had only seen Christen twice since the divorce, when she came to visit her daughter Cindy. Cindy was Kevin’s stepdaughter, who was eighteen. Christen had her when she was eighteen, making her thirty-six. The age difference never bothered Kevin when he and Christen dated, since she was a total knockout.

Christen stood at 5’7″, with long legs, blonde hair, and a pleasant bust, it’s no wonder he fell for her. Kevin was a little surprised that she had a fifteen-year-old daughter, but he quickly grew to like the young girl.

Cindy inherited her mother’s model-caliber looks, blue eyes, and blonde hair. However, her appearance could be deceiving with her glasses and hair up most of the time. Unlike her mother, Cindy was only 5’2″ and had smaller breasts, and less noticeable lips. She had an athletic build, which was not just from good genes. She took care of herself well.

Surprisingly, Cindy lived with Kevin now, due to the fact that Christen’s new husband made her choose between him or her daughter. The overweight, middle-aged millionaire had no intention of paying to take care of someone else’s kid. Christen showed her true colors when she chose the money, and gave up all custody to Kevin.

Although Kevin knew towards the end that Christen had cheated on him with her current husband, he never knew she was capable of such callous behavior. Kevin’s relationship with Cindy was shaky at first; they had always liked each other, but never had a true father-daughter relationship.

Cindy shot up in a frenzy to the sound of her alarm at 6:30, books flying off her bed. Her hair was a mess, and her glasses were crooked on her face. “Damn,” she muttered groggily, she had fallen asleep reading again. Unlike Christen, who used her looks to get what she wanted, Cindy was much more of a bookworm.

She loved to read, and really enjoyed learning. While she enjoyed playing sports, learning was her true passion. As a result, she had gotten accepted to Stanford. Kevin had offered to pay for whatever the scholarships wouldn’t cover, as long as she applied for as many as she could.

She put her hair up and slipped into a sports bra and some short shorts, then called out down the hall to see if Kevin had left, no answer. He was usually gone nowadays when teen porno she got up, since he had become more disciplined. She scampered down to the garage and put in her ear-buds. She stepped onto the treadmill and began her jog. The gym smelled like Kevin, in a good way. He had a pleasant manly musk that she enjoyed immensely, and often invigorated her for her morning jog. She didn’t think of him in a sexual way, but could definitely appreciate the difference between him and the boys at her school.

Kevin was mature for his age, successful, handsome, and very kind to her. She was shocked some bimbo hadn’t tried to dig her claws into him yet. Cindy dreaded the thought of sharing her last year with Kevin in the same house as some gold-digger.

Cindy didn’t pretend to be an expert on relationships, Kevin didn’t feel like it was his place to offer dating advice, and her mother was sure as shit no help. She had only dated one boy, a jock by the name of Scott, who she had broken up with recently. He was charming at first, winning Cindy over with his nice care, and surprisingly good manners for a jock. That was until she gave him her virginity.

Once they were having sex he treated her very differently, and to make a long story short he ended up cheating on her with some slutty cheerleader with big boobs. Cindy was hurt, and terribly upset, but recovered well after a month of feeling depressed. This was in no small part due to her best friend Taylor.

Taylor was seemingly everything Cindy wasn’t. She was taller at 5’6″, with double Ds, wide hips and a pornstar ass that could make any man drool. While Cindy was arguably prettier, she couldn’t help but feel self conscious around Taylor’s more developed body.

Taylor was incredibly smart too, but was more of a party girl. Taylor made no efforts to conceal how she felt about Scott, seeing as how she had keyed his pretty red sports car. She had done it while Cindy was playing in a soccer game so there was no way the blame could fall on Cindy as the vengeful girlfriend, not that Cindy felt capable of such a thing anyways.

Taylor loved to break the rules, and to draw attention, and never missed an opportunity to try and push Cindy out of her comfort zone. This is why they were such great friends though, in Cindy’s opinion. Taylor often made things feel less scary, and more exciting. Last year they had jumped off a bridge into ice-cold water together, and had pulled several pranks on the cheer squad, who had always treated nerdy girls, like Cindy, terribly.

After the cheer squad had teased a girl to the point of crying for having red hair the two girls had snuck into the locker room and put red dye in cheerleader’s shampoo bottles. Cindy would never have done something so daring if not for Taylor.

Cindy finished her five-mile run, showered, and got dressed. She put on some more comfortable softer leggings, a t-shirt, and a light jacket. She didn’t have any lowcut shirts, she didn’t feel like she had a lot to show off. She ate her typical light breakfast, some greek yogurt with granola with some fruit mixed into it. Then she drove to school.

“OMG! You haven’t cum since you were with Scott?” Taylor exclaimed, far too loud for Cindy’s comfort in the school courtyard.

“Shhhhh! Someone will hear you,” Cindy whispered.

“I can’t believe this, you gotta get nice and cozy, play some of your favorite music, imagine some chiseled lover boy, and flick that bean, girl! I sure as hell would if I were living with that hunk,” Taylor said.

“My dad? You can’t be serious. That’s so wrong,” Cindy said.

“So what? It’s not like he’s your real dad, plus he’s hot,” Taylor explained. “It doesn’t matter what you think about, whatever works for you, just take care of yourself. Or at least find a man to do it for you.” She winked, as she veered off to go to her class.

Cindy stood frozen, blushing. She had only masturbated a few times. She tried porn once at Taylor’s suggestion, but the images were so aggressive and shocking. They just made her feel uncomfortable. Scott had made her cum once; at least she was pretty sure she came when they were fucking, but she hadn’t cum since.

She held her books to her chest and continued towards her own class. She knew Taylor would be like a dog on a bone about this, as that was Taylor’s style. She meant well though. Cindy wasn’t looking forward to talking about it more, especially at school. She decided that she would try tonight if she were in the right mood.

For the rest of the day, Cindy focused on her classes, thinking of little else besides chemistry and her Shakespeare reading assignment. That was until the day ended, and she saw Scott walking down the school steps with some girl she didn’t recognize.

He had his typical smug smile, wearing his letterman’s jacket. Cindy didn’t know how she had once thought of him as handsome. She now saw his once charming smile as arrogant and ugly. She considered it to be strange how travesti porno quickly her opinion of him changed after he had cheated on her. She decided that moment that she was going to “flick the bean” tonight, as Taylor had put it so poetically. She would do it as a final washing away of her feeling for Scott, good or bad, so she could finally move on.

When Cindy got home, she wiped off what little makeup she wore, and stripped off her clothes. She observed her naked body in the mirror in her room. She took a moment, spinning slowly, to look over her breasts that were on the low end of a C cup, and her ass that had a great shape but lacked the size of some of the other girls at school, especially Taylor.

She knew her breasts looked great for their size, but they didn’t draw much attention. She let down her hair and let it spill down over her shoulders, with a slight curl in it from how she had made her bun. She took a deep breath, and wrapped herself in her towel. Cindy knew she was due for a leg shaving, but she couldn’t find her razor. She decided to grab one of Kevin’s. She found that men’s razors felt great on her legs, since there were more blades on them.

Cindy stopped on way out of her room, turning to grab a change of clothes after she had an embarrassing thought. If Kevin came home early she would be forced to run back to her room with only a towel to cover her, and Kevin would definitely see her. She lightly padded down the hallway to his room.

It was uncommon, but not unheard of in their house for her to use his shower when he was gone. The master bathroom was much nicer than hers, with large mirrors, and a glass-walled shower. As she entered the bathroom, she smelled his musky scent again, and suddenly found herself in the perfect mood to masturbate.

She grabbed his razor after stepping into the shower and began shaving her legs. She ran hot water from the lower faucet while she shaved, rinsing the blade occasionally. Upon finishing her legs, she decided to shave her pussy as well. It did feel much cleaner down there when everything was smooth.

She took his brush and ran it through her hair. She stared at herself in the mirror while she brushed, thinking about the sex she’d had with Scott. She remembered what it felt like to fuck in the back seat of his car. Scott was experienced, but he was still a teenager who was more worried about getting his orgasm than her having one.

Scott usually came within five minutes, something she knew he didn’t want her telling to anyone at school. Still, the sex did feel good to her, and it was all the experience she had. While she had gone down on Scott plenty, he had never gone down on her.

She’d seen it in porn, mostly girls going down on each other, and wondered what it would be like to have her pussy eaten. She closed her eyes and imagined Scott going down on her, doing something other than receiving pleasure for once.

She imagined what it would feel like to have a warm tongue licking between her swollen lips, circling her clit. Her breathing quickened, and her pussy started tingling, she was getting wet already. She imagined grasping his hair and pulling his smug face into her wet pussy. His head razed in her imagination, and suddenly it was Kevin’s face, his mouth slick with her sex.

She gasped and opened her eyes as she realized she had begun slowly fucking herself with his hairbrush. The handle was thicker than hers, and it actually felt really good, but she had no memory of putting it in her pussy.

In for a penny, in for a pound, she thought to herself. She relaxed and sat back against the shower wall, sliding down to sit on a stone bench inside the large shower. She turned on the hot water, and laid her head back and once again closed her eyes.

It was as if her imagination had been waiting to take over her thoughts once again, as she saw Kevin’s face, now sucking on her perky tits. He was on top of her, rocking his hips back and forth as he fucked her pussy deeply, with slow rhythmic strokes.

She turned the heat up in the shower as she realized just how horny this was making her. She would never have thought she’d be masturbating to the thought of Kevin fucking her, it was wrong, but it felt so exciting.

She inhaled the smell of him as her thoughts turned to him showering in that very room, naked, with the soap running over his chiseled muscular body, and hot water dripping from his heavy swaying cock. She moaned loudly then bit her lip hard as she picked up her pace, frantically pumping herself with the brush handle, feeling the burning need to cum.

Kevin walked in the front door carrying groceries for dinner. He called out, but there was no answer. Cindy must be home, after all her car was here. She must have her headphones on, he reasoned. He set the groceries down and headed towards his room.

He stopped in his tracks when he heard something come from the bathroom as he entered his bedroom. tricky masseur porno It sounded like a moan. He crept toward the bathroom door as he heard the sound again, much louder. That was definitely a moan, he thought as he arrived at the door.

It had sounded like Cindy, but he couldn’t imagine her bringing a guy home and fucking him in his house, let alone his bathroom. It just didn’t add up. He hesitated, weighing his options, and decided it was his right as the owner of the house to know who was fucking her in it.

Kevin cracked the door and peaked in. What he saw in the mirror’s reflection he would remember until the day he died. Cindy leaned back against the shower wall, hair down, cheeks flushed, her lips parted, releasing the most cock-stirring moans he had ever heard in his life.

His gaze drifted slowly down her wet body as her tits came into view. They were incredible. They were actually larger than he would have expected, and had a great shape. Two small nipples stuck out from them, hard ace ice.

He continued down, exploring her narrow waist and smooth stomach with his eyes. Her leg was raised with her foot resting on the nozzle, and she was pumping her pussy vigorously with what appeared to be her hairbrush.

He knew he shouldn’t, but he turned to look again. He needed to know if he had actually seen the image that was now burned into his memory. Sure enough, Cindy was still at it, her hand pumping herself even faster than before. Her other hand went to work pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit as if it had been impatiently waiting to be touched.

Cindy moaned so loud it nearly became a scream as she came harder than she ever had in her life. Her pussy spasmed on her father’s hairbrush, like a wet vice grip. Electric shocks and tingling sensations radiated around her body, converging on her clit and nipples as her orgasm washed over her.

She had stopped moving the hairbrush, allowing her body to rest as she came down off of her high. That was so wrong, she thought. I’ve never thought of Kevin sexually like that before.

Cindy walked out of Kevin’s bathroom several minutes later wearing cotton leggings and a tank top, having fully regained her composure aside from her flushed cheeks. She crossed the large living room entering the kitchen to find Kevin with his headphones on cutting up some fruit to have with dinner.

Fuuuck, I hope he didn’t hear me, Cindy thought to herself. As loud as she’d been, she was pretty sure she closed the bathroom door, and the kitchen is a ways from his bedroom.

“Scary movie tonight? Might be fun,” Kevin suggested with a casual smile, trying to put out a very neutral tone, his heart still pounding in his chest. He’d always been a fan of them, but he hadn’t seen one in a while.

Cindy had never been a fan of scary movies, but maybe the feeling of being scared would help wash away some of the inappropriate feelings she had earlier. “Sure, sounds fun,” she replied with a smile that would have stopped traffic.

Fuck she’s gorgeous, Kevin thought to himself as he turned to continue preparing dinner.

Dinner began normally, with some casual talk about how school was going. “How is Taylor? Maybe she’d like to come over for a movie this weekend. You guys could use the pool,” Kevin offered.

“That sounds great! Thanks!” Cindy replied, surprised. Although Taylor was always welcome in their home, Kevin knew that she was obviously trouble from the way she looked at him, and he didn’t often make efforts to have her come over. However, he was really trying to be a good dad, and that’s what a good dad would do, right?

As she cleaned off her dish, she turned to put in into the washer and nearly ran into Kevin. He stopped her gently with his hands on her shoulders. “Watch it,” he said with a warm smile.

She was close enough to smell him. Being eye level with his muscular chest, and with his large hands on her shoulders, it was too much. She spun awkwardly from his grip as she thanked him and slipping her plate into the dish rack.

Cindy hoped she didn’t seem off, but her wildly blushing cheeks would certainly give her away if she were to face him right then. “I had the hardest orgasm of my life while thinking about you” might as well have been sharpied across her reddened cheeks. Quietly, she took a deep breath; she needed to get in control of her thoughts.

Kevin tried not to overthink her reaction to his touch, she was a teenage girl after all. I have to make myself see her that way, he thought to himself, not as some kind of tiny blonde bombshell, fucking herself in my bathroom. He blinked suddenly, realizing that he had just been in a daze.

He felt the stirrings of an erection against the soft fabric of his briefs, and distracted himself by throwing some popcorn in the microwave. After they cleaned up, Kevin sat in his usual spot in their living room, in his large leather recliner with his bowl of popcorn.

Cindy curled up in the love seat with her feet toward Kevin, and a small blanket covering her. He selected a movie called “Beneath” and asked if she’d like to watch it. “Mhm,” she responded, not looking at him. He wasn’t sure if she was upset with him or if she was just tired, so he started the movie.

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