Sharon Ch. 3

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The stage was set with Sally to enjoy fun with Sharon, my girl friend and me. Over a period of 6 months Sally and I enjoyed sex as we wished. One evening Sharon and I were home and in my bed room watching a porn movie and Sally came in from a date. It was about 1 AM and Sharon and I enjoyed coupling twice and we were just laying on the bed nude watching the porn movie. The bed room door was slightly open and I heard Sally pass the door in the hall way. She did not stop or say anything.

Sharon said was that Sally and I said it sounded like her coming in from her date. Well we could hear her go up the stairs and into her room. Her room was just over mine and the floor was hard wood and we could hear her walking across her bedroom floor. After a few minutes we started to watch the movie and got engrossed in our sex fun. Sharon wanted to go again and started to suck my cock to get it hard.

She was just enjoying the sensation of my manhood starting to stir and get a boner started and Sally knocked at the door and walked in. Sally said, I knew you two were enjoying some fun and I thought it would be great to join you. With that statement, she opened the knee length robe she was wearing to reveal she was nude under the robe. Sharon just look up and continued to suck my cock amatör porno and listen. I told Sally to get the robe off and hop on the bed. She did. Sharon was on one side of me with her feet toward the head board and I was sitting up with my back against the head board. My left hand was on Sharon’s ass and I was touching her bung hole and her pussy with my fingers. Just trying to get the screw going. Sally flopped onto the bed on my right and her head met Sharon at my dick. Sally started to lick my dick with Sharon. They both shared my manhood and it felt so good.

Sharon did not say anything and enjoyed the sensations of my cock and Sally and my fingers working her to a erotic level. With my right hand I stroked Sally, down her back and then down her crouch and I started to feel and finger her the same as I was doing Sharon. Sally looked back and me and said, oh this is fun I wish George would have enjoyed me tonight. Sally then told us how her boy friend George, and her went parking and George was hard and the fun was about to begin. Sally said she just got her clothes off in the back seat and touched George’s hard on and he shot off all over her and the car seat and his own clothes. Then he got embarrassed and could not get hard again. He fingered Sally until anal porno she had an orgasm but it was not enough to get Sally to come down from the lust high she was on. I said Sally go slow on my dick before you have me squirting and I shoot in your face and you don’t get any fucking here either.

As I watched a readhead on the TV screen in the porn movie get fucked by two guys at once, I looked down at my cock to see the two girls locked in a passionate kiss with my dick between them. Their backs were very white and arched as they did me. There legs were beginning to spread open as my exciting them started to take it toll. Sharon moaned once and started to suck Sally tits while Sally stayed sucking my cock. This scene lasted for about 10 minutes with the lose fun starting to be a feeling of lust and excitement. My fingers were sliding inside of both of them and the were very wet, excited enough to lubricate me when I slide into them.

Sally started to moan also and she looked at Sharon and said I need some dick in me after George not finishing me off, and she jumped around and straddled me with her legs over my lower stomach. She pumped four or five times sliding down my body with each pumping stroke until my cock parted her pussy lips and on the fifth or anal breakers porno sixth pumping my hard on entered her and she drove it all the way into her wet slit. With three or four more pumps she groaned and said oh God I love to fuck. And she proceed to pump me and herself closer to a climax. Sharon, continued to suck on Sally’s tits and I could feel Sharon touching me and Sally. Sharon’s hand was on my shaft and feeling me as I slid in and out of Sally.

Sally started to climax and buck and quiver and release a orgasm that sounded great that lasted and lasted. Sally must have cum three times before settling down. It was Sharon who spoke next and she said Sally get off him before he cums I need some more of that dick tonight. At that Sally lifted off me and Sharon jumped on me. Needless to say Sharon had my dick and was stroking it and it was hot from the action with Sally. With about 2 or 3 minutes both Sharon and I came together and it was great.

We laid there for a few minutes and the hot juice was running onto my crouch and my balls. All three of us fell asleep and upon awakening Sally kissed me and said she enjoyed joining me and Sharon. Sally asked if George could enjoy us all together some evening and I look at Sharon and Sharon looked at me and we said yes almost together. Sharon said it would be her pleasure to show George the ropes and start to get him more accustomed to sex so he would not shoot off so quickly.

Well I guess my sister has more in store for us all, check in and read more as it is made available.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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